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19 Jan 2011
I have not been around in awhile. Life gets in the way sometimes. Anyway things are good now and I have been playing again.

One of my goals when I started playing was to be able to play a Dio song since I have always loved Vivian Campbells playing.

I feel like I hit all the notes and the chords. There is one or two times where I come close to losing it but I do not feel like its to bad. Anyway I plan on playing it lots more so It will only get better with time.

11 Sep 2010
Hey Daniel,

I have a question about the tempo workout. First I want to say that I think its a great lesson. I have been in a rut sounding like all my playing is just a scale workout. So this is very helpful.

My question has to do with the beat on this workout. I was recently taught by a local instructor to break songs down using the method where you tap your foot and keep your pick hand moving to the tempo and saying 1, 2, 3, 4. Or 1 & 2 & 3 & 4. Or 1 eh and ah 2 eh and ah 3 eh..... That way you can figure out if you should hit a note on the upstroke or the downstroke while keeping the pick hand moving in time. Its a very frustrating thing to practice but it has helped me so much.

I have been trying to do this with you tempo workout and it seems to be a little more difficult. Maybe its a little more advanced in that area than I have covered at this point. So I was wondering if you might have some advice on how to apply this method properly to your tempo workout. Maybe this method is not the best way for me to work on this type of lesson.

9 Sep 2010
I could not believe it when I first heard it. But here it is in his own words. ohmy.gif
23 Aug 2010
Here is the original lesson.

I used a strat I built with Fender licensed parts.

One problem I ran into that had me scratching my head was the beginning starts out with the guitar and no backing track so I had to figure out how to start out in time with a backing track that did not start until after the guitar.

I also used my own backing track and there is no other guitar other than mine. I know that rules so that on cover tracks you can have the instructors guitar in the track down low since the instructor is not allowed to give out backing tracks on copyrighted cover songs. Anyway here it is.

20 Aug 2010
Just got my tickets for the Rush Time Machine Tour. Going to be going next Saturday the 28th. Should be a good show I am excited to see them. Have not seen them since Moving Pictures back in the 80's!

Has anyone seen this tour? Just wondering if I can expect a good show.

Also for anyone who has not seen it yet I would recommend watching the New DVD Rush Beyond the Lighted Stage. Its a documentary that goes all the way back to their childhood and up to present time. Truly a fascinating documentary that had many facts about the band that I did not even know. Very good stuff.
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