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I'm an archaeology student from the Netherlands - I've always loved music, but have only recently picked up the guitar again. I love everything from grunge to jazz, but I'm particularly interested in learning fingerstyle blues.
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13 Apr 2009
I'm in the market for a low/mid-range (400-500 euro) versatile guitar with coil-tapable humbuckers (or alternatively, a good middle single coil, or both). I heard Ibanez' are great for that, however, while I absolutely love guitars that have a thin width of the fretboard, guitars that have a thin neck-depth make my hands cramp up horribly.

Does Ibanez make any guitars that have what I want? Reason I ask for Ibanez is because, for what I'm looking for, Ibanez seems by far the most common here. There are very little if any Schecters and similar guitars around here.

The cheaper SA series seem like a pretty good buy, but I haven't been able to try them out yet. How are their necks?
8 Jan 2009
I thought I'd not be buying one for a long time, much less be able to afford one. However, I saw a deal on ebay I couldn't resist. Second hand with a nick on the neck (but not a part where your hand touches the wood) and two small nicks on the bottom, otherwise in great condition. Crafted in Japan in 1997. For some reason it seems to detune very, very fast. Maybe the strings are new. I don't know. Still, I'm very happy with it. Always wanted a Mustang. It doesn't sound bad. Not as good as an American strat, maybe not even as good as a mexican strat, much less my Gibson Les Paul, and it's certainly a step up from the Squier I had. I can always replace the pickups and the bridge. I just really wanted to own a Fender Mustang!

I'm so happy with it.

It's very light yellow with a red pickguard.

27 Dec 2008
Hi guys!

My current equipment is a Les Paul Studio (vintage mahogany) and a small Vox DA5 amplifier. Imagine I told you, with this gear that's nothing at all like Kurt Cobain's, I want wish to emulate that Nirvana sound as much as possible. In the distant future, I really want to buy a Fender Mustang '65 Reissue, but that'll probably take at least 6 months before I will have gathered that money. And another 6 months for low-watt Tube amp.

I noticed Kurt uses the Boss DS1 distortion pedal and the small clone chorus effect a lot. Imagine I'd buy these two items - would I be able to roughly (not exactly) to emulate Kurts sound? Or will that really require a Mustang/Jaguar/Strat with a better amp?

I love my Les Paul, but sometimes I think I'm in love with the wrong music for it (I love Frusciante and Kurt's tones, luckily I'm also a Foo Fighters and Sabbath fan, and anything in between) and that I should've gotten a mexican or usa strat, as they seem much more 'allround'. Of course, the Les Paul I have is pretty rare here and strats are everywhere, which is still very cool. But it seems not to be able to handle some types of music - but maybe I'm wrong. I'd just like to sound a tad grungy from time to time.


27 Nov 2008
Hiya! As you know, I've only recently began playing and I'm practicing about 2 to 3 hours a day since I began a month ago. Now, with the help of my guitar teacher, I have finally 'mastered' (relatively, considering I began from scratch playing 'zombie' from the Cranberries!) the acoustic version of 'Times like These' by the Foo Fighters.

I love this song because it's distinguishable even when alone, is easy, and I can improve upon in time by, for example, trying to sing along. Another song I'm trying slowly is Nirvana's version of 'The Man Who Sold The World' and, while I hate the band, the guitar work of 'Monsoon' from Tokio Hotel.

In time, I'd like to perhaps be a rhythm guitarist. And while I love trying (somewhat failing) classics like 'Californication' and 'Let it Die', I notice again and again that I love chordwork! I'd also like to learn how to improvise, but I'm sure that takes months if not years of practice - and for now I want some 'instant satisfaction'!

I was wondering, perhaps, could anyone give me some songs that are probably in my alley and could work very well as a slight step up from Times Like These?

18 Nov 2008
I was looking on the Dutch version of ebay, when suddenly I came across this baby.

It was for sale for E450. It had a serial number (I7... something) and the old Ibanez headstock and everything. Is it worth it? I fell in love with it when I saw it, but I'm not able to travel the distance to play it. While he assured me it played great - better than Epiphone firebirds - is E450 a fair price? I'm a bit suspicious - after all, it is a copy.
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Stephane Lucarel...
Thanks Pavlov! Yes, more funk & rock lesson to come...
18 Apr 2009 - 11:19
i use a 2000 ibanez rg520
its a great guitar which i got for $200
im redoing my room right now, but when im done (tonight) ill record a video demoing my sound
17 Apr 2009 - 15:30
Hey kerel! Waar studeer je psychologie?
10 Apr 2009 - 12:15
hey pavlov its me from the chat is that the mustang ur gonna repaint?
26 Jan 2009 - 0:16


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