Guitar Chat With Muris, Andrew Cockburn Etc. 2007-10-19
Oct 22 2007, 06:47 PM
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From: Stockholm, Sweden
15:19:18 botoxfox: greetings
15:19:32 botoxfox: *whip*
15:20:05 chast: hey
15:23:46 botoxfox: wats up?
15:24:09 chast: not much
15:24:13 chast: going to play some wc3
15:24:14 chast: cu laters
15:45:54 Slammer: *slap*
15:45:55 Slammer: *whip*
15:45:57 Slammer: *meow*
15:46:11 botoxfox: gretings
15:46:16 Slammer: Ah... the daily Botofox and Slammer chat
15:46:17 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:46:34 Slammer: Botoxfox*
15:46:34 botoxfox: yes...
15:46:35 Slammer: tongue.gif
15:46:48 Slammer: so what's new since.... Yesterday
15:46:49 Slammer: tongue.gif
15:47:09 botoxfox: Well...
15:47:18 botoxfox: not much
15:47:20 Slammer: you made sausages?
15:47:23 Slammer: tongue.gif
15:47:35 Slammer: did you ever make Spicy Sausages?
15:47:55 botoxfox: Yeah, when I was in the meat school
15:47:59 Slammer: ohmy.gif
15:48:09 Slammer: what about Turkey Sausage?
15:48:29 botoxfox: We made this cured sausage we called mystery sausage
15:48:56 Slammer: I made Ice Cream called Brocholi surprise?
15:48:58 botoxfox: Cause no one really knew what was in it... tongue.gif
15:48:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
15:49:32 Slammer: do you know why it was called Broccoli surprise?
15:49:58 Slammer: No Broccoli tongue.gif
15:50:04 Slammer: anyways
15:50:05 Slammer: LOL
15:50:14 Slammer: so you finger is still cut?
15:50:23 botoxfox: yeah.. sad.gif
15:50:26 Slammer: sad.gif
15:50:34 Slammer: you can still jam right?
15:50:37 botoxfox: But it's getting better
15:50:44 botoxfox: No not really
15:50:56 botoxfox: Have to let it grow
15:51:18 botoxfox: brb, gonna grab some food
15:51:40 Slammer: LOL
16:05:19 botoxfox: back
16:05:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:05:55 botoxfox: spilled a glass of chocolate milk on the floor
16:06:33 botoxfox: :|
16:06:43 Slammer: ohmy.gif
16:06:46 Slammer: chocolate?
16:06:50 botoxfox: thats why it took so long
16:06:51 Slammer: Botox???
16:07:04 Slammer: you shouldn't be drinking chocolate
16:07:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:07:14 Slammer: you should drink more water
16:07:42 botoxfox: water! siryessir!
16:08:14 Slammer: now !!
16:09:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
16:09:18 Slammer: lol
16:09:21 Slammer: ttyl man
16:09:23 Slammer: I gtg
16:09:25 Slammer: Cya
16:09:32 botoxfox: bye sad.gif
16:09:36 Slammer: LOL
16:40:16 chast: back
16:48:58 chast: *slap*
16:49:05 botoxfox: hmm
16:49:18 botoxfox: yea
16:49:24 botoxfox: h
16:49:41 botoxfox: wassup?
16:50:03 botoxfox: *whip*
16:51:00 chast: jaosjdoasd
16:51:02 chast: nothing^^
16:51:55 botoxfox: jaosjdoasd?
16:52:06 chast: just typing something
16:52:09 chast: hit my keyboards
16:52:11 chast: -s
16:52:13 chast: and so on
16:52:16 chast: jioawjowae
16:52:18 chast: you know ?
16:52:20 botoxfox: I see... biggrin.gif
16:52:26 botoxfox: erqpo8urpgo8ejaæ?
16:52:31 chast: right
16:52:32 chast: biggrin.gif
16:52:59 botoxfox: srfgujasrtuqreyhfg wawtqge is better
16:53:06 chast: iojaofjaosfijas pjfwaprwar
16:53:15 botoxfox: klølikjø fewqo8uwasdasfkjhx23cbvkasj
16:53:21 chast: 8) 8)
16:53:31 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
16:54:39 botoxfox: So what's your plans for the weekend?
16:55:31 botoxfox: *meow*
16:56:21 botoxfox: *slap*
16:56:45 botoxfox: sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif sad.gif
16:57:19 botoxfox: *whip*
16:59:46 chast: i have no plans
17:00:29 botoxfox: Me neither
17:00:41 botoxfox: just sitting at home I guess
17:01:16 chast: today yes
17:01:23 chast: tomorrow im going out i think
17:01:28 chast: last day of holidays wink.gif
17:03:26 botoxfox: ooh, last day, how exciting
17:04:16 chast: not really
17:04:17 chast: biggrin.gif
17:04:20 chast: tongue.gif
17:04:29 chast: but you have to use your holidays
17:05:49 botoxfox: yes offc
17:06:10 botoxfox: I just sit at home everyday
17:06:53 chast: i mostly do this also
17:06:54 chast: biggrin.gif
17:07:18 chast: except the weekend
17:08:14 botoxfox: I do it all the time almost
17:10:05 chast: under the week
17:10:14 chast: im at home all the time
17:32:12 chast: *slap*
17:32:29 botoxfox: *slap*
17:32:52 botoxfox: *meow*
17:33:03 botoxfox: *whip*
17:33:05 chast: *meow*
17:33:07 chast: *meow*
17:33:08 chast: *meow*
17:33:08 chast: *meow*
17:33:09 chast: *meow*
17:35:47 chast: *meow*
17:36:02 botoxfox: *whip*
17:36:06 botoxfox: *whip*
17:36:07 chast: man
17:36:09 chast: we are bored
17:36:10 chast: biggrin.gif
17:36:34 botoxfox: yes we are... biggrin.gif
17:36:57 botoxfox: ugh, getting tired...
17:37:06 chast: what ?
17:37:09 chast: its too early
17:37:15 botoxfox: It's so typical...
17:37:47 botoxfox: All the hot action on here happens when I'm sleeping
17:37:54 chast: hm
17:37:59 chast: than stay awake
17:38:01 chast: biggrin.gif
17:38:34 botoxfox: I just hate to mess up my internal clock...
17:39:12 chast: lol
17:39:20 chast: mine is always late
17:39:22 chast: biggrin.gif
17:39:32 chast: too late when im going to school actually
17:39:50 botoxfox: I just hate getting up late
17:39:56 chast: i love it
17:39:57 chast: =)
17:40:18 botoxfox: Give's me the feeling that I'm sleeping the day away
17:40:26 chast: well
17:40:37 chast: if you are only sitting at home, you dont miss anything biggrin.gif tongue.gif
17:40:59 botoxfox: Offcourse since I worked at a meat factory for 2 years
17:41:14 botoxfox: I kinda been used to get up early
17:41:18 chast: if you have to work you cant get up late
17:41:20 chast: wink.gif
17:41:59 botoxfox: And besides, I need to go downtown tommorow
17:42:27 botoxfox: And since it's saturday It'll crowded
17:42:48 botoxfox: And I hate crowds
17:43:06 chast: i hate people if they stand on a place
17:43:16 chast: that you cant go through
17:43:29 botoxfox: Ugh, yeah
17:43:38 chast: its very intelligent if 10 people stand in a door
17:43:55 chast: x_X
17:44:24 botoxfox: indeed
17:44:36 botoxfox: And lines are also awful
17:44:48 chast: yeah...
17:45:04 botoxfox: Especially with lot of crying small kids
17:45:38 chast: oh yeah
17:45:40 chast: ...
17:45:44 chast: small crying kids
17:45:50 chast: one of the badest things
17:46:00 botoxfox: I just hate it when I'm stuck in a store with lots of kid families around
17:46:11 chast: in the school
17:46:14 chast: god
17:46:17 chast: the small kids
17:46:24 chast: running and crying to their room
17:46:32 chast: and than some of my class mates
17:46:40 chast: only talking sh** and get loud
17:47:47 botoxfox: typical school
17:48:04 chast: i hate that
17:48:12 chast: i want to have silence biggrin.gif
17:48:27 botoxfox: Yeah, I understand
17:48:32 chast: or people who are talking with a normal volume
17:49:05 botoxfox: My first class was a really horrible one
17:50:16 botoxfox: But all the other classes that I've been in since have been the perfect example of a good class where everyones happy and loves eachother
17:50:31 botoxfox: hey andrew
17:51:07 chast: hi andrew
17:51:41 chast: maybe we have to mention...
17:51:42 chast: JEM
17:51:45 chast: JEM
17:51:45 chast: JEM
17:52:23 chast: doesnt work biggrin.gif
17:52:38 botoxfox: Hmm...
17:58:28 botoxfox: Well, think I'm gonna call it quits for this evening
17:58:42 botoxfox: c ya l8er
17:58:44 chast: good night smile.gif
17:59:05 botoxfox: thx, bye
18:29:44 Slammer: *slap*
18:29:44 Robin: yo dawg
18:29:47 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:29:51 Slammer: sup?
18:29:55 Robin: not much
18:30:00 Robin: listening to music
18:30:02 Robin: uriah heep
18:30:05 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:30:08 Robin: magicians birthday
18:30:11 Robin: sup?
18:30:23 Slammer: nmu
18:30:27 Slammer: just chilling
18:30:32 Robin: kewl
18:30:35 Slammer: 6:30 PM friday night
18:30:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:30:49 Robin: tongue.gif
18:30:54 Slammer: made another radio show today LMAO tongue.gif
18:30:59 Slammer: but thats about it
18:31:02 Robin: excellent
18:31:05 Slammer: whats up with you?
18:31:09 Robin: not much
18:31:12 Robin: geetar playin
18:31:16 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:31:17 Robin: acoustic
18:31:29 Robin: nothing more than that really
18:31:32 Robin: as usual
18:31:55 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:31:57 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:32:01 Slammer: LOL
18:32:03 Robin: lol
18:32:09 Slammer: well better than nothing
18:32:23 Robin: better than everything
18:32:24 Robin: guitar
18:33:24 Slammer: yeah
18:33:48 Slammer: you know
18:34:03 Slammer: ESJ chicks and Guitar thread just got bumped
18:34:04 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:34:10 Robin: I saw that lol
18:34:15 Robin: man, its so old
18:34:23 Robin: I even said the F word in it, had to edit it
18:34:31 Slammer: he was like... OH but Robin answered it
18:34:36 Robin: back in the days, when noone minded the F word lol
18:34:38 Robin: hahahahha yes
18:34:40 Robin: hahaha
18:34:42 Slammer: when asked about girls
18:34:48 Robin: I remember that, everyone thought I was a girl
18:34:55 Slammer: man GMC has changed a little in the past year
18:34:58 Slammer: LOL
18:35:01 Robin: haha yes
18:35:01 Slammer: more ppl
18:35:06 Robin: yeah
18:35:11 Slammer: even when I came in April
18:35:13 Robin: more than 3100 people now or something
18:35:17 Slammer: it wasn't big at all
18:35:21 Robin: ye
18:35:35 Slammer: back then everybody knew everybodies name almost
18:35:39 Slammer: LOL
18:35:45 Robin: yeah lol
18:35:46 Robin: I remember that
18:35:56 Slammer: *runs and hides in cave*
18:35:59 Robin: I joined the 8th of january
18:36:01 Robin: haha
18:36:04 Slammer: and *cries*
18:36:08 Robin: sad.gif
18:36:14 Slammer: I'm sad
18:36:17 Slammer: <8(
18:36:21 Robin: hahahahahhaha
18:36:22 Robin: lol
18:36:30 Robin: 8[
18:37:13 Slammer: dude I remember when I joined kris was still doing lessons
18:37:21 Slammer: and the same week I joined he stopped
18:37:22 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:37:23 Robin: haha yeah I remember
18:37:31 Robin: I remember when pavel joined
18:37:35 Robin: with his sweeping lessons
18:37:36 Slammer: LOL
18:37:38 Robin: I was like ohmy.gif
18:37:39 Slammer: dude
18:37:41 Slammer: remember
18:37:47 Slammer: David Wallimans
18:37:51 Slammer: Metal Solo
18:37:54 Slammer: first lesson
18:37:54 Robin: haha yes
18:37:56 Robin: metal head solo
18:38:04 Slammer: and Gabriel's Yngwie
18:38:08 Slammer: lesson
18:38:09 Robin: lol
18:38:52 Robin: I remember how much fun I had with kris' one on one lessons lol
18:38:55 Robin: and solo lessons
18:39:02 Robin: seems like noone even knows about his lessons nowdays
18:39:28 Robin: now that the random lesson thing is on the front page, I see comments in his old solo lessons: "Where the hell did this lesson come from???"
18:39:30 Robin: lol
18:40:33 Robin: *slap*
18:41:24 Slammer: LOL
18:41:32 Slammer: sry
18:41:33 Slammer: I was
18:41:35 Slammer: afk
18:41:37 Slammer: smile.gif
18:41:40 Slammer: *whip*
18:42:28 Robin: :8)
18:42:38 Slammer: LOL
18:42:40 Slammer: dude
18:42:50 Slammer: remember when GMC had only Kris
18:42:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:43:00 Robin: yeah
18:43:05 Robin: before pavel joined
18:43:08 Slammer: and on the front page there was a picture of Jimmie
18:43:13 Robin: hahaha yes
18:43:18 Slammer: and a vid of them Jamming
18:43:20 Slammer: LOL
18:43:23 Robin: yeah I remember
18:43:26 Robin: he's freakin good
18:43:28 Robin: little guy
18:43:31 Slammer: dude even futher back...
18:43:46 Slammer: Remember when Freelicks used to get updated every week
18:43:49 Slammer: LOL
18:43:57 Robin: oh no, I never was at freelicks lol
18:44:00 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:44:06 Slammer: you never went therE?
18:44:06 Robin: been there one time lookin around
18:44:16 Slammer: man Freelicks rocks biggrin.gif
18:44:24 Robin: didnt know about freelicks before after I joined GMC
18:44:29 Robin: yeah its pretty kewl
18:44:32 Slammer: I learned the Sweet Child o mine solo yesterday
18:44:36 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:44:39 Slammer: LOL
18:44:39 Robin: kewl
18:47:19 Robin: oh man
18:47:27 Robin: think I'm gonna sleep damn long tomorrow lol
18:47:33 Slammer: ?
18:47:34 Slammer: ?
18:47:40 Slammer: why?
18:47:42 Robin: been waking up alot earlier than I usualy do, the last few days
18:47:49 Robin: so tired all day lol
18:47:51 Slammer: LOL
18:47:58 Robin: just becuase I want to lol
18:48:51 Slammer: man you should go to school
18:48:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:48:56 Robin: pffh
18:49:12 Slammer: do you have a High School Diploma?
18:49:17 Robin: school is for loosers lol lol lol lol
18:49:19 Robin: no
18:49:23 Robin: dont got s**t
18:49:38 Slammer: well, don't they have a Equivilent of it there?
18:49:49 Robin: ogm that word is so big
18:49:51 Slammer: do you know what Equivilent means?
18:49:59 Robin: no
18:50:04 Robin: maybe
18:50:05 Robin: lol
18:50:36 Slammer: well, it means something that is not the same but is close enough that it is just as good
18:50:40 Slammer: ohmy.gif
18:50:50 Slammer: if you can understand that
18:50:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:50:59 Robin: mkay kewl
18:51:06 Robin: I just hate school so much
18:51:08 Robin: I cant possibly go
18:51:13 Robin: its not becuase I'm lazy
18:51:16 Robin: I truly hate school
18:51:18 Robin: thats just it
18:51:21 Robin: cant stand it
18:51:33 Slammer: Equivalent*
18:51:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:51:43 Robin: work is hard, but its ok. Though I do not work at the moment. Gotta get that DAMN drivers license first
18:52:04 Slammer: 1/2 and 2/4 are Equivalent
18:52:11 Slammer: LOL
18:52:18 Robin: but as I said, I hate reading things that are usefull lol driving theory thing, omg
18:52:27 Slammer: well anyways
18:52:35 Slammer: here they have a thing called
18:52:39 Slammer: GED
18:52:57 Slammer: and it's basically a High School Diploma Equivalent
18:53:01 Slammer: understand
18:53:02 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:53:05 Robin: zomg
18:53:11 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:53:13 Slammer: anyways
18:53:35 Slammer: I didn't get my HS diploma either so
18:53:43 Slammer: I'm gonna take the GED test
18:53:48 Slammer: next month
18:53:50 Robin: kool
18:53:54 Slammer: Nov. 5th and 6th
18:54:01 Robin: what age do you guys go to high school?
18:54:04 Robin: and how many years
18:54:24 Slammer: and if I pass... it will be pretty much the same as if I had a HS diploma
18:54:29 Robin: kool
18:54:50 Slammer: so... I'm hoping I'll pass, because then I'll be done with school
18:54:52 Slammer: LOL
18:55:00 Slammer: unless I go to college ohmy.gif
18:55:06 Slammer: oh...
18:55:09 Robin: awesome
18:55:21 Slammer: most ppl go to HS from
18:55:29 Slammer: 13-17/18
18:55:52 Robin: ok
18:56:01 Slammer: grades 7-8 is Junior High
18:56:06 Robin: we got pretty much the same thing, from 13 to 16
18:56:14 Robin: then from 16 to 19 on college
18:56:17 Slammer: and 9-12 is Senoir High School
18:56:27 Slammer: 9-12 grade
18:56:29 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:56:35 Robin: zomg
18:56:41 Slammer: how is it set
18:56:44 Slammer: like
18:56:49 Slammer: do you guys have Grades?
18:56:51 Slammer: like
18:56:57 Robin: of course
18:57:00 Slammer: 1st grade 2nd etc.
18:57:05 Robin: yes
18:57:10 Slammer: from 1-12?
18:57:15 Robin: 1-10
18:57:21 Slammer: oh
18:57:22 Slammer: biggrin.gif
18:57:23 Robin: college is like 1-3
18:57:33 Robin: but you can choose to go longer
18:57:38 Robin: etc.
18:57:39 Robin: man
18:57:47 Robin: dont get why people goes to school for like 6 year
18:57:49 Slammer: usally kids start 1st when they are like 6
18:57:53 Robin: unless they wanna get doctors
18:58:00 Robin: 6 here aswell
18:58:08 Slammer: and finsh 12 when they are 17-18
18:58:12 Robin: at 12 we change school, to high scool I guess
18:58:18 Robin: 12 years*
18:58:19 Slammer: LOL
18:58:24 Slammer: were you any good at it
18:58:37 Robin: school?
18:58:40 Slammer: brb wink.gif
18:58:43 Slammer: yeah school
18:58:44 Slammer: tongue.gif
18:58:46 Robin: I was never stupid, I just hated it
18:58:48 Robin: didnt study
18:59:30 Robin: hi
18:59:38 visi0n: *meow*
18:59:47 visi0n: yooo
18:59:54 Slammer: ello govnah
18:59:58 visi0n: lol slammer
19:00:13 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:00:34 Slammer: well Robin here you have to have at Least High School Diploma to get a job
19:00:46 Robin: zomg
19:01:01 Robin: peolpe say that here aswell, "omg you are crazy, you need full education to get a job"
19:01:05 Robin: bull#¤¤!
19:01:08 Robin: dunno how it is over there
19:01:13 Robin: but its not problem here
19:01:20 visi0n: i hate school too
19:01:24 Slammer: otherwise the only job you can get is like cutting grass
19:01:30 Robin: lol
19:01:45 Slammer: don't want to do that
19:01:47 visi0n: it is just soooooo booring
19:01:54 visi0n: why school ? when you can play all the day guitar ?
19:02:00 Robin: if I ever take an education, it will be on the internet
19:02:01 Slammer: thats why I'm working hard studying every day
19:02:02 Robin: indeed.
19:02:14 Slammer: so when I take the test
19:02:29 Slammer: I'll be better prepared
19:02:32 Slammer: hopefully
19:02:33 Slammer: sad.gif
19:02:51 visi0n: guys .. im going to bedd
19:02:54 Slammer: no
19:02:57 Robin: bye
19:02:58 visi0n: inm tired as hell
19:02:59 Slammer: govnah stay
19:03:04 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:03:06 visi0n: slammer sad.gif im tired
19:03:07 visi0n: tongue.gif
19:03:12 Slammer: ok then
19:03:15 Slammer: Good Night
19:03:22 visi0n: ill be online tomorrow
19:03:26 Robin: I'm tired as hell, but I wanna listen to johnny winter all night
19:03:34 visi0n: goodnight
19:03:57 Robin: gn
19:04:11 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:04:34 Robin: I only got one problem
19:04:43 Slammer: what?
19:04:45 Robin: I need some crap job that pays ok untill I manage to make money no music
19:04:50 Robin: for some years
19:04:55 Robin: I'm super serious
19:05:03 Slammer: Mcdonlads?
19:05:04 Robin: on music*
19:05:10 Robin: dont got that here lol
19:05:14 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:05:20 Robin: got it in norway, but not around here
19:05:49 Slammer: most kids our age will start off with
19:05:57 Slammer: like a Resturant job
19:06:05 Slammer: or in a SHop
19:06:08 Slammer: or Store
19:06:11 Robin: yeah
19:06:20 Robin: I dont really wanna sit in a store
19:06:24 Robin: taking groceries
19:06:26 Slammer: If I get my GED I could try to get a job in Guitar Center
19:06:27 Robin: hi rokchik
19:06:30 Robin: cool
19:06:31 Robin: !
19:06:33 Slammer: Hey rokchik
19:06:35 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:06:38 rokchik: Hey everyone
19:06:54 Slammer: what's up?
19:07:07 Robin: driving taxi looks chill, the only problem is that I dont want to drive around with drunk assholes in the middle of the night
19:07:08 rokchik: not much....trying to get over the flu
19:07:12 Slammer: sad.gif
19:07:20 Robin: sad.gif
19:07:22 Slammer: get well soon
19:07:24 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:07:28 Robin: hi
19:07:28 rokchik: Robin that is never fun
19:07:41 Slammer: Hey Muris
19:07:50 visi0n: muris !!
19:07:53 Robin: sure it is, imagine putting on a CD just driving around all day lol
19:08:00 muris: wait a minute,where is my Saz???!!!???!
19:08:00 rokchik: Thanks Slammer....i feel better today. Been down for the last 3 days or so. This is my first time on GMC in about 4 days
19:08:05 muris: LOL
19:08:06 rokchik: Hey Muris
19:08:10 visi0n: i have it here
19:08:11 visi0n: biggrin.gif
19:08:17 visi0n: hi there muris, how are you ?
19:08:18 muris: so??
19:08:25 muris: what are you waiting for??
19:08:31 muris: ahh you need my address,right?
19:08:34 muris: LOL
19:08:36 Slammer: I don't think I could be a taxi driver
19:08:37 visi0n: indeed
19:08:39 visi0n: lol
19:08:42 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:08:50 Robin: I think its different here
19:08:50 visi0n: ill record soon a video of my dad oke ?
19:08:54 Slammer: unless I was in NY
19:08:57 muris: ok wink.gif
19:08:57 visi0n: while he's playing
19:09:01 Robin: from what I have seen on american movies, taxi driving sucks ass lol
19:09:07 rokchik: LOL
19:09:09 muris: Slam,you drive a cab??
19:09:12 visi0n: i cant play on that thing, it has more frets
19:09:15 Slammer: LOL
19:09:18 Slammer: nope
19:09:19 visi0n: you have more notes
19:09:20 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:09:20 muris: wink.gif
19:09:29 muris: why not?
19:09:33 muris: cab is cool
19:09:40 muris: yu saw Taxi Driver?
19:09:58 visi0n: i can play it, but i play only the whole and half notes biggrin.gif the other notes are sounding false to my ears
19:10:00 Slammer: well, there are 2 BIg guitar shops around here... Robin, I could try to apply for a job there
19:10:04 Slammer: but
19:10:07 Robin: awesoem
19:10:13 Slammer: Ppl in guitar shops are Jerks
19:10:14 muris: yeah
19:10:15 Slammer: sad.gif
19:10:18 muris: 1/4 notes
19:10:23 visi0n: but when you apply it with hammer ons
19:10:24 rokchik: Taxi Driver is a great movie...DeNiro is so awesome
19:10:26 muris: I plat it with small bends
19:10:26 Robin: well, you can be one of the guys that arent jerks biggrin.gif
19:10:30 visi0n: it sounds good
19:10:32 Slammer: I mean...
19:10:44 Slammer: most of the Workers there are like all Punk Rock
19:10:51 Robin: lol
19:10:51 muris: yep Saz sounds good
19:10:52 Slammer: with the Eyeliner and everything
19:10:53 visi0n: muris, i think youre the one that comed up with a traditional lesson
19:10:58 Robin: oh damn slammer
19:11:01 muris: so you are sedning me one after all??
19:11:05 Robin: what are they diong in a guitar shop?
19:11:09 visi0n: think because you have that feeling too .. to play it
19:11:11 muris: wink.gif
19:11:12 Robin: they should be working at some hair stylish place
19:11:22 rokchik: I just wish I had a guitar shop near here. I could put up with idiot clerks
19:11:28 Robin: lol
19:11:30 Slammer: IDK... when you go to the Big shops
19:11:37 Slammer: it's mainly a bunch of kids
19:11:42 Slammer: who don't know
19:11:43 Slammer: Jack
19:11:47 Robin: >_<
19:11:47 Slammer: about guitars
19:11:50 Robin: annoying
19:11:50 muris: I'm not a kid Slamm
19:11:50 Slammer: like
19:12:12 muris: sorry wrong thread
19:12:13 Slammer: 19-20 year olds who can barely strum a G chord
19:12:13 rokchik: True.....but then you school them with some great stuff learned at GMC and put them to shame smile.gif
19:12:20 muris: LOL
19:12:23 Robin: oh damn
19:12:29 Robin: why do they work there?
19:12:34 Slammer: because
19:12:36 muris: I can strum G
19:12:38 Slammer: the Manager
19:12:40 muris: pretty fine
19:12:43 Slammer: will Hire them
19:12:46 visi0n: i can strum it too
19:12:47 rokchik: So can I Muris smile.gif
19:12:48 Slammer: for like
19:12:53 muris: so
19:12:55 visi0n: have a bit difficulties here and there
19:12:58 Slammer: $9 a hour or something
19:13:01 visi0n: but it sounds good
19:13:03 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:13:03 Slammer: cheap labour
19:13:04 muris: let's go and work in Sam Ash
19:13:04 Robin: :/
19:13:07 muris: it fine there
19:13:18 Slammer: Sam Ash is worst than Guitar Center
19:13:20 Slammer: well
19:13:25 Slammer: are
19:13:25 Slammer: the ones around here
19:13:27 Slammer: LOL
19:13:27 visi0n: muris.. i forgot .. where do you live ?
19:13:28 muris: really
19:13:41 Slammer: no I mean the ppl working in SAm ash are worst
19:13:44 Slammer: LOL
19:13:54 muris: Sarajevo
19:14:02 visi0n: thats in Bosnia ?
19:14:04 Slammer: they are rude most of them
19:14:10 muris: yep
19:14:11 Slammer: and they won't let you play guitar
19:14:15 visi0n: cool
19:14:16 Robin: lol
19:14:23 Slammer: all the guitars are locked
19:14:26 Robin: what a bunch of assholes
19:14:27 muris: more than cool wink.gif
19:14:32 Slammer: and you have to ask permission
19:14:38 Slammer: and most of the time they say no
19:14:40 visi0n: mayb when ill be there oneday .. ill send you a PM from GMC forum lol
19:14:40 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:14:48 visi0n: then we can jam together
19:14:49 Robin: >_<
19:15:01 Robin: why sell guitars when the customers cant try them
19:15:10 Slammer: well thats only
19:15:12 Slammer: one store
19:15:19 muris: sure wink.gif
19:15:20 Slammer: but there's a reason why
19:15:25 Slammer: it's in a mall
19:15:26 Robin: "hmmm this guitars looks cool.... 2000$, should I buy it..."
19:15:26 rokchik: Again I just want a guitar store near here....just so I can complain with you guys smile.gif
19:15:33 visi0n: muris, what do you think about the Music Man 20th Anniversery guitar ?
19:15:37 Robin: I see
19:15:48 visi0n: i think im in love with that guitar
19:15:52 muris: every guitar is fine
19:16:01 muris: if you know what you want from it
19:16:09 Slammer: It;s in a mall so tons of ppl who aren't musicians would come in and just pickup any guitar and start messing with it
19:16:14 muris: same with MM 20th Any
19:16:20 Slammer: snap the strings etc.
19:16:22 Slammer: LOL
19:16:23 Robin: omg why the hell would anyone do that?
19:16:33 visi0n: im going to use 015 strings on my guitar
19:16:37 visi0n: and play satriani music
19:16:37 Robin: I dont run around in womens shop trying dresses
19:16:42 Slammer: LOL
19:16:43 Robin: what a bunch of assholes
19:16:46 Slammer: well
19:16:47 Robin: pisses me off
19:16:49 muris: LOL
19:16:52 muris: 015?
19:16:57 Slammer: ppl feel lke they can do whatever they want
19:16:59 visi0n: just kidding offcourse
19:17:03 Robin: omg
19:17:15 visi0n: think i wont have anyfingers if i try to bend the strings then
19:17:17 muris: who is making 015?
19:17:31 Slammer: or I could work at Blockbuster
19:17:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:17:35 visi0n: D'Ekrem 015
19:17:45 muris: wink.gif
19:17:50 muris: I see
19:18:05 visi0n: gehehe wink.gif
19:18:23 visi0n: i play now for 2 days without my pod
19:18:38 muris: is it XT?
19:18:44 visi0n: i have now the distortion pedal DS-1 and plugged into my amp, sounds beautifull
19:18:46 visi0n: not the XT
19:18:48 visi0n: the POD 2
19:18:56 muris: ah ok
19:19:08 muris: what amp dp you have?
19:19:16 visi0n: Fender Deluxe 85
19:19:21 muris: ok
19:19:26 visi0n: its an old amp
19:19:31 visi0n: of my dad tongue.gif when he gigged
19:19:35 muris: Vox had showcase yeasterday here in Sarajevo
19:19:36 visi0n: with his electric saz
19:19:47 muris: 50 years of job
19:19:55 muris: and they brought David Spann
19:20:00 Slammer: btw Robin, Blockbuster is a Movie shop
19:20:02 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:20:03 rokchik: Love vox smile.gif
19:20:10 Robin: kewl
19:20:12 muris: heard of Spann?
19:20:15 visi0n: i love the mesaboogie lonestar amps
19:20:22 Slammer: I've heard of Spam
19:20:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:20:31 muris: ahh really?
19:20:38 muris: wink.gif
19:20:42 Slammer: spam
19:20:42 Slammer: spam
19:20:43 Slammer: spam
19:20:43 Slammer: spam
19:20:43 Slammer: spam
19:20:43 Slammer: spam
19:20:43 Slammer: spam
19:20:45 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:20:49 visi0n: muris, what do you think about michael romeo ? biggrin.gif
19:21:00 visi0n: i caught his pick biggrin.gif ...
19:21:01 muris: great player
19:21:04 muris: bit fat
19:21:08 muris: LOL
19:21:13 muris: but still great
19:21:16 visi0n: yes
19:21:17 visi0n: fat
19:21:20 visi0n: and he shreds a lot
19:21:47 visi0n: but dream theater was great ..
19:22:09 muris: looks like I'm getting older or som
19:22:11 visi0n: the drum .. bass, guitar .. everything was so perfect
19:22:28 muris: can't listen that much to bends like Theater or X
19:22:46 muris: rush all the time
19:22:47 Robin: I think those bands are extremely boring :/
19:22:53 Robin: boring sound
19:22:53 muris: now,I'm more like country guy
19:22:55 visi0n: i dont listen that much too
19:22:55 muris: LOL
19:22:56 Robin: imo
19:23:00 visi0n: wohoo
19:23:00 muris: Slamm is gonna kill me
19:23:02 visi0n: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaa
19:23:05 visi0n: *meow*
19:23:13 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:23:20 Slammer: yes
19:23:29 Slammer: first I'll take your Guitar
19:23:30 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:23:34 visi0n: i think im more bluesy,rocky, neoclassical guy
19:23:37 Slammer: muahahahahahahah
19:23:52 muris: I'm more like...
19:23:56 muris: gay
19:24:00 muris: guy*
19:24:02 Robin: lol
19:24:02 visi0n: yes ! found one
19:24:05 visi0n: a shit :X
19:24:07 visi0n: LOL !
19:24:12 muris: LOL
19:24:13 Robin: lol
19:24:16 visi0n: lol
19:24:18 Robin: lol
19:24:24 visi0n: i was with 2 girls tonight
19:24:25 visi0n: lol
19:24:30 Robin: lol
19:24:39 muris: my english rocks
19:24:39 muris: I knew it
19:24:40 visi0n: damn.. but nothing happened sleep.gif
19:24:50 Robin: lol
19:24:55 muris: wink.gif
19:25:06 Slammer: se bilo tko ovdje govoriti Hrvatski?
19:25:16 visi0n: didnt had my guitar, or else i had hypnosed them
19:25:23 muris: LOL
19:25:23 muris: bad attempt
19:25:23 muris: LOL
19:25:28 visi0n: lol
19:25:29 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:25:30 Robin: lol
19:25:41 visi0n: lol smilies spam
19:25:45 Robin: lol
19:25:51 muris: and it's Bosanski,not Hrvatski wink.gif
19:25:57 Robin: yo chast
19:26:00 chast: yo
19:26:03 visi0n: ello govnah
19:26:13 Robin: damn, I'm so tired
19:26:17 Robin: good bye guys
19:26:19 muris: hi chast
19:26:32 muris: see ya Robin
19:26:33 Slammer: I said Croatian
19:26:38 visi0n: muris, listen to this biggrin.gif when i was standing at dream theater ..
19:26:38 rokchik: hey chast
19:26:39 Slammer: cya robin
19:26:43 chast: muris biggrin.gif
19:26:43 rokchik: see ya Robin
19:26:50 chast: i transcribed a bit of the solo wink.gif
19:26:52 visi0n: there was a guy, that constantly was headbanging behind me
19:27:05 visi0n: but he had long hair, and his hair hitted everytime my neck ..
19:27:12 chast: not sure if its correct, but i got something said sounds similar biggrin.gif
19:27:20 muris: so you became gay??!!??
19:27:20 chast: said = that
19:27:24 visi0n: hahahahahah
19:27:32 visi0n: i was pisseddd
19:27:34 muris: no?!!??
19:27:38 visi0n: lol
19:27:46 visi0n: oke i admit i bacame gay
19:27:49 visi0n: lol
19:27:55 visi0n: eilg n0 way
19:27:58 muris: biggrin.gif
19:28:02 visi0n: not with that guy
19:28:06 visi0n: oops :X
19:28:08 visi0n: lol
19:28:17 Slammer: guten label wie war die Fußball?
19:28:38 muris: and,what happened?
19:29:02 visi0n: nothing, i have to much patience
19:29:15 Slammer: *meow*
19:29:17 visi0n: think an other guy had already hitted him in the face or something
19:29:24 muris: LOL
19:29:34 visi0n: it was sooooooo annoying muris .. seriously .. haha
19:29:42 muris: yeah
19:29:51 muris: concerts are always like that
19:30:02 muris: someone is farting or som
19:30:05 muris: LOL
19:30:11 visi0n: and then for fun, we did the same .. with friends in front him ..
19:30:18 visi0n: of him *
19:30:28 visi0n: i was farting the whole concert
19:30:32 visi0n: nobody heared
19:30:39 muris: you see?
19:30:42 visi0n: lol
19:31:44 Slammer: Oro means Gold in spanish
19:32:08 Slammer: so what does Mojo mean muris?
19:32:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:32:28 muris: Well
19:32:32 visi0n: muris
19:32:33 muris: it's sort of Mine
19:32:37 visi0n:
19:32:39 muris: but in Macedonian
19:32:43 visi0n: the guitarist was my guitar teacher
19:32:51 visi0n: for 1,5 years
19:32:58 muris: and Oro is type of traditional dence
19:32:58 visi0n: and 16 years my neighbour
19:33:04 muris: in Macedonia as well
19:33:12 muris: dance *
19:33:26 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:33:34 visi0n: you tjek it muris biggrin.gif ?
19:33:40 peterorg54: yo
19:33:41 Slammer: I never had a Teacher... well only for one day
19:33:44 Slammer: LOL
19:33:53 muris: wink.gif
19:34:17 visi0n: i was there with taking that clip
19:34:20 Slammer: he is the guy who was the Teacher of the guy who wrote "the guitar grimoire"
19:34:34 Slammer: LOL
19:34:44 Slammer: my one day teacher I mean
19:34:46 visi0n: watch the solo tongue.gif
19:36:07 Slammer: hey Muris do you like Rusty?
19:36:25 peterorg54: i said yo
19:36:26 peterorg54: man
19:36:29 Slammer: lol
19:36:32 Slammer: sup
19:36:36 Slammer: Peterorg54
19:36:38 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:36:43 peterorg54: sup
19:36:44 peterorg54: smile.gif
19:36:45 muris: LOL
19:36:46 muris: no
19:36:54 visi0n: oh man guys im going to bed.. cant stay any longer or im going to fall of my chair
19:36:55 muris: I don;t like Rusty
19:36:59 Slammer: LOL
19:37:03 Slammer: do you like yngwie?
19:37:05 muris: LOL
19:37:13 muris: ohh yeah
19:37:18 visi0n: yes i definitly like yngwie
19:37:19 muris: I do like Y J M
19:37:20 visi0n: ohh yeah
19:37:23 muris: guy has the soul
19:37:29 visi0n: yes yes yes
19:37:29 muris: LOL
19:37:29 Slammer: LOL
19:37:36 visi0n: robert cray too
19:37:38 muris: LOL
19:37:44 Slammer: so muris are you the best guitar player in Bosnia?
19:37:45 visi0n: eric johnson too
19:37:58 muris: but my favorite all time is Michael Angelo
19:37:59 muris: LOL
19:38:11 visi0n: aaah .. yes i like him too, but cant listen too much to him
19:38:18 visi0n: always .. Fast fast fast
19:38:19 Slammer: I think muris is the best in bosnia
19:38:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:38:24 visi0n: psycodelic technique's
19:38:50 Slammer: I think Peterorg is the best in Oregon
19:38:58 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:39:02 muris: you like Batio??!?? sad.gif
19:39:03 Slammer: I think Chast is the Best in Germany
19:39:08 visi0n: i like batio !
19:39:10 chast: chast is the wordls best
19:39:13 chast: i heard
19:39:18 chast: shawn lane told me
19:39:23 Slammer: I think Rokchik is the best outta all the chicks
19:39:30 visi0n: billy sheehan!
19:39:41 Slammer: I think visi0n is the best in all the Netherlands
19:39:46 visi0n: no way
19:39:48 rokchik: I'm blushing Slammer.....but you give me too much credit
19:39:51 muris: LOL
19:39:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:39:54 visi0n: you have marcel coenen
19:39:57 muris: Slamm stop it
19:40:08 peterorg54: u want me to say sam is the best in florida?
19:40:10 peterorg54: sma ?
19:40:11 Slammer: I'm the best in my room
19:40:12 peterorg54: sam ?
19:40:15 peterorg54: sad.gif
19:40:16 visi0n: haha slammer
19:40:18 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:40:19 visi0n: yes im the best in my room
19:40:24 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:40:27 rokchik: also could just be my fever Slammer...making me blush smile.gif
19:40:27 peterorg54: u live in florida
19:40:30 peterorg54: right . ?
19:40:31 visi0n: well im not even the best in my room
19:40:32 peterorg54: ?
19:40:32 Slammer: yes
19:40:32 muris: I'm the man in my room
19:40:41 muris: cause there's no woman at the moment
19:40:45 muris: LOL
19:40:46 rokchik: LOL
19:40:48 visi0n: lol
19:40:53 Slammer: I have a stupid baby Lizard in my room
19:41:00 Slammer: I've been trying to kill it all day
19:41:04 muris: why stupid?
19:41:05 chast: are you crazy?
19:41:07 Slammer: but it's too fast
19:41:10 muris: LOL
19:41:10 peterorg54: Lol
19:41:10 chast: lizards are cute
19:41:12 rokchik: I'm the best out of my friends....only because no one else plays smile.gif
19:41:28 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:41:36 peterorg54: woo there was rokchik
19:41:39 peterorg54: sup
19:41:41 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:41:42 visi0n: i inspired many friends to play guitar
19:41:49 visi0n: but all of them quited .. sleep.gif
19:41:50 rokchik: not much man...getting over the flu
19:42:07 visi0n: not much patience or something
19:42:13 muris: so you were bad inspiration?!?!
19:42:30 visi0n: well they want to play everytime when they see me play
19:42:36 visi0n: and when i dont speak them for a while
19:42:41 muris: lol
19:42:42 visi0n: and i ask, how are you doing with playing ..
19:42:45 peterorg54: !
19:42:46 muris: LOL
19:42:46 muris: my mom wants the same
19:42:53 rokchik: brb guys...must go make a hot toddy....hey Andrew
19:42:57 visi0n: welll .. im busy with that and this and ..
19:42:57 muris: hey Andrew!!
19:42:59 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Rok!
19:43:03 peterorg54: whoa
19:43:05 Andrew Cockburn: go get your toddy smile.gif
19:43:09 peterorg54: ac
19:43:29 Andrew Cockburn: Evening sll ..
19:43:32 Andrew Cockburn: all
19:43:40 visi0n: muris i have a question
19:43:41 muris: ahh
19:43:45 muris: sl is from Slamm
19:43:45 Slammer: if we were all in one room here would be the list of the best... (and I'm qualified to say it) in order 1. Muris 2. Andrew 3. Vision 4.Chast 5. Rokchik 6. peterorg54 4634. Slammer
19:43:49 muris: I knew it
19:44:04 chast: 9009090242. chast
19:44:05 peterorg54: NO
19:44:24 visi0n: im planning for uploading lessons as well .. but i think i going to have probs with making backingtracks
19:44:34 Andrew Cockburn: Rubbish! I can smoke Muris every time!
19:44:40 Andrew Cockburn: (just kidding smile.gif)
19:44:44 peterorg54: is it red if someone says my name ?
19:44:45 Slammer: ok then 1. andrew....
19:44:49 muris: ahh
19:44:51 Andrew Cockburn: lol
19:44:54 muris: you can't smoke me
19:44:56 peterorg54: is it red if someone says my name ?
19:44:59 visi0n: i have a lesson in mind
19:44:59 Slammer: YEs
19:45:01 Slammer: peterorg54
19:45:01 visi0n: about bending
19:45:01 chast: yes
19:45:02 peterorg54: hum
19:45:03 Slammer: peterorg54
19:45:03 Slammer: peterorg54
19:45:03 Andrew Cockburn: Nah, you don;t catch fire ...
19:45:03 Slammer: peterorg54
19:45:03 Slammer: peterorg54
19:45:04 Slammer: peterorg54
19:45:04 Slammer: peterorg54
19:45:06 peterorg54: slammer
19:45:08 peterorg54: is it red ?
19:45:09 visi0n: bending in tune lesson _^
19:45:10 muris: I'm on 2 pack per day
19:45:11 peterorg54: on you ?
19:45:12 Slammer: It's red only for me
19:45:13 Andrew Cockburn: lol
19:45:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:45:16 peterorg54: oh
19:45:17 peterorg54: cool
19:45:23 peterorg54: slammer
19:45:24 peterorg54: slammer
19:45:24 Slammer: Gen gen gen gen gen
19:45:24 peterorg54: slammer
19:45:24 peterorg54: slammer
19:45:25 peterorg54: slammer
19:45:25 peterorg54: slammer
19:45:26 chast: gen *meow*
19:45:28 peterorg54: slammer
19:45:30 Gen: lol
19:45:30 visi0n: stop spam plz
19:45:31 Gen: hey all
19:45:34 peterorg54: Gen
19:45:35 peterorg54: Gen
19:45:35 Slammer: Gen is here now the party has started
19:45:35 peterorg54: Gen
19:45:35 visi0n: hey gen
19:45:36 peterorg54: Gen
19:45:37 peterorg54: Gen
19:45:37 muris: really,2 packs per day..too much
19:45:43 chast: wow muris oO
19:45:49 chast: 0,5 pack here
19:45:57 chast: more than 0 is too much anyway...
19:46:02 Slammer: 0.0 packs in my life
19:46:02 Andrew Cockburn: None for me, guess Muris could smoke me after al smile.gif
19:46:13 muris: LOL
19:46:13 rokchik: OK back and am all warm and fuzzy inside now smile.gif
19:46:16 muris: looks like
19:46:19 visi0n: muris .. 2 packs .. damn thats much ..
19:46:25 visi0n: take care about youre health
19:46:26 muris: hey Andrew
19:46:31 Andrew Cockburn: Yes Muris
19:46:32 Slammer: brb guys
19:46:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:46:36 muris: nice thread about clasified board
19:46:43 visi0n: i smoke almost 1 pack 2 days
19:46:44 peterorg54: brb guys
19:46:45 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
19:46:47 muris: dig the idea
19:46:56 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, got a PM from someone and Kris suggested we do a poll to see if people wanted it
19:47:08 visi0n: but muris .. you readed what i said about lesson ?
19:47:10 muris: sure,nice add
19:47:18 muris: must be careful about rules etc
19:47:25 Andrew Cockburn: Rok - what was in that toddy???
19:47:25 muris: but GMC is missing it for sure
19:47:35 muris: oh yeah
19:47:37 Andrew Cockburn: yes Muris, we will need some guidelines of course
19:47:45 muris: you wanna start doing lessons for GMC,right?
19:47:46 rokchik: some whiskey, tea, and lemon
19:47:49 visi0n: yes
19:47:57 Andrew Cockburn: who, me?
19:48:01 rokchik: ok....lots of whiskey smile.gif
19:48:02 muris: LOL
19:48:10 Andrew Cockburn: theraputic
19:48:18 muris: well,you got to make BT
19:48:25 rokchik: trying to get over the flu
19:48:27 muris: long story about how to do it
19:48:39 muris: try in forum
19:48:43 muris: recording topics
19:48:47 visi0n: hmm, ill come tomorrow to you, then you can show it to me oke ?
19:48:51 muris: and look for Tony
19:48:56 muris: Tony is our main man smile.gif
19:49:04 visi0n: oke .. thanks anyway muris
19:49:14 muris: wink.gif
19:49:21 Slammer: *Slap* GEN
19:49:24 muris: you have Cubase or som?
19:49:29 Gen: *slap* slammer
19:49:31 visi0n: i use cool edit pro
19:49:34 visi0n: to record
19:49:40 Slammer: I made another radio show today
19:49:41 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:49:41 chast: visi0n if you have guitar pro you could try it like juan does
19:49:46 Gen: lol awesome
19:49:50 Gen: show me
19:49:52 visi0n: i have guitar pro
19:49:53 Slammer: nah
19:49:58 chast: the easiest way i think
19:49:59 Gen: yes!
19:50:03 Slammer: maybe later
19:50:07 Slammer: anyways
19:50:15 Slammer: Chast you didn't catch the football
19:50:21 chast: it didnt arrive
19:50:26 visi0n: but .. can you make BT with guitar pro ? o.O
19:50:27 chast: cause muris shred it away
19:50:37 muris: have you spoke with Kris about lessons?
19:50:39 chast: read juans guide how he does backings
19:51:06 muris: yeah,I had question about BT too
19:51:14 muris: look in my board somewhere
19:51:18 visi0n: oke nice, i will read it
19:51:25 visi0n: tomorrow
19:51:42 muris: so you spoke with Kris?
19:51:50 visi0n: not yet
19:52:01 visi0n: i was just thinking about making lessons
19:52:12 muris: ah ok
19:52:25 visi0n: but i want to do it for sure in the future
19:52:35 muris: sure,why not smile.gif
19:52:47 visi0n: but i dont know yet when to start ..
19:52:57 visi0n: i need to read, learn to make it
19:53:01 muris: I'd give it more time
19:53:05 chast: muris how much is a pack of cigarettes in bosnia?
19:53:05 visi0n: yes
19:53:10 Slammer: I shall make a lesson and teach you noobs how to play a D chord
19:53:13 muris: to gain more experience
19:53:21 visi0n: yes true, thats why
19:53:27 Andrew Cockburn: Posting aspiring lessons is a good start
19:53:30 muris: chast,it depends which brand
19:53:48 muris: from 0.5 up tp 3-4 euros
19:53:56 chast: same here in germany
19:54:01 visi0n: muris, a week ago, guitar teacher also said that my vibrato was very nice.. he couldnt do the same vibrato in the bend .. o.O
19:54:04 chast: well
19:54:07 chast: actually not
19:54:13 chast: 3-4 euros every pack in germany
19:54:14 peterorg54: lol
19:54:14 visi0n: its not that hard ??
19:54:17 muris: so he's not teacher then
19:54:18 muris: LOL
19:54:20 visi0n: hahahha
19:54:38 muris: wink.gif
19:54:43 visi0n: muris youre such a funny guy
19:54:51 muris: ahh
19:54:55 visi0n: thanks for kind words is the next what you gonna say
19:54:56 muris: just trying my best
19:54:58 muris: LOL
19:55:00 visi0n: lol
19:55:50 Slammer: Muris, is good at Joking around wink.gif
19:55:58 visi0n: yea
19:56:02 visi0n: you know why that is
19:56:11 muris: chast,I got item few days ago from
19:56:18 visi0n: because he is the man in his room
19:56:19 muris: and couple of itmes before
19:56:31 muris: must say it's apleasure to deal with Germans
19:56:33 muris: really smile.gif
19:56:34 chast: fine, what did you buy ? biggrin.gif
19:56:43 visi0n: i think eBay hates me
19:56:54 muris: ahh some UAD card
19:56:55 visi0n: they still spamming me for paying the € 1
19:57:16 visi0n: i only had set my pod on ebay
19:57:42 visi0n: and deleted, but i didnt knew that was € 1 to put it on ebay lol .. now there are spamming me every week ..
19:57:50 visi0n: you need to pay the € 1
19:57:58 muris: yeah
19:58:04 muris: It's fee
19:58:10 muris: or som
19:58:20 muris: you don't have 1 euro?
19:58:27 muris: I can give you one
19:58:27 muris: LOL
19:58:29 visi0n: its not about the 1 euro .. dont care.. but i dont have the time ..
19:58:31 visi0n: hahahah
19:58:50 visi0n: too much work ..
19:59:05 visi0n: oke you give me 1 euro i give you saz ?
19:59:06 visi0n: deal ?
19:59:12 muris: wow!!!
19:59:13 visi0n: both are happy
19:59:18 muris: sure wink.gif
19:59:36 muris: and I can make payment for you
19:59:41 visi0n: lol
19:59:42 muris: you just sit and enjoy
19:59:45 muris: LOL
19:59:47 visi0n: haha
20:00:06 visi0n: muris
20:00:15 muris: pardon me for being silly
20:00:20 muris: was out all day
20:00:26 visi0n: i want to show you a saz player, ill give you link
20:00:28 muris: and it's reallt cold
20:00:35 muris: so I'm here in warm home now
20:00:38 muris: something got me
20:00:38 visi0n: he was here in rotterdam. very good player
20:00:40 muris: LOL
20:00:51 visi0n: yes its VERY cold here tooo
20:01:03 visi0n: my window was open
20:01:11 muris: close it then
20:01:18 muris: mean not this one
20:01:20 muris: LOL
20:01:27 visi0n:
20:01:34 visi0n: you need to check this one out muris ..
20:01:44 visi0n: youll see that technique been used very much
20:02:23 muris: thanks smile.gif
20:04:24 muris: guy is great
20:04:30 muris: love these frets
20:04:33 visi0n: told you
20:04:34 muris: must get me one!!
20:04:37 muris: wink.gif
20:05:09 muris: I had fusion band few years ago
20:05:21 muris: we played some tunes from Laco Taifa
20:05:38 muris: heard of them?
20:05:44 visi0n: nope
20:06:09 muris: ahh
20:06:17 muris: they are from Turkey man
20:06:21 muris: awesome band
20:06:31 muris: rhythm section is monster
20:06:36 visi0n: i really didnt heared about them :X
20:06:39 muris: try google it
20:06:41 visi0n: yeaa
20:06:52 muris: they play some ethno jazz
20:07:04 muris: but great
20:07:16 muris: awesome technique
20:07:18 muris: etc
20:07:37 visi0n: my dad has a picture with him together
20:08:17 visi0n: when i search at google for Laco Taifa and i choose pictures, i get a very sensitive picture as first ..
20:08:18 visi0n: hahahaha
20:08:57 muris: mean porn?
20:09:02 visi0n: haha
20:09:04 visi0n: yez
20:09:10 muris: ahh
20:09:13 muris: wrong page
20:09:19 muris: try others
20:09:24 muris: band is great
20:09:26 muris: trust me
20:10:38 visi0n: i found a video
20:11:02 visi0n: is it with a clarinet player ?
20:11:46 muris: yeah
20:11:53 muris: no guitar tho wink.gif
20:12:37 visi0n: hmm ill try to find more of it tomorrow
20:12:42 visi0n: mayb my dad knows them
20:12:45 visi0n: ill ask
20:13:49 muris: ok smile.gif
20:13:52 visi0n: muris
20:13:57 visi0n: i need to show you something master
20:14:02 visi0n: the master of the saz
20:14:05 visi0n:
20:14:09 visi0n: this man ..
20:14:14 visi0n: idol of my dad smile.gif
20:15:37 visi0n: you need to search more of him
20:15:50 visi0n: very important and famous person in turkey
20:17:04 muris: I believe,plays great smile.gif
20:18:02 visi0n: im going to bed muris smile.gif if you dont mind ?
20:18:17 visi0n: im very tired .. sad.gif
20:18:28 muris: sure go ahead
20:18:28 visi0n: all the customers at work 2day
20:18:30 muris: I'll go soon too
20:18:45 visi0n: think im going tomorrow to a music shop
20:18:49 Andrew Cockburn: Seeya guys
20:18:52 visi0n: and try some guitars
20:18:56 visi0n:
20:18:59 muris: bye Andrew
20:19:00 Slammer: where you going?
20:19:08 visi0n: see you andrew
20:19:18 Slammer: he won't tell us....
20:19:19 Slammer: sad.gif
20:19:23 Slammer: we want to know
20:19:26 Slammer: everything about you
20:19:30 Andrew Cockburn: I;m not going anywhere
20:19:31 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:19:33 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:19:44 visi0n: well im off guys
20:19:46 visi0n: see you tomorrow
20:19:48 visi0n: good night all
20:19:58 muris: night smile.gif
20:20:05 visi0n: muris, it was nice again to speak with you smile.gif greetz respectfully ..
20:20:06 visi0n: goodnight
20:20:17 muris: anytime,thanks smile.gif
20:20:25 Slammer: andrew do you like Football?
20:20:44 Andrew Cockburn: What, AMerican or English?
20:20:55 Slammer: US...
20:21:17 Andrew Cockburn: I'm kindof getting into it but it is a little strange. I gor football fro dummies last christmas ...
20:21:22 Slammer: we called the otherone soccer
20:21:25 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:21:27 Andrew Cockburn: Go Giabts!
20:21:38 Andrew Cockburn: I know, and Brits hate that!
20:21:39 Slammer: OMG you like the Giants?
20:21:43 rokchik: Giants...blaaaaaaa smile.gif
20:21:54 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah ... went to see them last season
20:22:13 Slammer: How Ironic... the Giants are playing My team (Dolphins) next week
20:22:16 Slammer: in London
20:22:22 Slammer: where I was born
20:22:24 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:22:32 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - London Ontario right?
20:22:37 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:22:45 Slammer: as if
20:23:04 Slammer: London UK
20:23:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:23:17 Andrew Cockburn: What are the Giants diong playing over there???
20:23:24 Slammer: IDK
20:23:28 Slammer: but it's happening
20:23:30 Slammer: on the
20:23:31 Slammer: 28th
20:23:34 Andrew Cockburn: Wierd ...
20:23:38 Slammer: Dolphins and Giants
20:23:44 rokchik: Alot of US sports are heading over seas these days
20:24:04 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, they brought Bekham over here why not send something else back ...
20:24:05 Slammer: I guess the NFL is trying to appeal to the Global Audience
20:24:16 Slammer: NFL Europa is gone
20:24:20 rokchik: very true andrew
20:24:47 Slammer: btw I was born in UK not Canada LOL
20:24:52 Andrew Cockburn: The average Europeam has no clue about football - took me a while to figure it out, but its interestiung when you get into it
20:25:00 Andrew Cockburn: Good for you Slammer!
20:25:03 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:25:14 Slammer: why is it good? that I'm not Canadien
20:25:15 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:25:27 Gen: lol
20:25:29 Andrew Cockburn: Being born in the UK is a good thing
20:25:35 rokchik: now don't bash us Canadians please smile.gif
20:25:39 Andrew Cockburn: Surely everyone knows that?
20:25:49 muris: I'm off guys
20:25:52 Slammer: well, I'm also 1/2 British by Blood
20:25:52 Andrew Cockburn: I like Canadians! Most of my cousins are Canadian
20:25:57 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:25:58 muris: time zone killing me smile.gif
20:26:00 Slammer: LOL
20:26:03 muris: see ya soon
20:26:04 Gen: cya muris
20:26:06 Andrew Cockburn: Go to sleep Muris!!
20:26:08 Slammer: cya
20:26:09 muris: bye all
20:26:13 rokchik: night Muris
20:26:13 Andrew Cockburn: bye
20:26:37 Gen: slammer
20:26:39 Slammer: btw eric Clapton is Canadien or at least 1/2
20:26:46 Gen: is your last name "clapton"?
20:26:49 Gen: oh lol
20:26:49 Slammer: LOL
20:26:55 Andrew Cockburn: Slammer Clapton?
20:27:22 Slammer: yep... his Biological Father was Canadien soldier stationed in UK
20:27:29 rokchik: Yes he is Slammer....oh reading the biography now
20:27:29 Andrew Cockburn: Ok guys, I'm leaving
20:27:43 Andrew Cockburn: See you all around ...
20:27:45 Slammer: ok
20:27:47 Slammer: Cya
20:27:48 Gen: cya
20:27:49 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:27:50 rokchik: see ya Andrew
20:27:57 Andrew Cockburn: bye bye!
20:28:02 Slammer: adios
20:28:08 Slammer: cya chap
20:28:13 Gen: lol
20:28:14 Slammer: LOL
20:28:15 Slammer: LMAO
20:28:22 Slammer: rokchik
20:28:24 Slammer: which one?
20:28:28 Slammer: the new one
20:28:33 Slammer: or Crossroads?
20:28:37 chast: gen *meow*
20:28:42 rokchik: the new one
20:28:44 Gen: ah damn
20:28:48 Gen: you scared me hahaha
20:28:52 Slammer: man.. I want to read that one
20:28:54 chast: lol
20:29:00 Slammer: it's his autobiograpy
20:29:12 Slammer: Crossroads came out in 1995
20:29:20 Slammer: thats the one I read
20:29:30 Slammer: although Clapton didn't write it
20:29:31 Slammer: LOL
20:29:38 Slammer: is it any good?
20:29:43 Slammer: rokchik
20:30:08 rokchik: sorry...yacking on MSN. So far so good I must say
20:30:13 Slammer: LOL
20:30:19 Slammer: I bet you
20:30:32 Slammer: are yacking with GEN Chast and Peterorg on MSN
20:30:39 Gen: lol lol
20:30:45 chast: lets scare gen
20:30:47 rokchik: nope.....don't have them on MSN
20:30:49 chast: *meow*
20:30:50 chast: *meow*
20:30:50 chast: *meow*
20:30:51 chast: *meow*
20:31:05 Gen: i dont have the sound anymore biggrin.gif
20:31:05 Slammer: Gen wants to add you to his MSN
20:31:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:31:17 Gen: slammer aswell
20:31:22 Slammer: LOL
20:31:28 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:31:28 Slammer: if I had MSN I would
20:31:33 Gen: you have it!
20:31:33 chast: chast aswell
20:31:34 Gen: liar!
20:31:38 Slammer: nope
20:31:40 Gen: lol
20:31:42 Slammer: only YM
20:31:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:31:47 Slammer: remember
20:31:48 Gen: thats the sam
20:31:48 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:31:49 chast: i have it but i dont use it for 95 %
20:31:53 Gen: same*
20:32:03 chast: when im drunken i get on msn and talking with robin biggrin.gif
20:32:09 rokchik: well my MSN address is on my profile
20:32:09 Gen: lmao
20:32:33 Slammer: ok now we know
20:32:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:32:43 Slammer: Spam her!!!!
20:32:45 Slammer: Muahahahahaha
20:32:54 rokchik: I'd rather you didn't smile.gif
20:33:07 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:33:15 Gen: lol
20:33:17 rokchik: so Slammer are you a hockey fan or what?
20:33:24 peterorg54: no
20:33:27 chast: no he is football fan
20:33:30 Slammer: well
20:33:34 peterorg54: he likes baseball
20:33:37 Slammer: hockey can be fun
20:33:41 chast: and on sunday (?) is his football day
20:33:45 Slammer: yes
20:33:51 peterorg54: he like marlins
20:33:52 rokchik: I knew he liked football and baseball....but hockey is great too
20:33:53 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:34:02 peterorg54: right sam
20:34:19 peterorg54: i said right sam ?
20:34:30 peterorg54: *whip*
20:34:31 rokchik: Me and Slammer have had many a baseball discussion smile.gif
20:34:35 Slammer: Right
20:34:39 peterorg54: smile.gif
20:34:42 Slammer: Let's talk hockey
20:34:44 chast: i only know the new york yankees
20:34:47 Slammer: you know
20:34:50 rokchik: OK
20:34:53 Slammer: Sydney Crosbey?
20:34:55 chast: are they still alive`?
20:35:09 peterorg54: rekchik where do u live ?
20:35:11 chast: the caps of them were very trendy a few years ago
20:35:24 Slammer: brb
20:35:33 peterorg54: huh?
20:35:35 rokchik: I do actually....really....I use to work at the sports store in Cole Harbour. I sold his parents hockey gear back in the day
20:35:57 rokchik: Pete I live in newfoundland Canada
20:36:05 peterorg54: k
20:36:05 peterorg54: oh
20:36:37 Slammer: LOL
20:36:41 Slammer: cool
20:36:49 Slammer: so
20:36:52 peterorg54: so
20:36:55 Slammer: do you like
20:36:58 Slammer: the Leafs?
20:36:58 peterorg54: sam is handsome
20:37:03 Slammer: LMAO
20:37:11 Slammer: Idoit
20:37:13 rokchik: I hate the make me laughs!
20:37:15 peterorg54: what lmao
20:37:24 peterorg54: what
20:37:29 Slammer: nvm
20:37:34 peterorg54: what nvm
20:37:34 Gen: hey rokchik btw, do oyu know if kris uploaded that story we made like a month ago on the chat?
20:37:37 Gen: with robin
20:37:43 Gen: you*
20:37:48 Slammer: make me laughs?
20:37:50 peterorg54: just say thanks
20:37:54 Slammer: thanks
20:37:55 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:37:57 peterorg54: smile.gif
20:37:57 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:38:09 rokchik: Gen I don't know....I think it may be in the chat logs but i haven't looked for it
20:38:27 Gen: haha , i ll check , i gotta print it biggrin.gif
20:38:28 chast: does chuck norris play guitar?
20:38:31 chast: ohmy.gif
20:38:32 Gen: yes
20:38:36 Gen: i play guitar
20:38:37 chast: oh my god
20:38:46 rokchik: Slammer Toronto Maple Leafs = Toronto Make me Laughs
20:38:53 Slammer: man
20:38:56 Slammer: last night
20:38:59 Slammer: I was watching
20:39:00 Slammer: the
20:39:06 Slammer: Panthers at Maple leafs
20:39:10 Slammer: ughh
20:39:19 rokchik: I'm a Sneators fan
20:39:21 Slammer: I hate the Maple Leafs now
20:39:25 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:39:31 rokchik: Senators * typing sucks
20:39:47 rokchik: I couldn't agree more Slammer
20:40:00 Slammer: LOL
20:40:09 Slammer: there is this Kid on the Panthers
20:40:14 Slammer: Nathan Horton
20:40:18 Slammer: he's pretty good
20:40:23 Slammer: another Canuck
20:40:24 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:40:36 Gen: james labrie is the canuck
20:40:45 rokchik: One thing there is a lot of in Hockey is Canadians smile.gif
20:40:52 Slammer: yeah
20:40:53 Slammer: IMO
20:40:57 peterorg54: No one says on to me !!
20:41:06 Slammer: on to you
20:41:08 peterorg54: just
20:41:09 Slammer: !!
20:41:10 peterorg54: a line
20:41:12 peterorg54: from movie
20:41:15 peterorg54: .
20:41:16 peterorg54: .
20:41:16 peterorg54: .
20:41:28 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:41:34 Slammer: peterorg54 what is the square root of 169?
20:41:53 rokchik: Pete you have me confused sorry
20:42:02 chast: wrong button x_X
20:42:06 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:42:07 Gen: lol
20:42:16 rokchik: LOL chast
20:42:25 Slammer: peterorg54 what is the square root of 289?
20:42:46 peterorg54: sam what is my mom's name ?
20:42:56 Slammer: Peter's mom
20:42:58 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:43:02 Gen: roberta?
20:43:06 Slammer: lola?
20:43:07 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:43:09 Gen: lol
20:43:15 Slammer: rokchik?
20:43:18 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:43:19 Slammer: jk jk
20:43:20 Gen: rofl
20:43:30 Gen: ursula?
20:43:34 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:43:34 peterorg54: i thought i told u before
20:43:40 Slammer: no you never did
20:43:46 Slammer: btw
20:43:59 Slammer: the square root of 289? is 17
20:44:01 Slammer: and
20:44:08 rokchik: Hey Understudy
20:44:08 Slammer: the square root of 169 is 13
20:44:09 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:44:11 Understudy: evening everyone smile.gif
20:44:15 peterorg54: sup
20:44:15 chast: great slammer
20:44:17 Gen: hey
20:44:18 Slammer: ello govnah
20:44:22 Gen: lol
20:44:23 chast: the square root of 1 is 1
20:44:29 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:44:37 Gen: i can divide by zero!
20:44:41 chast: no
20:44:41 Understudy: are you guys seriously talking square roots ???
20:44:46 chast: only chuck norris can
20:44:49 rokchik: Why are we doing math on a Friday night?
20:44:53 Slammer: the Square root of GEN is e
20:44:53 Gen: and who am i???
20:45:04 rokchik: chuck Norris?
20:45:05 Gen: lol
20:45:19 Slammer: chast is a math whiz
20:45:23 Slammer: watch this
20:45:29 Slammer: 7x=35
20:45:32 chast: 5
20:45:32 Slammer: what is x
20:45:33 chast: biggrin.gif
20:45:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:45:36 chast: ;D
20:45:39 rokchik: if we are doing math I need more whiskey smile.gif
20:45:43 Slammer: watch this
20:45:44 Understudy: ok you guys either need to introduce women into your lives or pick up your guitars !! tongue.gif
20:45:55 Slammer: 5x + 4x = 45
20:46:05 chast: 5 again
20:46:07 chast: wow biggrin.gif
20:46:08 Slammer: YES
20:46:09 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:46:11 chast: brb
20:46:21 rokchik: I pick I don't swing the women way smile.gif
20:46:44 Understudy: sorry rokchik, I should have excluded you smile.gif
20:46:53 peterorg54: did u solve my question sam ?
20:46:57 Gen: i like fish and chips
20:47:01 Slammer: 7(3x + 4)
20:47:04 Slammer: =???
20:47:05 Gen: well, i gotta go to bed biggrin.gif
20:47:08 Slammer: NO
20:47:09 Gen: cya everyone
20:47:11 rokchik: no problem.
20:47:12 Slammer: you stay right here
20:47:13 peterorg54: 1+2+3+4+5+'''''97+98+99+100=
20:47:16 Understudy: night Gen
20:47:17 Gen: LOL
20:47:20 Slammer: NO gen you stay right here
20:47:21 peterorg54: cya
20:47:22 rokchik: night Gen
20:47:25 Gen: bye
20:47:29 Slammer: I got a Shotgun
20:47:31 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:47:39 Slammer: NO gen you stay right here
20:47:46 Gen: tongue.gif
20:47:53 Slammer: don't leave
20:47:57 Gen: i have to
20:47:59 rokchik: Understudy where are you from?
20:48:03 peterorg54: NO gen you go right now
20:48:08 Slammer: LOL
20:48:08 Understudy: I am in the US
20:48:13 rokchik: cool
20:48:16 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:48:19 Slammer: I'm from FLorida
20:48:19 rokchik: just wondering
20:48:24 Understudy: how about you ?
20:48:27 Gen: im from "nowhere"
20:48:31 rokchik: Canada
20:48:31 Gen: its just near...
20:48:33 Gen: the tree
20:48:35 Gen: behing
20:48:38 Gen: behind*
20:48:41 Slammer: the TreeHouse!!!!
20:48:42 Understudy: oh cool where in Canada ?
20:48:46 Gen: LMAO yeah
20:48:49 rokchik: Newfoundland
20:48:53 Slammer: yngwie's Treehouse
20:49:03 Understudy: lol slammer
20:49:07 Slammer: where he looks at himself in the mirror all day
20:49:12 Gen: aaaaa well. bye bye
20:49:13 Gen: lol
20:49:14 rokchik: creepy
20:49:16 Slammer: and eats Rice
20:49:26 Understudy: What kind of guitars you play rokchik ?
20:49:32 Slammer: and writes and records songs
20:49:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:49:48 rokchik: I have a LP standard and a Garrison G20 acoustic. You?
20:49:49 Slammer: sry guys... inside joke
20:49:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:50:25 Understudy: I have an Ibanez RG470 and a custom Carvin DC127, my accoustic is an old crappy Ovation
20:50:33 Slammer: *slap* chast
20:50:36 Slammer: CHAST
20:50:38 Slammer: CHAST
20:50:39 Slammer: CHAST
20:50:41 Slammer: CHAST
20:50:43 Slammer: CHAST
20:50:44 Slammer: CHAST
20:51:04 rokchik: I'm thinking about getting an Ibanez or a strat....still on the fence as to what I want though
20:51:35 Slammer: I would buy a strat if I was you
20:51:44 Slammer: because you already have a LP
20:51:47 Slammer: LOL
20:52:07 Slammer: so try out some clean classic strat tones
20:52:09 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:52:22 rokchik: See I love the sound of a Strat but I really like the playability of the Ibanez
20:52:28 chast: ah
20:52:30 chast: help
20:52:32 chast: oO
20:52:35 Slammer: CHAST
20:52:41 Slammer: CHAST
20:52:53 chast: sup?
20:52:54 Slammer: dude
20:53:01 Slammer: did you cut your hair?
20:53:09 chast: no lol
20:53:10 Understudy: yea, tough call when buying a new one. I don't really like Fender all that much. Ibanez are good guitars I like mine, but the Carvin is much nicer
20:53:12 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:53:38 Slammer: rokchik is your budget $1899?
20:53:40 Slammer: because
20:53:44 Slammer: you could buy
20:53:46 Slammer: a
20:53:47 Slammer: ....
20:53:54 Slammer: Eric Johnson Strat
20:53:55 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:54:00 Slammer: or a John Mayer
20:54:02 Slammer: strat
20:54:06 rokchik: I've never played a Carvin. I'm going home next month for 3 weeks so purchase will probably be made then. Plan on spending a lot of time at the guitar store smile.gif
20:54:26 rokchik: Slammer....I don't really have a budget.
20:54:31 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:54:33 Understudy: good luck shopping and post pics and a review for us smile.gif
20:54:36 Slammer: then buy a JEM
20:54:39 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:54:52 rokchik: Thanks Understudy. I will for sure
20:55:15 Slammer: or even better a $19,499 limited edition PRS
20:55:22 Understudy: just do me 1 favor...... please don't buy that gawd aweful pink cat guitar
20:55:23 rokchik: Slammer....I think my B/F would leave if I bought another $3000 guitar
20:55:37 Slammer: LOL
20:55:40 Slammer: well...
20:55:43 Slammer: I guess so
20:55:53 rokchik: LOL Understudy. no problem there....I hate pink
20:56:24 Understudy: afk a minute, I need a smoke tongue.gif
20:56:37 peterorg54: sam what video games do uhave
20:56:43 peterorg54: or dont
20:56:45 Slammer: rokchik have you heard of the John Mayer Strat
20:56:53 Slammer: I have gameboy
20:56:57 rokchik: Only in his videos
20:56:57 peterorg54: smile.gif
20:56:57 Slammer: Advance SP
20:56:57 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:57:12 peterorg54: go play pokemon
20:57:17 peterorg54: l,ol
20:57:20 Slammer: I've heard good things about it... you should check it out tongue.gif
20:57:47 rokchik: I will. Thanks for the suggestion. I've played an Eric Johnson. It was awesome
20:58:03 Slammer: I'll bet
20:58:09 Slammer: did you ever try the CLapton
20:58:12 Slammer: strat?
20:58:37 Slammer: or SRV
20:59:02 rokchik: yep...oh the story I could tell ya about the Clapton smile.gif
20:59:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:59:13 Slammer: well guys I gtg
20:59:15 Slammer: cya around
20:59:17 Slammer: Bye
20:59:19 Slammer: bye
20:59:20 Slammer: bye
20:59:20 Slammer: bye
20:59:21 Slammer: bye
20:59:21 Slammer: bye
20:59:27 rokchik: cy ya man...great chatting as usual
20:59:31 Slammer: yes biggrin.gif
21:00:22 rokchik: well guys I'm gonna go too. early morning.
21:00:25 rokchik: bye
21:00:28 chast: bye
21:00:59 peterorg54: no
21:01:05 peterorg54: well
21:01:07 peterorg54: bye

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