Guitar Chat With Luciana, Muris, Kai Muehlenbruch, Pavel Etc. 2007-09-26
Sep 28 2007, 04:48 PM
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01:00:34 Slammer: tongue.gif
01:00:37 shredmandan: hey hey hey
01:00:40 Slammer: LOL
01:00:50 Slammer: can't stay long, but I saw your thread
01:00:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
01:00:56 Slammer: LMAO
01:01:01 shredmandan: i knew u would be going to bed
01:01:03 shredmandan: lol
01:01:07 Slammer: "even you Slammer"
01:01:09 Slammer: tongue.gif
01:01:41 Slammer: I think I'll Respond to that
01:01:42 Slammer: LOL
01:01:43 shredmandan: yep cause i saw you were on gmc .You made the last click right before me and i new that would get your attention lol
01:01:48 Zephyr: Hey guys!
01:01:52 shredmandan: hey man
01:01:52 Slammer: ohmy.gif
01:02:30 Zephyr: This is my first time to chat... never knew that we had one for a long time!
01:02:41 shredmandan: hey do either on eof you sweep pick ?
01:02:55 shredmandan: Zephyr lol thats funny.I was like that 2 awhile back
01:03:05 Slammer: I have to go Sweep the Kitchen floor sad.gif
01:03:11 Zephyr: No... I tried to learn it a couple times, but it's way out of my league right now.
01:03:16 Slammer: LOL
01:03:23 Zephyr: lol
01:03:29 Slammer: Dan, I responded to your thread tongue.gif
01:03:41 shredmandan: i here you man.Ive played along time and its still very difficult,i guess im just a beginner at it myself
01:03:49 shredmandan: thanks Slammer
01:03:54 Slammer: LOL
01:04:21 Zephyr: Argh, I'm trying to learn Flying in a Blue Dream, but whenever I try to play that tapping part, it just sound slike crap! I don't know how he gets it to sound like that...
01:04:42 shredmandan: whos that by Zephyr ?
01:04:50 Slammer: LOL did you read it?
01:04:51 Zephyr: Satriani, of course!
01:05:03 shredmandan: Slammer read what
01:05:15 Slammer: the Reply on your Thread
01:05:18 Slammer: tongue.gif
01:05:27 shredmandan: not yet one sec
01:05:32 Slammer: LMAO
01:05:38 Slammer: ok then I have to go
01:05:39 Slammer: LOL
01:05:57 shredmandan: oh yes i never see you in chat lol
01:06:22 Slammer: LMAO, Slammer has his own Brand of humor, some ppl wouldn't understand it tongue.gif
01:06:45 Slammer: anyways
01:06:46 Slammer: I gtg
01:06:51 Slammer: cya guys around
01:06:56 shredmandan: as always lol
01:06:57 Zephyr: OK, see you later!
01:06:59 Slammer: sad.gif
01:06:59 shredmandan: seee ya
01:07:02 Slammer: "D
01:07:03 Slammer: biggrin.gif
01:07:16 Slammer: <8) << Patrick from Spongebob
01:07:27 Slammer: biggrin.gif
01:07:28 shredmandan: so how long u been jamming Zephyr ?
01:07:41 Zephyr: I guess about two years now...
01:07:56 Slammer: Zephyrhills Water
01:08:00 Slammer: biggrin.gif
01:08:13 Zephyr: ?
01:08:17 Slammer: bye *waves*
01:08:21 shredmandan: lol
01:08:30 Slammer: off to Sweep
01:08:33 Slammer: the floor
01:08:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
01:08:44 Zephyr: Nice...
01:08:47 shredmandan: Zephyr 2 years and already playing Satch stuff?
01:09:15 Zephyr: lol Trying to play Satch stuff...
01:10:04 Zephyr: And most of the time failing... but I figure, I can't really get better without pushing myself... so why not!
01:10:16 shredmandan: well thats good atleast you set your goals high.He is a great player but i dont listen to him that much.He uses the Lydian scale alot which i dont like but dude can really shred on guitar when he wants to
01:10:34 Zephyr: So are there usually more people in here?
01:11:14 shredmandan: not around this time,and most of the time it is just 3 to 4 people at most.Sometimes afe more but really its never packed
01:12:07 Zephyr: Anyways, I'm off to bed... see you around!
07:33:16 blindwillie: dang! empty again sad.gif
09:42:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: hello
09:43:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: well ok...l8ter wink.gif
11:21:19 botoxfox: make noise if you feel like talking :?
11:34:26 RobM: squeek
11:34:46 RobM: every time I come in here it's dead
11:53:02 botoxfox: *meow*, *slap* or *whip*, maybe?
12:19:53 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow*
12:20:06 botoxfox: *slap*
12:20:12 Slammer: *meow* *slap* or *whip* maybe
12:20:21 botoxfox: thought it was you
12:20:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:20:53 botoxfox: hi
12:20:57 Slammer: howya been
12:20:59 Slammer: ?????
12:21:17 Slammer: using Google toilet internet??
12:21:19 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:22:12 botoxfox: nah, haven't figured it out yet
12:22:14 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
12:22:15 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:22:18 Slammer: LOL
12:22:42 Slammer: remember those pictures of the cookies I made, that I put in your Thread?
12:23:09 botoxfox: yeah
12:23:10 Slammer: LOL, Well I'm making some more right now tongue.gif
12:23:17 Slammer: SO, If I leave
12:23:24 Slammer: unexpectenly
12:23:33 Slammer: it's to go take them outta the oven
12:23:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:23:49 botoxfox: you actually inspired me to make cookies
12:23:54 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:24:23 botoxfox: Yeah, I took some pics, but I forgot to post them
12:24:27 botoxfox: tongue.gif
12:24:28 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:24:33 Slammer: I know you are lying
12:24:34 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:24:36 Slammer: LOL
12:24:58 botoxfox: No I'm not :{ biggrin.gif
12:25:07 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:25:15 Slammer: what kind were they?
12:25:21 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:25:31 botoxfox: Well, they kinda failed
12:25:32 Slammer: LOL
12:25:35 Slammer: Hello Gen
12:25:42 Gen: hello slammer
12:25:47 Gen: hello botoxfox
12:25:54 Slammer: No, I wasn't laughing at you botoxfox I was laughing that Gen came in
12:26:06 Slammer: smile.gif
12:26:09 Gen: :{
12:26:13 Slammer: LOL
12:26:16 Gen: lol
12:26:18 Gen: lol
12:26:18 Gen: lol
12:26:24 Slammer: :{
12:26:31 Gen: :?
12:26:34 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:26:36 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
12:26:40 Gen: biggrin.gif
12:26:41 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:26:50 Gen: 8)
12:26:57 Slammer: :|
12:26:57 botoxfox: I'm just uploading pics of the cookies
12:27:05 Gen: wink.gif
12:27:12 Slammer: <8) Ooh ooh cookies!!
12:27:18 Gen: LMAO
12:27:38 botoxfox: Well, it's really just one giant cookie...
12:27:53 Slammer: [8)] like a krabby pattie
12:28:01 Gen: hahahahahahahaa
12:28:11 botoxfox:
12:28:26 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:28:29 Slammer: wow
12:28:32 Slammer: GIANT
12:28:33 Gen: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
12:28:40 Slammer: ok guys
12:28:42 botoxfox:
12:28:42 Slammer: Igtg
12:28:45 Slammer: get the cookies
12:28:46 Slammer: out
12:28:58 botoxfox: post pics lol
12:29:00 Gen: noooooooooooooooooo
12:29:01 Gen: slammer
12:29:03 Gen: sad.gif
12:29:06 Slammer: I already
12:29:11 Slammer: put pics
12:29:14 Slammer: cya guys
12:29:15 Slammer: Bye
12:29:16 Slammer: bye
12:29:17 Slammer: bye
12:29:17 Gen: cya
12:29:31 Gen: hey solid snake
12:29:50 botoxfox: yo
12:29:56 Gen: have you seen the trailer of mgs 4 called "the beauty and the beast"?
12:30:14 botoxfox: is that the latest one?
12:30:22 Gen: i think so
12:30:36 Gen: with those kinda "zoe" robots
12:30:43 Gen: and that wolk
12:30:48 Gen: wolf*
12:30:48 botoxfox: the one they showed TGS?
12:30:56 Gen: idk
12:31:02 Gen: wait
12:31:06 Gen: i ll find a link
12:31:22 botoxfox: you do that smile.gif
12:31:52 Gen:
12:31:54 Gen: biggrin.gif
12:32:00 Gen: really cool vid
12:36:58 botoxfox: How could I miss this
12:37:11 botoxfox: thanks for sharing really cool
12:37:28 Gen: np biggrin.gif
12:37:35 Gen: i cant wait fort it
12:37:40 botoxfox: +1
12:38:08 Gen: and, have you seen the gameplay?
12:38:11 Gen: vid
12:38:24 botoxfox: yeah
12:38:32 botoxfox: that was awesome
12:38:47 Gen: yeah
12:39:01 botoxfox: I really hope they lower the price on ps3 before MGS4 comes out
12:39:30 Gen: haha yeah me too
12:39:37 Gen: its sooo expensive
12:39:48 botoxfox: yeah
12:39:52 Gen: and i gotta buy a new amp ...
12:40:28 botoxfox: I do have enough money at the moment to buy one though
12:40:48 botoxfox: But I think I'll just wait
12:41:53 botoxfox: brb, need to take a crap
12:43:14 Gen: lol ok
12:46:17 botoxfox: I'm back
12:47:23 botoxfox: *meow*
12:47:45 Gen: *meow*
12:47:54 Gen: hey, im watching this
12:48:10 Gen:
12:48:13 Gen: biggrin.gif
12:49:38 botoxfox: cool
12:50:37 botoxfox: Altough I haven't played muched rs
12:50:46 botoxfox: re*
12:51:01 botoxfox: much*
12:51:09 Gen: the 4 is really cool
12:51:21 botoxfox: I believe you
12:51:43 botoxfox: I just think it's too scary
12:51:46 botoxfox: lol
12:52:54 Gen: haha yeah
12:52:59 Gen: but i loooove horror games biggrin.gif
12:53:08 Gen: silent hill series
12:53:12 Gen: resident evil
12:53:14 Gen: etc....
12:53:56 botoxfox: The only horror stuff I've ever are the zombie levels in the TS games
12:54:21 botoxfox: played*
12:54:35 botoxfox: yo chast
12:54:40 chast: hi
12:54:49 chast: gen *slap*
12:55:15 chast: whats going on fox?
12:55:29 botoxfox: not much
12:55:34 botoxfox: you?
12:55:47 chast: the same^^
12:56:03 Gen: chast!!
12:56:05 chast: having guitar lesson in about an hour
12:56:05 Gen: biggrin.gif
12:56:07 Gen: sup!
12:56:12 Gen: oh cool
12:57:10 chast: and on friday im writing a french test lol
12:57:33 botoxfox: so hows the french?
12:57:39 chast: very bad
12:57:49 chast: my worst course^^
12:58:01 botoxfox: I remember when I had a german test
12:58:16 Gen: i can help you chast
12:58:18 Gen: if you want
12:58:27 Gen: for homeworks and stuff biggrin.gif
12:58:33 botoxfox: I ahd to write some essay or something
12:59:06 chast: thanks gen^^ but we have to write a summary, i think there is nothing to learn
12:59:22 Gen: oh lol
12:59:29 Gen: but just tell me if you need help
12:59:37 Gen: with words, sentences etc...
12:59:39 botoxfox: It ended up with some german sounding norwegian words
12:59:45 Gen: lol
12:59:46 chast: lol
12:59:58 chast: i know this
13:00:02 chast: in french
13:00:04 chast: biggrin.gif
13:00:14 Gen: i should have german this morning biggrin.gif
13:00:18 Gen: but the teacher was sick!
13:00:23 Gen: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
13:00:24 chast: im discovering sometimes new words also
13:00:32 chast: just a week ago
13:00:40 chast: i should read my text
13:00:45 chast: i read it
13:00:45 Gen: lol
13:00:58 chast: teacher: "can you repeat the sentence please?"
13:01:01 chast: i repeat it
13:01:06 Gen: lol lol
13:01:07 chast: "what is that word"
13:01:11 chast: i told her
13:01:12 botoxfox: The only school I attend is the school of life
13:01:14 Gen: haha
13:01:15 chast: "what?"
13:01:30 chast: than i told her in german^^
13:01:32 Gen: i attend berkley!!
13:01:34 Gen: lol
13:01:37 Gen: hahaha
13:02:00 chast: i thought fact means facte in french^^
13:02:06 chast: but i wasnt right biggrin.gif
13:02:26 botoxfox: tongue.gif
13:02:33 Gen: biggrin.gif
13:02:38 chast: "le facte" sounds cooler than fait
13:03:14 Gen: haha
13:03:24 Gen: hahaha
13:03:24 chast: and if i dont know the words sometimes i replace them with german words^^
13:03:36 Gen: i do the same with german
13:03:46 Gen: but i replace german words by english words
13:03:48 Gen: lol
13:03:50 chast: sounds pretty strange sometimes biggrin.gif
13:05:36 botoxfox: After Norwegian Finnish English Danish Swedish maybe Estonian, German is the Language I understand the best
13:05:55 Gen: lol
13:06:09 Gen: hey chast, speak to me in french a bit
13:06:13 Gen: say something biggrin.gif
13:06:15 chast: omg
13:06:20 chast: do you want to blame me ? biggrin.gif
13:06:31 Gen: haha
13:06:33 chast: but, well...
13:06:36 chast: baguette biggrin.gif
13:06:43 chast: croissant
13:06:51 Gen: awesome
13:06:52 chast: fromage
13:06:56 Gen: biggrin.gif
13:06:58 Gen: lol
13:07:02 botoxfox: Oh man
13:07:08 Gen: well, you write them correctly
13:07:11 Gen: its cool
13:07:16 botoxfox: that was incredible!
13:07:18 botoxfox: lol
13:07:21 chast: lol
13:07:37 Gen: die katze ist in der baum
13:07:45 Gen: ich bin 18 jahre alt
13:07:50 chast: a 8 heures j'ai lessons de guitar
13:07:51 chast: ?!
13:07:53 chast: ooO
13:07:54 Gen: ich komme aus genf
13:08:00 botoxfox: Ich hat ein hut mit drei ecken
13:08:08 chast: lol
13:08:19 Gen: cool sentence chast
13:08:28 Gen: but dont forget to say "une"
13:08:34 Gen: "une lesson de guitare"
13:08:40 chast: alright^^
13:08:42 Gen: biggrin.gif
13:08:44 Gen: lol
13:08:55 chast: peux-j'ai une baguette?
13:09:06 chast: is that correct?
13:09:12 Gen: lol
13:09:18 chast: it should mean "i want to have a baguette"
13:09:20 Gen: what did you want to say?
13:09:34 Gen: puis-je avoir une baguette
13:09:40 chast: omg
13:09:42 chast: lol
13:09:44 Gen: lol
13:10:03 Gen: well, sounds a bit like riches language
13:10:12 Gen: oh dear, can i have a croissant
13:10:16 Gen: lol
13:10:33 chast: 19:14 [Gen] die katze ist in der baum
13:10:44 chast: how do you come up with that sentence?
13:10:45 chast: biggrin.gif
13:10:48 Gen: hahaha
13:10:51 Gen: what?
13:10:52 chast: do you know what it means ?^^
13:11:02 Gen: haha yeah
13:11:06 Gen: the cat is in the tree
13:11:11 chast: yeah^^
13:11:23 Gen: ich komme aus genf
13:11:25 chast: never saw a cat in a tree tongue.gif
13:11:33 Gen: ich habe enie cool guitare
13:11:40 Gen: on a tree
13:11:42 Gen: lol
13:11:44 chast: j'habite a michelstadt
13:11:48 Gen: eine*
13:12:02 chast: j'ai une guitare cool?
13:12:08 Gen: yes!
13:12:20 Gen: ich mag viele chiks
13:12:23 Gen: lol
13:12:25 chast: le chat est sur la baum
13:12:29 Gen: lol
13:12:30 chast: lol
13:12:52 chast: are you really from genf?
13:12:55 Gen: yeah
13:12:57 botoxfox: Parce que je le vaux bien
13:13:01 Gen: LMAO
13:13:04 chast: man ive been there on class trip
13:13:09 Gen: oh cool!
13:13:11 chast: for one day
13:13:13 Gen: in switzerland?
13:13:17 chast: everybody is rich
13:13:19 chast: in genf
13:13:21 chast: oO
13:13:21 Gen: you ve been there
13:13:29 Gen: yeah, genf, in switzerland
13:13:30 Gen: geneva
13:13:50 chast: everywhere big cars
13:13:56 Gen: lol
13:13:57 chast: that was
13:14:01 Gen: have you seen the lake?
13:14:03 chast: awesome to see
13:14:09 chast: with the big fountain?^^
13:14:13 Gen: the big fountain
13:14:14 Gen: yeah
13:14:16 Gen: biggrin.gif
13:14:17 chast: yeah
13:14:22 chast: a class mate got wet
13:14:24 chast: biggrin.gif
13:14:26 Gen: lol
13:14:33 Gen: when did you come ?
13:14:38 Gen: when was your class trip
13:14:47 chast: i think this year in june
13:14:51 Gen: oh
13:14:52 chast: not long ago
13:15:21 Gen: cool
13:15:42 botoxfox: you THINK it was this year
13:15:45 chast: but why is everybody rich in genf? biggrin.gif
13:15:54 chast: no i think it was june tongue.gif
13:16:01 chast: im sure it was this year
13:16:02 chast: wink.gif
13:16:27 Gen: haha im not
13:16:42 chast: everybody in genf is biggrin.gif
13:16:53 Gen: so i may be the only one lol
13:16:56 chast: everybody drives a big mercedes in grey-black
13:16:59 chast: oO
13:17:07 Gen: lol yeah there s many mercedes
13:17:15 Gen: many hotels
13:17:20 botoxfox: Everybody is supposedly rich in norway as well :|
13:17:23 Gen: but most of these people arent from genf
13:17:31 chast: norway is rich biggrin.gif
13:17:36 Gen: they re tourists
13:17:38 chast: with your oil tongue.gif
13:17:45 Gen: from rich arabian countries and stuff
13:17:54 chast: ah
13:17:57 botoxfox: The state take all our money
13:17:57 Gen: they come to our big and beautiful hotels biggrin.gif
13:18:12 Gen: and expensive too!
13:18:14 chast: we were in the city where all the shops were
13:18:14 Gen: lol
13:18:23 Gen: yeah the down town
13:18:25 Gen: near the lake
13:18:28 chast: and mcdonalds and so on
13:18:30 chast: yes
13:18:33 Gen: haha yeah
13:18:35 Gen: i see
13:18:44 Gen: beside the railway station
13:18:52 Gen: the mc donalds is beside the station
13:19:11 chast: but fox norways has the highest living standard in europe
13:19:17 botoxfox: You've got all that tasty chocolate in switzerland
13:19:21 Gen: norway is beautiful
13:19:32 Gen: haha yeah, tasty and expensive
13:19:35 Gen: im not rich biggrin.gif
13:19:36 Gen: lol
13:20:00 Gen: i buy some chocolate sometimes
13:20:10 Gen: in the end of the day, when the lower the price
13:20:14 botoxfox: Yeah, but if you like good food and driving, STAY OUT OF NORWAY! tongue.gif
13:20:15 Gen: lol
13:20:22 Gen: lol
13:20:27 chast: lol
13:21:01 botoxfox: norway has really crappy roads
13:21:17 Gen: but its still a beautiful country
13:21:22 Gen: you live in oslo?
13:21:38 botoxfox: I live in Trondheim
13:21:44 Gen: oh okay
13:22:49 Gen: chast, how many hours is your guitar lesson?
13:22:55 Gen: i mean, is it long?
13:22:59 Gen: 1 hour?
13:23:00 Gen: 2?
13:23:14 Gen: *slap*
13:23:37 Gen: *meow*
13:24:17 botoxfox: *whip*
13:24:31 botoxfox: *meow* *slap* *whip*
13:24:35 Gen: lol
13:24:53 chast: no
13:24:56 chast: just 45 minutes
13:25:03 Gen: oh okay
13:25:04 Gen: cool
13:25:08 chast: and than we are having a beer biggrin.gif
13:25:09 Gen: is it expensive?
13:25:13 Gen: haha awesome!
13:25:24 chast: it is probably
13:25:29 chast: but my father pays biggrin.gif
13:25:31 Gen: how much
13:25:34 Gen: oh okay lol
13:25:38 chast: 70 € per month
13:26:03 Gen: 45 minutes per month or per weeks?
13:26:08 chast: per week
13:26:22 Gen: thats cool
13:26:26 chast: but i already thought about it
13:26:31 Gen: i think i got to find a teacher like that too
13:26:32 chast: the teacher nearly gets no money
13:26:36 chast: so its okay
13:26:48 chast: and there are really good teacher
13:26:52 chast: but i gtg now
13:26:54 chast: cu later
13:27:00 Gen: okay cya
13:27:05 Gen: i gotta go too
13:27:09 Gen: so cya later guys
13:27:10 botoxfox: laters
13:27:17 Gen: cya snake wink.gif
13:27:20 Gen: snake
13:27:21 Gen: noooo
13:27:23 Gen: noooooooooooooooooooooo
13:27:26 Gen: lol
13:27:32 botoxfox: snake?
13:27:44 botoxfox: snaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
13:27:53 Gen: biggrin.gif
13:29:10 botoxfox: sad.gif
13:57:47 silentkap: hi dude
13:58:05 silentkap: how you doing
13:58:58 silentkap: who of you guys have a line 6 pocket pod?
15:26:02 chast: hi again biggrin.gif
15:26:13 botoxfox: yo
15:26:24 botoxfox: how was the guitar lesson?
15:27:11 botoxfox: *whip*
15:27:44 botoxfox: *slap*
15:27:48 chast: was fine
15:27:54 chast: but my teacher is ill
15:27:59 chast: so we didnt do that much wink.gif
15:28:13 botoxfox: Not even a beer?
15:28:17 chast: no
15:28:21 chast: ;(
15:28:25 chast: he is too ill
15:28:28 botoxfox: too bad
15:28:49 botoxfox: I feel sorry for you
15:29:31 botoxfox: I just tried to compose some stuff
15:30:08 chast: what kind of music?
15:31:27 botoxfox: some satchy stuff
15:31:40 chast: satch is always good biggrin.gif
15:31:46 botoxfox: yeah
15:32:21 botoxfox: It isn't really much more than just a riff yet though..
15:32:37 botoxfox: I came up with that riff along time ago
15:32:43 chast: well, be happy to come up with riffs biggrin.gif
15:33:00 botoxfox: So I wrote it into GP today
15:33:28 chast: hm, i dont know which lesson i should pratice
15:33:35 chast: there are so much ^^
15:33:44 botoxfox: Tell me about it
15:34:05 chast: but i thikn im going to pratice this upstroke focus lesson by muris
15:34:14 chast: and after his new alternate picking
15:34:25 chast: or the heavy metal lesson of pavel
15:34:27 chast: grrrrrrrr
15:34:29 chast: biggrin.gif
15:34:43 botoxfox: yeah
15:35:54 VinceG: hai2all
15:36:00 botoxfox: hi VinceG
15:36:30 botoxfox: wassup?
15:36:49 VinceG: ehh nothing much watching Malcolm In The Middle
15:37:03 VinceG: i have no classes today so its chiil out day lol
15:37:15 botoxfox: sounds good
15:37:24 VinceG: wutcha doin?
15:37:37 botoxfox: not much
15:37:55 botoxfox: I was tryig to compose something in GP
15:38:12 VinceG: ahh
15:38:19 chast: hi vince
15:38:29 VinceG: hai chast
15:38:41 chast: malcolm in the middle is funny biggrin.gif
15:38:42 VinceG: i could never figure out gp, I only use it for tabs
15:38:44 chast: i like it
15:39:07 VinceG: it is, louise is always so pissed off
15:39:33 chast: my favourite is rease (dont know how to write him)
15:39:40 VinceG: lol
15:39:47 chast: and the older brother of him biggrin.gif
15:39:57 chast: and the father is cool of course
15:40:15 VinceG: yep
15:40:37 VinceG: next up is king of the hill, one of my fav shows of all time
15:41:06 chast: thx for the link fox
15:42:22 botoxfox: no preblem
15:42:31 botoxfox: problem*
15:43:59 VinceG: so whats the agenda for today?
15:45:04 botoxfox: I'm gonna sit in my chair and surf the internet for a couple of hours, then bedtime
15:45:15 VinceG: lol
15:45:35 VinceG: where do you live and what time is it?
15:46:04 botoxfox: Norway time is 2145 CET
15:46:24 VinceG: 2145?
15:46:36 botoxfox: yup
15:46:43 botoxfox: 9:45 PM
15:46:43 VinceG: i dont know how to read military time
15:46:57 VinceG: nice
15:47:13 VinceG: i actually just woke up like an hour ago
15:47:34 botoxfox: where do you live?
15:47:40 VinceG: michigan
15:47:48 VinceG: us
15:48:09 botoxfox: What's the time there?
15:48:10 VinceG: its about 3:50 pm here so I woke up today at 2 pm lol
15:48:25 botoxfox: 2PM huh?
15:48:29 VinceG: yep
15:48:40 VinceG: 9 hrs of sleep, really refreshing
15:49:26 botoxfox: Since you just woke up I thought you were living somewhere in the pacific
15:49:35 VinceG: lol
15:49:58 VinceG: yea im lazy
15:50:22 VinceG: i should be doing my paper soon though
15:50:28 botoxfox: I really have problem when it comes to sleeping
15:51:02 VinceG: hmm me too, i usually toss around my bed for a good half hour before i fall asleep
15:51:13 botoxfox: No matter how late I go to bed I always end up waking up at 9 am
15:51:20 VinceG: but other than that, i could sleep for hours on end
15:51:42 VinceG: reallt
15:52:01 VinceG: well your inner clock must be strict
15:52:12 botoxfox: yeah
15:52:17 VinceG: my inner clock is fed
15:52:21 VinceG: f'ed
15:52:29 botoxfox: It's especially bad in the summer
15:52:50 botoxfox: Because it never really gets dark here then
15:53:32 VinceG: ahh
15:54:05 botoxfox: It's not quite midnight sun, but almost
15:54:23 VinceG: midnight sun huh that must be cool
15:55:24 VinceG: well im out, i gotta start my paper
15:55:37 botoxfox: well c ya later good luck
15:55:40 VinceG: oh yea eat lunch
15:55:54 VinceG: im starving
15:55:59 botoxfox: enjoy ur lunch then
15:56:02 botoxfox: smile.gif
15:56:04 VinceG: lol
15:56:15 VinceG: c ya
15:56:20 botoxfox: toodeloo
16:16:35 Sunslayer: hmm, now this is how the chat looks from the inside...
16:16:41 Kurt: hello
16:16:46 Sunslayer: hi there
16:17:37 Kurt: sup?
16:17:50 Sunslayer: hm?
16:18:27 Kurt: lol
16:18:34 Kurt: whats up?
16:18:51 Sunslayer: dont get it^^ what do you mean?
16:19:06 Sunslayer: with "sup" i mean
16:19:16 Sunslayer: oww... nevermind xD
16:19:20 Sunslayer: long wire
16:19:30 Kurt: "sup" is the short version of "whats up" lol
16:19:38 Sunslayer: well im fine i think.. wink.gif
16:19:47 Kurt: ok...nice smile.gif
16:19:57 Kurt: from where are u?
16:20:06 Sunslayer: germany smile.gif
16:20:13 Kurt: lol
16:20:22 Kurt: ich bin aus Österreich wink.gif
16:20:28 Sunslayer: ach guck an^^
16:20:51 Kurt: von aus deutschland?
16:21:04 Sunslayer: so ziemlich nah an holland
16:21:10 Kurt: aso
16:21:27 Sunslayer: aus ner stadt von 50k einwohnern die dir war scheinlich eh nix sagt.. lingen
16:21:34 Kurt: lol aha
16:21:43 Kurt: meine freundin is in Mannheim geboren smile.gif
16:22:04 Sunslayer: hast aber n langen lasso gehabt xD
16:22:11 Sunslayer: *langes
16:22:36 Kurt: naja...sie wont ja jetzt in österreich wink.gif
16:22:40 Kurt: wohnt
16:23:12 Sunslayer: noch nie da gewesen... wär auch mal ne maßname
16:23:23 Kurt: lol
16:23:34 Kurt: ja keine ahnung wie´s dort is lol
16:24:16 Sunslayer: mein nahestes ziel iss münchen gewesen aber bis über die grenze hats mich net verschlagen
16:24:36 Kurt: ja in münchen war ich diesen sommer biggrin.gif
16:25:03 Sunslayer: mein bruder hats wohl mal geschafft.. aber auch nur weil er im ICE nach München eingepennt ist xD
16:25:27 Kurt: lol
16:25:36 Kurt: auch net schlecht wink.gif
16:25:47 Kurt: wie alt bist du eigentlich wenn man fragen darf?
16:25:59 Sunslayer: runde 20
16:26:48 Sunslayer: schade eigentlich dass ich net schon früher mit der gitarre angefangen hab... muss viel nachholen wink.gif
16:27:01 Kurt: ja ich hab auch erst mit 16 angefangen sad.gif
16:27:30 botoxfox: Was ist los?
16:27:44 Sunslayer: naja aber bin eigentlich fast jeden tag am üben wenn auch nurn bisschen datt wird schon
16:27:47 Kurt: botofox kann deutsch? lol
16:28:00 Sunslayer: hui noch soeiner^^
16:28:29 botoxfox: Nein, ich kann nicht Deutsch gesprechen tongue.gif
16:28:32 Kurt: ne ich glaub der sitzt nur mitn wörterbuch da lol
16:28:40 Kurt: tongue.gif
16:28:51 Sunslayer: hehe issn anfang smile.gif
16:29:37 Kurt: jep...aber wir sollten jetzt höflichleitshalber doch wieder in englisch weiterreden wink.gif
16:29:40 Kurt: lol
16:29:51 Sunslayer: ill try to
16:30:05 Kurt: don´t worry botofox..we´ll continue in english lol
16:30:12 botoxfox: cool
16:30:25 botoxfox: I've used up my german phrases
16:31:50 Sunslayer: my english became a little bit rusty with the time... so i need a bit longer to make some correct sentences
16:32:19 botoxfox: Don't worry
16:32:24 botoxfox: be happy
16:32:42 Sunslayer: doin' my best wink.gif
16:33:04 botoxfox: So what you guys doin'?
16:33:16 Sunslayer: erm.. chatting? tongue.gif
16:34:33 botoxfox: Yeah, maybe...ohmy.gif
16:34:44 botoxfox: ohmy.gif *
16:34:55 Sunslayer: i think we need a topic...
16:35:13 botoxfox: Hi jeff
16:35:27 Sunslayer: hi
16:35:33 jeff: Hey - what's going on here??
16:35:53 chast: hi^^
16:35:55 Kurt: yo buddy!! lol
16:35:59 chast: hey^^
16:36:00 Sunslayer: hi
16:36:05 botoxfox: chast!
16:36:09 botoxfox: yo
16:37:19 botoxfox: so, wassup folks?
16:37:30 chast: eating "knoppers" biggrin.gif
16:37:41 botoxfox: ???
16:37:42 Kurt: knoppers is great!!!!!!! lol
16:37:54 jeff: What is knoppers?
16:37:55 Sunslayer: its not 9:30 in germany tongue.gif
16:38:04 chast: thats knoppers: LINK
16:38:12 chast: well 22:45
16:38:17 chast: also a good time to eat knoppers
16:38:27 botoxfox: mmm, sure looks tasty
16:38:29 Sunslayer: it always is wink.gif
16:38:49 jeff: looks good
16:38:52 botoxfox: Maybe I should go to germany to try some
16:38:59 chast: lol yeah biggrin.gif
16:39:10 jeff: Hey I have some friends at Octoberfest this year
16:39:21 jeff: they are having a blast
16:39:34 Sunslayer: check out the beer too.. youll never find better beer anywhere
16:39:44 jeff: I want to go
16:39:45 botoxfox: Mmm, beer
16:40:22 Sunslayer: octoberfest is just great...
16:40:45 Sunslayer: put unfortunatly the beer iss very expensive...
16:40:54 jeff: I've been checking out the web cams. looks like rain
16:41:04 jeff: yeah I her the beer is $$$
16:41:14 Sunslayer: 7 euro
16:41:19 Sunslayer: for 1l
16:41:26 botoxfox: !!!
16:41:41 jeff: ohmy.gif
16:41:43 Sunslayer: jup thats hard
16:41:53 botoxfox: That's extremely cheap compared to norway
16:42:17 jeff: really? wow
16:42:18 Sunslayer: yeah ok in norway there every alcohol expensive^^
16:43:06 chast: 7,90 €
16:43:11 Sunslayer: some time ago i met a guy from finland and we had a 1euro party in our disco... he felt like beein in paradice
16:43:16 chast: in whole skandinavia its expensive
16:43:51 chast: hm, ive never been to a 1 euro party
16:43:55 chast: what a pity
16:43:56 chast: oO
16:43:56 botoxfox: It's by far most expensive in norway
16:44:05 chast: yeah beacuse you are so rich tongue.gif
16:44:19 botoxfox: norwegians flock to sweden just to by booze
16:44:59 jeff: Those look like cool places to live though
16:45:56 botoxfox: The standard odf living in norway isn't any different from the rest of europe because everything is so expensive
16:46:36 Sunslayer: we have a friend in sweden he started to live there and we always carry a large load of alcohol with us when we visit him^^
16:47:13 jeff: that's friendship! biggrin.gif
16:47:37 Sunslayer: jup he loves us for that^^
16:47:51 chast: i also would love someone who brings alcohol to my house tongue.gif
16:48:18 botoxfox: Yeah, the norwegians go to sweden to by cheap goods, the swedes go to germany to by cheap gods
16:48:25 botoxfox: *goods
16:48:27 Sunslayer: yeah and than you sleep in the bathroom again tongue.gif
16:48:53 botoxfox: brb
16:48:54 chast: biggrin.gif
16:49:01 chast: it was confortable
16:49:12 jeff: Where do the Germans go? tongue.gif
16:49:19 chast: czech
16:49:20 chast: biggrin.gif
16:49:21 Sunslayer: we stay xD
16:49:34 chast: german go to mallorca
16:49:35 jeff: lol
16:50:09 Sunslayer: i only go to holland when i want to buy canned beer
16:51:03 jeff: Beer in the states is cheap but bad :|
16:51:04 Sunslayer: we have pledge on cans in germany that sucks
16:51:25 botoxfox: why?
16:52:03 jeff: It seems that it is watered down - compared to European
16:52:16 Sunslayer: you just pay more for that cus they must be carried back to thete where you bought it...
16:52:53 Sunslayer: stupid system
16:54:06 Sunslayer: because of that the sale of cans went back to about 0
16:54:18 chast: yeah
16:54:27 chast: i havent bought a can till now
16:54:32 chast: since this system^^
16:54:43 chast: oh
16:54:44 chast: well
16:54:48 chast: i bought 2 cans 5.0
16:54:52 chast: but its ugly
16:54:55 chast: i think
16:56:04 jeff: gota go guys - see you later! smile.gif
16:56:10 chast: cya
16:56:14 botoxfox: later dude
16:56:22 Sunslayer: bye
16:57:21 botoxfox: Think I'm gonna hit the sack. You can all speak german now wink.gif
16:57:40 Sunslayer: ok bye than wink.gif
16:57:46 botoxfox: toodeloo
16:58:43 AliMo: whatsup guys
16:59:01 Sunslayer: hi there
17:00:08 Sunslayer: well ill go to bed now too... have to get up early tomorrow
17:00:13 Sunslayer: cya around
17:00:19 AliMo: later
17:01:38 chast: wah
17:01:43 chast: everybody has gone
17:04:27 chast: im afk, watching stern tv tongue.gif
19:30:05 peterorg54: sup
19:30:08 peterorg54: people
19:30:32 peterorg54: *whip*
19:30:57 peterorg54: *slap*
19:31:09 peterorg54: hello
19:33:42 Soul_Decision: Hey
19:35:12 Slammer: Hello?
19:35:19 Soul_Decision: HEy
19:35:27 peterorg54: oh
19:35:31 peterorg54: dam
19:35:31 peterorg54: hi
19:35:32 peterorg54: sam
19:35:38 peterorg54: dam...
19:35:43 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:35:59 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:36:01 peterorg54: *whip*
19:36:12 Slammer: Pete has become the new slammer
19:36:14 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:36:18 peterorg54: what
19:36:19 Slammer: he's always in the chat
19:36:19 peterorg54: ..
19:36:21 Slammer: LOL
19:36:23 peterorg54: yeah
19:36:26 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:36:29 Slammer: :{
19:36:31 Slammer: never
19:36:32 peterorg54: look
19:36:38 peterorg54: theres luciana
19:36:40 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:36:42 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
19:36:49 Luciana: hello!!!!
19:36:52 Slammer: LOL
19:36:56 Soul_Decision: Hi!!
19:37:02 peterorg54: hi
19:37:08 Slammer: hola
19:37:12 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:37:14 Luciana: hola como estas?
19:37:17 peterorg54: gonichiwa
19:37:19 Slammer: muy bien
19:37:22 Slammer: LOL
19:37:23 Soul_Decision: Konnnichiwa
19:37:26 peterorg54: oh..
19:37:27 Soul_Decision: Opps
19:37:27 peterorg54: sry
19:37:32 Soul_Decision: 1 n too many
19:37:33 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:37:33 Soul_Decision: lol
19:37:51 Luciana: how are you?
19:38:01 Luciana: to everyone
19:38:06 peterorg54: fine
19:38:07 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:38:10 Soul_Decision: Good
19:38:11 Soul_Decision: You?
19:38:23 Luciana: very good!
19:38:24 Slammer: finer than Peterorg54 tongue.gif
19:38:30 Soul_Decision: lol
19:39:07 Slammer: Hey Luciana did you know that Soul_Decision speaks spanish?
19:39:28 peterorg54: dot dot dot
19:39:28 Luciana: really?
19:39:35 Slammer: el es de Mexico
19:39:43 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
19:39:45 Luciana: Soul??? hablas español?
19:40:03 Soul_Decision: Si
19:40:21 Luciana: que bien!!!
19:40:39 Luciana: entonces hablemos en español!!!
19:40:46 Soul_Decision: como le va?
19:40:48 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:40:52 Luciana: Slammer do you speak spanish?
19:40:58 Luciana: bienn
19:41:03 Slammer: no no no yo no hablo sad.gif
19:41:11 Slammer: no sabes
19:41:12 Luciana: estas hablando !
19:41:14 Slammer: sad.gif
19:41:26 Slammer: pero, me gusta la gasolina biggrin.gif
19:41:40 Slammer: LOL nvm
19:41:42 Luciana: jajajaja
19:42:02 Luciana: dame mas gasoliiiina!:D
19:42:04 Slammer: well
19:42:11 Slammer: mi mama es de Costa rica
19:42:14 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:42:29 Slammer: I think thats how you say it
19:42:30 Slammer: LOL
19:42:52 Luciana: si,, se dice asi
19:42:57 Luciana: bien slammer!
19:43:06 Luciana: pensanste en cantar?
19:43:11 Slammer: sad.gif
19:43:27 Luciana: did you think in singing?
19:43:28 peterorg54: adios guys
19:43:58 Slammer: Oh, did I think of singing?
19:44:08 Luciana: emmm
19:44:10 Luciana: yes!
19:44:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:44:36 Slammer: well, I am not a good singer, so everyone makes fun of me sad.gif
19:44:39 Luciana: y tu soul??
19:44:43 Luciana: sabes cantar?
19:44:58 Luciana: slammer!
19:45:17 Luciana: I hear you!
19:45:26 Slammer: I don't think el sabes speaking spanish
19:45:26 Soul_Decision: I dont sing
19:45:28 Luciana: I am a singing teacher
19:45:29 Soul_Decision: Because
19:45:36 Soul_Decision: I don't like to
19:45:47 Soul_Decision: I don't have the kind of singing voice I want lol
19:46:21 Luciana: but if you like singing
19:46:37 muris: good evening to everyone wink.gif
19:46:44 Soul_Decision: Hi Muris
19:46:44 Slammer: ello govnah
19:46:51 Luciana: it doesn't matter your voice!
19:46:57 Luciana: hi murris
19:47:10 peterorg54: hi
19:47:14 muris: who is govnah Slam?
19:47:14 peterorg54: ate something ..
19:47:16 Soul_Decision: Well
19:47:17 Luciana: hi peter
19:47:26 peterorg54: hi
19:47:29 Soul_Decision: Since I travel Luciana, I can't practice singing
19:47:35 Soul_Decision: There is no place where I can be alone
19:47:37 Soul_Decision: lol
19:47:44 Luciana: jajajja
19:47:49 Soul_Decision: It sucks
19:47:50 muris: there the shover wink.gif
19:47:55 Slammer: in the Shower YEs
19:48:10 Slammer: or the Bathroom
19:48:17 Soul_Decision: And the living room is about
19:48:19 Soul_Decision: a foot away
19:48:26 Soul_Decision: I travel with my parents
19:48:32 Soul_Decision: In a RV
19:49:04 muris: ahh I see
19:49:06 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:49:08 muris: bad situation
19:49:18 Luciana: [peterorg54] ate something ..??
19:49:31 muris: still,you can sign all together
19:49:32 Soul_Decision: Yeah, my guitar practice already annoys them to death lol
19:49:37 muris: Aces High maybe??
19:49:40 muris: lol
19:49:44 peterorg54: oh
19:49:46 peterorg54: i was hungry
19:49:46 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:49:48 peterorg54: so
19:49:52 Luciana: why?
19:49:53 peterorg54: i said adios
19:49:54 peterorg54: and
19:49:56 peterorg54: i got out
19:49:58 peterorg54: but im back
19:50:00 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:50:02 Slammer: LOL
19:50:10 Luciana: peter,,,
19:50:15 Luciana: i tell you something
19:50:20 Slammer: Muris hablas espanol?
19:50:22 peterorg54: ya
19:50:23 peterorg54: ?
19:50:28 Luciana: my english is very bad,,.
19:50:28 Soul_Decision: Because I'm literally right next to them all the time
19:50:34 muris: why should I?
19:50:40 peterorg54: ohw
19:50:44 Luciana: and I have to think all my answers
19:50:46 Slammer: don't worry your singing is very good biggrin.gif
19:50:47 Luciana: a lot!
19:50:48 peterorg54: no problem biggrin.gif
19:50:54 Soul_Decision: It's not Luciana
19:51:10 Slammer: here comes Kai?
19:51:10 muris: no one sucks in english like I do
19:51:11 Luciana: yes!
19:51:18 muris: so no worries Luciana wink.gif
19:51:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey there everybody
19:51:23 Soul_Decision: Hi Kai
19:51:30 peterorg54: gabriel is cool
19:51:32 muris: salut Hard Man
19:51:32 Luciana: hi Kai!
19:51:33 peterorg54: tell him
19:51:35 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:51:38 peterorg54: luciana
19:51:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey theres our singing instructor smile.gif
19:52:05 muris: who,me?
19:52:07 muris: lol
19:52:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: Luciana seriously, your lesson helped smile.gif
19:52:25 Luciana: thanks god!
19:52:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: they are really cool love them smile.gif
19:52:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
19:52:31 peterorg54: no laughed ...
19:52:33 peterorg54: so sad
19:52:37 Luciana: (peter.. I will tell him)
19:52:39 peterorg54: sad.gif sad.gif
19:52:47 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:52:52 Slammer: hey, Luciana is Gabe your Brother?
19:52:58 Luciana: No
19:53:00 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:53:04 Slammer: oh nvm
19:53:06 Slammer: LOL
19:53:08 Luciana: He is my guitarplayer
19:53:11 muris: so you're just band mates,right?
19:53:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:53:20 Luciana: yes!
19:53:24 muris: ok wink.gif
19:53:25 peterorg54: or
19:53:38 peterorg54: wow
19:53:43 Slammer: LOL
19:53:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: hey dragon lord biggrin.gif
19:53:46 Pavel: Dragooooooooooooooooooooons!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:53:47 Slammer: here is the Party
19:53:50 Soul_Decision: Hi Pavel
19:53:50 Slammer: !
19:53:50 muris: swords down
19:53:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: instructor session biggrin.gif
19:53:57 Slammer: yes
19:53:57 peterorg54: lots of instructor...
19:53:59 peterorg54: whats going on
19:54:01 Pavel: No!! It's dragon session!!!!
19:54:02 Slammer: now that your here
19:54:04 Luciana: yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
19:54:15 Luciana: rock on the instructorsssssssssssssss
19:54:18 Pavel: i would aks everyone who doesn't like dragons to GET OUT OF THE CHAT ROOM!!!!
19:54:21 Pavel: hahahahahahahahaha
19:54:25 Pavel: Joking!!!!!!!!!
19:54:28 peterorg54: at this time,, there should be only me and sam
19:54:29 peterorg54: right
19:54:30 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:54:30 peterorg54: ?
19:54:32 peterorg54: sam
19:54:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: muris why swords down because we have a lady here:D?
19:54:35 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:54:46 muris: no mate
19:54:50 Kai Muehlenbruch: you know i am always the metalidiot anyways
19:54:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: i cant get girls
19:54:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
19:54:57 muris: I had something else on my mind
19:54:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
19:54:59 muris: wink.gif
19:55:11 Luciana: lol lol
19:55:14 Slammer -> Non-Dragon Talk: LOL
19:55:19 Slammer -> Non-Dragon Talk: that was great
19:55:19 Pavel: no, i didn't even have time to draw a sword because i can't find a place for my dragon on a parking lot! GRRRR
19:55:20 Soul_Decision -> Non-Dragon Talk: LOl
19:55:22 Slammer -> Non-Dragon Talk: biggrin.gif
19:55:28 peterorg54 -> Non-Dragon Talk: what
19:55:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D:D:D
19:55:30 peterorg54 -> Non-Dragon Talk: is this ?
19:55:32 Slammer -> Non-Dragon Talk: Nothing
19:55:36 Soul_Decision -> Non-Dragon Talk: Lol
19:55:37 Slammer -> Non-Dragon Talk: Just a Joke
19:55:40 Soul_Decision -> Non-Dragon Talk: Yeah
19:55:41 Slammer -> Non-Dragon Talk: LOL
19:55:44 Slammer -> Non-Dragon Talk: LMAO
19:55:47 Soul_Decision -> Non-Dragon Talk: lol
19:55:51 Slammer -> Non-Dragon Talk: anyways lets go back
19:56:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah ...always the same...
19:56:04 muris: ok,no more dragons
19:56:11 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:56:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am so professional:D
19:56:14 muris: or guys will leave us again...
19:56:16 Pavel: I will ahve to ask Kris to make a new sing on GMC parking like: "This place is for Pavel's Dragon ONLY!"
19:56:17 muris: wink.gif
19:56:29 Slammer: Pavel and his Dragons....
19:56:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: YEAH!
19:56:36 Pavel: hahaha
19:56:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: no its my dragons:D
19:56:42 muris: may I say
19:56:49 Pavel: ok - no place to park my little dragon...i am off to sleep than....damn....
19:56:50 muris: I prefer dogs
19:56:56 muris: am I still your budy?
19:56:59 Slammer: Pavel is the old man who lives in a cave with his Dragons
19:57:01 Pavel: No!!!!!!!!!!
19:57:03 Slammer: LOL
19:57:05 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:57:06 muris: holy
19:57:10 muris: knew it wink.gif
19:57:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: hmmmmm
19:57:22 muris: Kai
19:57:24 Soul_Decision: Slammer lives there too
19:57:25 Pavel: of course you knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :{
19:57:27 muris: you like dogs ,right?
19:57:27 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:57:27 Soul_Decision: That;s hpw he knows
19:57:30 Soul_Decision: how_
19:57:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: yep
19:57:33 muris: cmon man
19:57:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: i love dogs
19:57:37 Pavel: yeah i like dogs! I have one
19:57:49 muris: that means we're stil buddies
19:57:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i dont like cats that much
19:57:54 muris: YEAH!!!
19:57:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: they taste like chicken anyways
19:57:59 muris: lol
19:58:03 Pavel: there is a pic of my dog in the CATs Topic
19:58:07 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:58:10 Soul_Decision: Awesome
19:58:24 Slammer: Hallo kai, wie ist es Ihnen gegangen? macht Sie essen Pizza?
19:58:38 Pavel:
19:58:41 Soul_Decision: I want pizza
19:58:41 Pavel: there is my littel doggy
19:58:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: Slammer? cut it with talking my language:D:D
19:58:53 Pavel: it's actually a disguised dragon...hihihihih
19:58:54 Slammer: LOL
19:58:59 Soul_Decision: :0
19:59:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: i fall of the chair
19:59:12 Slammer: Slammer Kann Deutsch Sprechen
19:59:12 muris: stand
19:59:14 muris: lol
19:59:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D
19:59:22 Luciana: wow... your english is soooo fast!
19:59:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: yes he can talk german but it is as bad as my english biggrin.gif
19:59:35 Luciana: eçanyway I have to cook something
19:59:38 Soul_Decision: Lol
19:59:42 Pavel: ich glaube dass ich Deutsch besser als du sprechen kann wink.gif
19:59:43 Slammer: sad.gif
19:59:44 Soul_Decision: Yay!!
19:59:45 Luciana: so by guys
19:59:49 Slammer: no
19:59:50 Soul_Decision: Luciana is cooking me something smile.gif
19:59:50 Slammer: stay
19:59:52 muris: by Luciana
19:59:52 Slammer: sad.gif
19:59:59 Luciana: wink.gif
20:00:02 Slammer: teach us t sing
20:00:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: buy!
20:00:02 Luciana: jajaja
20:00:07 Slammer: to*
20:00:13 muris: t is fine
20:00:14 Pavel: She is taeching, all you ahve to do is LEARN to sing biggrin.gif
20:00:15 muris: lol
20:00:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: have a nice one smile.gif
20:00:22 Soul_Decision: Laters
20:00:23 Luciana: hahahaha
20:00:28 Slammer: do re mi fa so la
20:00:29 peterorg54: gabriel is col
20:00:32 peterorg54: remember
20:00:34 Slammer: whatever comes after la
20:00:49 Pavel: what exactly is cool with gabriel??
20:00:52 Luciana: yes,,, I remember peter
20:00:52 Pavel: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif :
20:00:53 muris: but Slam is cool too
20:00:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:01:00 Soul_Decision: He is?
20:01:01 Soul_Decision: I mean
20:01:01 Slammer: wait
20:01:01 muris: wink.gif
20:01:02 peterorg54: hes cool
20:01:03 Soul_Decision: HE is!
20:01:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: lol pavel:D
20:01:10 Slammer: you are mocking me
20:01:11 Slammer: sad.gif
20:01:11 Pavel: hahahaha joking biggrin.gif
20:01:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: what a question
20:01:15 peterorg54: is
20:01:15 peterorg54: and pavel
20:01:16 peterorg54: ..
20:01:16 muris: no Slam
20:01:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
20:01:19 muris: you are cool
20:01:21 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:01:23 Soul_Decision: B
20:01:24 Soul_Decision: B
20:01:24 Soul_Decision: R
20:01:31 Slammer: NO
20:01:32 muris: what is B?
20:01:35 muris: lol
20:01:36 Slammer: Be
20:01:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:01:39 Soul_Decision: Be
20:01:40 Soul_Decision: Right
20:01:41 Soul_Decision: Back
20:01:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: i think muris is cool
20:01:43 muris: lol
20:01:44 Slammer: duh
20:01:48 Pavel: my Dragon is the only thing that is cool here!!!!!!!!!!
20:01:48 Slammer: she's back
20:01:49 muris: me too
20:01:50 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:01:51 muris: lol
20:01:54 Soul_Decision: Pfft
20:02:02 Luciana: sorry
20:02:04 Luciana: im here
20:02:14 Slammer: don't be sorry
20:02:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
20:02:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: fun in gmc chat again
20:02:26 Pavel: Who said she is sorry? biggrin.gif
20:02:27 muris: so no cooking?
20:02:33 Slammer: she did
20:02:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D:D
20:02:38 Pavel: NO! not until you are here!
20:02:43 Pavel: biggrin.gif
20:02:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: she cooked in like 2 minutes
20:02:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: what meal is that?
20:02:47 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:02:49 muris: man
20:02:53 Pavel: that's the speed!!!!!!
20:02:54 Slammer: cereal
20:02:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: dragon pizza for ninjas?
20:03:01 muris: that's shred cooking
20:03:03 Pavel: she can outshred us all!!!! Muris, we are noobs!!!
20:03:10 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:03:17 Slammer: Maybe she can shred Carrots
20:03:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure i bed she can
20:03:22 muris: lol
20:03:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: looooooooooooooooool
20:03:36 Luciana: what are you talking about
20:03:38 Luciana: ??
20:03:40 Pavel: Slammer do you really expect more singing lessons after taht sentence??
20:03:42 muris: hmm
20:03:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: nothin
20:03:44 muris: some carots
20:03:46 muris: dunno
20:03:53 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:03:55 Nick325: hey
20:03:55 Pavel: hahahahaha
20:04:06 Slammer: do you know what a Carrot shredder is?
20:04:06 Luciana: hety
20:04:08 muris: hi Nick
20:04:19 muris: carot shreds the best
20:04:20 Luciana: mmno... what is a carrot?
20:04:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: me
20:04:31 muris: nooo
20:04:42 muris: Kai,you are human,not a carrot
20:04:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: at least i get close to the colour with my hair
20:04:48 Nick325: woah party in here
20:05:02 Pavel: Party without a beer???
20:05:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: muris is a good teacher
20:05:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: now i know i am not a carrot
20:05:14 Luciana: yes he is!
20:05:17 muris: who sid that?????
20:05:30 Pavel: Kai Muehlenbruch no, you are not a carrot! You are a banana!!! biggrin.gif Liver Sausage! biggrin.gif
20:05:30 Slammer: carrot = zanahoria
20:05:36 Luciana: ahh
20:05:41 muris: wow
20:05:43 Slammer:
20:05:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: maaaan
20:05:47 Slammer: shred carrot
20:05:48 muris: so you are Bananaman
20:05:51 muris: cooool wink.gif
20:05:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: wot is it
20:06:01 Luciana: listen everybody!!!!
20:06:08 Pavel: What? Where??
20:06:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: *listens*
20:06:13 Luciana: GMC meeting?
20:06:16 Pavel: *doesn't listen*
20:06:16 muris: me listens
20:06:21 Luciana: what do you think?
20:06:25 Luciana: ones a year
20:06:27 Nick325: i is listening
20:06:29 Pavel: Meeting? where?? i need to get my dragon!!!!!
20:06:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: in person smile.gif
20:06:33 Slammer: Yes
20:06:33 muris: i thought this IS the meeting...
20:06:35 Kai Muehlenbruch: coooool
20:06:41 Pavel: hahahaha
20:06:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: no muris its not
20:06:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
20:06:45 Slammer: Like a GMC get together
20:06:45 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
20:06:45 Luciana: in person!
20:06:46 Nick325: hahah but like ppl are from all over teh world
20:06:47 muris: no?
20:06:59 Slammer: Like a big GMC Party biggrin.gif
20:07:00 Pavel: we talked about huge GMC meeting to kris before, and it MAY be possible but defintiely not this year biggrin.gif
20:07:03 Nick325: where would we meet
20:07:04 muris: all emebers in chat?
20:07:08 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:07:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: hehe
20:07:16 Luciana: mmno
20:07:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: how cool is this smile.gif
20:07:18 Luciana: no in chat
20:07:22 Slammer: we can rent a small Island
20:07:24 Nick325: how about we all go to kris' house biggrin.gif lol
20:07:24 Pavel: muris if they all come to chat i wonder how will i be able to see your messages biggrin.gif
20:07:25 muris: then where?
20:07:29 Luciana: in a special place!
20:07:40 muris: like my house??
20:07:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D
20:07:46 Pavel: why don't we all go FISHING??????
20:07:47 Slammer: Luciana can cook us some Arroz con Pollo
20:07:48 Luciana: yeah!
20:07:53 Pavel: Private fishing lessons from kris
20:07:54 Kai Muehlenbruch: No mine is by far more special
20:08:00 Soul_Decision: I'm back
20:08:01 Luciana: hahaha slammer!
20:08:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: Loooooooooooooooooooool
20:08:04 Nick325: and we can show off our dragons
20:08:08 Slammer: hey PP
20:08:13 Soul_Decision: With my dragon Slayer battle armor!!!!!
20:08:21 Slammer: PacmanProductions
20:08:22 PacmanProductions: oh my gosh!
20:08:27 Luciana: what happen with that dragon pleadse!
20:08:28 muris: pih,must find armor
20:08:32 Pavel: we are not fighting dragons any more - fishes are our new target so get off your armor biggrin.gif
20:08:40 PacmanProductions: like 20 people in here
20:08:41 Soul_Decision: sad.gif
20:08:52 Slammer: PacmanProductions 1/3 + 1/6 = 1/2
20:08:56 PacmanProductions: ...
20:08:58 Slammer: Yes biggrin.gif
20:08:58 muris: lol
20:08:58 PacmanProductions: lol
20:09:01 Nick325: how bout we fish from our dragons
20:09:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: Slammer Slayer Slymer Sliver
20:09:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: LIVER
20:09:18 muris: Luciana,what about the meeting?
20:09:31 Luciana: well i've been thinking
20:09:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: i love my slammer
20:09:35 Pavel: How about WE ALL sell our gear and pay Kris to close GMC???? biggrin.gif biggrin.gif How fun would that be?? biggrin.gif
20:09:38 Slammer: sad.gif
20:09:50 Nick325: how bout we all go to a cirse concert biggrin.gif
20:09:52 Luciana: that the meeting must be ones a year in differents countries
20:09:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: Cut the crap pavel:d:d:d
20:09:59 Slammer: YES
20:10:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: i cant stand it
20:10:02 Pavel: hahahahahahaha
20:10:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry for bad language
20:10:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
20:10:16 muris: ahh,like real meeeting,in person
20:10:16 Luciana: for example ones in mexico
20:10:25 muris: well,once a year
20:10:26 Luciana: yesd!
20:10:29 Luciana: rea real!
20:10:30 Pavel: than we can all buy tickets and go to Sweden and meet kris in person biggrin.gif
20:10:31 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:10:35 muris: who knows what'll be tomorrow
20:10:36 Slammer: Pavel just came back with his dragons ,from the Pub
20:10:40 muris: but cool idea
20:10:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: well this would be really cool
20:10:53 muris: yeah
20:10:55 Luciana: yeah!
20:10:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: to get back on Lucianas topic
20:11:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure id love to
20:11:10 Pavel: Luciana as i said before -> i already talked about it with kris when i joined GMC almost a year ago and for now it's not possible...
20:11:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: money is my main problem anyways :/ so biggrin.gif
20:11:24 Slammer: Well, It's a Great Idea
20:11:26 Pavel: not only your's
20:11:33 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure ill buy a privat helicopter to fly me there biggrin.gif
20:11:39 Slammer: wait listen guys
20:11:40 muris: I suck with Viza
20:11:42 Pavel: imagine a ticket from Croatia to Argentina or from Argentina to Sweden
20:11:46 muris: but can menage som
20:11:48 Pavel: muris as usual biggrin.gif
20:11:49 Luciana: we can colect money
20:11:51 Pavel: hahahaha
20:12:01 Soul_Decision: You should all come to the U.S smile.gif
20:12:07 Soul_Decision: You all*
20:12:07 Nick325: yeah biggrin.gif
20:12:08 muris: depens of where we are going
20:12:09 Pavel: Soul_Decision yeah ight - if you pay me a ticket
20:12:13 Nick325: everyone come to my house
20:12:14 Pavel: biggrin.gif
20:12:15 muris: if it's US,don't count on me
20:12:15 Slammer: LISTEN NOW
20:12:17 muris: wink.gif
20:12:19 Slammer: Listen now to me
20:12:22 Slammer: HOW about every Region has it's own GMC meeting
20:12:24 Soul_Decision: NoQQ
20:12:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: Luciana really a brilliant idea,... i will think about it for sure must be possible
20:12:26 Soul_Decision: !!
20:12:30 Slammer: like
20:12:32 Slammer: Europe
20:12:34 Slammer: and US
20:12:37 Slammer: and South America
20:12:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: but lets not meet in the us ok?
20:12:42 Slammer: can have it's own
20:12:44 Slammer: Meeting
20:12:44 Pavel: why not make a GMC headquarters for each country?? biggrin.gif biggrin.gif and create private GMC servers for each GMC member biggrin.gif
20:12:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: to expensive for the most of us i bet
20:12:58 Luciana: well
20:13:09 Luciana: in argentina we have de pesos
20:13:13 Soul_Decision: Yeah, it would be, I would think
20:13:19 Luciana: 1 dolar = 3 pesos
20:13:22 Pavel: I mean, kai and i live pretty close and we still don't even think of meeting ANYWHERE because it's pretty hard to arrange
20:13:23 PacmanProductions: g2g everyone, cya
20:13:24 Soul_Decision: :/
20:14:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: silence?
20:14:14 Slammer: Well, here's what I think... Kris can Orginize one in Europe... and Andrew can orginize one for the USA
20:14:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: cmon guys?
20:14:25 Pavel: Kai Muehlenbruch waiting for you to spit something out
20:14:26 Slammer: and Luciana can make one for South America
20:14:29 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:14:34 Luciana: slammer
20:14:41 Luciana: yes! that's a great idea
20:14:41 Pavel: Kai for germany...
20:14:43 muris: it's easy to organise...hard is to support wink.gif
20:14:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: Slammer...
20:14:51 Pavel: Muris and i will meet somewhere here around croatia
20:14:52 Soul_Decision: Yeah
20:14:54 Slammer: Well, at least it;s a Plan
20:14:57 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:14:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: some serious ideas?
20:15:04 Kai Muehlenbruch: just once?
20:15:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry...but my dragon is bigger
20:15:15 muris: Let Kris decides about it
20:15:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: you know wink.gif
20:15:24 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:15:27 Luciana: ok
20:15:36 muris: great idea,really
20:15:37 Pavel: Kai Muehlenbruch no it's not!
20:15:39 Luciana: we have to tell kris
20:15:43 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:15:45 muris: but still this is Kris' place
20:15:50 muris: his word is last wink.gif
20:15:50 Pavel: I already did! smile.gif
20:15:52 Slammer: he will read the Chat
20:15:53 Nick325: he will see this conversation
20:15:58 Slammer: Transcripts
20:15:59 Pavel: and i can already give you HIS answer
20:16:00 Soul_Decision: Yeah
20:16:01 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:16:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: sure he reads all scripts of slammer especially
20:16:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
20:16:20 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry
20:16:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: like there is time for it
20:16:31 Soul_Decision: Because he is a trouble maker
20:16:33 Slammer: sad.gif
20:16:33 Pavel: "...for now GMC is not financially string enough to create that kind of meeting so we have to wait till GMC gets more thousands of members..."
20:16:38 muris: off topic,Luciana how old are you?
20:16:43 Pavel: strong*
20:16:43 Slammer: LOL
20:16:45 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:16:57 Luciana: mURRIS
20:17:00 Pavel: muris not old enough for you Muris! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
20:17:06 Luciana: Idon't like that question
20:17:06 Nick325: ooooooo lol
20:17:07 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:17:09 muris: just asking
20:17:13 muris: no deep thoughts
20:17:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D:D
20:17:15 Pavel: muris you pervert!
20:17:17 Slammer: LOL
20:17:19 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:17:20 Nick325: lmao
20:17:20 Luciana: jajaja
20:17:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: asking a lady for age:D:D:D
20:17:25 muris: really
20:17:29 Pavel: hahahahahaha
20:17:29 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:17:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: like ask for her weight
20:17:34 Slammer: LOL
20:17:35 Pavel: yeah she must be 64...
20:17:36 Luciana: that's not good!
20:17:37 muris: I don't need to answer tho
20:17:41 Luciana: 86
20:17:45 Nick325: hahaha
20:17:45 Pavel: oh i was close
20:17:54 Pavel: those pics look much younger tho! how do you do that?
20:17:56 Slammer: Muris If it makes you feel any better, I'm 18 smile.gif
20:18:06 Luciana: hahah
20:18:10 Luciana: im older
20:18:10 Pavel: ROFLMAO
20:18:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: well we are a funny bunch arent we
20:18:14 muris: if this helps,I'm in a relation for 8 years now wink.gif
20:18:19 Soul_Decision: How would that make him feel better slammer
20:18:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: so haow about talking about music jsut once
20:18:23 Slammer: LOL
20:18:24 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:18:26 Pavel: muris yeah we know...with your guitar!
20:18:27 Pavel: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
20:18:30 Kai Muehlenbruch: like this was a place for it
20:18:32 Nick325: lol
20:18:34 muris: ahh
20:18:39 Luciana: hahha
20:18:43 Slammer: well, I don't mind telling my age *runs and hides*
20:18:46 muris: with guitar it;s bit longer wink.gif
20:18:49 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:19:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: i like django
20:19:11 Pavel: yeah didn't want to admit it before :Dso we count 8 years
20:19:12 Pavel: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
20:19:22 Soul_Decision: lol
20:19:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: offtopic...snails are no dragons
20:19:32 muris: wish it is 8 years
20:19:37 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:19:43 muris: wink.gif
20:19:44 Pavel: I liek ninja turtles!!!!!!
20:19:48 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:19:51 Luciana: hahahahahahaha
20:19:52 Nick325: haha the red one is the best
20:19:54 Soul_Decision: I like
20:19:58 Pavel: hahahaha
20:19:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: yep donatello!
20:19:59 Soul_Decision: I like Ice cream
20:20:00 Slammer: Ninja Turtles are dorks
20:20:00 Soul_Decision: smile.gif
20:20:05 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:20:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: purple is cool and he has a stick
20:20:12 Nick325: no raphael
20:20:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: or something
20:20:13 Pavel: hahahaha because they are TURTLES and they CAN'T swim in game biggrin.gif
20:20:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: it hurts more
20:20:19 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:20:28 Slammer: LOL
20:20:36 Soul_Decision: Kai, he has a staff lol
20:20:43 Pavel: ROFLMAO
20:20:57 Kai Muehlenbruch: the olympic staff of dragonic darkness?
20:21:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: that one?
20:21:07 Slammer: Hey Guys... is there such thing as 12tuplet notes?
20:21:09 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:21:17 Soul_Decision: Just a stick
20:21:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: my english has to be conected to the word...
20:21:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: you know
20:21:25 Soul_Decision: Martial arts it's caled a staff
20:21:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: d....n
20:21:33 Soul_Decision: A long pole basically
20:21:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: LOL
20:21:44 Kai Muehlenbruch: sooooo
20:21:46 Kai Muehlenbruch: a pole
20:21:49 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:21:51 Slammer: Muris...Pavel?
20:21:51 Soul_Decision: Yeah
20:21:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah ...
20:22:00 muris: man
20:22:03 Kai Muehlenbruch: a good tool huh?
20:22:05 muris: don't talk about ninjas
20:22:11 Soul_Decision: Yeah
20:22:13 Kai Muehlenbruch: we dont
20:22:13 Slammer: anyone????
20:22:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: we talk about poles
20:22:19 Soul_Decision: Till they started to use it as a weapon lol
20:22:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: and tools
20:22:27 Slammer: can someone answer question?
20:22:28 Slammer: sad.gif
20:22:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: at least i do
20:22:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: well
20:22:52 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok ill be serious now wink.gif
20:23:04 muris: its group of 2 tuplets
20:23:05 Kai Muehlenbruch: but one must understand its so funny here smile.gif
20:23:10 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:23:12 muris: but no need to call it that way
20:23:15 Soul_Decision: YEeah
20:23:17 Slammer: oh
20:23:19 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:23:21 Slammer: thanks
20:23:24 muris: wink.gif
20:23:28 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:23:33 Soul_Decision: I want to make a 17 and 15 tuplets in GP5
20:23:40 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:23:46 Soul_Decision: I don't know how to do it :/
20:24:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: 17 / 15 tuplets?
20:24:19 Slammer: do you guys know what anagrams are?
20:24:24 muris: 8 64th + 7 64th
20:24:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: i get it...
20:24:36 Soul_Decision: I see
20:24:40 Slammer: it's when you Mix the Letters or a word up
20:24:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: but i dont like gp5 anyways
20:24:50 Slammer: like, to make a new word
20:25:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: only use it for gmc...and i have to say i am the biggest newbie with it wink.gif sry
20:25:08 Soul_Decision: It's cool
20:25:10 Soul_Decision: Also
20:25:18 Soul_Decision: How do you make this in GP%
20:25:20 Pavel: anybody knows what a dragon is??
20:25:20 Nick325: im eating chocolate and vanilla ice cream with doritos
20:25:21 Soul_Decision: gp5*
20:25:25 Slammer: if you Mix the letters of Elvis around you get Lives ohmy.gif
20:25:30 Pavel: and also i wonder how can i teach a dragon to sweep?
20:25:32 muris: lol
20:25:38 Soul_Decision: Ok
20:25:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: gp5 is not a dragon!
20:25:43 Nick325: lol
20:25:48 Pavel: Kai Muehlenbruch that's why you can't use it
20:25:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: Im gonna slice that one into bloody lil pieces
20:26:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: Telling gp5 is...
20:26:01 Pavel: haha!
20:26:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok calm down
20:26:23 muris: Soul_Decision you wanted to ask something?
20:26:24 Soul_Decision: Umm
20:26:26 Soul_Decision: Yes
20:26:29 muris: go
20:26:34 Soul_Decision: I'm trying to figure out the best way to ask
20:26:37 Soul_Decision: Because
20:26:39 Pavel: what's your name?
20:26:42 Soul_Decision: You can't change font sizr
20:26:48 Soul_Decision: size*
20:26:59 Slammer: Hey Soul
20:27:03 Soul_Decision: Yeah?
20:27:04 muris: font size of what?
20:27:11 Soul_Decision: The chat text
20:27:16 Slammer: ?
20:27:16 Slammer: you know what anagrams are right>
20:27:19 Nick325: no one knows my name wink.gif
20:27:33 muris: I thought it's about gp5
20:27:34 muris: sry
20:27:38 Soul_Decision: Ok I see this in gp5
20:27:57 Soul_Decision: A small 2 followed by a a normal sized 5
20:28:00 Kai Muehlenbruch: Luciana you there?
20:28:01 Soul_Decision: How do you create that?
20:28:08 Luciana: >Im here
20:28:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif
20:28:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: did not have time to look it long have you been singing?
20:28:30 muris: not sure I got it right
20:28:35 Soul_Decision: Yes slammer
20:28:37 Luciana: Im just reading all your sentences and pracvtice my english
20:28:38 Slammer: tongue.gif:
20:28:43 Slammer: check this one out
20:28:45 muris: what small 2?
20:28:48 Nick325: i heard theres gunna be new smilies
20:28:54 Slammer: George Bush = He bugs Gore
20:28:59 muris: lol
20:29:01 Luciana: I been singing all my life!
20:29:06 Pavel: yeah, once Kris makes enough faces to create smiles from biggrin.gif
20:29:10 Soul_Decision: Can I send you the gp5 file?
20:29:15 Kai Muehlenbruch: so dont read mine biggrin.gif i cant tell serious stuff...itl make no sense to learn it
20:29:16 Soul_Decision: It would be faster
20:29:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif
20:29:22 Slammer: Howard Stern = Retard shown
20:29:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: wow thats quite a time...
20:29:28 muris: post it in forum
20:29:40 muris: perhaps I don't know the solution
20:29:46 Pavel: guys if you ahve questions regarding software - psot a screenshot in the forum
20:29:48 muris: while Tony does wink.gif
20:29:51 Soul_Decision: ok
20:29:52 Slammer: Vacation Times = I'm Not as Active
20:29:58 muris: lol
20:30:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: thnx Luciana smile.gif
20:30:06 muris: where are you finding those?
20:30:09 Kai Muehlenbruch: how was the meal?
20:30:09 Slammer: LOL
20:30:19 Luciana: meal?
20:30:21 Slammer: Butterfly = Flutter-by
20:30:24 Kai Muehlenbruch: your food
20:30:30 muris: wink.gif
20:30:30 Slammer: Tom Cruise = So I'm Cuter
20:30:31 Kai Muehlenbruch: tasty?
20:30:31 Luciana: ups
20:30:35 Pavel: I am dumb = dumb am i biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
20:30:40 Luciana: my food!
20:30:41 Soul_Decision: Lol
20:30:42 Slammer: The eyes = They see
20:30:43 muris: youhave software for it or?
20:30:52 Soul_Decision: Yes
20:30:57 Luciana: wow!
20:31:01 Slammer: Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
20:31:05 Nick325: anyone have halo 3
20:31:06 muris: lol
20:31:10 Soul_Decision: Where should I post in forums?
20:31:13 Soul_Decision: No Nick
20:31:16 Luciana: yes!
20:31:16 Slammer: Schoolmaster = The classroom
20:31:17 Nick325: o
20:31:22 muris: hmmm
20:31:26 muris: off topic
20:31:28 Pavel: Soul_Decision jsut create a new topic
20:31:35 Slammer: A telephone girl = Repeating "Hello"
20:31:36 Pavel: off-topic is fine
20:31:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: ill get myself a translator into Lucianas language
20:31:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: DRAGON MAC
20:31:58 Slammer: Software = Swear Oft
20:32:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: Transform into a trans-la.toooooooor
20:32:14 muris: Slam,I think we god it
20:32:18 Slammer: Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
20:32:21 Slammer: LOL
20:32:22 muris: you're word master wink.gif
20:32:23 Slammer: Yeah
20:32:28 Slammer: I love doing this
20:32:29 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:32:45 muris: funny things
20:32:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: i got the mic of the king
20:32:52 Luciana: tongue.gif
20:33:01 Kai Muehlenbruch: Elvis is alive
20:33:03 Pavel: can you do same with sweeping? like change a couple of notes and still get same sound?? biggrin.gif
20:33:05 Slammer: Muris = Sir Mu
20:33:15 Pavel: pavel - Velpa
20:33:16 Pavel: biggrin.gif
20:33:16 muris: wink.gif
20:33:24 Luciana: Luciana?
20:33:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: Kai= Key
20:33:25 Pavel: Roflmao!!!!
20:33:26 Kai Muehlenbruch: ?
20:33:34 Kai Muehlenbruch: Kai=K
20:33:35 Nick325: nick= idk?
20:33:51 Kai Muehlenbruch: Kai=weirdo
20:33:56 Kai Muehlenbruch: ah ok thats cool
20:34:16 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am Sir Weirdo of Dracon
20:34:25 Slammer: Muehlenbruch = Beer Lunch Hum
20:34:28 muris: guys.I'm off to bed
20:34:28 Kai Muehlenbruch: you have my sword
20:34:35 muris: must get up early
20:34:37 Nick325: peace
20:34:37 Slammer: no
20:34:39 Slammer: stay
20:34:42 Luciana: me too
20:34:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: dont make fun about my familyname
20:34:43 Slammer: sad.gif
20:34:45 muris: must
20:34:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: seriously
20:34:48 Slammer: stay
20:34:58 Pavel: muris have a good sleep m8!
20:35:03 muris: have a great chat tho and hope to see ya soon smile.gif
20:35:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:35:08 Nick325: cya
20:35:14 Soul_Decision: Alright Muris, I posted with topc of Small 12
20:35:14 muris: bye wink.gif
20:35:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: hehe sleep well bro wink.gif
20:35:24 Soul_Decision: Small 12
20:35:36 Luciana: guys...
20:35:41 Kai Muehlenbruch: yup?
20:35:42 Soul_Decision: Hey
20:35:50 Pavel: Soul_Decision a link would be great?
20:35:50 Luciana: i have to go too
20:36:02 Nick325: k bye luciana
20:36:10 Kai Muehlenbruch: oh...pity
20:36:16 Luciana: bye everybody!
20:36:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: have a nice one Luciana smile.gif
20:36:18 Pavel: Good night luciana!
20:36:22 Soul_Decision: Night
20:36:22 Slammer: bya
20:36:24 Slammer: bya
20:36:28 Slammer: Adios
20:36:30 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:36:32 Soul_Decision: It won't let me attach the file
20:36:41 Slammer: hey
20:36:46 Slammer: Soul_Decision
20:36:50 Soul_Decision: must do a screenshot!
20:36:54 Slammer: here is a Anagram for you
20:37:03 Slammer: Soul_Decision = Code Oil Sinus
20:37:13 Slammer: LOL
20:37:45 Soul_Decision: lol
20:38:53 Slammer: LOL
20:38:55 Slammer: anyways
20:38:57 Slammer: guys
20:38:59 Slammer: I gtg
20:39:01 Slammer: eat
20:39:02 Slammer: dinner
20:39:06 Slammer: Cya around
20:39:08 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:39:09 Pavel: ok, have a good one
20:39:11 Slammer: *slap*
20:39:13 Soul_Decision: Laters
20:39:13 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:40:41 Nick325: so
20:41:08 Soul_Decision: I'm waiting for the upload to finish
20:41:14 Pavel: ok
20:41:31 Nick325: i gtg to finish my hw an ill be back if everyones here
20:41:51 peterorg54: yo
20:41:53 peterorg54: back
20:41:56 peterorg54: and
20:42:01 peterorg54: ..
20:42:01 peterorg54: everybodys gone
20:42:04 Nick325: cya guys
20:42:08 peterorg54: and
20:42:10 peterorg54: u
20:42:11 peterorg54: go
20:42:12 peterorg54: too
20:42:14 peterorg54: um
20:42:25 Kai Muehlenbruch: k guys
20:42:25 Pavel: Good night everyone!!!
20:42:28 peterorg54: wt
20:42:32 Kai Muehlenbruch: 02.42 again
20:42:34 peterorg54: why is everyone leaving
20:42:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: gotta sleep
20:42:43 peterorg54: *whip*
20:42:44 peterorg54: no
20:42:48 peterorg54: i just got back
20:42:49 peterorg54: stay
20:42:51 peterorg54: now
20:42:57 peterorg54: *whip*
20:42:59 Pavel: well beacuse it's almost 3 in the morning here
20:43:03 Pavel: and i kinda want to sleep
20:43:06 peterorg54: ...
20:43:07 peterorg54: no
20:43:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: ok 15 minutes
20:43:19 Pavel: see ya tomorrow guys! good night
20:43:22 Kai Muehlenbruch: what is it?
20:43:24 peterorg54: its 6 pm
20:43:28 peterorg54: no !
20:43:34 peterorg54: sad.gif sad.gif
20:43:43 Kai Muehlenbruch: pete?
20:43:46 peterorg54: y
20:43:47 peterorg54: a
20:43:50 Soul_Decision:
20:43:50 peterorg54: ?
20:43:59 Kai Muehlenbruch: im here what is it? or was your buisness with pavel
20:44:14 Soul_Decision: Pavel left :/
20:44:15 peterorg54: nothing
20:44:17 peterorg54: just
20:44:22 peterorg54: you can go sleep
20:44:24 peterorg54: if u want
20:44:27 Soul_Decision: Upload took too long :/
20:44:52 peterorg54: there was no buisness
20:44:54 peterorg54: just
20:44:57 peterorg54: ..
20:45:07 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:45:40 peterorg54: where do u guys live ?
20:45:42 peterorg54: kai ?
20:45:53 peterorg54: europe?
20:45:55 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah? sry
20:46:01 peterorg54: do u live in europe
20:46:02 peterorg54: ?
20:46:06 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah i am from hannover germany
20:46:15 peterorg54: oh
20:46:17 Soul_Decision: Cool
20:46:22 peterorg54: is it late night over there ?
20:46:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: almost 3 oclokc in the morning
20:47:11 peterorg54: 8)
20:47:14 Kai Muehlenbruch: i am just here because i cant sleep due to my cold
20:47:21 peterorg54: its time to homework for me
20:47:29 Kai Muehlenbruch: cant get rid of it since two weeks
20:47:31 peterorg54: its 6 pm
20:47:39 peterorg54: here
20:47:41 peterorg54: oregon
20:47:48 Kai Muehlenbruch: oregon smile.gif
20:47:56 peterorg54: tree world
20:47:58 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:48:01 Soul_Decision: I'm in Nevada
20:48:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif
20:48:58 Kai Muehlenbruch: nevada...i have no clue how living is over there were you guys live
20:49:19 Kai Muehlenbruch: been to diffenrent countries a tourist wink.gif
20:49:48 peterorg54: hoh
20:49:49 Soul_Decision: Cool
20:49:51 peterorg54: tourist
20:53:10 peterorg54: *slap*
20:53:28 Soul_Decision: *meow*
20:53:34 peterorg54: *whip*
20:53:42 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah sorry
20:53:42 peterorg54: whiping a cat
20:53:44 peterorg54: lol
20:53:46 peterorg54: l.ol
20:53:51 peterorg54: ?
20:53:51 peterorg54: ya
20:53:53 Kai Muehlenbruch: browser is slow somehow
20:53:54 peterorg54: gotta go ?
20:53:58 peterorg54: oh
20:54:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: lets jsut take a break here
20:54:11 Kai Muehlenbruch: my internet
20:54:19 peterorg54: sup pp
20:54:37 Kai Muehlenbruch: my interne is slow as...
20:54:39 Kai Muehlenbruch: i dunno
20:54:42 PacmanProductions: tongue.gif everyone left pretty much
20:54:49 Kai Muehlenbruch: sry guys im dead tired anyways
20:54:53 Soul_Decision: Ok
20:54:57 peterorg54: damn
20:54:57 peterorg54: when i just go back everyone was gone..
20:55:02 peterorg54: i mean
20:55:02 Kai Muehlenbruch: yeah because everyone was from europe
20:55:03 peterorg54: got
20:55:04 peterorg54: back
20:55:12 Kai Muehlenbruch: remember the time mates;)
20:55:14 Soul_Decision: Feel better by the time you wake up Kai!!
20:55:18 Kai Muehlenbruch: 2.55 over here
20:55:23 Kai Muehlenbruch: Gotta sleep
20:55:27 Kai Muehlenbruch: biggrin.gif:D:D
20:55:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: thnx SOul _
20:55:47 Kai Muehlenbruch: have a nice one
20:55:49 peterorg54: k
20:55:51 peterorg54: cya
20:55:53 Soul_Decision: Thanks
20:55:56 Soul_Decision: Laters
20:55:56 PacmanProductions: cya
20:56:07 Kai Muehlenbruch: and practise your lil ... of wink.gif
20:56:17 Kai Muehlenbruch: play a powerchord for me wink.gif
20:56:21 Kai Muehlenbruch: smile.gif
20:56:36 Kai Muehlenbruch: im off to dream of dragons biggrin.gif
20:56:38 Kai Muehlenbruch: wink.gif
20:56:40 Kai Muehlenbruch: l8ters
20:56:41 Soul_Decision: lol
20:56:45 peterorg54: cya
20:56:55 peterorg54: seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
20:56:58 peterorg54: yo
20:57:01 peterorg54: so
20:57:04 peterorg54: soul
20:57:18 peterorg54: how are u
20:57:42 peterorg54: *slap*
20:57:44 Soul_Decision: I'm alright
20:57:45 Soul_Decision: you?
20:57:56 peterorg54: finer than sam
20:58:31 peterorg54: well
20:58:42 peterorg54: gotta go
20:58:46 peterorg54: practice
20:58:48 peterorg54: guitar
20:58:49 peterorg54: or
20:58:51 peterorg54: something
20:58:58 peterorg54: well
20:58:59 peterorg54: cya
20:59:02 Soul_Decision: bye

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