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5 Dec 2013
I am looking for a good intro lesson on chord tone soling here on GMC, and seem to be having a problem finding one, although I have found plenty out on the net. Search of "Chord Tone" did not produce what I am looking for. Anyone have an recommendations - Since this is new for me, need something in the 3-4 difficulty range to get me started. I see Ben Higgins posted something on this a few weeks back but its more advanced)level 6) than I think I can handle at this time, so hoping there's something a little more comprehensive, to help with quicker chord progressions where its hard to jump to new scale shapes for each change.

19 Sep 2013
I have a question for the group which I could not find after a bit of searching on the web as well as in the GMC forums. Maybe I am not using the proper terminology or technique name. I have been on GMC for awhile (Although not lately) and recently went to a live teacher to see if I could get some live help and sort tsome thing out in my playing

One of the first things he is trying to get me to do is to use my right hand ring finger(4) and middle finger(3), along with the pick at the same time when doing scales and such. Even picking 2 strings at same time with this method. I know there are many players who do this but it is completely foreign to me as I have been taught day one to just alternate pick, so I am having a hard time sorting it out while learning the other stuff I am focusing on with the scales. Is this a preferred technique or something I should try to develop and any lessons on this technique, or could this just be this teachers personal opinion. Is there a preferred way to do this (like always use your ring finger for high e string, middle for b string and for the other 4 strings use the pick.

Any guidance would be appreciated .

27 Apr 2012
I know my topic sounds funny, but here's my dilemma. I have been playing for awhile and more of a Rythyn guitarist - up till recently I was the only guitarist, whether its acoustic or electric, so I am usually filling that void. Now I am playing more with another guitarist (they are either an acoustic or another electric), and I can't break the mindset that I always need to be playing something. I am not very good at coming up with interesting licks or embellishments spontaneoulsy so I find myself going back to playing chords again, or playing parts that don't mess well with the other guitar. These are somewhat impromptu performances, so its not something I can completely plan out ahead of time with the other guitarist who is just playing chords - We usually do one runthorugh before we play.

I need to learn to not play at times, and not sure where to start.

Anybody have thoughts or ideas about this
17 Mar 2012
I know in the major keys, the most common chord progression is I IV V. I seem to have a good grasp of major keys but am limited in my knowledge of Minor keys. What are the most common chord progressions in a minor key. Are there a few that really stand out in rock, as I would like to start experimenting more with this. I seem to always come up with major progressions only.


14 Mar 2012
My son is turning 12 and has been playing acoustic and electric for about 2 years, and up until now has been using my Fender Strat Plus (He also has an old Kraemer Focus but it doesn't tune very well). I want my Strat back so I want to get him his own electric - He is more into faster power chord changes and starting to get faster at tremelo/speedpicking. He is really starting to take off, I want some recommendations on guitars in the $250-$450 range. I was thinking of trying to get him a used Fender Tele or Gibson SG because I am at a point where I like guitars that hold value, but not sure at his age if thats what he wants. I was thinking maybe a Ibanez, PRS, Schecter, or Jackson, with a fast neck. it definitely won't be his last guitar but he is serious enough where I know he wont quit and he performs live at our church as well, so I want something quality built that he will use for many years, even after he gets GAS and wants more guitars like we all do. active Pickups might be an option. I am not too concerned about his size - He plays a full size concert acoustic electric, but he has small hands at his age. He even can handle my Gibson Les Paul Standard, although he likes the weight and feel of the strat more for obvious reasons.

Anybody got some recommendations of brands and models - I am even interested in closeouts as long as its a quality guitar. I need to narrow the field

Thanks for your help.

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