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3 Oct 2019
I made it a habit to listen to classical compositions everyday before going to sleep. I do this to shape my hearing, learn classical harmony and licks but also to push my mind into a relaxed state. Tonight Youtube has planned something different for me. This is really impressive work, not just skill-wise. To accomplish such feat, one must have some knowledge and transcribe the piece for guitar and it'as a lot of work.

When I get to this stage myself I too will play classical stuff on my electric axe, so watching this is inspiring for me in many ways.
1 Oct 2019
I've come across a bunch of cheap stainless steel picks made by Alice. I don't like their plastic picks but for the price, I'm inclined to try out these and see how it goes. I'm especially interested in how different it would sound compared to alu picks and I might end up gathering a bunch of picks and recording a comparison video.

Does anyone have any experience with these? I know there are claw-like tools for Acoustic guitar made of steel, so these can't be that bad, I hope. Reviews only say these are horrible with nylon strings smile.gif
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20 Sep 2019
Hello GMC! I've come across an electro-classicar guitar that is LP-shaped but uses nylon strings and apparently a mic. I already have a classical guitar but mine has no cutaway and recording it requires me to be close to the phone to capture the mic. I'm not saying I'll get it or anything but does anybody use this kind of guitar here? If so, could you share your thoughts?

The one I found is Cort Sunset NY BK, mahogany top and neck with rosewood fingerboard. I know Cort doesn't make brilliant electric guitars in the lower price range but maybe the Sunset series is a bit more appealing.
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15 Sep 2019
Original lesson: Picking Hand Basics by Ben Higgins

Movie Maker gave me some trouble syncing the backing track with video but I think it's fine now.
EDIT: turns out the final compilation video is still out of sync though it was alright in the creator.

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
2 Sep 2019
As in the title, my Kustom Arrow 16DFX is starting to break, namely clean channel's volume is really low: loudness at 4/10 some time ago is currently only after I crank clean volume all the way up and I'm better off using dirty channel with minimal gain (dirty's volume is as it always was). Does anyone have an idea what could cause this? If it's one or few parts that are easy to replace, I'd do that to keep my box alive longer.

Sorry for writing in a rush. It's all fine with my other guitars, so I'll look into the cavity when I have some time.

Guitar forums say to look for a loose wire or a cold solder joint (or a bad pot, but I put in a new set recently and it was working well ever since). How can I spot a cold solder joint?
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