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15 Feb 2014
I've been using a program called Transcribe! for a while to slow down songs and learn them by ear on the guitar. Yesterday, Andy James had a little contest on his facebook page, and he gave away 5 copies of a program called Riffstation, and I was one of those lucky winners. Looks pretty awesome to me biggrin.gif it does the same stuff Transcribe does and more, it can isolate guitar parts, slow down or speed up the tempo, change the tuning of the song, has a built-in accurate metronome and some other cool stuff that I haven't gone into biggrin.gif

There's a free trial available on the riffstation website, and its not very expensive if you plan to buy it, either smile.gif I would definitely recommend this.
7 Feb 2014
Darius pumped me a while ago to take part in a guitar contest, so this is me participating in the Andy James Solo contest biggrin.gif

I'm not anywhere near the level of the players who are participating in the contest, and I have absolutely no chance of being even in the top ten but I just did this for fun and experience of taking part in a guitar contest without expecting winning anything, so please don't hate me cool.gif I just came up with a melody, I think I didn't even practice it enough and I just recorded it tongue.gif

21 Jan 2014
I've always been impressed by George Lynch's tone, but this is just way off the charts, I mean I know 70% of the tone comes from one's fingers and, come on now I can't really get Lynch to give me his fingers biggrin.gif so I have no idea on how to even get near his tone, can you get near this? blink.gif

When he starts playing Mr Scary, every time I watch this video I'm blown away...

15 Jan 2014
Beware, long post tongue.gif

I came across a few very good plugins yesterday but I was too lazy to try them, so I was warming up (after getting the advice from my previous thread tongue.gif ) and I thought why not try some new stuff for my tone biggrin.gif So I tried them, and they sound awesome! And that's a pretty rare thing for me smile.gif

Oh and I also discovered something for myself; I don't really need Gain on my amps to get distortion... I was recording metal with my amp sims and I just put them on the dirty channel with the gain at 0 and I swear it was still distorted as hell but the hiss/noise was significantly less. So just as a tip for people just getting into recording, do not set the gain at full, just turn up the volume of the amp on the dirty/OD channel and see if it works for you, and if it doesn't, increase the gain slowly, never turn it all the way up, it'll just be a pain smile.gif This is especially true for rhythm guitar recording because (according to me) we layer our guitar tracks, so it makes them sound more full and more powerful. Adding more gain makes you lose your tone.

Onto the plugins then!

Before I start, some of the new people who are interested in some home recording and music production came to me for advice, and the common opinion among all of them was that the paid plugins are always way better than free ones. Not true. I use Guitar Rig, Amplitube 3 (paid) and Overloud TH2, and while they are of really good quality (especially TH2, I love it), any tone that paid plugins can give you, you can get that tone with free plugins. The only difference is, paid plugins come with a lot of presets, and some of them like the ones I discussed above, are all-in-one, amps, pedals, EQs, cabs etc. To be honest, I've gotten better tones with free plugins and less experimentation than using Guitar Rig. Feel free to comment if you disagree smile.gif

The Classic Tone Bundle - AcmeBarGig

If you're into classic rock and stuff, this thing comes packed with amp heads and is meant to provide tone similar to old school music. I'm into classic rock, so this was a treat biggrin.gif oh and its free, the whole bundle. Get it here:

Preampus Metal Bundle - AcmeBarGig

This bundle consists of all of AcmeBarGig's Preampus Metal amp heads (and weirdly, I'm using one of them and it doesn't require an impulse loader... hmm I don't know). I've only tried one of them, and its amazing! You have a separate "Drive Amp" with that amp, which colors the drive. Also comes with loads of presets to get you started. I'm expecting the others to be the same, will check them out once I'm home smile.gif again, the bundle is free. Get it here:

RedShift Pickup Replacer - AcmeBarGig

Okay this is the plugin that caught my eye. Pickup replacer? Really? But yes, it works amazingly well, it has EQ settings of 16 or so pickups that you can put at the very front of your effects chain. I love the Dimebag pickups and the "Invasion" one. I just put this on top, put a low pass at 100Hz or so, put an expander and then use one of the Preampus metal amps, and it works really well!. Free also! Get it here:

Cabinet Enhancer - AcmeBarGig

This is an impulse loader with a lot of stuff that generally impulse loaders don't have (at least the ones I tried didn't smile.gif ). These features are supposed to "add a new dimension to Impulse Response files, adding back some of that live sound that gets lost in generation." Well, it does sound pretty epic and way better than some of the impulse loaders I've used, so I guess its great smile.gif Free! Get it here:

Aftershock (Delay) - AcmeBarGig

I'm not a huge fan of delay, I just use a subtle amount of delay just to round off my tone and to get that little filled up live sound quality. I haven't tried this yet, but since all of the other AcmeBarGig plugins are so wonderful, why wouldn't this be? smile.gif Free free free! Get it here:

Pro-Q Equalizer - FabFilter

This is the only paid plugin, and they offer a trial version, which I'm using. This is like your regular EQ with some colors. But the thing that makes it special is it can isolate any amount of frequencies. Meaning you can put a boundary around the frequencies you want to hear, and it'll let only those frequencies through, all the other frequencies will be muted smile.gif Useful when you want to find a particular frequency range to be either made more prominent or less. Trial available here:

I will post a clip of me using some of the plugins I discussed and their settings plus my effects chain after I get home smile.gif

Feel free to ask, disagree or agree with me tongue.gif I'm just a beginner in the music production field and I try to help all other new people out, so I can use all the help I can get smile.gif

EDIT: Here's the settings I used on the sample at the bottom of the post:

Lead Guitar:

Rhythm Guitars:

Here's the sample:
14 Jan 2014
This weird thing has been happening to me. Since winter started, I've noticed a significant decrease in the amount of time I CAN practice.

I'm not very fond of warm-ups, but I do some stretching and runs before playing anything full speed. Now, the amount of time my hands STAY warmed up has decreased a lot. Probably because I don't like heat, I love cold, sometimes I don't even turn on the heat in my house, my blood's really warm smile.gif

Lately, I've been practicing and playing a lot. When I practice, I literally keep playing to the metronome and upping the speed till I feel the burn. But just one hint of a burn, and I'll leave it for 2-5 minutes. I go back, stretch my fingers and massage my hands a bit, and go at it again. Now I'm straining my hands, but its not pain, its the burn, exactly like when you go to the gym and work out.

A point comes when that burn stays, doesn't go away for quite a while. At that point, I can't play even if I wanted to. But I get extremely worried that all the practice I've done will be in vain if I don't try to play more, and that when I'll pick up the guitar again, say in a few hours, I'll have to start all over again and the practice I've just done will be wasted...

Its only been 4 days since all of this has been happening, so before I adopt any bad habits, would someone please tell me whether what I'm doing is safe or dangerous? Or will it affect my technique at all? In a good or a bad way?
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