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16 Jul 2008
As always I waited to the last minute to pack my stuff.. I´m going to the US tomorrow.. or actually, the clock is 00:28 and my ride comes 06:15 to drive me to the airport. So as I was going out to get my clothes that I washed I noticed they were all wet.. It has rained!!!! Arrghhhh!!! So now they´re hanging in the basement with a heating fan hopefully heating up the room so they´ll dry faster.. I got some hours left, but I got to sleep too..

haha.. ROck´n Roll
16 Jul 2008
Okay, my little sis has a wild crush on a boy she hardly know =) (She is 9 years old).
I got to have her for a whole day and after we went swiming and visiting our grandparents there was some time left.

So we made the only decent thing to do when in love, a song tongue.gif There was not so much time for us and dealing with an inpatient 9 year old girl is not easy! haha, anyways...

Lyrics are something like this for those who´s not that familiar with swedish.

"Hey Oscar, you like hardrock? I made this song for you"

(Some wild improvisation solo who turned out decent enough, she didn´t like my retakes so I had to get it right quick.. tongue.gif)

Oscar!! Oscar!! Oscar!! Oscar!! He´s cute, he´s sweet and he got shortcut hair..

Oscar!! Oscar!! Oscar!! Oscar!! He gets it from his mother who´s really cool..

Oscar!! Oscar!! Oscar!! Oscar!! He´s cute, he´s sweet and he got shortcut hair..

Oscar!! Oscar!! Oscar!! Oscar!! I´m thinking about Oscar everywhere!!

A short song with effective lyrics tongue.gif Btw, moms dig this kind of stuff.. I´m sure doing more of this kind of stuff..

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Attached File  oscar.mp3 ( 1009.43K ) Number of downloads: 391
5 Jul 2008
This is exactly a full collab... Didn´t know where else to post. But since I do not own a 5 stringed bass I would like to have a little help smile.gif

First of all it´s a theme song for a counterstrike source clan that I might be joining. I know some of the people playing in it.
Therefor the panther sounds.

It´s only guitar and drums at the moment. None 100% ready but all that´s needed for doing the base smile.gif
Nothing fancy is needed. I´d do it myself just following the guitar if I only had a bass. But if you´re a skilled bassplayer feel free to come up with something smile.gif

Mixing ideas and such, all is welcome.

I will post the "song" after it is mixed and the manchoir is done of course.

Song is in the key of A. I didn´t tune the guitar before recording, shouldn´t be so off key you can hear it though. If it is, just adjust the bass a bit wink.gif

Having trouble picking the tune out, just ask and I´ll explain.. Shouldn´t be any problem though, pretty basic kind of riffs.

I`m up for a favors in return collabvise smile.gif
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Attached File  pantherstrikeriff.mp3 ( 1.85MB ) Number of downloads: 371
28 May 2008
So I made a ringtone for fun to my friend.. He is called Fred..
Nothing special about the recording, done at home with Pod x3.
Influences of Rhapsody and Blindguardian smile.gif

Probably peaked over... But I think it´s a fun idea... Might inspire some other people to make their own???

What ya think???

The lyrics are

Someone is calling... Someone is calling!!
Someone´s calling Freeed...!
Who can it be?? Pick up and you will see
Who is calling Freeed?
Who is calling Freeeed?

Why haven´t you picked up yet? Freed
You see someone´s calling thee (edit spelling, thx seagull wink.gif )
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Attached File  callingfred.mp3 ( 947.35K ) Number of downloads: 352
2 May 2008
I´ve played a lot more a couple of days then I use to. And now the indexfinger nail is splitted. (like the nails is diveded in layers.. And the first one close to the flesh is lose.) Anyone know how to avoid this? Proper nail cutting or something? It takes days before stuff like that before it´s "healed"... And if you´re unlucky it might take weeks if you´re taking away the splitted piece by force. One time it just would go away, because it was to deep.. Man, blood was flooding tongue.gif

Anyways, not that big of a deal right now.. My fingers are really soar after a lot playing so I should rest anyways... But what if I were to have a gig tomorrow... Ouch..? Thoughts on this?
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