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GMC Forum _ REC _ Minor vs Major - Beginner

Posted by: sumitguitargmc1 Jun 26 2015, 08:43 AM

Original lesson:

kindly point my mistakes and help me improve. forever grateful, sumit

Posted by: Gabriel Leopardi Jun 26 2015, 07:16 PM

Hi mate! Congrats on your first REC take.

This video is very helpful to let us know your current level and to be able to guide you on how to continue. I notice that you can keep timing tight on most of the take and that's not a small thing. However I note many details that you should have in mind during the next days of practice:

- Vibrato: Your vibrato is weak it, it's not consistent and sometimes it's not there. In order to improve this totally important technique, I recommend you to work on this lesson:

- Bending: The same here, I don't think that your bending technique is consistent yet. Be sure to use the other fingers of your left hand to help the one that is bending. Check out this video:

- Smoothness: I notice that sometimes your phrases are not smooth enough, the notes sound a bit like with staccato and your picking not precise so the result is sloppy sounding parts. You need to work on alternate picking lessons, starting with this one:

- Cleanness: Be careful with the extra noises that appear in the second half of the lesson. Remember to use the palm of your right hand to mute the strings. Let me know if you need help with this.

That's all by now, keep on the hard work!

Posted by: Darius Wave Jun 27 2015, 01:27 PM

Hey there! It looks like you got the basics of this lesson. You bring attention to cleaness at the point you are able to control it (like the beginning) but further there are faster note changes that need to be improved. Basicly I think You could move your left thumb a bit lower and release some of the other left hand fingers lenght. At the moment they look like smashed in the tiny box and this might cause loss of comfort while using them - too tight. Also if You move your hand down You could get more flat left index finger shape and touch the strings that are unwanted at the moment, to mute them.

As for the right hand I see a good behavior (moving up and down and muting low string when needed. I would consider to spend some time on you pick angles analysis. You thumb shape looks slightly "uncomfortable". You might want to pressure it's tip a bit to change pick angle. As fot the pick grip you right index finger lok god. You hold the pick on the side (not on the print). Experiments with the thumb and You could get even better smile.gif

Posted by: Bogdan Radovic Jun 29 2015, 12:32 AM

Hey Summit, great to see a REC take from you!

I have checked it in details and here are my impressions:

- Missing vibrato on long notes (compare with the lesson, for example: 0:07 etc). I know that vibrato is a difficult technique to master and that this is level 2 lesson, so my suggestion would be to just start adding it to the long notes where needed (check the original lesson to see on which notes instructors adds vibrato). This way you will build a good habit of embellishing long notes with vibrato and this makes a huge difference in overall effect of the performance on the listener. Over time, your vibrato will develop and start to sound more natural.

Here is a great lesson series on vibrato:

- Staccato sounding playing : this a fixable issue which a lot of people run into (myself included). In plain words staccato means choppy playing. There are small pauses in between two notes you play. Try focusing on this and what you are doing with your fretting and picking hand when going from one note to another. You should let go of the previous note only when the next note is sounded. This will give a more of smooth, legato feeling. Check out my (bass) lesson on this topic, same principles apply to guitar:

- Needs stronger muting (lots of unwanted noises in the faster runs especially) : I think this area would mean a step forward in your playing and it is "muting". In this take there are lots of unwanted noises which come from picking, fretting, changing positions etc. Guitar is a tricky instrument, especially when on high gain which requires us to mute all the other strings we are not playing, besides ones we DO play all in order to kill any potential unwanted noises from being heard (sounded). You need to utilize both hands for that, picking one will usually use "palm muting" technique to do this and fretting one will often touch or lean on other strings not being played (especially higher ones - G-B-E) while fretting down chords or playing leads. Check out this lesson on muting:

- Tone needs less gain/delay : you have captured a tone character similar to the original lesson, good job on that! To match the original tone even further, I'd just suggest to use less delay/reverb and gain.

Overall, I think that you did a decent job here and that you should be able to use this lesson to work on several key technique points in order to take your guitar playing further. Looking forward to your new videos!

Posted by: Fran Jul 2 2015, 11:39 AM

Almost there, 5

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