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25 Jan 2012
Original lesson: In the Style of Black Sabbath by Marcus Siepen

Hi there !

This is my second take here on GMC, as you will hear it is not perfect thought it is one of my best take so far... I got an issue at 1:03 by sometime doing unwanted harmonic with my pinky on the A string at the 7th fret.

I had some fun playing with chroma key special effects using Vegas pro. The dark cathedral in the background was handcrafted by a friend, you will also see him fighting an ogre in the back smile.gif Next time I'll probably try to set my guitar on fire while playing some killer riffs from hell. biggrin.gif

This take was recorded with pod GX using reaper for audio recording.

19 Dec 2011
Original lesson: Doom Metal For Beginners by Lian Gerbino

Hello again, sorry for spamming ! :D This is the exact same take as before but I simply corrected the bad sync between audio and video, will definitly have to be careful with that in the future...

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:
19 Dec 2011
Original lesson: Doom Metal For Beginners by Lian Gerbino

Hello, As promised to Bogdan here is my first take. Recorded with pod gx with audacity. Video was edited with Sony Vegas. Olivier

12 Dec 2011

My name is Olivier from France and I am 35 years old, I subscribed to GMC about 1 year ago, I've been meaning to introduce myself for a long time now... I think the main reason I didn't do it earlier is simply because for a newbie like me it can be very intimidating to talk to awesome musicians like you guys ! biggrin.gif Yes I am talking about YOU who is reading this right now !

My story is I think quite common I started learning guitar by myself about 2 years ago by learning bits and pieces of various songs from famous band such as Metallica/red hot chili peppers/Led Zeppelin... Because at some point I felt that I needed guidance to move forward in my training I tryed to find a guitar teacher around where I live but there was none available. At that time I didn't even know what alternate picking was and I felt like going nowhere with my training so at that time something terrible happened to me : I got bored of playing guitar sad.gif

about two weeks later I had the best idea ever : I typed in "guitar lesson" within google and that's how I found you guys ! biggrin.gif
Since that day I've made significant progress in many areas, learned many techniques and am still learning something new everyday. My ultimate goal is to be able to express my musical ideas with my guitar (but I guess that might be quite obvious to everybody here) That's why I feel today that I owe you guys an apology for being so shy for so long and also a huge THANK YOU for getting me addicted to guitar playing like never before, for that I am very grateful. smile.gif

I am interested in Metal/Blues/Neoclassical and traditionnal music from around the world (especially in a metal context hehe), thought I feel I could enjoy learning about any style here. My webcam and podgx are ready so maybe someday I'll be daring to attend to rec program...We'll see smile.gif

Here is a non exaustive list of a few lessons I've been working on so far and some that I am still working on :

Pentatonic Workshop series by Ivan Milenkovic, a really good way to start !

Doom Metal For Beginners By Lian Gerbino because power chords rules.

Metallica "One" First Solo by Zsolt Galambos, a "must learn" biggrin.gif

Neoclassical Etude in Am by Marcus Lavendell, a great lesson for practicing alternate picking, I can almost play it at 100bpm yay!

E minor melodic solo By Muris Varajic (can play it almost well, still need some work on the fast lick at 0:34 thought...)

In the Style of Black Sabbath By Marcus Siepen, the change of tempo in this one was quite challenging and not as easy as it seems... loved it smile.gif

Mojo Oro part 1 by Muris Varajic at 85bpm

Dick Dale Style Surf Rock by Adrian Figallo gave me a chance to practice fast picking, and just sounds sooo cool smile.gif

Oriental Shred Lesson by Muris Varajic because I love oriental music, which I can not play so well with current backtracks so I play it around 80bpm.
and at the moment I am working on Metal Soloing Eastern Style from Lale Nikic, I need to make those legato licks sounds good, and also this week I am focusing on Ivan's pentatonic exercices we've been covering yesterday during chat session. I practice about one to two hours/day, often more during week end.

The next lesson I will work on will be... um that's always a hard choice to make here ! I have a lifetime of learning materials here and GMC got me subscribed for life !

See you around !

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