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5 Mar 2014
Hello again friendly community smile.gif

In my opinion intervals played in harmony (two notes at a time) can realy spice things up and keep your improvising fresh!

And that's why i want to have some of them under my fingers! i am a great beliver of the "do it by yourself"
method and i was playing along to chord vamps and chord progression but i just cant get them to fit!
no matter what genre im playing!

I tried to stick with the root and the chord notes outlining a special degree in a speacial chord or just hitting some random ones and slinding from chord to chord in a progression but other than a few country/blues licks that use the mix of minor and major thired i got nothing mad.gif

Maybe you guys have some new ideas for me or even better some theory guidelines to follow to build some licks of my own :3

Thanks in advance!
1 Jan 2014
Hey guys

Lately every time i go jamming with some friends of mine i get alittle bored
They are not the best out there but they are my friends so its still fun and i dont bring alot of expectations... but for how long can you play 12 bar blues!?

And thats dear GMCers why im here taking your precious time. happy.gif

I was hoping you can suggest me some jamming ideas (something like 12 bar blues)
Maybe something you can do over different time signatures?
or maybe an easy modal progression? different styles ?

So if you have something we can pick up easily please share

Thanks in advance


16 Nov 2013
First of all im new to GMC and im super excited. (i was registered years ago for a short time)

Lately ive had alot of intres in Davids lesson "painting the chords"
I took alot of ideas from this lesson but i still get the result im looking for..

At the moment:
I play a simple Chord progression mostly I IV V.. uselay take a common shape of one chord try to play it alittle different.. and after that i add a lick from the Major scale Minor pentatonic scale defently some arpeggios of that chord maybe afew intervals (Becuase i realy struggle to fit them in) some runs etc... the thing it it dosnt sound like im ("painting") Decorating the Chords... its more like soloing.. and without backing track it sounds kinda stuck with no connection between the chords :\

What i want it to be:
well.. something like what SRV does and jimi hendrix.. mixing the rhythm and the solo

I guess my question is how can i imrove to that point? Should i focus on the 1-3-5 notes of the chord ? Intervals with the right characeristic? modes which fit better on major chords :S?

I hope its clear enough what im trying to say here..
I will appreciate any kind of guideness or maybe a link to a lesson( I just know the is one for me here!) Thanks in advance!
19 Mar 2009
I was realy disapointed from the sound of my Fender Stratocaster (made in mexico)
Iwas loking for somthing more heavy so i can expirience metal and heavy rock
So i went to a local music shop played on few models and i was realy impressed
from the Epiphone Les paul custom plus it have the sound im looking for so i took it smile.gif
After few days of playing it i noticed its harder for me to shred with it and play fast solos
Is it the guiatr or im just need to get used to it a little more :S ?
If you can tell me please do and any imformation or a review about the guitar are welcome

There might be some mistakes in my spelling
Ignore that! tongue.gif

3 Sep 2008
i bought a new Multi-effect called "Zoom G2.1u"
and im new to multi-effects so i cant find the tune of trond volds canon rock lesson
there is like 1000 buttons and im to lazy to read the manual that looks more like a book :S
so.. i thought you guys can help me
it maybe sounds stuiped but there is so many effects i dont know what to choose
maybe you dont need an multi effect i dont know
aniway my gear is Fender stratocaster mexico and afender amp 25r

excuse me for my bad english smile.gif
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