Guitar Chat on making your own backing tracks, Pro Tools, Cubase etc. 2007-05-26
Kristofer Dahl
May 27 2007, 11:10 PM
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02:07:44 lefty01: Guitar Chat: Hi all.
02:08:41 lefty01: Guitar Chat: Anyone here?
05:54:13 Boggi: Guitar Chat: *slap*
13:22:22 Iluha: Guitar Chat: yo
13:22:31 Iluha: Guitar Chat: *meow*
13:24:15 Tmas: Guitar Chat: hello
13:24:21 Tmas: Guitar Chat: lol was wondering what that was
13:24:40 Iluha: Guitar Chat: how are you? smile.gif
13:24:48 Tmas: Guitar Chat: i'm good
13:24:56 Tmas: Guitar Chat: broke but good smile.gif
13:25:24 Iluha: Guitar Chat: i'm broke for more then a year now hehe
13:25:33 Tmas: Guitar Chat: haha
13:27:19 Iluha: Guitar Chat: how old are you?
13:27:32 Tmas: Guitar Chat: 18
13:28:06 Iluha: Guitar Chat: ah, and where from?
13:28:20 Tmas: Guitar Chat: SC USA
13:29:16 Tmas: Guitar Chat: you?
13:29:32 Iluha: Guitar Chat: 20 from israel
13:29:41 Boggi: Guitar Chat: hello
13:29:45 Iluha: Guitar Chat: hihi smile.gif
13:30:01 Tmas: Guitar Chat: hello
13:30:30 Boggi: Guitar Chat: anyone of you know a pragram were you can make youre own backing track ? smile.gif
13:31:00 Tmas: Guitar Chat: mmm like a recording program?
13:31:31 Boggi: Guitar Chat: no, something you can make youre own backings
13:31:39 Boggi: Guitar Chat: like a sequencer
13:31:55 Iluha: Guitar Chat: backings of real instruments?
13:32:03 Boggi: Guitar Chat: yes
13:32:05 Tmas: Guitar Chat: oh, no not really i though u meant to record urself playing like a loop or soemthing
13:33:37 Iluha: Guitar Chat: hmm... I think i know what you'r talking about
13:33:47 Iluha: Guitar Chat: My old teacher had a program like that...
13:33:52 Iluha: Guitar Chat: I forgot it's name though..
13:34:05 Boggi: Guitar Chat: like this
13:34:21 Boggi: Guitar Chat: but I want a program.
13:35:33 Iluha: Guitar Chat: i think steve vai is using Pro tools but it might a program you only record in
13:36:01 Boggi: Guitar Chat: yea think so. I use cubease
13:36:18 Iluha: Guitar Chat: music box!
13:36:25 Iluha: Guitar Chat: yeah i think that's how that program was called
13:37:08 Boggi: Guitar Chat: oki let me seaerch
13:37:19 Boggi: Guitar Chat: search*
13:37:45 Iluha: Guitar Chat: or maybe it's band in a box like dave weiner mentions..
13:38:28 Boggi: Guitar Chat: found nothing qith music box.
13:38:51 Iluha: Guitar Chat: try band in a box
13:39:39 Boggi: Guitar Chat: yea. think thats the right one. I´ll try it. Thanks. smile.gif
13:41:09 Iluha: Guitar Chat: glad i could help tongue.gif
13:44:29 Iluha: Guitar Chat: i got a little woman question for you guys if you'r up for it
13:45:56 Boggi: Guitar Chat: im up. smile.gif

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