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21 Nov 2011
Hey guys,

my good friend and former GMC colleage Kaz (Kaznie_NL) has posted another video. This time jamming to a Jack Thammarat track, the famous Thai musician wink.gif I think he has improved a lot since he left, and some of the oldies around might still be familiar with him. They might wanna see this!

For Admins: If this troubles you, because of Kaz' forced GMC removal, just remove this post, My apologies wink.gif
7 Jun 2011
Hey Guys,

A friend of my (former GMC) has made a new cool youtube video. He covers Joe Satriani's Always with me, Always with you. Since some people on GMC were involved in his learning proces towards the production of the video, he asked me to post it here as well.

If any mods don't like it here, pls remove it! Message will be clear to me then wink.gif

14 May 2011
Hey GMC!!

I found my dad's old Hofner guitar, it's a beaty, but unfortunately, all the electronics are dead....

I've got some experience swapping pickups, so I know how to do that, but I don't know what to connect to what on this particular guitar! I've made some pictures for you guys!

Click it for a bigger image, isn't she a beauty?

This is the wire from the bridge pickup. Seems one-conductor wink.gif It's just a fine wire haha. The other wire, unfortunately, has been cut of, so it's only about 10 cm long, I need to make it a bit longer... Can I just solder it so a new piece of wire? Maybe I should just buy a new neck pickup haha

These are all three pictures of the pots. I'm not sure whetehr they're both volume pots, or one tone one volume.... There's no pickup switch, so 2 volume knobs would make sense..

Can anyone tell me what I should solder to what? It's a real fun project and if I get it to work, I'll promise to make some samples cool.gif

Thanks guys,

12 May 2011
Hey Guys!

I recently found out I'm doing something different then most others and I wondered whether there is a 'better' way.

When playing 3 note per string patters, there are always a few strings on which you need to cover 6 frets with 3 notes, like:


No I'm used to playing that like

index ring pinky

But most people use their middle finger instead of their ring finger.

I found it easier playing with the middle finger, as long as I stayed on one or two (parallel) strings, but when I really needed to move around, it became very hard to keep using the middle finger.

So: What's best, or is there no best? Like with powerchords, I also use my pinky where most people use their ring finger : P Weird me haha

Thanks in advance wink.gif

9 May 2011
For everyone who hasn't heard this before, it's an absolute must!

Hope you like it wink.gif

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welcome Sean its great to have you here at GMC. Hope to see you around the forum see you.
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