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14 Aug 2008
Well Ive heard about plenty of people having trouble utilizing and mastering the pinky finger, and so far in my playing ive never really had any type of problems with it. Well, now I have. In learning faster licks, especially sweeping type licks, ive hit a roadblock with my pinky finger. As for all other fingers, I have gotten to where they pretty much do what I want, coordination and fretting are right where I think i should be, but for my pinky, the best i can get out of it is a solid chord or slow lead. Once I get any speed with my other fingers, it basically becomes either dead weight or assumes the position of flailing finger, trying to keep up with my others laugh.gif Im not too frustrated with it, but if anyone could help me out Id appreciate it.
22 Dec 2007
I just bought a new Gretsch for $500+ and its a spectacular guitar for me, I love the tone and its really easy to play. But, the only problem is the Bigsby Trem. on the guitar. Trying to do bends or using the whammy at all seems to detune the guitar. Any suggestions on how to remedy this? Any help would be appreciated. ph34r.gif
16 Jul 2007
Ive been wondering since ive started playing where actually I need to place my right hand.... like should I let it rest on the strings im not playing, should it just be kinda hovering there, or is there any special placement to it... Any help would be appreciated...
14 Jul 2007
I was over at a friends house today w/ my guitar and we were playing around, and my friend's 'uncle & crew' showed up, guitars a-blazing. I wasnt really pressured to play any, but after about an hour of everyone playin around, this one guy (who is one of those guys everyone talks about being awesome at guitar) shows up, and he starts playin some killer leads & stuff. I myself am having trouble really getting up to speed with soloing, and I havent really developed too far into fast improvising, but when he started playing, he was really spectacular.

But, my problem was that I was the only one at the scene toting a Gibson Les Paul, and I guess this kinda got some attention from him, because he complimented my guitar, and then asked me to show him 'what I got.' I asked him what he meant, and he played a little riff, and my hands went numb. It was as if I had forgotten how to hold the guitar, because he started playing rhythm and expected me to play lead. I managed to play 2 notes before my hand just locked up.

Anyone have any ideas as to why this might have happened? I know I wasnt nervous because everyone was laid back, we were real loose because we had been playing for a couple of hours. I really have no idea why or how it happened, and I was just wondering if this had ever happened to anyone else... ever.
12 Jul 2007
Hey I saw this site on UG and for about a year and a half Ive been wanting to sign up. Finally decided to today. Im 15 and Ive been playing guitar about 2 1/2 years, but Ive kinda been havin a hard time getting any speed out of my playing, so I figured I might as well go ahead and get serious about learning. Im hoping to have fun while getting better at guitar biggrin.gif
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