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7 Feb 2008
Due to unforeseen circumstances I missed the opening acts, so I can't comment on them.

The set list was as follows (as I can remember, not 100% sure about the songs or the order):

Take no Prisoners
Wake Up Dead
Washington Is Next!
Kick The Chair
In My Darkest Hour
Hangar 18
Gears Of War
A Tout Le Monde
Tornado of Souls
Never Walk Alone
Symphony Of Destruction
Peace Sells
Burnt Ice
Holy Wars

This was a great show. I have no complaints about the set list, it mixed the old classics with songs from the newest album. Unfortunately the sound quality was so/so, I've heard better. That's only a minor nitpick though. Dave was in great shape, his voice sounded good and he nailed every solo, I've had doubts about his playing in the past but he erased all of them today.

Chris Broderick was the one who impressed me the most though, the guy has been in the band for 3 weeks and he played all the solos note for note from the albums, Including Hangar 18 and Tornado of Souls! He missed a few notes here and there but for 2 weeks this is incredible, I just wish I'd seen them later on in the tour instead so he has time to really nail everything.

The newest album itself is fantastic, I'd say it's almost up to the level of Rust in Peace, and if you haven't checked it out yet, do so now!
So, final words: If you have a chance to see Megadeth this tour you really should. They'll put on a hell of a show, I'll vouch for it.
11 Sep 2007
Sadly they don't serve chicken at Bucketheadland sad.gif

Anyway, I've probably seen every single buckethead video on youtube, most of them multiple times, so I thought I'd post a guide to some of the best so you can watch, enjoy, and possibly even learn something.
Buckethead's guitar lesson - the only thing this teaches you is humility, as he doesn't play anything slow or explain what he's actually doing. Watch out for the sweep tapping at the end!
Night of the slunk, cool song with a riff that sounds a bit like jordan, sick solo coming at 3:34
Whitewash, ballad-ish song from the album Colma, very calm and soothing.
A new song that hasn't appeared on any album, still pretty damn awesome with some great riffs and soloing.
Welcome to bucketheadland, sweet song with a main riff that's a definite homage to Randy Rhoads, he does an awesome improvised solo after the regular solo in this version (3:30 and on).
Buckethead in the beginning! He had just become Buckethead and is around age 21 in this clip, playing a bit for his family in his back yard. His technique isn't as flawless as it is now, but damn he could shred back then.
A 100% Improvised solo from the song 'The Interworld and The New Innocence'. Very melodic and soulful playing, with his drummer (Brain) showing off in the background.
Soothsayer! A really really good song that starts off slow and builds up into an awesome awesome solo.
Buckethead covering B.B King's 'The thrill is gone' at a private party, the bass screws with the microphone a bit unfortunately but this really shows he can do more than shred.
Most of you probably have seen this one, it's Buckethead's Nightrain solo with Guns n' Roses, if you like Slash you probably won't like this one. He does this way better than Slash in my opinion.
Knocking on heaven's door with GNR, Solo from 3:13 and behind Axls vocals after that. Definitely the best version of this solo I've ever heard, Buckethead really makes the song here. Even though he's nowhere in sight for the entire video it's quite obvious that it's him playing.

Well, I've left some good ones out but that should be enough to start you off, I wouldn't check all these at once but take a couple every day or so and let them sink in. Enjoy!
4 Sep 2007
I'm considering getting a real wah pedal, so far I've used crappy modelled multi effect wahs that only made me sound worse. My question is, what's the difference between different brands and models of wah pedals? I see the Crybaby comes in a variety of models, the most expensive being 3x the price of the cheapest, is the difference really worth it? Also, any other brands worth looking into?
30 Aug 2007
Ok guys, I'm not really sure what to buy next, and I could need some input.

Last year I put myself in debt and bought a nice guitar, an Ibanez SZ prestige (1500+ dollar guitar), which I am insanely happy with. I'm done with the last payment next month and was thinking I'd get something to complement it.
Right now I'm playing on a 10 year old 40W Marshall valvestate combo, which works for practicing at home but it really doesn't sound good. This fall I'm going to find a band to practice and gig with, and thus I need something That works for that.

I'm thinking of getting either of these

1) A really good amp like a h&k switchblade, i tried one out yesterday and was blown away. This would mean I could barely afford food for the next 6-12 months.

2) A Pod XT Live plus a good soundcard and a pair of monitors, as this would be good for recording stuff at home too.

3) If you have a good suggestion it may very well end up here.

My main issue is: If I get a Pod XT Live, how would it work out for rehearsing/gigging? Is there always PA or equivalent available or would I have to get some kind of amp for this one too? Or am I looking at entirely the wrong stuff here and should get something else?

Thanks in advance dudes.
14 Jul 2006
I'd like to see a lesson taking up the theory of how to write a melody with accompaning harmony and bassline and play it fingerstyle or with a pick+fingers. Stuff like how to know where on the neck you can find notes that work harmonically with the note you're using for the main melody, depending on the key you're in, and how to position your fingers/thumb to be able to play everything at once. I'm guessing this is kind of advanced but hey, no harm in asking!
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