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32 years old
Alta, Norway
Born Mar-8-1989
Playing guitar, playing with my band, taking pictures, crosscountry skiing, watching movies/tv series and listening to music.

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26 Apr 2008
Just noticed these two videos at Bjørn Berges myspace.

Bjørn Berge playing the song "Trains"

Bjørn Berge playing the song Stringmachine + interview.

Btw there is a new song from his prog bluegrass band on his myspace page.
6 Apr 2008
i have carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrists. had it since november last year. gonna go to a physical therapist tomorrow, so im just interested to hear your experience about this. is it hard to get rid off without surgery?
5 Apr 2008
i thought this topic would be fun. mention a few of your favorite choruses from songs.

Michael Jackson - Thriller
Michael Jackson - Don't stop t'il you get enough
Michael Jackson - Rock with you
Michael Jackson - Workin' Day And Night

Darkthrone - Canadian Metal
Darkthrone - Raised on Rock(not the same as the Elvis song, just same title)

Elvis Presley - Raised on Rock
Elvis Presley - Viva Las Vegas

Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

Odd Nordstoga - Det Som Varer

Marit Larsen - Sinking Game
Marit Larsen - This Time Tomorrow

Trang Fødsel - Hippie
Trang Fødsel - Manisk
Trang Fødsel - Kursiv

Iron Maiden - Murders in the Rue Morgue
Iron Maiden - Running free

Budgie - Riding my nightmare

Kiss - Detroit rock city

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Feelin blue

Eric Clapton - Layla

Gåte - Snaale mi jente

Jefferson Airplane - Somebody to love

Jimi Hendrix - Fire
Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

Led Zeppelin - Babe I'm Gonna leave you
Led Zeppelin - Good Times bad times

Montrose - I've got the fire

Doyale Bramhall II - Green light girl

Robert Randolph and the family band - Thrill of it

Muddy Waters - She's Allright(not sure if muddy waters got the original or not)

RATM - Take the power back

Roky Erickson - Creature with the atom brain

Saxon - 747 strangers in the night

Slogstorm - Lossing av lik

Elizabeth Cotten - Freight train

Status Quo - Drifting Away

Venom - In League with Satan

Walter Trout Band - Watch Her Dance

++++++1002103012031023 too many to write down tongue.gif

well, whats yours?
16 Mar 2008
Hi everyone. On you can vote for Bjørn Berge. If he wins the vote he will play on a norwegian festival later this year. Thought i'd try to help him out by posting this here. - Vote on the right side of the webpage under "Avstemning". Select Bjørn Berge and click "Stem" biggrin.gif

Thanks biggrin.gif
15 Mar 2008
Well, well, well... I just came home from the best concert experience of my life.
First of all just let me say that all extreme metal bands can go hide in a cave... because they have no way to play as heavy as Berge.
His footstomping can move mountains, his voice sounds like a pissed of bear and his guitar playing sounds like an orchestra.

Bjørn Berge's playing is amazingly technical, and he manages to play it so clean and make it sound so big.
He does alot of long solos, and I like how he makes them different every time. I've seen many youtube videos and live dvd's from him, and he makes variations all the time. Long amazing jams with unique licks and incredible technical playing.
He even played a bit from Dueling Banjos in one of his solos! laugh.gif

When Bjørn covers songs he makes the originals sound like bird crap. His setlist contained songs from from Black Sabbath, Metallica, Lightnin' Hopkins, Robert Johnson, including others and his own songs. And of course he ended it all with his amazing version of Ace of Spades with everyone infront of the stage.

He's also a very funny guy. Beetween songs he does these little stand up sessions wich are very funny.
He makes contact with the audience, talks, make jokes etc. I love it.

Don't know what more to say... except that:


I sat about 4-5 metres from the stage, infront of everyone else, everything is perfect, except the fact that there were tons of drunk chicks behind me, yelling to eachother: "WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. TALK LOUDER"
And one of the women said: "What? Did we pay 180 bucks(NOK ofc) to see this guy??"... pissed me off. Ah well, Bjørn Berge played loud, those drunk @$€#holes didnt bother me that much smile.gif
(video is not from the gig I was on)

See if Bjørn Berge plays near you!;cmd=resetsort

Thanks for reading my review.

(I'm not very good at writing, so I apologize if this review seems too repetetive and unproffesional)
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Happy Birthday Robin :) I hope all is well with you... been a while since I've seen ya here or chatted with ya. I hope you have a great day!!!!
8 Mar 2009 - 14:12
Where ya been Robin!? I think me and Slam have similar thought processes...
7 Aug 2008 - 21:03
Why haven;t you posted in such a long time? it's been almost 3 months. :(
We miss you!
7 Aug 2008 - 6:02
It's goin good actually! My dad is a guitarist and he loves metal. He's been helping me out alot some I'm getting it pretty quickly. It's actually pretty funny the other day I woke up and my Dad was listening to Emporer
6 May 2008 - 17:41
Pretty good man just trying to learn Metal for beginners about yourself?
6 May 2008 - 0:40


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