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I work hard and play hard. Love rocking out to early Zeppelin or more thoughtful playing with Adrian Belew. Was Professional musician for eight years, partly in Londons West End and some eclectic groups.Now my kids are grown up and I work as a Staff Nurse in a hospital.Still miss the Live buzz.
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52 years old
Somerset UK
Born Feb-7-1968
Guitar ,obviously. Big science nerd .loves reading and listening to music. Enjoys movies especially Sci-Fi.
Currently employed as Health Care Professional (Staff Nurse). I think Glastonbury Festival has kind of lost it's charm but would love to go to RagnaRock.
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9 Jun 2014
a few weeks ago when we were discussing the train wreck that is my pedal board , I was advised to get a switching system to stop my tap dancing routine when playing live and changing pedals. I am going to get one eventually but I have no idea how they work. What is the sort of things I need to bear in mind when buying one? I assume the peds all plug into the switching system and that I can select some peds on one switch and others on other switches. How does it know to do this? Will I have to change the 6" patch leads I currently use for something else? What can you guys tell me about these systems.
9 Jun 2014
Aw Man! Rik Mayall has died. Star of The Young Ones, Bottom, New Statesman.
I feel like a big chunk of my youth has just been snatched away.
8 Jun 2014
I searched Crazy Train on the site search bar and I couldn't find a lesson anywhere. I am trying to learn it to surprise my Dad when he comes to visit. I am usually ok at picking things up by listening but this song is driving me nuts. I just seem to have a blind spot to getting it all. I admit to being in awe of Randys playing so maybe that is clouding my judgement. I got the gist of the f# riff but the rest ,although i'm close, is not correct. I also have no chance of matching Randys speed in the solo parts but if I can get close to maybe improvise my sort of style (I'm no shredder, though would love to be) then I would be happy with that. HAPPY? I would be ECSTATIC! Basically, could someone post a whole song tutorial or point me towards where there is one. I would be really grateful. I am sure lots of people would love to learn that song.
Thankyou Guys n Gals. smile.gif
7 Jun 2014
Fathers day is coming up and I was thinking of getting one of those guitar pick cutters online. You know the ones? They let you use old credit cards, loyalty cards, etc, etc. I have never actually seen one let alone used one. They sound a good idea but what sort of result do you get from them? Anyone got one? Are they worth having or do they produce poorly finished picks? Please let me know your thoughts on these.
4 Jun 2014
Cosmins post about beginners and the budget for their first instrument got me all wistful about my first guitar. It really was terrible. A second or third hand Woolworths Kay electric. Vaguely strat shaped with two soapbar type slab pups, selectable by a slider switch for each. I of course loved it. But after a few months of learning on it, the sore fingers, the cramps in my forearm and the negative comments about it from friends with "proper" guitars saw me replacing it with a Maya telecaster. This was much better. My fingers felt as if they had new batteries in them and chord changes were no longer a two man job. laugh.gif
The Maya later donated its neck to my frankenstein tele as well as its scratch plate and knobs. So I guess it is still giving service to this very day.
I would love to hear about your first guitars. Did you start on a butter smooth beauty or was it more like a plank strung with fence wire?
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