Guitar Chat with Muris, Andrew Cockburn etc. 2007-08-24
Sep 10 2007, 08:09 PM
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12:22:17 Slammer: *slap* :P
12:22:50 Slammer: hmm, I'll try the *Whip* :P
12:22:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ook
12:23:00 Slammer: LOL
12:23:02 Eat-Sleep-andJam: what what :p
12:23:05 Slammer: :P
12:23:16 Slammer: nothing I just like slapping people :P
12:23:25 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I seeeeee
12:23:52 Slammer: dude can I ask you something?
12:24:43 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sure
12:24:46 Slammer: What is the perimeter of a trapezoid having side-lengths 10 cm, 7 cm, 6 cm, and 7 cm?
12:24:52 Slammer: :P
12:24:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: um
12:24:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hang on
12:25:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 15
12:25:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no
12:25:10 Eat-Sleep-andJam: wait
12:25:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: 30
12:25:17 Slammer: YAY!!
12:25:20 Slammer: :P
12:25:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: idk if im supposed to divide by 2
12:25:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I think thats area
12:25:40 Slammer: LOL
12:25:46 Slammer: I bet you just got up
12:25:53 Eat-Sleep-andJam: lol
12:25:56 Eat-Sleep-andJam: at 12 yeah
12:25:59 Slammer: dude
12:26:08 Slammer: when does school start for you?
12:26:14 Slammer: next week?
12:26:16 Eat-Sleep-andJam: in like 2 weeks
12:26:22 Slammer: Damn,,,
12:26:33 Slammer: two more weeks of summer
12:26:43 Slammer: summer ended on Monday
12:26:53 Slammer: :(
12:27:30 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well college is alot more fun then highschool, I start highschool as a freshman soo n:o
12:27:47 Slammer: :D
12:27:54 Slammer: have fun
12:27:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ill try
12:28:02 Slammer: you play any sports
12:28:12 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I play basketball
12:28:17 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I kinda suck at sports
12:28:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and I also play golf if that counts
12:28:45 Slammer: u like to watch them on TV right?
12:28:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
12:28:52 Slammer: LOL
12:29:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I just play them because everyone else does :p
12:34:59 Robin: morning
12:35:06 Slammer: LOL
12:35:12 Slammer: Dave Gilmour!
12:35:16 Slammer: Robin :P
12:36:19 Slammer: what's up
12:36:23 Slammer: *slap*
12:36:37 Robin: haha
12:36:43 Robin: Thanks, I guess :)
12:36:49 Slammer: :)
12:36:51 Slammer: :)
12:36:59 Slammer: :)
12:37:20 Robin: You look like a funny person
12:37:22 Robin: :D
12:37:29 Slammer: :P
12:37:41 Slammer: I'm not :)
12:37:56 Robin: Yes you are!
12:37:57 Slammer: :D
12:38:04 Slammer: I'm Slammer
12:38:11 Slammer: I'm a Wrestler
12:38:47 Robin: kewl
12:38:52 Slammer: LOL
12:39:16 Slammer: what is your Wrestling Name?
12:39:32 Slammer: Robin Could?
12:39:46 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Id wrestle but I do rob banks :)
12:39:55 Slammer: Booker T!
12:40:07 Robin: wrestling name? :P
12:40:15 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Stop right there theif !
12:40:19 Robin: Robba the hut
12:41:18 Slammer: how about Fatman and Robin?
12:41:31 Robin: hmm not bad, not bad
12:41:34 Slammer: hey ESJ
12:41:45 Robin: Though, I like Scatman and Robin better
12:41:58 Robin: bi bapa barapå
12:42:04 Robin: I'm the scatmaaan
12:43:11 Slammer: Hey Robin do you have Any New Pictures of your Cousin?
12:43:19 Robin: haha no sorry
12:43:27 Slammer: you are Lying
12:43:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: hmm
12:43:37 Eat-Sleep-andJam: brb
12:43:44 Robin: Yes I do
12:43:50 Slammer: Let's see them
12:44:05 Robin: this is my cousin
12:44:20 Robin: she dont like you
12:44:21 Robin: !
12:44:35 Slammer: or you either I think
12:44:36 Slammer: :P
12:44:42 Slammer: she don't like anyone
12:44:44 Slammer: LOL
12:44:45 Robin: Of course not
12:44:47 Robin: :D
12:44:55 Slammer: No, Serious I know that's not her
12:45:01 Slammer: LET's See
12:45:03 Slammer: :P
12:45:12 Robin: but, but. I dooont have anyyy pictuaarrzz
12:45:23 Slammer: from your Date :P
12:45:27 Robin: quit stalking me, aaaaghhhhh!
12:45:31 Slammer: LMAO
12:45:37 Slammer: I wish GEN was here
12:45:50 Slammer: then he'd be on you worst
12:45:53 Slammer: LOL
12:45:58 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Gen the perve from france ?
12:46:04 Slammer: LOL
12:46:07 Slammer: he's Swiss
12:46:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: he will be caught
12:46:18 Robin: haha he is not french at all!! if he just watched what you said now he would get really pissed!! :D
12:46:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and he will pay the price
12:46:28 Slammer: no he wouldn't
12:46:32 Slammer: He would Laugh
12:46:33 Slammer: LOL
12:46:42 Eat-Sleep-andJam: He will do no such thing or he will be arrested
12:46:49 Slammer: well, If I said it he would laugh
12:46:53 Robin: omg chief eat-sleep-jam
12:46:59 Robin: is your last name Wiggum?
12:47:04 Slammer: LOL
12:47:09 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Im convinced im a cop dont spoil it
12:47:21 Eat-Sleep-andJam: or you will be caught, and you will pay the price
12:47:45 Robin: Alright chief
12:47:56 Slammer: Quick jamal run!
12:48:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: follow the smell of cocaine go go go
12:48:29 Slammer: That's wasn't kind what you said Slammer
12:48:31 Robin: Well I'm a wizard now. I pwn you
12:48:51 Robin: *Casting spell of total destruction and doom"
12:48:59 Slammer: I'm /me
12:49:06 Slammer: LOL
12:49:21 Robin: Slammer
12:49:25 Robin: are you really an angel?
12:49:27 Eat-Sleep-andJam: For preaching false standards of magic and wizardtry you are here by law sentenced to move in with slammer
12:49:38 Robin: ohhhh noooo not that pervert
12:49:42 Robin: ( :D )
12:50:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yes yes we know, Rosie O'donald already killed herself
12:50:11 Robin: Oh my goodness
12:50:22 Robin: Man I never knew roleplaying was this fun
12:50:23 Slammer: I like Flowers!
12:50:40 Robin: I like powers
12:50:46 Slammer: It is only Ancient Formula
12:50:56 Slammer: so where can I buy it?
12:51:04 Slammer: and how much??
12:51:09 Robin: woot?
12:51:10 Robin: :P
12:51:14 Slammer: He left
12:51:26 Slammer: must have Offended him
12:51:28 Slammer: :P
12:52:05 Slammer: *slap*
12:52:07 Slammer: Robin
12:52:12 Slammer: Batman
12:52:19 Robin: omg noes
12:52:31 Slammer: Why couldn't Batman go Fishing? Cuz Robin ate the Worms
12:52:47 Robin: :(
12:53:06 Robin: :D
12:53:41 Eat-Sleep-andJam: fighting crime is hard work
12:53:41 Slammer: LOL
12:53:43 Slammer: robin
12:53:52 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I deserve a donut
12:54:24 Slammer: Your a New York Cop
12:54:31 Slammer: LOL
12:54:35 Slammer: ?
12:54:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: New Yorks finest
12:54:35 Slammer: you have a Horse
12:54:38 Eat-Sleep-andJam: nooooo
12:54:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: !
12:55:03 Eat-Sleep-andJam: I have a bmw motorcycle
12:55:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: thats uber fast
12:55:18 Slammer: BMW motorcycle
12:55:24 Eat-Sleep-andJam: y eah
12:55:39 Slammer: do you Dig, Escaldes?
12:55:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: no they're signs of trouble
12:56:06 Slammer: Escalade*
12:56:22 Slammer: ok mr cop
12:56:30 Slammer: What's your Favorite Food
12:56:36 Slammer: ?
12:56:38 Slammer: LOL
12:56:43 Slammer: JK JK
12:56:49 Eat-Sleep-andJam: id say
12:56:54 Eat-Sleep-andJam: umm
12:57:05 Eat-Sleep-andJam: sushi
12:57:35 Eat-Sleep-andJam: depends on their physical aspects
12:57:41 Slammer: :P
12:57:44 Slammer: LOL!
12:57:52 Slammer: good Answer
12:57:59 Slammer: cuz I meab
12:58:01 Slammer: Mean*
12:58:09 Slammer: who really looks at the Hair?
12:58:11 Slammer: :P
12:58:17 Slammer: JK JK
12:58:23 Eat-Sleep-andJam: when they're bent over its hard to tell
12:59:59 Slammer: LOL
13:00:02 Slammer: Yeah Right
13:00:04 Eat-Sleep-andJam: psh ha ha ha
13:00:11 Eat-Sleep-andJam: dont mock me
13:00:27 Slammer: LOL
13:00:34 Slammer: you see ESJ
13:00:50 Slammer: the most Important thing about a Girl is her Personallity
13:00:59 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
13:09:02 Slammer: brb in 5
13:09:20 Robin: Family barbeque, see you later :D
13:11:33 Slammer: family BBQ
13:11:37 Slammer: *whip*
13:17:07 Slammer: ok dude CYa
13:17:10 Slammer: bye
13:17:15 Slammer: one last *slap*
13:17:18 Slammer: :P
13:17:21 Slammer: Bye
14:54:58 Kurt: hi
14:55:32 Batista: hello
14:56:18 Batista: Whats up?
14:56:28 Kurt: nmu
14:56:45 Batista: Yo shreddyboy
14:56:54 shredmandan: hey there
14:57:16 shredmandan: whats going on guys
14:57:51 Batista: Practicing a little bit tapping.. There?
14:58:10 shredmandan: the new lesson by muris?
14:58:26 Batista: No, just try to make my own tapping solo=)
14:58:26 Kurt: I am too lazy now for i m chatting ;)
14:58:36 shredmandan: ;lol
14:58:45 shredmandan: cool
14:59:12 shredmandan: i really want to learn how to do that muti fingered tapping like he does in that video
14:59:33 shredmandan: thats the new generation of tapping compared to the just single note tapps of the 80's
14:59:48 Batista: Yeah, but I have a strange problem.. When I tap the high E string, the A string starts to make noise 0o
15:00:15 Batista: And that is 4 strings between those strings=S
15:00:17 shredmandan: some how your hitting it with hand or arm then
15:00:33 shredmandan: got to find a way to get it muted thats all
15:00:53 Batista: No, I have payed attention to if I lay my hand or arm down on it, but I don't
15:01:07 Batista: Yeah, to clean it up..
15:02:36 Batista: How long have you guys been playing?
15:02:50 shredmandan: about 11 years u?
15:03:04 Batista: About 4 1/2 month
15:03:12 shredmandan: i see
15:03:22 Batista: Been member here for 1 1/2 month only though
15:03:24 shredmandan: picking it up fast ?
15:06:04 Batista: Mhm=)
15:06:24 Batista: Learned insanely much on only that month and a half I has been here
15:06:34 shredmandan: good
15:11:56 Kurt: hey what are you talkin bout?
15:14:19 Kurt: hi andrew
15:14:31 Kurt: :(
15:23:49 Slammer: *slap*
15:23:55 Slammer: KURT!!
15:23:59 Slammer: *whip*
15:24:03 Slammer: :(
15:24:07 Kurt: hye!!!
15:24:10 Slammer: :)
15:24:14 Slammer: whats up?
15:24:14 Kurt: lol
15:24:18 Kurt: nmu
15:24:27 Slammer: how's life in Europe?
15:24:28 Kurt: I am just chilling lol
15:24:36 Kurt: great!!!!!! :)
15:24:48 Kurt: ur from usa?
15:24:48 Slammer: your from Norway right?
15:24:55 Kurt: nope...austria
15:24:58 Slammer: :)
15:25:05 Slammer: yep I'm from Florida
15:25:08 Slammer: LOL
15:25:08 Slammer: Vice City
15:25:15 Kurt: yeah cool
15:25:37 Slammer: do people ever ask you if you are from Austrailia
15:25:39 Slammer: ?
15:25:43 Slammer: LOL
15:25:50 Kurt: nope never until now :)
15:26:00 Slammer: dude
15:26:12 Slammer: gtg, I'll be back in 10 mintues
15:26:17 Slammer: LOL
15:26:17 Slammer: if your still here
15:26:20 Kurt: ok
15:26:27 Kurt: I think so^^
15:41:31 Slammer: LOL
15:41:36 Slammer: *slap*
15:41:42 Slammer: *whip*
15:41:46 Slammer: *meow*
15:41:53 Kurt: who is punching me?!!
15:42:07 Kurt: wasup back??
15:42:08 Slammer: the slammer!
15:42:19 Kurt: ou yeah lol
15:42:29 Slammer: so how long you've been playing?
15:42:42 Kurt: nearly 1 year
15:42:44 Kurt: u?
15:42:58 Slammer: 5 years
15:43:55 Slammer: *slap*
15:43:57 Slammer: LOL
15:43:58 Slammer: :P
15:44:34 Kurt: cool^^
15:44:44 Slammer: yeah
15:44:51 Slammer: who is your favorite guitarist?
15:45:13 Kurt: its difficult to say......
15:45:26 Kurt: one would of course be jimmy page
15:45:36 Kurt: but if you ask me for the best....
15:45:42 Kurt: I would say steve vai
15:45:57 Kurt: and what bout u?
15:45:57 Slammer: yeh
15:46:33 Slammer: CLapton is my fav
15:47:03 Slammer: and I like Eric Johnsonn
15:47:19 Slammer: hey Man
15:47:26 Slammer: It was great chatting with you
15:47:31 Slammer: but I gotta go
15:47:38 Slammer: talk to you some other time :)
15:48:06 Slammer: ok bye
16:05:25 JVM: hey
16:05:33 JVM: :)
16:08:56 shredmandan: everytime i make it to chat slammer is saying bye lol
16:09:01 JVM: lol
16:09:02 JVM: well
16:09:06 JVM: that was well before now
16:09:14 JVM: or was it??
16:09:15 Zephyr: hey guys
16:09:17 JVM: lol
16:09:19 shredmandan: hey man
16:09:21 shredmandan: lol
16:09:24 JVM: I just got back from school
16:09:33 JVM: trying to do something for the blues collab before muris has to go on vacay
16:09:37 JVM: but it's already 10pm his time
16:09:52 shredmandan: who's time jvm?
16:09:59 JVM: muris
16:10:08 shredmandan: oh
16:11:29 shredmandan: yep you think u will get it done by tonight ?Since its friday you got alot of time to work on it
16:13:24 JVM: well
16:13:31 JVM: he said he would like to get it TONIGHT
16:13:37 JVM: but its already pretty late his time
16:13:41 JVM: and i just got back
16:13:43 JVM: i already have some stuff down
16:13:49 JVM: but itll be tomorrow at the earliest I think
16:13:59 JVM: you're gone :P
16:13:59 JVM: uh
16:22:24 Kurt: yo
16:22:24 shredmandan: now im back.thought u were gone
16:22:31 JVM: lol
16:22:33 JVM: just a bit busy is all
16:22:36 shredmandan: hey
16:22:39 Kurt: I here too now lol
16:22:48 shredmandan: contgratulations lol
16:22:56 Kurt: yeah thx lol
16:24:09 shredmandan: i hope you just get it posted by tomorrow jvm same with nick.I would just like to see it all done before he went on vaction
16:24:16 JVM: i would too
16:24:21 JVM: just im on a bit of a short notice
16:24:24 JVM: but im trying
16:24:28 shredmandan: true
16:25:46 shredmandan: Im trying to get that new lesson of muris tapping down.Its hard for me to use multiple fingers .its almost like me trying to play guitar left handed
16:43:24 Nick325: yo
16:43:31 JVM: hey
16:43:34 Nick325: sup
16:43:50 JVM: hows the collab coming nick?
16:43:57 Nick325: good
16:46:42 JVM: hey how do you download the track and put it into a recording program?
16:46:48 JVM: i use audacity
16:46:53 JVM: i just cant figure out how to download it lol
16:49:19 Nick325: o
16:49:38 Nick325: when its up in the post right click save as or something
16:51:02 Nick325: do you know how to mix the backing track and solo part together with audacity?
16:51:10 JVM: yeah
16:51:18 JVM: when you have the BT open in audacity
16:51:21 JVM: just hit record
16:51:29 JVM: and it'll do a new track over it
16:51:43 JVM: or paste your track if you've already done it
16:52:00 Nick325: o its does it over it
16:52:09 JVM: yeah it'll be seperate though
16:52:15 Nick325: when i try it it does a seperate track
16:52:21 Nick325: o so than does it mix it
16:52:24 JVM: oh yeah
16:52:27 JVM: well when you have that
16:52:33 JVM: you should just be able to export it as an mp3
16:52:42 JVM: and it'll do it automatically
16:52:54 Nick325: mine wont export as mp3
16:52:56 Nick325: only wav
16:53:09 JVM: why not?
16:53:12 Nick325: idk
16:53:21 JVM: you need the lame library codec
16:53:33 JVM:;item=lame-mp3
16:53:38 JVM: download that and save it somewhere where you remember
16:53:57 Nick325: k
16:53:58 JVM: then find it when you try to export as an mp3 and itll work
16:54:44 Nick325: open or sace
16:54:46 Nick325: save*
16:54:57 JVM: save
16:54:57 Nick325: ?
16:55:00 Nick325: k
16:55:16 Nick325: dont i have to put .dll or something
16:56:08 JVM: it should do it all for ya
16:56:21 Nick325: o
16:57:33 Nick325: when i try and find it under where i put it its not there
16:57:56 JVM: make sure you're looking for the right file type and stuff
16:58:03 JVM: like itll say show files of this type:
16:58:07 JVM: make sure it says all or whatever
17:04:43 Nick325: where did u save it under
17:04:58 JVM: i just saved it in the audacity folder
17:08:57 Nick325: i got it
17:09:01 JVM: cool
17:09:02 Nick325: finally
17:09:34 JVM: now to post it on the forum?
17:09:41 Nick325: not yet
17:09:45 Nick325: :P
17:09:46 Nick325: soon
17:13:07 JVM: sorry browser crash
17:14:04 Nick325: k
17:25:23 Nick325: dup
17:25:26 Nick325: sup*
17:26:22 muris: wow
17:26:29 muris: it's blues night :)
17:27:24 muris: *slap*
17:27:32 JVM: hey muris :)
17:27:39 muris: hi :)
17:27:40 JVM: I might have something for you tonight
17:27:46 JVM: it's pretty late though eh?
17:27:47 muris: ok ;)
17:27:55 muris: well...sort of
17:27:55 Nick325: me 2
17:27:57 JVM: I've just been home about an hour and a half though
17:28:08 muris: I'll try to mix it
17:28:17 muris: maybe tomorrow morning
17:28:19 Nick325: ill have mine up soon
17:28:34 muris: problem is comments
17:28:41 Nick325: o ya
17:28:49 muris: not sure will I have enough time to write them
17:28:54 Nick325: well why dont u post it and then put the comments up went u get back
17:29:04 muris: ahh
17:29:10 muris: that's not real deal
17:29:21 muris: deal is to post mix and comments
17:29:24 muris: together
17:29:32 Nick325: o :(
17:30:24 Nick325: muris wats a good string dampener
17:32:35 muris: hmm
17:32:48 muris: what do you mean by what?
17:32:58 muris: mean like brand or?
17:34:41 Nick325: something i could use that i found around the house
17:35:08 muris: ahh
17:35:13 muris: hair lastic?
17:35:24 Nick325: whats that
17:35:49 muris: lastic that you tie hair with
17:35:59 muris: or sock
17:36:12 Nick325: i have those lol
17:36:25 muris: there you go ;)
17:36:54 Nick325: wait i foudn thi
17:37:06 Nick325:
17:38:00 JVM: ahh
17:38:06 JVM: i wish my tone didnt seem so muddy on record :P
17:38:07 muris: yeah
17:38:11 muris: there are many ways
17:38:15 muris: I have MAB as well
17:38:19 Nick325: but it wont let me see the picks
17:38:30 Nick325: well im not spending 90 for something MAB uses
17:38:39 muris: I see
17:38:44 muris: then just tie a scok
17:38:49 muris: it does the job
17:38:53 muris: not so fancy tho
17:38:56 muris: but it works
17:39:11 Nick325: ill use that unless i can make one link the libk
17:39:26 muris: yep :)
17:40:53 muris: suck
17:40:56 muris: pardon me
17:41:00 Nick325: lol
17:41:02 muris: I'm uploading one vid
17:41:10 Nick325: a lesson?\
17:41:16 muris: and tone is always out of sync with video
17:41:21 muris: no
17:41:24 muris: not lesson
17:41:25 Nick325: o
17:41:32 muris: for Steve Vai competition
17:41:40 Nick325: ooo that
17:41:46 muris: yeah
17:41:50 Nick325: can i have the link when u done
17:41:59 muris: but theirs player runs it too odd
17:42:03 muris: sure
17:42:08 muris: when it's done :)
17:42:10 muris: lol
17:42:12 Nick325: k
17:42:28 muris: I'm uploding it for an hour
17:42:30 muris: no good
17:42:33 Nick325: muris what did u use to make the backing for the blues collab
17:42:37 Nick325: damn
17:42:59 muris: addictive drums for drums,trilogy vst for bass
17:43:02 muris: that's it
17:43:26 Nick325: i thought there was guitar in it
17:43:38 muris: ohh yeah
17:43:40 muris: 2 of them
17:43:43 muris: :)
17:43:50 muris: Korg Pandora
17:43:54 muris: the same routine
17:44:24 Nick325: k
17:47:04 Nick325: at recordg program do u use
17:49:47 muris: Cubase sx3
17:50:14 muris: sometimes I add reason and Ableton as well
17:56:00 Kurt: yo niggaz
17:56:02 Kurt: lol
17:56:32 Kurt: :(
17:57:30 muris: hey Kurt :)
17:57:36 Kurt: oh hey :)
17:57:53 Nick325: yo
17:58:05 Kurt: hey Nick325
17:58:15 Nick325: hey Kurt
18:01:39 muris: new lesson is up ;)
18:01:56 Nick325: awsome
18:02:00 Nick325: wats it about
18:02:19 muris: fake picking
18:02:20 muris: lol
18:02:31 Nick325: really
18:02:34 muris: aha
18:02:37 muris: you'll see
18:02:39 muris: funny thing
18:02:42 Nick325: k
18:04:05 muris: oops
18:04:34 Nick325: silly muris ;)
18:04:51 muris: iSilly
18:04:53 muris: ;)
18:04:59 Nick325: lol
18:05:01 muris: lol
18:05:20 muris: wanna hear my new pickups?
18:05:37 Nick325: sure
18:05:46 muris:
18:05:55 muris: go into humbuckers section
18:06:01 muris: look for Scorpion and Zen
18:06:45 Nick325: what type
18:06:54 Nick325: humbaucker strat tele
18:07:18 muris: regular
18:07:28 muris: humbuckers
18:09:58 Nick325: sound cool
18:10:14 muris: ;)
18:13:48 Slammer: *slap*
18:13:54 JVM: *slap*
18:13:59 Slammer: *slap*
18:14:01 JVM: *meow*
18:14:03 muris: hi and be quiet
18:14:05 muris: lol
18:14:05 Slammer: *whip* :P
18:14:06 JVM: lol
18:14:15 Slammer: beat that
18:14:36 JVM: I've basically got something down
18:14:37 Slammer: have you made your new masterpiece?
18:14:41 JVM: but I need some oomph to it :p
18:14:50 JVM: not sure what it's missing
18:14:54 Slammer: Reverb?
18:15:09 Slammer: LOL
18:15:14 Slammer: ok guys
18:15:24 Slammer: just checking in...
18:15:25 Slammer: gtg
18:15:27 Slammer: cya
18:15:29 Slammer: :P
18:16:50 Nick325: gtg dinner be back in 15
18:17:02 muris: k
18:26:29 Iluha: hello hello
18:26:30 Slammer: back
18:26:33 Slammer: :P
18:26:38 Slammer: What's up?
18:26:51 Iluha: all good a bit tipsy but ok :) what up?
18:26:52 JVM: nothing much
18:26:53 Slammer: JVM how's the song Coming along?
18:26:56 JVM: just trying some variations
18:27:15 Slammer: sweet
18:27:19 Slammer: with audacity?
18:27:22 JVM: yeah
18:27:23 Slammer: you could try Reaper?
18:27:27 Iluha: lemme hear it KVM :)
18:27:29 JVM: audacity is working fine
18:27:31 Iluha: JVM*
18:27:33 JVM: nah not yet iluha :p
18:27:47 Slammer: dude you wanna hear what I recorded today>
18:27:48 Slammer: ?
18:27:53 Iluha: yes
18:28:01 Slammer: well, you can't
18:28:02 Slammer: LOL
18:28:04 JVM: lol
18:28:05 JVM: so mean
18:28:05 Slammer: well
18:28:06 Iluha: :(
18:28:09 Slammer: NO
18:28:13 Slammer: I haven't mixed it yet
18:28:24 Slammer: I'm gonna work on it right now
18:28:26 Slammer: :P
18:28:31 Iluha: I'm still stuck on my two things
18:28:40 Slammer: EM chord?
18:28:44 Iluha: even the booze can't get my creativity going
18:29:45 Slammer: *slap*
18:29:51 Slammer: three Stooges
18:30:00 JVM: ahh im getting somewhere
18:30:09 Slammer: Great
18:30:37 Iluha: I'm also gonna try working on my thingies.. maybe something'll come out
18:30:45 Slammer: yes
18:30:54 Slammer: try to jam over a Backing Track
18:30:56 Slammer: It's fun
18:31:02 Slammer: I did a little Wah
18:31:03 Iluha: i would jam
18:31:13 Iluha: if it wasnt 1:30 am here and I didn't have a baby sister :)
18:31:41 Slammer: u have headphones?
18:31:46 Iluha: broken lol
18:32:15 Iluha: I'm just gonna tinker with guitar pro and with an unplugged electric guitar
18:32:27 Slammer: nice
18:32:33 Slammer: Classical Guitar is fun
18:33:17 Iluha: oh my its andrew :D
18:33:23 JVM: ahh hello andrew :P
18:33:23 Andrew Cockburn: sure is
18:33:26 Andrew Cockburn: hi guys
18:33:28 Iluha: hey chubby :)
18:33:33 Andrew Cockburn: jst dropping in before dinner
18:33:41 JVM: almost finished with my blues collab
18:33:44 Andrew Cockburn: WHat is that tenacious d thing all about???
18:33:47 Slammer: watcha Eating?
18:33:55 Iluha: you look like him what can I say..
18:33:57 Andrew Cockburn: Dunno
18:33:58 Slammer: LOL
18:34:04 JVM: yeah you do look a bit like kyle!
18:34:06 JVM: take it as a compliment
18:34:08 Andrew Cockburn: Not even close!
18:34:09 JVM: kyle is a guitar god
18:34:14 Iluha: indeed
18:34:16 Andrew Cockburn: hmm
18:34:17 Slammer: well, in your Old Avatar you really did
18:34:22 Slammer: with the Line6
18:34:34 Andrew Cockburn: I guess
18:34:34 Slammer: standing in that Stance
18:34:51 Slammer: :D
18:35:35 Slammer: JVM is learning how to do Home Recording
18:35:42 Andrew Cockburn: Good for JVM
18:35:52 Andrew Cockburn: Hows that cmoing on - you said you were nearly done>
18:36:01 JVM: tuning my guitar atm :P
18:36:02 Iluha: I'm learning how to be creative while drunk :)
18:36:06 Andrew Cockburn: Good plan
18:36:11 Slammer: although he is only working with a 1/4 to 1/8 plug
18:36:25 Andrew Cockburn: Ah, minimalistic
18:36:46 Slammer: LOL
18:36:52 Slammer: the Hissing is a Pain
18:37:00 Slammer: and Background noise
18:37:07 Andrew Cockburn: Well he should stop hisiing then, play the guitar instead
18:37:15 Slammer: :P
18:37:20 JVM: lol
18:37:20 Slammer: LMAO
18:37:25 Slammer: you hear that JVM?
18:37:31 Slammer: :P
18:37:31 JVM: slammer do you mind doing some eq when im done? lol
18:37:33 Andrew Cockburn: no hes too busy hissing
18:37:38 Andrew Cockburn: nah
18:37:40 Andrew Cockburn: not at all
18:37:56 Andrew Cockburn: too much hissing going on
18:38:03 Andrew Cockburn: cant eq that :)
18:38:08 Slammer: he's like a snake
18:38:09 Slammer: !
18:38:28 Slammer: SURE JVM
18:38:41 Slammer: I just bought $7500 worth of Studio Equitment
18:38:43 Slammer: :)
18:38:51 Andrew Cockburn: Cool, wtahca get ?
18:39:05 Slammer: A jimmy Page Les Paul and a Pack of Strings
18:39:09 Andrew Cockburn: lol
18:39:25 Slammer: I wish I could
18:39:32 Slammer: just go and Drop that much
18:39:36 Slammer: LOL
18:39:41 Andrew Cockburn: I just bought $700 of effects ...
18:39:52 Slammer: 2 PODS?
18:39:59 Andrew Cockburn: nah, I have enough pods
18:40:02 Andrew Cockburn: going analog now
18:40:03 Slammer: yeah
18:40:32 Andrew Cockburn: Weeping Demon, Keeley modded BD-2, Keely compressor and a pedal board
18:40:45 Slammer: nice
18:40:47 Iluha: I got.. absoulutly nothing.
18:40:47 Slammer: stuff
18:40:48 Slammer: !
18:40:51 Andrew Cockburn: all to feed into my beautiful new amp when I build it
18:41:10 Slammer: JVM I've decided to do a Instremental of the last 2 mintues of the All along the Watchtower BT
18:41:16 Slammer: I get to use WAH!
18:41:18 Slammer: LOL
18:41:33 JVM: woo
18:41:39 Slammer: :P
18:42:45 Andrew Cockburn: no JVM, not woo, wah!
18:42:49 Slammer: When I was first starting, the Thing that I could never Figure out was the Pentatonic Scale
18:43:04 Slammer: in the way that...
18:43:24 Slammer: Penta-tonic means 5 notes right?
18:43:30 Andrew Cockburn: yeah ...
18:43:46 Andrew Cockburn: last time I looked it did anyway
18:43:57 Slammer: It sure seemed like I was playing more than 5 notes :P
18:44:00 Andrew Cockburn: lol
18:44:03 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Rok
18:44:09 Andrew Cockburn: welcome to paradise
18:44:15 rokchik: howdy fellas
18:44:28 Slammer: to be a Rok and not a Roll....
18:44:38 JVM: hey rok
18:44:42 Andrew Cockburn: (oh don't let it roll)
18:44:46 rokchik: What's the topic of discussion this evening?
18:44:46 JVM: you dirty canadian
18:44:52 Andrew Cockburn: Snakes
18:44:56 Slammer: YES!
18:44:59 Slammer: Hissing!
18:45:04 JVM: ohhh shut up :P
18:45:04 rokchik: I am Canadian but not dirty...I showered. LOL!
18:45:28 Slammer: no your just Polite
18:45:38 Slammer: :P
18:45:51 rokchik: I was dirty earlier...I had a dirt bike lesson and well it never went well at all.
18:45:57 Andrew Cockburn: lol
18:46:04 rokchik: I ate a lot of dirt
18:46:10 Andrew Cockburn: fun?
18:46:20 Slammer: good thing you didn't break your Arm
18:46:24 Slammer: that would suck
18:46:27 Andrew Cockburn: (again!)
18:46:28 rokchik: Yeah...I'm feeling it now though.
18:46:38 Andrew Cockburn: Oh it was your shoulder last time
18:47:04 rokchik: No it's all sand here so not too I wasn't going fast. I didn't even have it out of 2nd :)
18:47:27 Andrew Cockburn: Sounds cool though
18:47:32 Slammer: Hey Rokchik, You should be a Instructor here
18:47:36 Andrew Cockburn: I sat in a chair and worked al afternoon :(
18:48:02 rokchik: Just fell over a lot. Bike was kind of big Suzuki DRZ400 or something if anyone knows what that means
18:48:11 Slammer: listen if you want Girls to Sign Up, you need a Girl Insructor!!
18:48:14 Slammer: It's true
18:48:35 rokchik: Slammer your very Kind but I am not instructor worthy at all.
18:48:50 Slammer: you could teach us, A and D chords
18:48:51 Slammer: :)
18:48:57 rokchik: I could do that
18:48:58 Andrew Cockburn: Neither am I - I just fake it
18:49:01 rokchik: even E
18:49:05 Slammer: YES!
18:49:11 Andrew Cockburn: Bur DavidO has stolen simple chord lessons
18:49:24 Slammer: so girl guitarists can have someone to Relate too
18:49:44 rokchik: Hey I'm relating fine but I see your point
18:49:48 Slammer: I mean, Your the only person the Ladies of GMC board
18:49:50 Slammer: LOL
18:49:55 Slammer: kinda Lonely over there?
18:50:44 rokchik: This is so true...I have no friends :( But one they They'll show up. You know if you build it they will come. I have faith in the girls.
18:51:01 Andrew Cockburn: We are doing what we can ...
18:51:26 Andrew Cockburn: I deleted another sexist comment in one of Lucianas lessons today - first in a while though
18:51:53 Slammer: you could Put your pic on the Pic thread, so other girls will know that they're not the only ones :)
18:51:54 rokchik: Yep Andrew...and there are tons of girls on here but just not on the forum
18:52:47 Iluha: oh hey rokchik :)
18:52:59 Andrew Cockburn: You just wake up???
18:53:07 Iluha: I was playing the guitar!
18:53:10 rokchik: Hey Iluha
18:53:11 Nick325: back
18:53:23 Andrew Cockburn: A likely story, you were sleeping!
18:53:27 Andrew Cockburn: HE nick
18:53:28 Iluha: though, unplugged but ok :P
18:53:42 rokchik: I was but broke a string.
18:53:50 Andrew Cockburn: Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:54:00 Andrew Cockburn: Now yoou have to wait a week while you order one
18:54:06 Andrew Cockburn: from the nearest guitar shop ...
18:54:19 rokchik: No I have more just figured I'd take a breather before fixing
18:54:26 Andrew Cockburn: Phew!
18:54:29 rokchik: I stocked up while on vacation
18:54:35 Andrew Cockburn: Cunning!
18:54:42 rokchik: that was the plan
18:54:47 rokchik: LOL
18:54:54 Nick325: hey
18:54:55 Andrew Cockburn: lol
18:55:11 rokchik: Andrew I new you'd get my humor :)
18:55:20 Andrew Cockburn: usually do!
18:55:25 Iluha: By the way people, I'm going to record my first songs over the next week, though I didn't write any of them should be fun :P
18:55:33 rokchik: scary :)
18:55:49 rokchik: that was for Andrew Iluha not you
18:56:00 rokchik: make sure you post the song
18:56:06 Andrew Cockburn: ALthough the song might well be scary :)
18:56:11 Iluha: its not song it's songS
18:56:25 rokchik: oh well post them all then
18:56:41 Iluha: Yeah I havn't heard the idea for the songs yet.. so they might be scary
18:56:51 rokchik: LOL
18:57:26 Iluha: I just hope that it wont be something like this: Iluha arrives at the scenes, listens to the songs, "F this", and goes home :(
18:57:43 Slammer: LOL
18:57:46 Slammer: DAN!!!
18:57:50 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Dan!
18:57:55 Slammer: Dan is cool
18:57:58 Slammer: LOL
18:57:59 Iluha: dan rocks
18:58:02 shredmandan: hey man thanks
18:58:08 rokchik: Hey Danny boy
18:58:10 Slammer: I saw him first :P
18:58:14 Slammer: LOL
18:58:15 shredmandan: lol
18:58:17 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Dan, you picture looks just like I imagined you :)
18:58:18 rokchik: LOL
18:58:22 Slammer: me too
18:58:30 Slammer: and you're 24 right?
18:58:39 shredmandan: yep not 40 or 80 lol
18:58:47 Slammer: when you said a few years ago...
18:58:53 Slammer: how many?
18:58:56 shredmandan: i think 3
18:59:04 Slammer: :)
18:59:16 shredmandan: not like im gray headed now or anything lol
18:59:26 rokchik: Yeah the pics were a good idea
18:59:34 shredmandan: i though it was cool
18:59:44 Owen: Its ok people! The party has started! I've arrived lol
18:59:52 shredmandan: finally lol
18:59:56 Iluha: !
18:59:56 Iluha: OMG
18:59:58 Andrew Cockburn: I have to say though, I am by far the most handsome GMC member and IU look nothing like Tenacious D!!
19:00:00 Iluha: owen! make me a bay
19:00:03 Iluha: baby*
19:00:07 shredmandan: lol
19:00:09 Owen: lol
19:00:11 Slammer: LOL
19:00:13 Iluha: No no, I am the most handsome
19:00:27 Andrew Cockburn: Did you post a pic yet?
19:00:31 Andrew Cockburn: I can;t remember
19:00:32 Iluha: but there isn't a camera that can take the power of my buty
19:00:36 Owen: I wish to contend for the longest emo fringe xD
19:00:37 shredmandan: nick you got your guitar part finished yet???
19:00:39 Iluha: beauty*
19:00:40 Andrew Cockburn: Ahh, I see, a cop out :)
19:00:41 Slammer: Excuses
19:00:43 Slammer: LOL
19:00:55 Andrew Cockburn: Owen, I thought you looked just like your Avatar
19:01:06 rokchik: That's my excuse
19:01:06 Iluha: Robin's pic freaks me out
19:01:19 Andrew Cockburn: and spent all your time with your head in your hands going "nooooo!" lol
19:01:24 rokchik: LOL
19:01:28 Andrew Cockburn: With or without the specs?
19:01:31 Andrew Cockburn: or both?
19:01:40 Slammer: Yeah Owen I thought that was you in your AVatar
19:01:48 Slammer: LOL
19:01:52 Owen: hahaha
19:01:57 Owen: I wish
19:02:05 Owen: that guy is a legend
19:02:09 Iluha: I'll post my ugly pic I get a hold of a cam
19:02:10 Slammer: who is he?
19:02:17 Slammer: :P
19:02:39 Iluha: eat-sleepandjam's sister is hot
19:02:46 Slammer: LOL
19:02:55 Slammer: he's very Protective of his Sister
19:03:00 shredmandan: do u all see that one dude's pic that said this is what i look like after i long night of hard ,drugs ,skanky women ect lol lol lol
19:03:01 Owen: He's a singer in a German doom metal band called Disbelief
19:03:14 Owen: yeeeaaah
19:03:14 Slammer: just don't tell him
19:03:17 Slammer: LOL
19:03:20 Owen: like w/e lol
19:03:50 rokchik: brb guys doorbell
19:03:55 Slammer: PIZZA!
19:03:59 Andrew Cockburn: Yay!
19:04:44 rokchik: even better....friends with beer
19:04:49 Slammer: Pepperoni and Pickles!
19:04:51 shredmandan: lol
19:05:02 Andrew Cockburn: Well we canlt compete with beer ...
19:05:03 Iluha: oh I just rememberd I got this video on youtube showing my Hung over self
19:05:12 Slammer: let's see
19:05:18 Slammer: YES!
19:05:31 Andrew Cockburn: Guys I'm going anyway now - post it to the thread Iluha
19:05:34 Andrew Cockburn: seeya
19:05:43 rokchik: well the boyfriend is away so the girls decided to crash my house and start a party...better go. I'll chat with ya soon
19:05:52 Iluha:
19:05:54 Andrew Cockburn: bye all
19:06:00 shredmandan: bye'
19:06:01 Nick325: cya
19:06:04 Iluha: I actually posted it a long long time ago on the boards
19:06:04 Slammer: Ok cya
19:06:12 rokchik: c ya fellas
19:06:14 Owen: Byee!
19:07:19 Iluha: huh the chat just died on me
19:07:24 Slammer: LOL
19:07:27 Nick325: no i made it die
19:07:31 Iluha: evil
19:07:31 Slammer: Dan the Man is here
19:07:59 shredmandan: was that you playing ihula
19:08:04 Iluha: yeah
19:08:09 shredmandan: cool
19:08:16 Iluha: You can hear the suckiness of my amp
19:08:22 shredmandan: lol
19:08:33 Slammer: what is it?
19:08:41 shredmandan: joe
19:08:43 Iluha: a 15 watt peavey rage
19:08:55 Slammer: Yeah
19:09:02 Slammer: need louder
19:09:09 Iluha: I think I did better then most of the other midnight covers out there though.
19:09:25 shredmandan: you need to get another one and let slammer slam the rage amp lol
19:09:25 Iluha: and some of them got really good recording equipments
19:09:53 Slammer: :P
19:10:02 Slammer: I'm a Wrestler
19:10:03 Slammer: !
19:10:28 shredmandan: ok gotta go for now .be back later
19:10:31 Slammer: NO
19:10:36 Slammer: :(
19:10:38 Slammer: JVM
19:10:41 Slammer: *slap*
19:10:45 Slammer: *whip*
19:10:50 Slammer: *Meow*
19:10:50 Nick325: *meow*
19:10:53 Nick325: lol
19:10:53 Iluha: stop
19:10:53 Slammer: :P
19:10:54 Iluha: !
19:10:56 JVM: im here :p
19:10:57 Owen: and they all ran away
19:11:00 Nick325: *meow*
19:11:01 Iluha: poor kitten
19:11:02 Slammer: what you got?
19:11:11 JVM: been looking for a tuner lol
19:11:14 JVM: and im starving
19:11:19 JVM: ill have it in maybe 20 minutes or so
19:11:20 JVM: maybe more
19:11:24 Slammer: :P
19:11:30 Slammer: what kind of tuner?
19:11:40 Slammer: online?
19:11:46 Slammer: or a Regular Tuner?
19:13:00 Slammer: *Meow*
19:13:01 Slammer: *Meow*
19:13:07 Slammer: :P
19:13:08 Iluha: Nooooo kittie!
19:13:25 Slammer: I *slap* your cat! *meow*
19:13:47 Iluha: nooooooo
19:14:18 Slammer: Quick Iluha
19:14:24 Slammer: Vai or Satch?
19:14:38 Iluha: SATCH
19:14:41 Nick325: i *whip* ed your *slap*
19:14:42 Slammer: who do you like better?
19:14:48 Slammer: Hendrix or SRV
19:14:52 Nick325: tie
19:14:52 Iluha: srv
19:14:59 Slammer: CLapton or SRV?
19:15:01 Owen: Stop it juys or I'll have to sex you
19:15:02 Iluha: srv
19:15:02 Nick325: srv
19:15:06 Slammer: ok
19:15:13 Iluha: i win?
19:15:16 Slammer: hetfield or Mustaine?
19:15:19 Nick325: 8)
19:15:23 Iluha: wtf?
19:15:24 Iluha: :S
19:15:31 Iluha: hetfield
19:15:34 Iluha: i hate mustaine
19:15:40 Slammer: ok then Metallica or Megadeth?
19:15:45 Iluha: metallica
19:15:49 Nick325: megadeth
19:15:52 Slammer: Judas Priest or iron Maiden/
19:15:55 Iluha: iron
19:15:58 Nick325: iron madian
19:16:00 Nick325: lol
19:16:06 Slammer: cream or Zep?
19:16:08 Nick325: zep
19:16:10 Iluha: zep
19:16:14 Slammer: Slayer or Sabbath?
19:16:17 Iluha: sabbath
19:16:18 Nick325: sabbath
19:16:33 Slammer: Zep or Deep Purple?
19:16:36 Iluha: deep
19:16:37 Nick325: zep
19:16:50 Slammer: Petrucci or Vai?
19:16:53 Nick325: vai
19:16:53 Iluha: vai
19:17:00 Slammer: Eric Johnson or Satch?
19:17:03 Iluha: satch
19:17:08 Nick325: satch
19:17:13 Slammer: Chocolate or Vaniila?
19:17:17 Nick325: vanulla
19:17:20 Iluha: strawberry
19:17:28 Owen: missionary or doggy?
19:17:32 Iluha: 69
19:17:34 Iluha: :[
19:17:34 Slammer: Cheese Burger or Pizza?
19:17:39 Owen: LOL!
19:17:41 Nick325: pizza
19:17:43 Iluha: burger
19:17:52 Slammer: CHicken or Steak?
19:17:57 Nick325: steak
19:17:57 Iluha: steak
19:18:03 Slammer: Fender or Gibson?
19:18:07 Nick325: fender
19:18:07 Iluha: ibanez
19:18:15 Owen: Fender!
19:18:20 Slammer: Ibanez or Gibson
19:18:24 Iluha: ibanez
19:18:51 Nick325: gibez
19:18:56 Nick325: lol
19:19:02 Slammer: Pick or Fingers?
19:19:05 Nick325: pick
19:19:14 Iluha: picking my nose with my fingers :)
19:19:19 Slammer: heidi klum or Angelina Jolie?
19:19:27 Iluha: klum
19:19:34 Nick325: idk what klum looks like
19:19:40 Iluha: jolie is one crazy arsed biatch
19:19:54 Slammer: LOL
19:20:02 Slammer: Lohan or Duff?
19:20:06 Iluha: duff
19:20:11 Nick325: ya
19:20:13 Iluha: lohan is one crazy arsed biatch
19:20:18 Nick325: lohans a crack addict
19:20:23 Slammer: Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie?
19:20:23 Nick325: or some other shit
19:20:26 Nick325: paris
19:20:28 Iluha: OK
19:20:29 Iluha: Thats not fair
19:20:40 Iluha: they both suck :[
19:21:13 Iluha: but if i have to choose one it would be paris because of her skillz
19:21:36 Slammer: LOL
19:21:43 Slammer: Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel?
19:21:48 Iluha: ALBA
19:21:49 Nick325: alba
19:22:24 Slammer: Esj or Owen?
19:22:25 Iluha: hi "I got a hot sister" :)
19:22:31 Slammer: Oh no DUDE
19:22:42 Iluha: esj for his sis
19:22:42 Slammer: bad Idea
19:22:51 Owen: V_V
19:22:52 Slammer: ESJ will go all Kung FU on you
19:22:53 Owen: Man
19:22:55 Iluha: lol
19:22:55 Eat-Sleep-andJam: your goin to jail
19:23:01 Nick325: lol
19:23:02 Owen: me for the mcemo fringe
19:23:46 Slammer: how old are you Iluha?
19:23:51 Iluha: 20
19:24:01 Eat-Sleep-andJam: right now slammer and iluha are talking about how much they love my sister
19:24:03 Owen: buy me alchohol plz!
19:24:07 Eat-Sleep-andJam: and slammers pants are off
19:24:14 Nick325: lol
19:24:17 Slammer: how long have you been playing
19:24:20 Iluha: atleast mine are still on :)
19:24:29 Iluha: 4 years on and off
19:24:29 Eat-Sleep-andJam: valid point
19:24:36 Slammer: Doesn't your sister Have a Boyfriend?
19:24:38 Owen: I cant guarantee my pantstate
19:24:40 Eat-Sleep-andJam: yeah
19:24:43 Slammer: :P
19:24:46 Slammer: sry Iluha
19:24:51 Iluha: a boyfriend isn't a wall
19:24:55 Slammer: OOH
19:24:57 Eat-Sleep-andJam: Owen you look exactly like this kid from my school
19:25:06 Slammer: where do you live Iluha?
19:25:09 Iluha: Israel
19:25:16 Nick325: maybe he is that kid lol
19:25:18 Slammer: Kinda far isnt it :P
19:25:19 Eat-Sleep-andJam: good hes nice and far away : p
19:25:31 Iluha: nah, I will fly anywhere for her :)
19:25:43 Owen: No, no I dont
19:25:52 Owen: Never compare me to other people
19:26:09 Owen: I am the phallic symbol against opression!
19:26:13 Eat-Sleep-andJam: ok
19:26:22 Iluha: yes me neither, if you want to compare me to someone, then god is the only worthy one.
19:26:36 Eat-Sleep-andJam: well ill let the panel of judges decide if you do
19:26:38 Owen: I'd settle for the big Gsus Pen15
19:27:04 Owen: translate that and you win 5 golden stars!
19:27:30 Iluha: big jessus penis? as in the money?
19:28:10 Owen: was Jesus a virgin lol
19:28:11 Iluha: ow that didn't get any laughs, *hides in shame*
19:28:13 Owen: did he remain pure!
19:28:21 JVM: so slammer
19:28:24 Owen: I want to know
19:28:29 Owen: only Slammer can tell me
19:28:38 Owen: as if anyone's laid jesus, it's gott abe him
19:28:46 Iluha: according to dan brown he wasn't pure
19:28:47 Slammer: JVM
19:28:48 Slammer: what
19:28:57 JVM: can I send it to ya? its not the final recording I think
19:29:00 JVM: but i like it well enough
19:29:05 Iluha: send me send me
19:29:47 Slammer: sure
19:29:48 Slammer: JVM
19:29:49 Iluha: lol my head spins, I think I drank too much absent today
19:30:44 Owen: Go to sleep now little ugly (8)
19:31:15 JVM: well slammer I sent it either way :P
19:31:38 Slammer: ok JVM
19:31:47 Slammer: I'll check it after dinner
19:32:01 JVM: right on
19:32:14 Slammer: btw I gtg to dinner
19:32:14 Iluha: JVM send me it :[
19:32:33 JVM: okay ilu
19:32:36 JVM: whats your email?
19:32:43 Iluha: woopie! [email protected]
19:33:39 JVM: okay I sent it
19:33:48 Owen: MURIS!
19:33:48 muris: wow
19:33:52 JVM: don't expect any fancy shred :p I went for a bluesy feel
19:33:52 muris: a party :)
19:33:57 JVM: as much as possible
19:34:22 Iluha: hey muris
19:34:24 Owen: When you win your Jem Muris, as your already a super kewl rockstar, send me it ! lol
19:34:40 muris: you saw it already???
19:34:41 muris: lol
19:35:09 Owen: yeah, your entry's sound was a bit outta synch with the video but it was awesome :P
19:35:21 JVM: ahh i havent seen that yet :)
19:35:25 muris: try it now
19:35:32 muris: i changed file
19:35:44 muris: was out of sync for few secs
19:35:50 muris: i think it's ok now
19:35:55 Owen: Noice
19:36:08 Owen: I'll give you the address to send the Jem lol lol lol
19:36:29 muris: ok
19:36:30 muris: lol
19:36:51 Owen: Lawl, *wishes that was a serious ok* xD
19:37:15 Owen: ah, I can but dream of hammer ons and pull offs lol
19:37:21 Iluha: holy crap muris
19:37:29 Iluha: you overpowerd the other entries
19:37:32 Iluha: lol
19:37:54 Iluha: If you won't win then the competition is a sell out
19:38:19 Owen: How could he not win lol
19:38:40 Owen: they'll probably disqualify him when they find out he plays the same size gigs as the real Vai xD
19:38:51 JVM: lol
19:39:03 Iluha: wake up muris! *whip*
19:39:08 muris: sorry
19:39:11 JVM: lol
19:39:11 Iluha: lol
19:39:12 muris: was checking vid
19:39:16 muris: is it ok now?
19:39:20 Iluha: yeah
19:39:20 JVM: timing is good
19:39:25 muris: ahhhh
19:39:28 muris: finaly
19:39:29 Nick325: wats the link
19:39:34 muris: i tried about 8 files
19:39:41 muris: bad sync all the time
19:40:46 Owen: you had to make Walliman look like a bad guitarist didnt you muris lol
19:40:56 JVM: okay muris
19:41:06 JVM: according to iluha, this version of my take is good enough lol
19:41:16 muris: so it looks ok with timing?
19:41:20 muris: all of you?
19:41:22 JVM: so i'll put it up on the board as soon as someone tells me where i can host the mp3s :P
19:41:24 Iluha: yeah
19:41:31 Nick325: Whats the link??????????
19:41:37 Iluha: and as I said, if you don't win, it would be very surprising
19:41:47 muris:
19:42:04 Owen: looks fine to me
19:42:06 Iluha: the only recording there that comes close to your's is Wallimans
19:42:14 JVM: i think wallimans is very good as well
19:42:16 Owen: altho your mutant left pinky is scaring me
19:42:17 JVM: both of you have a good chance i think
19:42:34 JVM: so
19:42:42 JVM: where can I host these mp3s? lol
19:42:59 Nick325: muris wat r u using for a string dampener in there
19:43:02 Owen: Naaaah, If I'm being honest I think Muris destroyed what Walliman had V_V lol
19:43:18 muris: lol
19:43:25 muris: my pinky scares you
19:43:26 muris: lol
19:43:37 Iluha: I think it scares little children
19:43:42 muris: lol
19:44:10 Owen: Yes! Look at it, its like not normal to have that level of dexterity!
19:44:24 muris: ahh Nick
19:44:31 muris: I made that one by myself
19:44:35 Nick325: how
19:44:47 muris: bit of lastic,plastic ,blanket and glue
19:44:51 muris: that's it ;)
19:45:00 Iluha: here's me again by the way for the one's who have yet to witness the horror:
19:45:00 Nick325: k
19:45:02 Iluha:
19:48:51 Iluha: I'm tkaing the silence as a state of shock lol
19:48:54 Slammer: LOL
19:49:02 Slammer: JVM left as soon as I got here
19:49:07 Owen: I think I voted for you Muris, I registered then went to 10 and logged in
19:49:09 Slammer: now he's back
19:49:10 Slammer: :P
19:49:14 Owen: so I hope It counts it
19:49:16 JVM: when did you get back :P
19:50:18 muris: thank Owen :)
19:50:48 Hemlok: hello everyone
19:50:52 Hemlok: wow its busy in here
19:51:01 Gen: hey guys
19:51:10 Gen: wow, its crowded :D
19:51:27 Slammer: GEN!
19:51:28 Gen: *whip* *slap*
19:51:31 Gen: :D
19:51:45 muris: hi Gen
19:52:05 Hemlok: cool midnight cover Iluha :D
19:52:39 JVM: gennn
19:52:54 Iluha: heheh.. thanks :)
19:53:27 Hemlok: you had a go at Hours Of Wealth?
19:54:47 Iluha: Oh no lol not yet
19:54:50 muris: Illuha
19:54:55 Hemlok: yeah me either
19:54:57 muris: I'm here now
19:55:07 muris: have 2000 open winows
19:55:11 Iluha: lol
19:55:11 muris: lol
19:55:14 Iluha: ok
19:55:26 Gen: lol
19:55:42 Iluha: I want to record maybe a cover to Love Thing by satch, but with my amp it sounds preety bad
19:56:00 Gen: what kind of amp do you have?
19:56:09 Iluha: 15 watt peavey rage
19:56:20 Iluha: it's very very bad :[
19:56:41 Iluha: I'm afraid to turn it to distortion cause it makes wierd noises
19:56:47 Gen: lol
19:56:54 Slammer: I'm Awat
19:56:56 Slammer: Away*
19:56:57 Slammer: :P
19:57:00 Gen: lol
19:57:02 Gen: lol
19:57:03 Gen: lol
19:57:05 Gen: lol
19:57:08 muris: lol
19:57:20 Hemlok: :? ....:D
19:57:21 Nick325: lol
19:57:32 Iluha: lol
19:59:03 Gen: hey muris
19:59:10 Gen: here s a vid for ya :D
19:59:41 Gen: *meow*
20:00:00 Iluha: it probably won't work on my comp
20:00:00 muris: sry :)
20:00:15 muris: ahhhhhhh
20:00:18 muris: yeah!!!!!!!
20:00:21 Gen: :D
20:00:30 muris: man
20:00:37 muris: killing me softy
20:00:39 muris: with GTA
20:00:41 muris: lol
20:00:47 Gen: lol
20:01:03 Hemlok: from russia with love
20:01:06 Hemlok: muahahaha
20:01:41 Gen: :D
20:01:59 Hemlok: very cool
20:02:14 Hemlok: i might get it on pc if i can, i dont have a gamestation
20:02:48 Gen: i dont have the ps3 yet...
20:02:53 Gen: so maybe on pc too
20:03:07 Hemlok: anyway, going to a couple garage sales, hopefully find a cheap guitar to do up :)
20:03:10 Hemlok: cya
20:03:10 muris: on PC
20:03:13 muris: no worries :)
20:03:19 Gen: okay cya
20:05:24 Slammer: chat died when I left :P
20:05:29 Iluha: my pc is about as old as my amp :)
20:05:39 Iluha: 3 or 4 years old
20:07:07 Nick325: so
20:09:03 Iluha: so gta IV probably won't work on it :)
20:11:04 muris: mine is abut same age
20:11:07 muris: will see ;)
20:11:40 JVM: muris
20:11:44 JVM: adding to the thread now
20:11:49 JVM: just a minute
20:13:14 JVM: hey nick
20:13:26 JVM: i like yours, the tone you have reminds me of a hot summer day for some reason lol
20:16:40 Nick325: lol
20:16:48 Nick325: i can upload it for you
20:16:53 muris: great JVM
20:17:00 Nick325: if u have gearbox
20:17:03 JVM: i don't
20:17:03 muris: tho I'll mix it when I got home
20:17:07 Nick325: o
20:17:15 JVM: phew :P glad I got it done tonight
20:17:18 muris: not enough time
20:17:19 Nick325: do u have a line 6 product
20:17:27 muris: to write comments and all
20:17:28 JVM: nope! I have a straight to the computer setup
20:17:33 Nick325: o
20:17:34 JVM: thats why I have pretty weak tone
20:17:34 muris: but you did it well
20:17:36 muris: thanks :)
20:17:40 Gen: really good jvm
20:17:47 Gen: just heard ir
20:17:51 Gen: it*
20:17:53 JVM: i think I could have done it better but it'll do
20:17:58 Iluha: hrhr See I wasn't lying lol
20:18:22 Nick325: i finally got to put all those bluesy licks i knew to something
20:18:28 Slammer: What are your guys Opinion on the Michael Vick case?
20:18:31 Slammer: :P
20:18:34 JVM: i used to like him :p
20:18:37 Iluha: who?
20:18:44 Slammer: did you see that the NFL
20:18:50 Slammer: Suspended him
20:18:54 Slammer: Indefinetly
20:18:55 JVM: well yeah
20:18:58 JVM: i would too lol
20:18:58 Iluha: what hapend?
20:19:04 JVM: he's never coming back
20:19:05 Iluha: <<< stupid jewish guy
20:19:10 Gen: lol
20:19:10 Slammer: He organized dog fights
20:19:13 Slammer: for Money
20:19:13 Iluha: lol
20:19:22 Iluha: who is he?
20:19:24 Slammer: like a Dog fighting Ring
20:19:39 Slammer: he is one of the Most Famous FootBall Players
20:19:44 Iluha: oh :P
20:19:45 Slammer: in the US
20:20:00 Gen: well guys, gotta run
20:20:01 Slammer: and he would Kill DOgs for Sport
20:20:05 Gen: cya around
20:20:06 Iluha: cya gen
20:20:06 JVM: later gen
20:20:08 Slammer: and Hang them
20:20:11 Slammer: cya
20:20:13 Iluha: dear god
20:20:17 Slammer: and Drown them
20:20:20 Slammer: if they lost
20:20:21 Iluha: he should be executed
20:20:29 Nick325: stupid ass
20:20:37 Slammer: all he might get at the most is 5 years in Prison
20:20:50 Iluha: that's 5 years of anal
20:20:52 Iluha: good enough
20:20:53 JVM: lol
20:21:00 Slammer: but He is So famous that he will probably get only 1
20:21:07 Slammer: thats true
20:21:21 Iluha: as long as the prisonners there open hes hole really wide, it's good enough
20:21:36 Slammer: :P
20:21:39 Iluha: I really like dogs :P
20:21:51 Nick325: i have one
20:22:02 Iluha: yeah me too..
20:22:06 Iluha: used to have two
20:24:52 Slammer: USED....
20:25:42 Slammer: *slap*
20:25:50 muris: lol
20:25:54 muris: I'm over used
20:25:55 Iluha: i have a male dog
20:25:56 muris: lol
20:26:02 Iluha: and used to have a female dog
20:26:14 Iluha: but she died of old age :[
20:26:41 Nick325: o :(
20:26:47 Iluha: I also had a cat who died two years ago at the age of 12 :[
20:27:22 Slammer: did the dog kill her?
20:27:36 Iluha: hey! :P.. he actually raised my dogs
20:27:43 Iluha: died of old age
20:27:44 Slammer: wow
20:27:53 Slammer: Evolution is a LIE
20:27:55 Slammer: LOL
20:27:56 Slammer: :P
20:28:00 Slammer: :P
20:28:05 Iluha: indeed
20:28:22 Slammer: LOL
20:28:29 Slammer: what do you have now?
20:28:35 Iluha: just one dog :P
20:28:48 Iluha: When my cat was young, I remember he used to go outside and kick the other cat's ass
20:29:11 Iluha: and then he got old, and the other cat's started kicking his ass. so my dogs were like his bodyguards lol
20:30:40 Slammer: Cool
20:31:30 JVM: okay guys
20:31:55 JVM: its that time again where I eat some italian food and watch comedic horror movies
20:32:02 JVM: cheers
20:32:20 Slammer: NO
20:32:27 Slammer: I gotta send you something
20:32:35 Robin: Hello everybady
20:32:36 Slammer: *slap*
20:32:44 JVM: what are you sending?
20:32:49 Slammer: :)
20:32:53 Iluha: hey crazy eyes
20:32:55 Slammer: it's a Surprise
20:32:59 JVM: fine :p
20:33:04 JVM: hey robin
20:33:09 Slammer: give me a few mintues
20:33:09 Robin: 8)
20:33:15 Slammer: like I gave you :p
20:33:22 JVM: lol
20:33:27 Iluha: send ME something! :)
20:33:37 JVM: iluha you owe ME something now :p
20:33:41 Slammer: YES
20:34:08 Iluha:
20:34:14 Iluha: oh wow she got to play with vai
20:34:18 Iluha: that b****
20:35:56 Slammer: maybe he didn't like the Crazy eyes Comment
20:35:59 Slammer: :(
20:36:02 JVM: lol
20:36:17 Iluha: lol
20:36:31 Slammer: I think he looks like a young Dave gilmour
20:36:38 JVM: i do too :P
20:36:49 Slammer: esp. with the Sunglasses
20:38:41 Slammer: *slap*
20:38:49 muris: ouch
20:38:56 JVM: lol
20:38:58 JVM: poor muris
20:39:00 muris: ;)
20:39:32 Iluha: hey he's about to win a JEM so he's not that poor :)
20:39:56 Iluha: unless this chic wins it just for preforming with Vai :P
20:40:18 muris: who knows
20:40:22 muris: truth is
20:40:28 muris: i'm not that qute
20:40:43 muris: don't have.aaaa.....bubles??
20:40:48 Slammer: poor David :(
20:40:57 Iluha: you got the best piece in that competition
20:41:03 Slammer: It was his Idea
20:41:06 Slammer: :P
20:41:09 Iluha: most of the others just sound amateur
20:41:11 muris: yeah
20:41:15 muris: that's true
20:41:23 muris: I saw it from david
20:41:51 Iluha:
20:41:56 Iluha: this is one is just plain retarded
20:42:50 Slammer: AAH headache
20:42:57 Slammer: Braindead
20:43:01 Slammer: AAAHAAH
20:43:20 Iluha: if there's someone in the world that thinks it sounds good I would like to slap him.
20:43:34 Iluha: like this *slap* *slap*
20:43:44 Nick325: haha ya
20:44:26 muris: who is hiting me all the time?????
20:44:31 muris: lol
20:44:45 Nick325: lol
20:45:06 JVM: *meow*
20:45:13 muris: you did???
20:45:15 Slammer: Joe Vincent Miller
20:45:18 Nick325: i *whip* ed you kitty
20:45:18 JVM: lol
20:45:18 muris: knew it
20:45:21 muris: lol
20:45:25 Slammer: yo Joe
20:45:27 Nick325: *meow*
20:45:37 muris: where is the cat????
20:45:40 JVM: *whip*
20:45:46 muris: holy
20:45:52 muris: is this war zone?
20:45:57 Nick325: right here *meow*
20:46:05 muris: ;)
20:46:39 Iluha: oh now it's here! hi kitten *meow*
20:46:46 JVM: *slap*!
20:46:52 JVM: lol
20:46:55 Iluha: you mena *slap* !
20:47:01 JVM: no i mean
20:47:06 Nick325: muris your so awsome your on google images
20:47:12 JVM: *slap* *whip* !
20:47:23 muris: holy
20:47:25 muris: guys
20:47:30 muris: my ears are bleeding
20:47:37 muris: I turn up the volume
20:47:43 muris: and slapping is...
20:47:43 Nick325: lol
20:47:45 muris: lol
20:48:22 Iluha: I think that the most anoying participants in that competition
20:48:30 Iluha: are the one's who allready own a JEM :d
20:48:37 muris: lol
20:48:46 Slammer: YES
20:48:48 Slammer: LOL
20:48:51 muris: so I do have some chance after all???
20:49:06 Iluha: unless god(me) does something you'll win
20:49:16 Slammer: maybe you could cut it in half and Send half to David :P
20:49:21 muris: yeah
20:49:26 muris: I told you before
20:49:30 muris: neck is mine
20:49:34 muris: ;)
20:49:40 Iluha: lol :)
20:49:45 Nick325: u or david will win
20:49:49 Nick325: so that will be awsome
20:49:53 Iluha: or that chick that playd with vai
20:49:57 Nick325: then be like come to gmc
20:50:01 Nick325: and advertise
20:50:02 muris: lol
20:50:05 Iluha: because she playd with vai.. who else can say that?
20:50:16 muris: I played with....
20:50:19 muris: my band??
20:50:21 muris: lol
20:50:23 JVM: lol
20:50:30 Nick325: lol
20:50:47 Iluha: she's 14 years old.. and she jammed with vai
20:50:51 Iluha: the world just isn't fair
20:51:01 Slammer: maybe he likes her
20:51:04 Slammer: IDK
20:51:04 Iluha: jammed on a jem by the way
20:51:07 Slammer: :P
20:51:15 Iluha: that's two vai jems on one stage
20:51:46 Nick325: muris if u win can i have the jem :P
20:51:49 Iluha: mmm it should be a jem flavour, Vai Jem, delicious :)
20:51:52 muris: jem my by jamming on my jem
20:51:56 muris: to complex
20:52:01 muris: can;t folow
20:52:05 muris: lol
20:52:56 Iluha: huh allready 4 am maybe I should get some sleep
20:53:10 Slammer: Maybe...
20:53:17 Slammer: it's only 8:55 pm
20:53:18 Slammer: here
20:53:21 Iluha: orrr maybe not
20:53:51 Iluha: I dont want to sleep
20:53:54 Iluha: I want to jam
20:53:56 Iluha: on a jem
20:54:06 Nick325: same slammer
20:54:12 Slammer: LOL
20:55:03 muris: 4 am?
20:55:12 Iluha:
20:55:13 muris: where are you from Illuha?
20:55:22 Iluha: oh heres a guy that can give you some competition muris :)
20:55:25 Iluha: Israel
20:55:29 muris: ahh
20:55:31 Iluha: jewland
20:55:41 muris: finaly someone eatern that me
20:55:44 muris: ;)
20:55:49 muris: eastern
20:55:57 Iluha: where are you from?
20:56:28 Iluha: *slap*
20:56:38 Nick325: me?
20:56:53 Iluha: muris, but yeah you too thought I'm guessing you'r from the US
20:56:58 muris: Bosnia
20:57:09 Nick325: ya
20:57:30 Iluha: Ah really? cool, What language is spoken in bosnia?
20:57:50 Slammer: Spanish?
20:57:59 muris: bosnian language
20:58:13 muris: wanna few words?
20:58:19 JVM: hey hemlok
20:58:25 Hemlok: ello ello
20:58:28 muris: hi hemlok
20:58:32 Iluha: isn't it something from the Slavik language family?
20:58:40 muris: yeah
20:58:42 muris: it is
20:58:45 Iluha: like russian, ukrainian, bulgaric, and such?
20:58:50 muris: sort of
20:58:54 Iluha: I'm actually russian orriginaly :P
20:59:00 muris: knew it ;)
20:59:15 Iluha: yeah the name kinda gives it away
20:59:39 muris: ;)
20:59:49 Iluha: I was born in kazahstan(BORAT)

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