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Posted by: MickeM Jun 21 2007, 11:29 AM

There's this online game that's been around for more than 10 years now, I've been playing it since -96 and that was the first or second round of games.

It's simple, you're supposed to build a country, grow as big as you possibly can and end up #1 in the scores.

You can peacefully explore new land or have another approach, grab land from others. Usually this ends up in a difference of opinion of wether it was right or wrong for that guy to take your land. You'd think it was wrong while he'd think it was right. To settle the argument you send a nuke that render a part of his country useless laugh.gif

So during the years people have joined up in alliances for protection, if you're in a strong alliance people don't dare to attack you since that might get their country killed cool.gif

Check it out at and make a country in the "Council" game to the far right. I'm in there.

If you'd be interested in joining RAGE, an alliance of 80 members where I am one of them read further of the game below and then follow the link at the bottom.

The game is texted based and must be fun since I've been playing since -96, right wink.gif

RAGE, where I'm a member, is an alliance of 80 members total. It's not the largest alliance but very organised when it comes to wars, which is a lot of fun in a game like this. To coexist with around 80 others and make organised strikes to kill countries or render them useless but wiping out all buildings.

I'll give a couple of examples on how you could make a country.
One way is to run a republic with plenty of economical zones (like malls) and lots of residences. This will give a large population and the malls generate a large per capita income.
Another way is to run a Tyranny speclialising on farming, bushels are produced which you sell in the market at a price other players are willing to pay. That's because republics, communism etc may not have farms of their own (it's up to the player to find out what gives the better income) and a republic with a large population will need a lot of food.

Besides buildings you'd also have to get miliitary, tanks, jets, turrets, troops for defence AND offence, if there's a war breaking out. Which usually happens when one alliance feel mistreated by another, like if members of one alliance grab land from several of our members we in RAGE might settle this by a large strike to kill the offenders.

So it's a political game in the sence that all alliance have leaders, teams etc. Anyway they like to build their alliance up. Leaders talk to other leaders, us grunts follow.
RAGE has friends in other aliances and defence pacts etc (if our friends get attacked we might step in)

So the games is as complex as you want it to be. Either you play your country not bothering of anything else or you join an alliance that will protect you, and demand of you to fight if there's a war.

It's great fun, I promise! Come join us at - click "Join". In the application form, say bayag sent you. It says you must have ICQ, MSN or something.. don't worry, I don't.

See you there I hope! And if you join the game but join another alliance I will have your country killed laugh.gif

Just kidding.... (or am I) rolleyes.gif

Posted by: The Uncreator Jun 21 2007, 03:09 PM

Is like an RTS Kinda thing?

Posted by: MickeM Jun 21 2007, 03:19 PM

QUOTE (The Uncreator @ Jun 21 2007, 04:09 PM) *
Is like an RTS Kinda thing?

Yes, every 20 min you get one turn. In this particular game there's about 2500 players/countries right now.
It's run in resets of 2 months per game. It's said that all politics, quarrels etc from last game shall be forgotten when a new reset starts... but it's people so there will always be alliances that are bitter with eachother, pacts formed, backstabbing etc. It's like real lify only better, and in text laugh.gif

With a turn you can build, research, explore for land, put stuff for sale in the public market (for other players to buy), spy on another country or attack (actually attacking takes two turns, tyrannies however use only one)

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