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Posted by: Owen Feb 27 2008, 08:30 PM

In my epic quest of looking for any female screaming/growling vocalists the results have been few, I've been looking for someone to outdo Angela Gossow - who I notice relies on special effects and 1 dimensionalism for most Enemy albums which I find a bit boring for the newfound "queen of (melodic) death metal" vocals as she seems to be being proclaimed.

Anyway, bands worth checking out and keeping an eye on (Top links are my picks of choice):

Probably the deepest female vocals I've heard, awesome sustain and resonance in her voice. Really aggressive. An unsigned band - like most I'm mentioning here.

I really liked these guys, nice and original, the distorted vocals and the clean vocals mix well. "Sweet Mary" is worth checking out just for the variation of styles used. The scream at the start of Healer and Death is also really awesome. Actually, just continuing to listen to this there is real prowess in the vocals.

Metalcore, superb production, good guitar work, high pitched grainy and destinctive screaming from frontwoman Maria.

Singer mixes gossow-esque screams with singing, the guitar playing isnt as good as AE (their finer point I reckon) but its still solid and worth a listen.

One of the few bands i've found thats actually signed; high pitched raspy vocals in a grindcore situation.

Been around for ages, barked female growl, good variation between high and low. Check out the tracks from the Brutal Constructor album - the latest - 2004. Claims to be the most "Brootal", bit of a letdown in that respect.

All in all a decent spread, most of them seem to outdo Gossow, although anyone can feel free to disagree but if anyone knows any more please shout them out! smile.gif


Posted by: The Uncreator Feb 27 2008, 08:51 PM

All those bands are kickass, I especially like Merlin, there is some great stuff on there!!

Posted by: Spreedmaster Feb 27 2008, 09:12 PM

Cadaveria maybe, I havent really listened to them just heard them in passing.

Posted by: The Uncreator Feb 27 2008, 11:47 PM

Man, I Love Cadaveria, she is a great vocalists, check out her work with Opera IX, very dark and morbid but strangely beautiful.

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