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12 Sep 2020
Here's wishing the boss man and guitarist extraordinaire, Mr GMC, Kris Dahl, a very happy birthday, May your day be filled with everything you love and here's to many more.


7 Sep 2020
Trying to pull out onto a busy road, turning right, there is a van parked to my right making it impossible to see oncoming traffic, I was practically at the middle of the road when this old bloke decides to carry on, most people would stop at this point and let me out, if you watch, a car comes from the left and it appears that the blue van/car has to veer towards me to miss him, both of his side doors are shafted, my number plate was ripped out, bumper damaged, and the part above the grill in front of the bonnet is creased. He wasn't stopping for anyone. His back end lifts as he hits me. If you watch at 1/4 speed you can see his wheels turn towards me for a split second. He totally misjudged it.
5 Sep 2020
Hello folks,

I haven't been able to play for a while due to a neurological issue in my neck, anyway, my FCB 1010 was working fine, I took my laptop, which is my main computer now with everything connected to it, to my holiday home, I also took a Scarlett Solo and a guitar to try out an "away from home" recording setup.

I am slowly getting back into playing, so I tried out my FCB1010, it wouldn't work at all, as I don't understand how to set an FCB1010 up, in desperation I tried these final steps of instruction from THIS thread:

Turn off your FCB.
Unplug midi cables from FCB.
Hold the DOWN footswitch and power on the FCB.
Once the green light shows up under global config press the DOWN footswitch.
Press the 7 footswitch.
Plug in your midi cable from the OUT of your interface (Scarlett in my case) to the IN on your FCB.
Press OK on the Mountain editor.
Hold down the down button on your FCB until it counts down from 9.
Put the other midi cable in from the IN on your interface to the OUT on the FCB.

Miraculously it got it working as a plug-in in Reaper but, here's the oddball thing, it doesn't work at all as stand alone software, it won't even detect an input from the FCB. Could connecting the Solo have caused some kind of glitch? If so, where do I start looking??

Thanks in advance.

28 Aug 2020
This is a copy of my post in reply to Todds thread where Rollins interviews Vai here

If you don't watch the Rollins on the Ruts try to watch the last four YT clips of the Ruts music, you may get inspired wink.gif I actually appreciate The Ruts more now than ever. West One has a great sax solo playing out to the end wink.gif

Back in my youth I was seriously into Punk, especially the original bands like the Sex Pistols, Sham 69, The Buzzcocks, UK Subs etc and then Discharge, The Exploited, Charged GBH who I got to know as they were from Birmingham, some members are reunited with me via Facebook, one other band I like was The Ruts, I knew of Henry Rollins from Black Flag records that I had in my collection, in recent years I discovered that Henry Rollins is a HUGE fan of The Ruts. Some more interesting Rollins/Ruts stuff below, the stories about the rehearsals are funny laugh.gif The gig he did with the band is the fifth one down, then there are some Ruts originals.

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