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When I'm not jamming on the guitar, I also skateboard, surf and really love PC games. Even designed my first website for flash games.

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Check out my game zone, a collection of free online flash games suitable for all ages.
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28 years old
New Zealand
Born July-27-1993
Rock/Metal Guitar, Gaming, Music, Basketball, Skateboarding and Surfing
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21 Aug 2014
Hey Rockers,

Been far to busy and not having any fun time on my axe, hope to change that!

I've got a sweet as Axe FX 2 XL on the way, hardly used and mint condition by the sounds.
Just have a few questions about it's setup?

This would be my first rack mounted equipment, so I'm guessing I'll need a rack case?
Perhaps the Gator 4 Unit Shallow (can it fit in that) or similar?

For some extra cash, the guy could throw in a Matrix GT1000 power amp as well... but do I need it?
I was considering using Atomic CLR Active Wedge to go with it instead (mostly bedroom playing). Cab or Wedge?

Also, would it be worth getting a power conditioner to protect it? Something like the 'Furman PL-8CE' or similar, but they appear quite expensive here?

Finally, cabling - is it best for a four cable setup?
To connect to the PC can I just use any Midi to USB cable?

4 Aug 2014
Lately I feel I've been extremely over concerned with gear, rather than jamming away!
I never had this issue before on my starting off basic gear, but slowly built up to the Line 6 - Dream Rig.

A sweet as setup: DT50 Amp <> PodHD 500 effects <> Variax JTV-89F

Sure it sounds great, but I'm no where satisfied by it... I'm beginning to hate it, due to the fact I tweak and adjust tones, etc, more than I do playing them now. So there's a fine line between quality gear and practice. Understand that most of the tone actually comes from your own hands and don't get carried away too far with your gear!

I'm now considering if to sell the Variax, as I play too much with the features.

Don't get me wrong - the Line 6 Dream Rig is very nice and can sound great, but my high and long period of expectations working up to it, kinda destroyed it as my dream. I'm always trying to find a better tone for it, higher gain, etc - rather than focusing on my own playing skills.

What have you guys purchased, dreamed of, and was crushed or slightly disappointed in the end when you finally got it?
11 Jun 2014

Why are we not backing this??? I tired of the boring tar roads which doesn't detect my skateboarding wipe outs! I want these roads in my lifetime, please. This is the future!

Dear Obama cares,

Redirect all your billions of military and spying funds stolen from your US tax paying citizens into this! Then you can be self-efficient and no longer have to invade other countries with the 'terrorism' scrap-goat card (which has expired years ago) in order to steal their oil resources to fund your roads. Problem solved, world peace!
5 Jun 2014
Welcome to the beginner to pro tutorial about how to feel just like your an actual Rock Star!!!

Rock Star 101:

- Work hard without complaining. Don't expect things to be handed to you.

- Be brave and courageous.

- Boost your ego level and bad boy image. Wide stance.

- Look the part. Get ripped clothing, tattoos, shades, and don't forget a nose ring. Black leather and studs.

- Get an awesome axe. Learn a killer riff and just repeat it.

- Learn some death metal screams. Put on a mean tough face and grin.

- Celtic, Saxon, Viking and Chivalric culture - Among many metalheads, especially fans of power metal, there's a strong emphasis on masculinity and the warrior mentality, in sharp contrast to consumerist and metrosexual culture. Long hair and/or beards.

- Get down your dance moves and poses. Devil horns, air fists or at least some hand gestures. Hair whips.

- Always have at least one metal chick in your music videos.

Putting it all together, you should end up with:

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
3 May 2014
Eddie Van Halen had a concert tour to Auckland, New Zealand at the Western Springs Stadium. Throughout the night he rock out loud and the place filled out!!! So the very next morning he decided to say sorry for the noise around the nearby neighbour. Went door to door giving each a personally signed wine bottle and told them in person sorry for any disruption his band might of caused them during the weekend contest! How cool is that?

So what do you known about famous band member(s) which might of never known/released out into the public?
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