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Posted by: Ryan Apr 8 2007, 10:42 PM

HI, yea well i know that using a metronome..helps you tremedously and everything and ive been playing for about 2 years..and only 6 months seriously, and still cant figure out how to make the metronome fun, can i, or what can i do to make me focus more on the metronome.

Its so hard for me to stay focused using hte metronome, it gets really boring quickly so i usualy dont play with it. I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO USE AND UTILIZE WHAT I CAN GET FROM IT, but how can i make it so i stay focused.

How do you guys stay focused using the metronome?
What do you guys play using the metronome, just scales, modes, arpeggios, or just little licks?

Any help to make me be able to stay focused and use the metronome, will be a tremendous help to me!!!!!!

Thank you

Posted by: mattacuk Apr 9 2007, 12:00 AM

Hey Ryan,
I have been only playing around 7 months but maybe i can help. I use my metronome when practicing *everything*!! I start my practice session warming up with speed picking patterns from Kris's speed picking video series. Over the months I have slowly increased speed, makeing sure I keep good tone and an even count. The fun for me comes in getting just a little bit faster as the weeks go bye. Later on i know i can apply the patterns leart all over the fretboard in runs of my own.

Next I move onto practicing something I enjoy. At the moment im doing Gabriels Alternate Picking Etude. Again in order to get this tight and accurate I wip out the old metronome and practice this song untill each section is perfect. Also, Im practicing my sweeping technique daily to the metronome - Im really addicted to this technique because I know as the weeks go bye im going to have a flashy technique all thanks to the Metronome and hard practice laugh.gif

Everyone has there own way of practicing, and im certainly not recommending my way. But the point im trying to make is you can mix and match your own practice sessions, the way you enjoy it, utiliseing the wonders of the metrome. After a few months useing it daily, youll wonder like me how you could practice without it. I know its my key to success! cool.gif

P.S , To keep me motivated I watch the likes of Paul Gilbert play on YouTube (I know he too used it to get his speedy technique up like many others!)

Posted by: Igorrr Apr 9 2007, 07:38 PM

Hi Ryan,

as mattacuk stated everything is the correct answer. I myself played almost 7 years without a metronome and then I switched Guitar Teachers where I was forced to play with a metronome. The assimilation process was hard and for somebody playing good without and having had success in school suddenyly feeling as the complete noob starting at 0 was hard. Today some 8 years later I wouldn't do without. and it helps a lot!!

What helped me assimilate is instead of rushing into playing to the metronome to sort of "meditate" with it.
I'd start the metronome at 100 - 120 bpm and imagine 4/4 melodies, riffs and/or drum beats. At the beginning you'd be first thinking about 8 and 16 straightforward melodies or only hits and in your mind you move them around.
In general it is good to sometimes think before playing. Imagine what you are going to play and how it should sound and when a note hits the beat of the metronome.

Take a riff you like and mark the notes that will hit with the metronome beat.

Set the metronome at a comfortable speed for 16th notes and play schales up and down using shapes in 3 (e.g. C-majore playing, C-D-E, D-E-F, E-F-G etc...) You will notice how the down beat moves withing the 3 shapes from being on the 1st, then 2nd, 3rd to none and back to first.

Once you get things like this easily going the metronome will become fun and you will start experimenting more with syncopations than before ;-)

Posted by: Ryan Apr 9 2007, 07:53 PM

Alright, atleast i have a lil exp with the metronome though, when i was playing my tenor sax...for school tongue.gif......but its still really different..on the guitar for me.......

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