Guitar Chat: Luca Turilli Lesson, pedals, wah etc. 2007-06-26
Kristofer Dahl
Jun 29 2007, 09:30 AM
GMC Founder
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
00:00:01 Slammer: I have a Multi fx pedal, and one of the FXs is Vibrato
00:00:02 Ryan: in my opinion
00:00:11 Ryan: how do you like it?
00:00:25 Slammer: it's alright but kinda annoying
00:00:31 Slammer: shakes alot
00:00:40 Slammer: you don't have to do any work
00:00:41 Ryan: thats a vibrato pedal
00:00:45 Ryan: haha
00:00:48 Ryan: but thats the fun in playing
00:00:50 Ryan: working hard
00:00:51 Ryan: haha
00:01:01 Slammer: you just sit there and play the note
00:01:08 Slammer: no fun
00:01:11 Slammer:
00:01:22 Slammer: are you a Royals fan?
00:01:28 Ryan: nope im not into sports really
00:01:32 Ryan: i like to play basketball
00:01:40 Ryan: but nothing big
00:02:14 Slammer: Yeah, I balance Watching Sports and Guitar... I practise guitar untill the Games come on
00:02:22 Slammer:
00:02:34 Slammer: every night
00:02:56 Slammer: u ever record anything?
00:03:31 Slammer: (borat speaking) I *slap* you right now
00:03:39 Slammer: LOL
00:04:38 Ryan: umm
00:04:49 Ryan: i record my own videos short short videos on my webcam hha
00:04:50 Ryan: haha
00:05:14 Slammer: u have any on youtube??
00:05:58 Ryan: nooo
00:05:59 Ryan: lol
00:06:11 Ryan: i dont want to be bi**hed at hahaha
00:06:16 Ryan: for some sucky videos
00:06:23 Ryan: playign i guess isnt too bad
00:06:27 Ryan: but it needs tons of work
00:06:28 Ryan: lol
00:06:39 Slammer: ok cya
00:07:07 Ryan: whoops lol clicked the wrong window
00:07:23 Slammer: Wb
00:07:47 Slammer: brb
00:08:38 Ryan: ok
00:17:25 Slammer: *slap*
00:24:52 Slammer: ok cya guys i gtg
03:21:41 blindwillie: semi-afk. pretending to work
12:19:50 guitargod: hi everyone
12:20:11 guitargod: are there anyone in here?
12:53:44 Slammer: hey
12:54:16 Slammer: LOL
14:04:37 jammer91: hi
14:05:09 jammer91: guess what?
14:05:20 jammer91: slammer rhymes with jammer
14:06:36 Slammer: YEAH!!
14:06:55 Slammer: I was think that a little while ago, when I saw your name
14:07:03 Slammer: LOL
14:07:12 Slammer: *whip*
14:08:25 Slammer: *slap*
14:08:31 Slammer: *meow*
14:09:43 Slammer: you still here?
14:10:00 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow*
14:10:19 Slammer: *meow* *slap* *whip*
14:10:26 Slammer: I guess not...
14:12:47 Slammer: *whip* *slap* *meow* *meow* *slap* *whip*
14:12:51 Slammer: oh well
14:20:00 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow* some more slaps and Whips
14:20:06 Slammer: *slap* *whip* *meow* some more slaps and Whips
14:38:38 Slammer: hey
14:38:41 Boggi: Hey
14:38:56 Slammer: u came in before but left LOL
14:39:13 Boggi: heh oki.
14:39:39 Slammer: I think you saw me in here so you ran
14:39:46 Slammer: LOL
14:40:09 Boggi: ohh I tought you said a guy name "but" left before I came
14:40:32 Slammer: LMAO
14:40:35 Slammer: LOL
14:40:45 Slammer: LOL
14:40:49 Boggi: yea. I had to go to shower.
14:41:03 Slammer: good time to come into Chat
14:41:10 Slammer: HI/BYE!
14:41:19 Slammer:
14:41:21 Boggi: I thougt muris was on the chat
14:41:41 Slammer: ouch.... but Fair Enough
14:41:46 Boggi: hehe.
14:41:59 Slammer: I don't blame you
14:42:09 Slammer: I'm not too interesting
14:42:17 Boggi: Im going to buy a new pedal, but don´t know witch suit me best.
14:42:36 Slammer: so you were gonna ask Muris for advice right?
14:42:45 Boggi: I have no experience with pedal
14:42:51 Boggi: yep
14:43:08 Boggi: or if you have an advise ?
14:43:22 Slammer: well, I've played a few pedals in my day
14:43:28 Slammer: what you looking at?
14:43:44 Slammer: as far as what kind of pedal do u want?
14:43:45 Boggi: maybe a delay or wah wah
14:44:04 Boggi: Just want something cool.
14:44:13 Slammer: Well.... that's quite a difference there
14:44:15 Slammer: LOL
14:44:22 Boggi: yea
14:44:48 Boggi: I just want a pedal but don´t know why, or witch pedal
14:44:56 Slammer: it mainly depends on :how much money ur gonna spend, and What kind of music do you want to play?
14:45:26 Slammer: WAH is alot more Verstatile.... but Delay Pedals can be Fun too
14:46:08 Boggi: oki, I like Paul Gilbert, steve Vai, yngwie, Andy Timmons, etc
14:46:29 Boggi: Symphony X
14:46:34 Slammer: If you like to make Crazy Fast Solos then using a Wah... really Helps most of those Guys use Wah alot, esp. Steve Vai
14:47:00 Boggi: oki.
14:47:44 Slammer: but if you want to fatten up your Sound or Use some Crazy Ehcoes in your music.... then a Delay Pedal is for you
14:47:46 Slammer:
14:48:04 Slammer: you ever Used a Delay Pedal before?
14:48:14 Boggi: yea, but would you go for Digitech ?
14:48:21 Slammer: Delay?
14:48:30 Boggi: no, never played a pedal.
14:48:44 Boggi: we don´t have music store in my town, :/
14:48:58 Slammer: a DigiTech Delay Pedal?
14:49:02 Boggi: yea
14:49:38 Slammer: well, I don't think digitech is as Good as a Boss, but Digitech Makes some Fine Pedals
14:49:54 Slammer: Better than the Cheaper Stuff
14:49:57 Slammer: Definetly
14:50:02 Slammer: Better than Zoom
14:50:40 Slammer: Pavel uses a Digitech Delay Pedal
14:51:12 Boggi: oki.
14:51:36 Slammer: his music Sounds Pretty Good
14:51:38 Slammer:
14:52:07 Boggi: yea. what do you think about cry baby ?
14:52:18 Boggi: wha wah
14:52:34 Slammer: Yeah, Hendrix used a Cry Baby
14:53:00 Slammer: r u talking about a Oringinal Crybaby?
14:53:05 Boggi: so cry baby is more to blues kinda rock ?
14:53:25 Boggi: Dunlop 95Q
14:53:58 Slammer: Well, that one is Really good
14:54:07 Slammer: because you can control the Q
14:54:26 Boggi: do you know what vai use ?
14:54:48 Slammer: yes
14:55:00 Slammer: he has his own sig. Wah wah pedal
14:55:06 Boggi: do you have any link of all his gear ?
14:55:17 Slammer:;src=3SOSWXXA this is his pedal
14:56:02 Boggi: do you have any link of all his gear ?
14:56:38 Slammer: one sec
14:57:16 Slammer:
14:57:25 Boggi: thanks
14:59:35 Slammer: at different Times... he used different Pedals as you can see
14:59:58 Boggi: yep.
15:00:04 Boggi: he use boss.
15:00:19 Slammer: yep, most say Boss is the Best
15:00:39 Boggi: hey
15:00:40 Slammer: Gen is Here!
15:00:44 Gen: lol
15:00:46 Gen: hey
15:01:04 Slammer: all we need is JVM and G34 and we've got the Crew!
15:01:12 Gen: hahaha yea
15:01:15 Boggi: hehe . true
15:01:21 Slammer: the big 5
15:01:32 Slammer: well, G34 is hardly ever here
15:01:37 Gen: lol
15:02:01 Slammer: and Boggi usually gets bored after like 5 mintues and ends up leaving
15:02:06 Slammer: LOL
15:02:08 Gen: lol
15:02:21 Boggi: yea, and when im gone, all other come online.
15:02:33 Slammer: yes all 2 of them!
15:02:37 Gen: lol
15:02:39 Gen: haha
15:02:40 Boggi: all the instructors.
15:03:00 Slammer: well, did you see Kris is gonna be on Thursday
15:03:05 Gen: yea
15:03:10 Boggi: yes
15:03:22 Slammer: so there is gonna be a party then!
15:03:30 Slammer: maybe even.......... 7 people!
15:03:32 Gen: o yea
15:03:34 Gen: hehe
15:03:34 Boggi: yes. all the 2000 members
15:03:49 Slammer: I think there might be 100 people or so
15:03:54 Boggi: yea
15:04:08 Slammer: Kris's fingers might fall off
15:04:14 Gen: lol
15:04:21 Boggi: lol
15:04:26 Slammer: it will be hard to Ask him something
15:04:32 Boggi: and the chat crush down
15:04:36 Slammer: LOL
15:05:13 Gen: hey slam, i didnt stop to listen sweet home chicago by clapton and buddy guy
15:05:18 Gen: i really love this song
15:05:35 Slammer: LOL
15:05:37 Slammer: cool
15:05:41 Slammer: it's cool
15:05:54 Slammer: did you see killing Floor?
15:06:02 Gen: no...
15:06:07 Slammer: with the Same guys almost
15:06:15 Boggi: what pedal do you guys have ?
15:06:45 Boggi: if you have one
15:07:15 Slammer: Well, I only have a DigiTech Rp-80 but I never Use it Anymore
15:07:27 Gen: i have an oneer wah wah and the boss mt 2 distortion
15:07:39 Boggi: wich wah wah ?
15:07:58 Boggi: oneer ?
15:08:33 Gen: yea
15:08:40 Boggi: kk
15:09:17 Boggi: I gtg practise again, cya
15:09:23 Gen: cya
15:09:28 Slammer: Ok cya
15:11:20 Gen: what could you play when you was at nine month of experience?
15:11:26 Gen: you remember ? lol
15:11:59 Slammer: I could Finger Pick Dust in the Wind
15:12:20 Slammer: and alot of Chords
15:12:25 Slammer: thats about it
15:12:46 Slammer: I didn't learn scales till Later on
15:13:13 Gen: mmm okay
15:13:25 Gen: its a cool song
15:14:01 Slammer:
15:14:21 Slammer: you know BB king?
15:14:29 Gen: wow all guys i love
15:14:31 Gen: ofc
15:14:44 Gen: he named his guitar lucille right?
15:14:56 Slammer: yes LOL
15:15:36 Slammer: have you ever Seen the SRV tribute Song?
15:15:44 Gen: no
15:16:46 Slammer: a bunch of good BLues Player
15:16:50 Slammer: s
15:16:56 Slammer: it's cool
15:17:13 Gen: great
15:18:06 Slammer: yes
15:19:03 Slammer: *slap* *whip*
15:19:08 Slammer: dead again
15:19:15 Gen: lol
15:19:43 Slammer: you like Scuttle Buttin?
15:19:48 Gen: cant wait for tomorrow!!!
15:19:53 Gen: idk him
15:20:10 Slammer: Scuttle Buttin the song?
15:20:27 Gen: nope
15:20:40 Slammer: you don't like it?
15:21:03 Slammer: hey mattachuk
15:21:09 mattacuk: hey dudes!
15:21:28 Slammer: sup?
15:21:36 Slammer: *whip* gen
15:21:41 mattacuk: not much, just finished a long pratice session
15:21:46 Slammer: LOL cool
15:21:51 Slammer: what you practise?
15:21:56 Gen: hey matt
15:22:02 mattacuk: Sweeping and Alternate picking solos
15:22:05 mattacuk: hey Gen!
15:22:09 Slammer: Gen,
15:22:25 Slammer: how can you not like it?
15:22:40 mattacuk: im going to watch it now
15:22:49 Slammer: ok
15:23:04 Gen: lol, i never meant i not like it
15:23:12 Gen: i said i dont know the song
15:23:13 Gen: lol
15:23:16 Slammer: oh LOL
15:23:19 Slammer: it's cool
15:23:25 Slammer: SRV is insane
15:23:30 Gen: exellent!
15:23:42 mattacuk: very impressive
15:23:49 Gen: great song!
15:23:51 Slammer: he is one of the Reasons I play BLues
15:23:59 Slammer: clapton is the other one
15:24:03 Slammer:
15:24:07 Gen: im gonna keep it on my youtube faves
15:24:20 mattacuk: feel free to check my youtube out
15:24:23 Slammer: all of SRV stuff is Greay
15:24:26 mattacuk:
15:24:28 Slammer: Great*
15:24:45 mattacuk:
15:24:51 Slammer: cool
15:24:53 Slammer: I see it
15:25:07 Slammer: BIg Buckethead fan I see
15:25:18 mattacuk: you could say that
15:25:31 Gen: i like buckethead
15:25:32 Slammer: he likes his KFC
15:25:36 Gen: yea lol
15:25:38 mattacuk: there is a whole page of Paul Gilbert too
15:25:44 mattacuk: my two faviroute players
15:25:56 Gen: paul gilbert is buckethead!!!
15:25:57 Slammer: yeah
15:26:00 Gen: lol just kidinng
15:26:13 mattacuk: haha well he certainly has alot of gilbert style licks
15:26:16 Slammer: NO... Buckethead is Paul Gilbert!!
15:26:18 Gen: yea
15:26:22 Gen: lol
15:26:26 mattacuk: Buckethead is Brian Carroll
15:26:31 Gen: yea i know
15:26:47 Gen: he s got a very extended pinky
15:26:48 Gen: lol
15:26:53 Slammer: hey, Gen you like SRV version of Voodoo Child?
15:26:57 mattacuk: sure, it pays to have big hands lol
15:27:03 Gen: yea
15:27:15 Slammer:
15:27:18 Slammer:
15:27:37 mattacuk: i havent watced much SRV but i can see hes really good
15:27:46 Slammer: YES!!
15:27:58 Slammer: one of the biggest Loss of all
15:28:02 Gen: yea he s good
15:28:11 Slammer: I love the Solo
15:28:17 Slammer: it's Great
15:28:47 Gen: yea
15:29:21 Gen: hey matt, how long have you been playing?
15:29:33 Slammer: *whip*
15:29:36 Slammer:
15:29:44 mattacuk: Gen, since september 06
15:29:56 Slammer: cool
15:30:00 Gen: cool
15:30:09 mattacuk: not long, but im very serious and i already have some great technique !
15:30:30 Slammer: Cool
15:30:32 Gen: what can you play?
15:30:50 mattacuk: i play only GMC exercises and my own Improvisations
15:31:17 mattacuk: and i make sure i finish every lesson before i move onto the next !
15:31:30 mattacuk: my speciality's are alt picking and sweeping
15:31:47 Gen: you re good at sweeping?
15:31:58 Slammer: Dude I suck at Sweeping
15:32:00 mattacuk: im getting there !
15:32:07 Slammer: he's better than Me
15:32:12 Slammer: at sweeping
15:32:21 mattacuk: iput an awfullot of time into it
15:32:29 Slammer: cuz I don't sweep at all
15:32:36 mattacuk: hehe!
15:32:36 Gen: do you have some vids of you playing on your youtube account?
15:32:39 Slammer: LOL
15:32:47 mattacuk: Gen no i dont, but im going to very soon
15:32:51 Gen: okay
15:33:05 mattacuk: i have a good camera, but the sound it shoddy
15:33:21 Gen: yea lol, i have the same problem
15:33:30 mattacuk: i think i need a microphone
15:33:37 Gen: yea me too
15:33:55 Slammer: I have a Mic... but no Camera
15:33:59 Gen: lol
15:34:04 mattacuk: haha!
15:34:07 Slammer: lets trade!
15:34:21 Slammer: LOL
15:34:26 mattacuk: i have a pretty cool Fuji digital SLR
15:34:27 Gen: lol
15:34:27 Gen: aaa i almost got the luca turilli lesson at 130 bpm!!
15:35:00 Slammer: I wish I had Something
15:35:19 Gen: ?
15:35:21 mattacuk: herpies?
15:35:23 mattacuk: lol
15:35:52 mattacuk: brb
15:35:58 Slammer: LOL
15:37:27 Slammer: Gen is Chasing Some Hot Swiss Chick Around *whip*
15:37:40 Slammer:
15:37:42 Gen: hahaah no
15:38:04 Slammer: are there alot of Hot Chicks around where you live?
15:38:14 Gen: yea lol
15:38:19 Slammer: Cool
15:38:31 Slammer: European Chicks are pretty Hot
15:38:37 Gen: yea hehe
15:38:58 Slammer: some of them...just not the Ones who Farmers Wives LOL
15:39:04 Slammer: nvm
15:39:09 Slammer: *meow*
15:39:49 Gen: lo
15:39:50 Gen: l
15:40:27 mattacuk: i love hot chicks
15:40:41 Slammer: LOL that makes 3 of us!
15:40:46 Slammer: I think....
15:40:59 Slammer: don't know Bout Gen??
15:41:08 Slammer: LOL JK JK
15:41:24 Slammer: *slap* *meow* *whip*
15:41:26 Gen: lol
15:41:37 Slammer: he left without saying goodbye
15:41:40 Slammer: LOL
15:42:37 Slammer: well anyways
15:43:02 Slammer: yep.....
15:43:52 Slammer: yep......
15:43:55 Slammer: Yep.......
15:44:03 Gen: lol
15:44:09 Slammer: I *slap* Myself
15:44:13 Gen: looooooooooooool
15:44:15 Gen: no
15:44:23 Slammer: then I *whip* you
15:44:32 Gen: stop lol, i just cant practice
15:44:34 Gen: lol
15:44:34 Gen: stop
15:44:40 Gen: im laughing
15:44:43 Gen: lol
15:44:53 Slammer: and I *slap* and *whip* your cat *meow*
15:45:10 Slammer: whatcha Pratising?
15:45:37 Gen: im trying to play the beginning of dust in the wind
15:45:38 Gen: lol
15:45:42 Slammer: LOL
15:45:47 Slammer: yes!
15:45:52 Slammer: it's fun
15:46:12 Slammer: r u good at fingerpicking?
15:47:16 Slammer: *meow* I shot the Sheriff!
15:47:18 Gen: not really
15:47:22 Gen: lol
15:47:33 Slammer: r u using GP5?
15:47:40 Gen: im good a speed picking alternate picking
15:47:43 Gen: yea lol
15:47:56 Slammer: Have you Tried Eruption yet?
15:48:03 Gen: not yet
15:48:06 Slammer: LOL
15:49:35 Slammer: I *whip* my eyes....
15:49:42 Gen: lol why
15:49:42 Slammer: close
15:49:51 Slammer: nvm
15:50:12 Slammer: you can practise and Chat!! you are Magician!!
15:50:50 Slammer: I *slap* myself for being in you Presences
15:51:02 Gen: lol
15:51:04 Gen: lol
15:51:21 Slammer: just tie me up and *whip* me
15:51:34 Gen: loool stooooop
15:51:41 Gen: im gonna die
15:51:41 Slammer: feed me a Cat *meow*
15:51:44 Gen: lol
15:52:29 Slammer: your gonna die, I *slap* you when your dead
15:53:03 Slammer: then I *whip* you
15:53:05 Gen: looool
15:53:26 Slammer: then I let Cat eat you *meow*
15:53:38 Slammer: then I *whip* the Cat
15:53:47 Gen: hhahaha
15:54:24 Slammer: Well, This Chat has Died atleast!
15:54:44 Gen: no
15:54:46 Slammer: I *meow* it back to life
15:54:50 Gen: its not dead
15:54:55 Gen: lol
15:55:05 Gen: but i g2g, cuz im hungry
15:55:08 Slammer: It needs a good *slap* on the Ass
15:55:15 Gen: its 21:50 here
15:55:16 Gen: lol
15:55:22 Slammer: Ok, I gtg too
15:55:27 Slammer: cya around
15:55:30 Gen: okay, see ya tomorrow
15:55:30 Slammer:
15:55:32 Gen: lol
15:55:33 Slammer: lol
15:55:37 Slammer: probably
15:55:39 Gen: yea
15:55:40 Slammer: LOL
16:46:38 Slammer:
17:27:11 Slammer: well that was quick
17:27:41 Slammer: LOL
17:50:49 Slammer: brb
17:52:03 Slammer: back!
18:30:36 Boggi: hello again.
18:30:43 Slammer: LOL
18:35:24 Slammer: so did you find a pedal to buy?
18:35:44 Boggi: I think im going to buy a Wah crybaby
18:35:57 Boggi: and maybe a boss distorsion
18:36:01 Slammer: cool
18:36:07 Boggi: yep
18:36:19 Boggi: im so exiting to try a wah
18:36:21 Slammer: have you seen the Boss Wah Wah pedal?
18:36:28 Boggi: no
18:36:59 Slammer: it's cool... It has models of all the Differnt Brands of Wah in one Pedal
18:37:08 Slammer: Crybaby,Vox,Morley etc.
18:37:26 Boggi: cool. but have you seen the budha wah ?
18:37:36 Slammer: yes
18:37:45 Boggi: tried it ?
18:37:50 Slammer: no LOL
18:37:58 Slammer: I saw it
18:38:04 Slammer: online
18:38:11 Boggi: oki.
18:38:28 Slammer: wah is so much fun
18:38:40 Boggi: yea.
18:38:41 Slammer: esp. when you play Solos
18:38:49 Boggi: you meen this , Boss V-Wah PW10
18:38:55 Slammer: yeah
18:39:01 Boggi: cool
18:39:16 Slammer: you can also use the Wah as a Tone Control
18:39:41 Slammer: Any Wah pedal I mean
18:39:58 Boggi: woow , its really good
18:40:13 Boggi: built in distorsion ?
18:40:19 Slammer: what?
18:40:50 Boggi: does the wah have distorsion
18:41:03 Boggi: Distortion*
18:41:11 Boggi: sry
18:41:20 Slammer: the Boss has 8 built in Distortion/overdrives
18:41:35 Slammer: It's like the ultimate wah lol
18:42:17 Boggi: damn
18:42:32 Boggi: I think i´ve change my mind.
18:42:38 Slammer: but Crybaby is Really good too
18:42:40 Boggi: to the boss wah
18:42:54 Slammer: Crybaby is a Classic
18:43:02 Boggi: yea. I know.
18:43:43 Slammer: CLapton Hendrix Vai Satch have all used it
18:43:51 Slammer: Slash, Zakk Wlyde
18:43:56 Slammer: etc.
18:44:14 Boggi: but the boss have also the classic sound
18:44:33 Slammer: LOL
18:44:49 Slammer: dude I hope I didn't change your mind
18:45:32 Boggi: Why ?
18:45:54 Boggi: you changed it to the right.
18:46:06 Slammer: cuz if you don't like it... you blame it on me
18:46:10 Slammer: LOL
18:46:40 Boggi: no of course not, I would never balme anyone for my choises.
18:46:49 Boggi: blame*
18:46:50 Slammer:
18:58:28 Boggi: hello guest
18:59:38 Boggi: whats the time in USA ?
18:59:58 Slammer: 7:00 pm in New York and Miami
19:00:06 Slammer: where I'm at
19:00:10 Boggi: oki
19:00:33 Boggi: then maybe there should come more people ?
19:00:48 Slammer: well most of GMC is from Europe
19:01:29 Slammer: LOL
19:01:46 Boggi: yea
19:02:26 Boggi: im hungry.
19:02:34 Boggi: im going to get something to eat
19:02:35 Boggi: cya
19:02:37 Slammer: ok cya

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