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26 Oct 2007
Hi Gabriel,

It seems most of the riffs/lessons I like are from you, so I thought I'd post this question to you.

I have a Digitech JamMan and would like to be able to transfer a few of the backing tracks you have in your lessons to this box.

Is there a way to capture these as Mp3 files or is that function locked out because some Tool would use them in an inappopriate way?

Let me know if its possible.

Mike Paul
Fresno, CA
19 Sep 2007
Hi everybody,

I am simply trying to get my amp hooked up to my computer in such a way that I can record a track and then play it back.

I had purchased Protools Mini, but found it wasn't compatible with my computers chipset... so I then purchased Cakewalk, which should be... a ... CAKEWALK, but its not.

First, to get the amp (line6 spider III) hooked to the computer I bought a simple dual input box called FASTRACK which allows a guitar and a mic input. That box USB's to the computer.

The Cakewalk software accepts the guitar input, but of course the amp itself doesn't play anything due to being hooked to the box. (kinda like hooking up headphones). So, I have to have the computer feed the input through to my sound card on my computer which is a Soundblaster Audigy. When I do this there is horrible Latency (I think that's what it is called) the music takes awhile to get from the guitar to the computer and then to the monitors.

What are all you guys using to record with? What works, what doesn't.

Anybody using Cakewalk and making it work?

Anybody had problems with compatibility with ProTools?


Mike Paul
Fresno, California, USA blink.gif
6 Sep 2007
Hey Guys,

My son (13yearold) has an Ibanez with a Floyd Rose style tremolo and locking nut.

I've not had anybody explain to me the most EFFICIENT way of tuning this guitar.

Where we bought it the tech person there just said "once it's set, don't change it" well that's a load of you know what, 'cause as my 13 year old gets better at bending and such, the strings break in more and more and it needs to be tuned, but sooner or later the micro adjustment on the tremelo itself runs out of play and I have to release the locks on the nut to tune it. THAT'S WHERE THE TROUBLE STARTS.

I know that the tremelo needs to be flush or parallel with the body after the tuning is complete, but it seems that I get it real close to in tune and the tremelo isn't parallel or I get the tremelo parallel and some of the strings are way out of tune, so as I retune those the other strings go way out.

It seems like I'm chasing my tail on this thing!

Any clues?

Fresno, California
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