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I only play the guitar to have an excuse to spend ludicrous amount if money on pretteh gear, then brag about it. Also, I love playing maj7-chords and give people sleezy looks.
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17 Jun 2020
Original lesson: Gary Moore Inspired Bending #2 by Piotr Kaczor

The quest for bending/intonation/dynamics/vibrato goes on, so what better medicine than mr. Moore? Or at least, his style :) Tracked the guitar through my Helix LT. Missing some "oomph" from not having humbuckers, but tried to compensate with some fat overdrive.

29 Apr 2020
Original lesson: In the style of Gary Moore - Ballad & Blues by Piotr Kaczor

I`m still on my quest for better vibrato, and I love Gary Moore, so I guess I`ll start tackling the thousands of GM-lessons in here :D Guitar goes straight to Helix Native. This is 98% pure preset tone, as it was mostly to test HN and make sure it worked.

25 Mar 2020
Original lesson: Hard Rock Bending And Vibrato by Ivan Mihaljevic

Isolation time means guitar time! Tuned down half a step to fit the appropriate guitar for this sort of tune.

25 Mar 2020
Hi everybody! My band are working with a song which have a slightly odd timing riff.

For simplicity, let us pretend that riff lasts three straight bars of 4/4, and then TWO triplet whole notes, making the last bar length something like 5.3/4.

Is this even possible tabbing out? I`ve tried several times without luck, and it annoys me since it is fairly easy to play. Are we breaking "musical rules"?

Two solutions that I currently apply:
1) Have the riff go three rounds instead of the intended 4 such that the odd notes add up. And giving the "entire riff" a crazy bar length like 16/4 (making the metronome go crazy because of the triplets).

2) Cutting out the odd tripled notes for the sake of quantizing it, and rather do the triplet thing when we play live.


I am on the wrong computer now, but I can include a screen shot from guitar pro later if that helps.
28 Jan 2020
Original lesson: Metal Essentials #8 by Darius Wave

Trying to rehearse some tight metal before going to studio with my own band soon. Note 1: Tried double tracking guitar as an extra consistency challenge. I`ll reupload if this is not allowed in REC. Note 2: Sound/video is sliightly out of sync, due to poor clipping options in windows movie maker. My mac is on service :(

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