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6 Apr 2008
Hey Muris,

I've checked so many videos out of you, and what astounds me that every single video has so much musicality in it that I just can't believe it. There are parts in your lessons other people would use to cover a whole song, it's just amazing. Now what I want to know is, what do you think before you start a lesson? I guess you first choose the style of the lesson, for example rock solo, and then you start building it up. Do you always have a melody in your mind and then you harmonize it with chords etc. or do you start with "random" chords and try to construct a good solo on these chords?

What also interests me is your use of theory. How much theory do you actually know to make such melodic solos? Is it really necessary to learn locrian b6 scales etc. to be able to do the most out of a melody line? Also, do you look at the scales vertically or horizontally or even both smile.gif?

And the last question is: If someone would play a Asus4b7 chord to you, could you recognize the whole chord or "just" that it is sus4b7?

Lot of questions smile.gif But I hope you can answer them, it's just really interesting for me to see how much someone has to know before he can really play good, like you do.
7 Mar 2008
Hi Muris,

I've just seen that you use Furman Power Conditioners... A lot of other Pros use it too and I just wanted to know what's it really good for? I mean you could easily buy a multi-electric socket thing so that you can plug in most of your things, like Computer, Amp, Pedals etc. What's the difference with the Furman? Does the Furman also provide 9V sockets for effects, so that you can dial them straight, or will you still need an adapter for the Stompboxes?
3 Mar 2008

I'm using a single channel all tube amp with no fx loop. It does have a line out, which gives you the whole signal from the preamp and the poweramp tube... I planned to buy a Boss GT Pro, which has a lot of great amp models, but I guess i can't use them, because i can't access the power amp stage of my amp... Is there any way I could use the GT Pro models with this tube amp or is this impossible for me to do?
21 Feb 2008
Hi everybody,

I just wanted to know if it's possible for me to record something on my pc using the Pod XT USB connection to my PC? Is it also possible to play with the POD through the PC's own 5.1 system when connected to the PC?

21 Jan 2008
Hey Muris smile.gif

Years ago when I was in Bosnia around "New Year" i watched some Bosnian TV and found a broadcast of a concert of Tifa.

I couldnt believe the tapping solo I saw, performed by a young guitarist... Now that Ive seen some lessons of you on GMC I think it was you who played for Tifa smile.gif A great Performance. Ive always been a big fan of Yu-Rock, I love Bijelo Dugme and I just wanted to ask you, if you could do a lesson that captures the feel of a Dugme song called "Blues za moju bivsu dragu"? I always found the beginning of this song to be very cool, not fast, but very soulful and nice, just a slow blues. Who else would be able to do this kind of lesson better than someone who played with a Dugme Member himself smile.gif

Btw, I visited an Amp Guy in Bosnia last summer, bought a Marshall JMP head of him, he told me that a guy from Sarajevo bought a Fender Twin Reverb (an old original) to use it as his main clean amp. Was this also you Muris smile.gif?

Mrak si smile.gif Rock on!!
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