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12 Jun 2012
This is *very* old stuff, but it's always interesting to read.

Love him or not, call him an egomaniac but Ritchie was a legend in rock music and this has to be one of the most honest musician interviews I've ever read biggrin.gif I disagree on some parts but respect his honesty! smile.gif

And this has to be the most hilarious part biggrin.gif

GW: What do you think of Yngwie Malmsteen? He's often credited you as an influence.

BLACKMORE: He's always been very nice to me, and I always get on very well with him. I don't understand him, though - his playing, what he wears. His movements are also a bit creepy. Normally you say, "Well, the guy's just an idiot." But, when you hear him play you think, "That guy's no idiot. He knows what he's doing." He's got to calm down. He's not Paganini - though he thinks he is. When Yngwie can break all of his strings but one, and play the same piece on one string, then I'll be impressed.
In three or four years, we'll probably hear some good stuff from him.
10 Jun 2012
I honestly didn't know he had the chops!

5 Jun 2012
I've just found this and it's fascinating! This man found a very musical way to stay in shape! biggrin.gif
Should be an inspiration to martial artists as well as drummers out there! laugh.gif

4 Jun 2012
Every now and then I get to hear some amazing music which isn't really the genre I've been listening to.

So whenever I hear something that I find refreshing and not your everyday music, I'll post it here so you can enjoy it too smile.gif

Let's start with some Spanish guitar! This song is really amazing, that Spanish romance is hard to resist!

29 May 2012
I think it's an interesting subject to discuss. Getting people to appreciate your work is very important for your motivation, inspiration and confidence. If nobody cares about your music, it's not easy to progress and stay determined.

As for me, I get 95% of my support from GMC and my family. If it weren't for you, playing and improving would still be possible, but definitely a lot, lot harder. It would take years and years to make progress I made so far. It's great when you have someone who will listen to you, give constructive feedback/criticism and motivate you to keep on doing what you love.

But when it comes to friends, colleagues etc. it's not so bright. Maybe it's the curse of my city where people generally hate seeing other man's success - that's why it's really, and I mean REALLY (!) hard to get famous in Sarajevo. People will hate you just because you are actually doing something constructive, and not going for another mindless night out, or for a coffee.

I find it ironic that most of my friends, who I spend a big portion of my life with, don't care to at least tell me "Hey, I heard your latest song/solo/work". I always respect others' work and I do my best to appreciate it by telling them what I liked and then give some criticism/advice if needed. If I really like something, I'm more than happy to give a more detailed analysis of my experience - for example to mention the parts which I liked the most - it surely matters so much to the author! I know how important it is to feel one tiny bit respected for what you do, no matter how good or bad you are at it.

And it's not that I'm not promoting it - I'm sharing songs on YouTube, Facebook etc. and the most I can get is a "like" on the video, usually from the bandmates. Friends who I go out with hardly show support. The one question everyone asks is "Are you still playing guitar?" That's it. Girlfriends didn't care much either - unless I dedicated a song to them - then they would be super happy, proud and grateful. My last girlfriend used to call my former metalcore band "noise". She never even wanted to hear one song with a solo I was very proud of. Yes, it wasn't her style but still - if I cared about someone I would force myself to at least listen to one song featuring that person - no matter how bad it was.

I hope this topic won't be taken the wrong way - I'm not stating people should praise everything we do mindlessly, I'm just saying it would be great if friends who you see every day showed some support for a friend by at least aknowledging they heard a new song/solo/whatever. Seems little, but it matters.

That's why it's great to have so many awesome people on GMC where we can communicate in a healthy environment and feel accepted. It's surely the best way to advance! I met so many great musicians here who I never met in person (YET! smile.gif ), but who showed more support than most of the people I see every day. That is PRICELESS, and no money can ever pay that. It's amazing how you can discover great people all around the world!

What are your expierences? Feel free to share them. smile.gif
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Thanks Bossie! :)
16 Apr 2012 - 22:50
impressive wild bends!!
16 Apr 2012 - 22:16
Thanks a lot mate :) Well, I don't know, I start every lesson super-slow and speed up when I feel it sounds good. If you have a specific part or question in mind, just send me a PM and I'll do my best to help :)
30 Sep 2011 - 12:37
Hey Dino! Great job on the Metal Metrics 1 lesson! How did you learn it so fast?
30 Sep 2011 - 3:04


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