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22 Nov 2007
This goes out to Uncreator and all the other Opeth junkies out there. I have never heard the band until the other night. After reading several of posts on the forums I decided to check them out on Youtube. Damn, I was blown out of my chair ! The question I have for you guys, is alot of their stuff like Windowpain and Harvest or are they primarily a growling band. The few tunes I listened to, love the music , love the lyrics, love the jazz influence, but cannot cope with the growling. I am sure it would grow on me after a while, but are their albums a mix of both or more growling vocals ? Any album suggestions where there is less growling? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy a few albums for their other material ? Suggestions would be great guys, I find this band to be amazing anhd packed full of talent, I just hope I can get past the growling so I can really delve into these guys. Thanks in advance.

Regards, Ronnie
16 Oct 2007
Hey gang,
I am curious if anyone has a good book on scales ? As the book I have only has 3 scale boxes for each scale listed. Anyone know of a book that has all 7 boxes or even 5 ? I know Andrew had mentioned guitar grimoire in a few posts but I have never seen the book so I don't know anything about it. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks much
15 Oct 2007
Hey everyone,
Just a quick question about the video clips that you all upload. I try to view them and my computer tries to view them using quicktime. It goes through the download and then it just gives me a question mark. Is there a way that I can set Windows media player to view these ? I am not a computer guy so I am at a loss here. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance
14 Oct 2007
Happy day to you Muris,
I have been looking at major/minor/pentatonic scales and learning them all around the fretboard. Today I am going to try to put a few chords into the mix. I have a few major and minor chords I am using and just to spice it up a bit I am going to try to add a few augmented chords as well. I just want to make sure I am certain on the formulas used here. I can change any major chord to augmented by simply adding a #5th. Or to change to a diminished chord I can simply change to a b3rd and b5th. Now when changing to these chords do I also need to change the root of my scale to match the changes in the chord structure ? If I use the standard scale will it be incorrect ? Thanks in advance smile.gif

Regards, Ronnie
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