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GMC Forum _ REC _ Take 3: Ballad soloing - dynamics and phrasing

Posted by: Beat Zbinden Sep 3 2016, 03:11 PM

Original lesson:

Hi Guys This is my Take 3 from this Lesson and i think this is my last .... It's Time for another Lesson... I have spend a lot of Time whit this!! Thanks a lot to Darius for the support!!

Links to previous attempts at this lesson:

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Sep 4 2016, 10:47 PM

Hi mate! Congrats on your great job!

Even with some issues to be fixed, this take is totally enjoyable. Your playing and your tone have a very nice feel on this one, and as soon as you feel comfortable enough to think less and feel more your phrasing, this will be a magic take.

I can notice that this lesson still needs a lot of concentration to play each phrase correctly and you still have timing issues which are not dramatic but that appear in many parts, mostly when you play faster passages.

I think that it's ok to focus on a new lesson, but I would keep playing this on at least once or twice every day. I think that there is more room to make everything sound groovier, and with more dynamics. You play soft enough but not strong enough in some parts that the solo suggests it.

Ok mate, once again, congratulations on your effort and results. Keep on rocking.

Posted by: Ben Higgins Sep 5 2016, 10:59 AM

Hi Beat, this is definitely the best take yet. It's a lot easier to listen to and nothing stands out too much.

Again, for me, the only thing that detracts are timing issues where you rush the phrasing slightly. This might take a while for you to remedy if you're so used to doing it.. it can be a habit.

One way to tackle rushing is to try to play the same passage but deliberately try to be too slow with it, as if you were being lazy. Then slightly speed it up until you feel you are right on the beat.

But overall, excellent tone and vibrato. Good use of dynamics as well.

Posted by: Darius Wave Sep 6 2016, 04:05 PM

Hey again Beat!

First of all thanx for taking time and attention for my lesson. This is a huge difference (positive) between this one and your first take. I think most of timing issues have been seriously tweaked. even if it's not perfect yet, it does show a lot of progress and as Gabriel said - it's all very pleasant to listen at this stage. I have to be honest - there are still details to be fixed but You (students) decide when to abandon lesson because it's all about not getting bored playing around will one song through endless time amount. I understand that completely. Allthough I really liek Gab's suggestion to treat it as a one maybe two times per day "warm up" and maybe some day just make a totally free of rec kind of tension, take. I belive you are able to squueze even more out of it but I understand the moment when something becomes to be played for too long smile.gif Anyway....tank you once again and congrats on your passing take smile.gif

Posted by: Fran Sep 7 2016, 06:30 PM

Pass: 8

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