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23 Sep 2006
hey everyone. i need some advise on the best kinds of acoustic strings. i have an epiphone acoustic elecric with Daddario strings. i think the strings are regular guages. there 12-53 light. ive been playing my acoustic constanly for a couple months now, and the srtings are still hurting my fingers. also my guitar has a lot of action on it wchich doesnt help at all. i played my friends dad's acoustic guitar the other day and i was amazed at how diffeferent it felt compared to mine. there was no action on the strings, and they're texture was really soft and playable. what kind of strings were those. ive played my another of my friends guitars, and he has a martin with the same type of strings. ive heard exlier strings are very good. as of now im not a big fan of D'addario. is it my guitar, or my strings? any help would be appriciated.

19 Sep 2006
hey. here is my first recorded video. its in a minor. sorry about the video quality. the audio is like 5 seconds ahead of the video. il get a better one soon. oh ya, my tounge hans out while im playing. i guess its just a habit i have. tell me what you think. ive been playing for 1 year and 8 months. i can do better, but i just wanted to get soemthing outhere for you guys too see
3 Sep 2006
well if you guys havent heard of him, his name is trey tosh, hes 14 now and people say hes a prodgiy. i think hes just an extremely talented guitarist who has put in a crap load of practice time. Im not nearly as good as him, but i can tell where he's coming from. he loves SRV like i do and many others do. but the his choice of clothing and immitated facial expressions are a little much. Trey your very good. Just cut the SRV wanna be act. find yourself. dont impersonate. here is a clip of him doin little wing. seach youtube for "trey tosh" to get some of his other stuff.
27 Jul 2006
i just bought a digitech rp 80. if any of you have the rp 50, 80, 100, 200, or 300 then mabye you could help me figure out how to get a few sounds. Sounds im looking for are

SRV blues sound

Queen/ Pink Floyd smooth, flowing sound (Bohemium Rhapsody and The Wall solos)

Jimi Hendrix WAH or something close to it

BB King Buddy Guy blues (clean and twangy)

Kirk Hammet style

if i could get close to any of those that would be awsome, Preferably SRV and Queen,

14 Jul 2006
well i got some new stuff. a black fender strat. the guy said it was a mexican version or someting. and the pedal was a digi tech rp 80. haven't tried out the pedal yet cuase my best amp is currently in the shop being fixed. heres a link

and the pedal

the pedal was 80 and guitar 270 (on sale) its the same model except my fret board is white

i like it. feels good, cant wait to try out the pedal.

tell me what you think
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