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18 Mar 2019
I was browsing covers and live shows when YouTube put this on my Recommended list. I wanted to learn to play this song for a VERY long time, probably since I discovered Bullet and it's nice to find such "official" playthrough to be sure BUT when I realized the main riff is supposed to be all downpicked... I lost it. And I thought Master of Puppets or Blackened are a challenge. Getting to this level will take at least half a decade but that's all the more reason to keep practicing! Can anyone give me some advice on how to practice to rev up downpicking and AP speed without destroying my hand's joints?

13 Mar 2019
Hi! This time it's me starting this topic. I really liked the previous one and I have a few ideas of my own.

My idea is mostly based on Metallica. In some of their songs and instrumentals there are different types of sections that would fit everyone, I think. I'm not saying we should do a Metallica collab, just throwing the ideas:

* heavy and slow riffs
* quick passages in lead and riffs/gallops etc. in rhythm
* climatic clean rhythm and lead fills
* harmonies
* maybe some breakdown section
*maybe some wild bass solo too, if anyone at GMC plays bass

There are probably other things I didn't mention BUT based on how well we did on the previous collab, I'm thinking up till now we had the rhythm sections in the backing track but I'd try dropping the guitar track and leave the bass and drums only, so if someone wants to do the rhythm part, they would be able to. And then others would have a chance to play over this rhythm take. Of course I'd still keep the drum-bass-guitar version for participants interested in leads only.

I used Metallica as an example but I'm curious about your ideas too.

To let everyone consider their ideas, do some trial and error testing and maybe join forces with others, like in the Anthem collab, I'd make the deadline longer than 10 days, say 3-4 weeks? I know most of us here are busy and some unexpected events that could prevent from participating (like power shortage). In case of co-operation longer deadline would mean more time to talk things through. What do you think?
5 Mar 2019
Hello! I just came across this video where someone tries to answer the question in thread topic using counterpoint, I think. I know what a counterpoint is but I've no idea how to use it, how and why it works. Anyway, it was interesting to watch and maybe when I'm more experienced I'll understand it. I thought I'd share it, so here it is:

3 Mar 2019
Hi! As some of you may know, I've been looking around to find a guitar for me. Recently I narrowed my choice down to Ibby RG450 and JEM 550. There's some problem with that. As much as I'd love to get either, I tried some MiJ Ibanez borrowed from my friend and the neck and responsiveness were amazing BUT the FR Edge felt horrible. I don't know which model it was exactly but I didn't like the whammy bar at all and palm muting was weird too. Does it make sense to get a FR guitar and keep the bridge locked? I think I'm rather a TOM person. I'm also a fan of Papa Hetfield. I found this guitar, LTD Ex-50. Did anyone get to try one of these? I'd just put my EMGs in and rock another fine TOM guitar, simple yet powerful. Or so do reviews say...
14 Feb 2019
I'm not the type who gets emotional and stuff but I really wanted to say it out loud to everyone. I joined GMC by pure luck of the draw but I'm really enjoying my time here. Currently, I'm going through really tough days, not just university but also some very personal stuff. Playing guitar is the only thing apart from driving that makes me genuinely happy but also it's the best therapy I could ask for and I probably need one right now. It's great to have a refuge from it all and to me GMC is such place, or more specifically everyone at GMC I was lucky to meet because we are GMC. So thank you, everyone!

Also, I'm sorry for taking so long with the lessons you recommended to me, Gabriel. I'll do my best to post some takes when it gets a little better.
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