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13 May 2007
Anyone watch the eurovision song contest ?
As again it was another great lesson in geographie.
Points are given to neighbours and country of origin and not to the best song.
For example, greece gives points to cyprus and belgium(we have a lot of turks and albanian immigrants) give points to albania and turkey.
I just needed to get this of my mind tongue.gif It really sucks if you watch and you can guess perectly who will gets points from one another.

Anyone else notices this ? Is annoyed by this ? Or is it just 'cause i live in a country that never makes it through the semi-finals anymore ? tongue.gif
1 May 2007

I've been working in the garden now for 2 days, basically diggin 50 cm at 1 side and transport it 12 metre further to get an even surface for our swimming pool. So from all the digging and making things even my hands are completely massacred, cuts all over, lots of blaters and just overall pain.
So i was wondering what you do for a living. I can't imagine that there are a lot of construction workers that play guitar so i want to know for sure tongue.gif.
Soooo basically post here what your job is or if you're a student post the direction you're following.

Me ==> Student by day (company-management) and i work in the evenings as a lifeguard to be able to affort a guitar or 3.
23 Apr 2007
I was reading a biography yesterday of jimi hendrix (you know the guitar player tongue.gif )
And it stated a couple of times that he played with his tongue or teeths at various ocasions. He'd also do a lot of other tricks while playing guitar.
Of course I already knew those things. But yesterday i tried it myself.
Cut my tongue doing it (blood on the sucky strat's pickguard, shouldn't have tried it on 8's unsure.gif ) and i'm afraid of hurting my teeth.
So what i want to ask. Is there anyone here that can play (simple things) with his(her) tongue? Or any other tricks, maybe someone who knows a site with those kind of tricks and how to do them ?
Looking forward to replies tongue.gif

Oh yeah i'm not responsible for any possible fysical damage wink.gif
21 Apr 2007
Would it be possible to put a good metronome on gmc ? That way you would have a proper metronome without having to pay for it or using one on an other site. tongue.gif
13 Mar 2007
I was wondering if there where a lot of other people here that bite their nails.
I'm a real fan of it laugh.gif and i can't stop myself from doing it sad.gif
The reason why I'm asking if there are nailsbiters is actually because I want to ask if anyone else is having problems with playing the guitar due to the very short fingernails.
Recently I kinda ripped the skin underneath my middle finger from my fretting hand so when i do bends or even just fret it hurts like hell. The weird thing is that when I'm playing like half an hour the pain seems to fade (I also can't help it that I want to play guitar and the last time I had this it took more then a week :s)
So does anyone else here has had that ? And what should I do ? Stop playing for a while or just bite trough the pain and become a great guitarist because I played till my fingers bled tongue.gif ?
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