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17 Jun 2014


I hope you like my new video. Please share your opinion and ideas!


Here's the original version:

I wasn't even born! hehe (The first MK was from 1992, I think)
3 Jun 2014
I think it would be cool to add a "tick/check/completed" box to every video-lesson. It feels nice, motivates and gives me something to aim for.

What do you think?
27 May 2014
Hey e-friends,

I've just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel. My camera is being repared so I had to borrow a camera with an unusual lens.

Anyway, most of all, I'd like to know your opinion on the demo and the pickups.

I've used a profiled JCM800 and a Vox AC30. I've also used a Protone Pedals Merrow Overdrive on the Vox AC30 Rhythm tone and a Ogre Tubeholic on the lead guitar.
If you have any question on the pickups, let me know! I personally found they were very good but just not the ideal tone I'm looking for. It's kind of impossible to describe a subjective opinion of a sound through words but I thought it lacked power. Now if i could explain you what I mean with "power"... All I can tell you is that it doesn't mean I'd like more output. Whenever I have some spare money, I'll try another set of BKP's. For now, these will do just fine!

Anyway, I like to use a very warm tone on leads so my lead tone should sound warm even though I've used the bridge pickup 80% of the time on this demo.

Feel free to subscribe and share opinions. Thanks for reading and watching!
21 May 2014
Hey everyone,
I hope it's OK that I advertise myself... If not, feel free to delete the thread! cool.gif

Considering the amount of members and good people here on GMC, yesterday I thought It would be a decent idea to post here what I can do for you:


Below is a list of some of the profiled amps (I have many more and can even profile new amps at request on the rare occasion of not having profiles of the requested amp):
  1. Bassment 1959
  2. Blues Breaker 1967
  3. Black Rivera Mars
  4. Blackstar HT20
  5. Blackstar One
  6. Bogner Uberschall
  7. Diezel Hagen
  8. Diezel VH4
  9. Dr Z Rt 66
  10. Dr Z Maz 38
  11. Engl Blackmore
  12. Engl Smolski
  13. EVH 5150 50W
  14. EVH 5150 III
  15. EVH 5150 MAJIK 1
  16. EVH 5150 MAJIK 2
  17. EVH 5153
  18. Fender 59 Bassman Reissue
  19. Fender Champ 1967
  20. Fender Deluxe Reverb
  21. Fender Princeton Clean
  22. Fender Pro Reverb 1966
  23. Fender Twin Reverb
  24. Fender Vibrolux Black 1967
  25. Fender Vibroverb 1964
  26. Fuchs ODS
  27. HND KZY330
  28. Hughes&Kettner Coreblade Ultra 2
  29. Koch Powertone II
  30. Krank Krankenstein+
  31. Laney GH 50L
  32. Laney GH100TI
  33. Marshall JCM800 2204
  34. Marshall JVM 205
  35. Marshall JVM 410
  36. Marshall JCM800 2203 mod
  37. Marshall 76 JMP
  38. Marshall JMP 2203
  39. Marshall JMP Golub
  40. Marshall JMP-1
  41. Marshall JVM 410
  42. Marshall SL-X
  43. Marshall Splawn Mod
  44. Matchless Nighthawk
  45. Matchless Spitfire
  46. Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
  47. Mesa Triple
  48. Orange Dark Terror
  49. Orange Jim Root
  50. Peavey 5150
  51. Peavey 6505
  52. Peavey JSX Ultra
  53. Peavey Rockmaster
  54. Soldano AV50 Hot Rod
  55. Soldano Hot Rod 100+
  56. Soldano SL0100
  57. Soldano X88R
  58. Sun 3T
  59. Triple Modern
  60. Two Rock Classic Reverb
  61. Two Rock TS-1
  62. Vibro Koenig
  63. Voice 30
  64. Vox AC30

Orchestration, Cinematic, Synths, MIDI Drums, Guitar Tracks (You probably won't need guitar tracks tongue.gif)

Since GMC is all about helping each other, I'm making a minimum of 50% discount on all of those services (very likely up to 100% discount, depending on the type of work and how many fans, followers, subscribers, ETC you have). All guitar tracks are for free.

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