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15 Jul 2020
Hello folks,

I'm taking my main laptop away with me for two weeks, I know how to stop OneDrive from starting automatically when starting windows but it's not what I want, I want it to ask me every time to log in. The reason is, should my laptop get stolen, I don't want my files to be accessed, I'm going to put a lot of stuff as "on-demand" ie, it's on the cloud until I need it and stays there when being used even with editing.

Anyone know how to do it? I'm probably being a numpty but I can't see how, nor can I find it on Google.


14 Jul 2020
Hello folks,

I'm running a 2nd gen Scarlett 18i8 at home. I want to take my laptop away with me but don't want to take the 18i8. If I buy a 3rd gen Scarlett Solo will there be any driver or other software conflicts? Will each one just work when I plug it it?

11 Jul 2020
Hello folks,

I bought a holiday home today in Pembrokeshire, we don't want to be getting on planes for a while. Really looking forward to this new way of taking a holiday until things calm down, plus it will help to get the UK economy going again.

Anyway, I am looking to getting a recording setup, we won't be able to do it when we go down in a couple of weeks as it is a brand new holiday home so we have to take a lot of stuff to kit it out.

I'm looking to get a refurbed 12" laptop around the £250-£300 something like a Dell Latitude as they are nice and small, I know I won't be able to use TH-U because of lack of power so I thought about getting a Boss GT-001, I had one a few years ago, it was pretty good and I think it can be the audio interface too.

I don't want to use my tablet as it's an ageing Samsung Galaxy Tab S and I'd like a laptop anyway as there are some things that tablets aren't too good at so I can kill two birds with one stone.

I don't need monitors as it will be headphones only.

Any ideas, particularly about the fx/audio interface all in one solution will be greatly appreciated.

27 Jun 2020
Not for me but a friend of mine has been a beta tester and says "

"Quilter Amplification proudly launches the "Best dam amplifier they have ever made" the Overdrive 202.
I am proud to have been in their Beta Testing Group for this product, so I have actually had mine for several months whilst being bound by a "Non disclosure agreement".
Finally able to tell you all that this thing ROCKS!!
200 watts of solid state power in a unit that weighs 4 lbs.
Two speaker outputs 8 and 4 ohms and you can plug this thing in anywhere in the world with no adjustments and no change in performance. This is not your Solid State amplifier of the past...this is the genius of Patrick Quilter !!
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