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"If you ain't First, You're Last" ---Ricky Bobby
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Pilot for a major airline (B767) fly mostly the Pacific, Hawaii, Guam, Japan.
Also into shifter kart racing and mountain biking.
And of course: GUITAR!
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22 Sep 2010
Kris, Did something change recently? The video lessons are blurred while playing...especially the faster solos. Almost like a slow motion effect? Seems to be ok in full screen mode though.....Its very distracting.

1 Jul 2010
Just picked up the latest Vanden Plas (German Prog band) cd "The Seraphic Clockwork". If you like Dream Theater or Rush, you'll probably like their stuff.
Every track just smokes! The guitar tones are just brutal. Cool melodies through out. I give it two thumbs up!

Here's a youtube doesn't do it justice though.
14 Feb 2009
Hey Guys,
I'm trying to learn Edu Ardanuy's On the Road guitar instrumental.

For some reason I'm having a hard time figuring out the "U2ish" sounding chords @ 00:22-:27. He plays this same figure throughout the tune.

In another live video you can see that he plays it at around the 7th fret and stays in that area while doing the chords @ 00:59-01:03;

Here's another guy doing it (better view)@ 00:25-00:30

And yet another view @ 00:21-:25

I have a guitar pro file ,but it shows something totally different!

7 Jan 2009
Hey guys,
Been playing around with GR3 and am pretty happy with it..except for a really annoying a/c hum or ground loop type buzzing on some of the hi-gain amps. I have tried putting in some virtual noise reduction units and turned up the threshold which works until you hit a chord or note and the hum just overpowers it. This hum actually changes slightly when I scroll up and down on the GR3 graphic. Moving the guitars (both single coils and humbuckers) around from the monitor (lcd by the way)or computer has no effect. I currently plug my guitar into a mackie mixer and from there into an m-audio 2496 sound card. Even with the guitar cable unplugged from the mixer..its still pretty obnoxious. When I run my Podxt through the same setup..its quiet!
I did replace the shielded/unbalanced cables from the mixer to the audio change. I read in the manual to try breaking the shield on one end of my cables to get rid of the possible gound loop that way...anyone tried that trick before?
Anyhow, just looking for some possible ideas before I ruin a set of cables!
29 Dec 2008
Hey guys,
I'm in the process of trying to upgrade my music pc. I've currently got two seagate 80 gig sata hard drives that are almost full! Each hd is partitioned into two 40gig partitions; hd #1 drives "c", "d", and hd #2 is drive "e", "f" with the dvd burner as drive "g". Drive "c" is the OS (win xp pro w/srvc pack1) and the asstd programs like Sonar, Reason, Waves, etc. Drive "d" is the project folders for the different programs. Drive "e" is the samples for progams like Atmosphere, DFH, Reason, etc. And drive "f" is for working on projects like vegas video and converting my vhs tape collection into dvd (very large files). I just purchased EZ drummer and upgraded to Guitar Rig3....and putting those two programs almost fills up my "c" drive completely!
My idea is to replace the two 80gig hd's with two 160 gig hd's partitioned into 2) 80 gig partitions each..but the sticky point is how to "image" my existing drives onto the bigger drives without having to reload everything..if its possible.
This computer is not connected to the internet (on purpose!) so its a pain in the a$$ to reauthorize my apps.
Any ideas would be appreciated!
Also Guitar rig 3 says requires srvc system is running great as is with srvc pack 1..I really don't want to screw it up with srvc pack 2 if I don't have to!

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