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8 Mar 2008
I just saw it was his b'day in the thingy, so happy birthday Robin! Have some caek! tongue.gif

8 Mar 2008
Question to all instructors or members smile.gif

Recently when I started learning Gabes Shred Lesson I noticed that he plays his alternate picking runs slightly different to me, for example when he plays:


He lifts his top finger off the 10th fret after each time he plays it, now I have a tendancy to "root" my top finger there whilst playing these sort of licks, ie once it goes there and if I have to repeat the same run twice then it just stays in place and doesnt move at all.

I've already asked Brett and he says that he gets a slight feedback if he does it my way, which I've found I dont get at all, and I find it less awkward to play holding down the top note in a run.

The question is, is my way considered good practice at all? - and if not then why?

Cheers for your replies smile.gif
2 Mar 2008
Points of Origin

My mind it crawls endless possibility
Points of origin, paths of symmetry
Sense and senseless action predetermined
Of unintended and openended agression

Death, I see you now
Not simply as the end
But as a footstep into the unknown
A questionable path into another life
Eternity or nothing,
Care and knowledge are beyond me.

When I look at today
I only see tomorrow
Where the new beginning sets my pace
Refreshed objectives, renewed goals
Weigh the worth of my life

So I admire this long and winding road
Stretching perilously above mortality
For true ambition does not stop at the sky
But extends to every atom of the universe

Only self action truely dictates a destiny
But through our new found forms of achievement
We must remember who we were, who we are
And what we want to be
For whilst tomorrow must be better than today
We must not forget the past
Our points of origin.

© Owen Waldron 2008


Again its quite reflective, I sort of progressed in thought as I was writing this, dunno if that shows through at all.

Comments and crit as always very welcome smile.gif
29 Feb 2008
Basically what I want to ask is, should you practice every day for best improvement to your voice? or like working out should it be done once every 2-3 days or so to see the best results in shorter space of time? smile.gif

27 Feb 2008
In my epic quest of looking for any female screaming/growling vocalists the results have been few, I've been looking for someone to outdo Angela Gossow - who I notice relies on special effects and 1 dimensionalism for most Enemy albums which I find a bit boring for the newfound "queen of (melodic) death metal" vocals as she seems to be being proclaimed.

Anyway, bands worth checking out and keeping an eye on (Top links are my picks of choice):

Probably the deepest female vocals I've heard, awesome sustain and resonance in her voice. Really aggressive. An unsigned band - like most I'm mentioning here.

I really liked these guys, nice and original, the distorted vocals and the clean vocals mix well. "Sweet Mary" is worth checking out just for the variation of styles used. The scream at the start of Healer and Death is also really awesome. Actually, just continuing to listen to this there is real prowess in the vocals.

Metalcore, superb production, good guitar work, high pitched grainy and destinctive screaming from frontwoman Maria.

Singer mixes gossow-esque screams with singing, the guitar playing isnt as good as AE (their finer point I reckon) but its still solid and worth a listen.

One of the few bands i've found thats actually signed; high pitched raspy vocals in a grindcore situation.

Been around for ages, barked female growl, good variation between high and low. Check out the tracks from the Brutal Constructor album - the latest - 2004. Claims to be the most "Brootal", bit of a letdown in that respect.

All in all a decent spread, most of them seem to outdo Gossow, although anyone can feel free to disagree but if anyone knows any more please shout them out! smile.gif

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Happy B-day man
16 Jun 2008 - 16:21
Happy B-day man, have a good one :)
16 Jun 2008 - 6:51
Sorry Owen, wanted to see what would happen when I clicked the 'x'... your comment got deleted. :(
5 Feb 2008 - 11:22
So I was thinking to myself today... Owen better watch out for shipping containers marked 'DBE'
It actually stands for Drop Bear Export..
Just thought I would give my fellow GMC'er a heads up.
3 Feb 2008 - 13:59
Unfortunately I haven't tested it out yet. As you know our groupies are 50+, and I don't really wanna run after them :(
30 Jan 2008 - 18:48


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