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43 years old
Sundown TX USA
Born June-24-1977
I am finishing up double masters degrees in Accounting and Economics respectively, so those two dynamics obviously captivate my interests :D

I like to play guitar! :D lol

I love philosophy, theology (Christian), apologetic based debates over theism vs naturalism, and politics :D But the philosophy and dynamics behind a given political view, not regurgitated platitudes. :) If you disagree with me politically and would like to debate the subject, know your point well, history, statistics, and the epistemology...chain of logic you need to back your point of view up. I have no idea why i am talking about this in this context, on this site...LOL :D
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19 Aug 2012
I am very naive in my scope of guitar knowledge at this point, so I figure with GMC's 8000 +/- years in combined guitar experience I could get an affirmation or falsification of my opinion here. smile.gif I just got a new RGD320, and its like the perfect guitar (for me)! The scale is 26 1/2 inches, for drop tuning. It's like a cross between a normal and baritone guitar. I've tuned it standard to D,C, drop D, and drop C w/.10s, and standard E with .8s, and string tension is fantastic at all tunings!! I keep it in standard D which most my lessons seem to be there about...and gosh I love this guitar. It seems to me so versatile, perfect for the fact my lessons go from drop C to E randomly! biggrin.gif Anyone else have one? Any thoughts on this guitar? Is literally a straight from factory drop tuning made guitar, that can be tuned standard at any time... I traded my other guitar, and bought it (my gift for being accept into a special grad program). Was this a good move? Or better to keep learning on a regular scale guitar? Any opinions very welcome!

Link to guitar pic and review:

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25 May 2012
I Just bought a Peavey Triple XXX Amp head from a pawn shop for $225.00, I think the tubes are stock 6l6's ( I don't know much but what I googled). I also purchased a Behringer BG412H Ultrastack cab for $199.00. <--- Does this seem a fair price? biggrin.gif I know it is after the fact haha! My question is the speakers sound a little distorted, I do not know how to describe this due to lack of experience...ugh. Does anyone have, or had a Triple X and have some input on optimizing the tone or connection? I'd like to get some good ol' rip tearin' ripped jeans wearin' and blarin' not given a carin' metal distortion sound. tongue.gif

The way I have it set up is: Two cables from the parallel mono outputs on amp head to the cab, which is switched to 8 Ohm/Channel stereo in. The amp switch is set on 8 Ohm out. I think it is set up right! biggrin.gif Should I run one cable Mono at 16 Ohms? Does this even affect anything? smile.gif


Per request, I'll happily describe in further detail, any additional amp features, behaviors, or sound dynamics therein, pertaining to the issue in question, where about to what is that which I ask.

-Frustrated lol

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1 May 2012
Does anyone have some experience and maybe advice as far as tone settings? There are some supermodel patches that sound awesome, but I cannot afford them, and not down with jumping on the ol' pirate ship, but gosh if anyone knows a way to dial in some great metal tones with this thing, I would very much appreciate it! biggrin.gif Or, and comments about it at all? smile.gif

26 Mar 2012
I would like to get the best distortion sound I can, however I am not really sure what great distortion should be, as opposed to a layer cake of indistinguishable flavors that result in something that tastes like a doughnut...tongue.gif Not so much just like Metallica, but any distortion heavy and massive enough to create a galaxy crushing tear in the fabric of the universe? Any distortion advice would be much appreciated, or optimal setting for this amp maybe? biggrin.gif

26 Mar 2012
I have a Peavey Transfex 208s, and also a Behringer FX600 effects pedal smile.gif I do not know how good they are, but I would very much like a very deep, crunchy distortion. Lol, I wish I knew more guitar lingo, haha biggrin.gif How do I get the deepest, richest distortion...kinda of warm sounding I guess. Like Metallica!!!! biggrin.gif Ah I would so like to approach a Metallica sound, please tell me what effects might do this if it is possible? smile.gif


P.S. If by saying help me get "Metallica sound" makes me sound like a dufus, please inform me so I do not do it again biggrin.gif haha, thanks fellow GMCers
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