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5 Jun 2010
Hi Everyone,

I am thinking about buying a Line6 Variax 700 guitar and am wondering if there is room for adding a Bridge Humbucker pickup.

I have always been intrigued by the great variety of different guitar models, especially the switching to acoustic guitar and sitar simulations. But I mainly play metal and it seems that the flat body guitar models aren't really cutting it for high gain distortion, but at the same time the guitar body has a nice sustain, where I could imagine some great sound with a ceramic humbucker.

So I am having the idea to add a real humbucker pickup at the bridge position.

Unfortunately I have only been able to test one on a fair/music store and never had the chance to actually open one up. It looks like that there might be electronics where you would mount the bridge pickup.

Can anyone who has a Variax 700 confirm if there is room or not for a humbucker PU at the bridge position?
If not possible with a 700 model I might consider a 600 as well...

Don't worry I won't do the MOD myself I know a luthier that I trust who already did a conversions on my other guitar.
8 May 2007
Hi everyone...

I started a gamble and asked a Chinese Guy to produce a custom Ibanez Universe fake looking exactly like the Ibanez Jem 7 GMC (Green Black Swirl). It's going to cost me 200.- US$ (and another 200.-$ US for shipping).

You can see his fakes on this page here:

I know (owning a true Universe myself) that the guitar will not come close to the quality of the real thing and that the electronics for sure are going to be @$$#. But that is not my concern.
The guitars look beautiful and if all is fine with the body and neck the rest can be replaced.

He told me the body is going to be made from Elm wood. I googled it and only found medieval instruments being made from this wood type. In general it appears to be aplied for creating furniture and that it is a very stable and humid resistant type of wood. But never saw any electric guitar using that wood.

But I also saw expensive designer guitars having no wood at all.

So finally the real question is: If the guitar is well enough built (in tune, no strange string action etc...) Can it sound like a professional guitar by simply exchanging the electronik hardware?

Does anybody know how much wood affects the sound of a guitar?
6 May 2007
how many people are going to read this??? Man I am getting nervous.... maybe later...
NO... it has to be now or never.....


The name's Igorrr (actually Andreas but everybody calls me Igorrr or Shabba these days... long story ... no time....)

I'm 28 years old, German but living in Brazil since I fell in love and got married to a hot brazilian chic... cool.gif

I started playing the guitar with 13 and since then always had the dream of becoming a rock musician... I had the talent BUT....

I read how Kris told the story about him not having talent and how work brought him to where he is now... Well I can tell you kind of the other side of the story.
When I started to play guitar everything came so easily. After 5 months I already had a band and started gigging. I already played solo in that short time. I was deemed the best guitarist of the school when I was 15...
BUT I AM LAZY... since then I never really got better. I had an extremely fast start due to being "talented", but not having the discipline to really learn and move onward I kind of got stuck... that much actually that I lost interest, although never loosing the passion for music, but feeling frustrated that I have found my limits and not the guts to finally work on them....

I actually don't know... I found Workshop Live faster. When I turned 28 last december I kind of reflected to where I am now and where I always wanted to be. I realized if I want to become a great guitarist I have to do something. The same as with quitting to smoke it's better to do it sooner than later if you want to reap the benefits.
To keep it short since working a lot overtime I am not really able to dedicate to a fixed schedule with a real teacher so I searched the internet. I found and I liked Workshop Live, but I never really found it into their community and the lessons all seemed more like in a dictionary.
When I found GMC (aside from being way cheaper ;-)) I also saw how organic it is. Instead of having just one lesson that teaches sweeping there are many lick lessons that use it. Making it much more interesting for me since who likes practising half a year the exactly the same thing....

TODAY (one month with GMC)... Well I always wanted to learn sweeping... I started off last month I was playing the 16th sweeps at 80bpm and today I reached 126bpm. This by only practising them 20 minutes every day. Work does pay off....

I am getting excited to play the guitar again and GMC did not play a small part in it. So thank you already...
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