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Music , guitar , friends , videogames.
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27 Oct 2011
Sup people.

Just thought i'd tune in, see how everyone was doing and share something. smile.gif

I earlier today had an audition for a musical that is done every year (different musicals each year of course) where i live and are quite famous.

The school im going to is making this musical every year, wich means you'll be playing 3 shows at the school, 5 shows at our citys theater and then about 15-20 shows during the summer, depending on how well this musical is going.

This years musical will be Jesus christ superstar, and since it is my first year at this school (wich could if i translate correctly be highschool maybe? I'm 16 turning 17) i'd just thought "Whatta hell, i need to play some new music and this seems like fun. No biggie if i don't get in this first year".

So before my audition i was sitting with my other guitar friend in the school waiting for auditions to start, so we where warming up etc. And then the thing that cannot happen happend, my string broke. laugh.gif

30 mins, a lot of running and alot of stress later i got it restringed and had 1 minute to spare before my turn.

Then i realised i had not planned what to play, so i just went in there improvising and playing some parts of different songs i know.

And i got in, and so did my friend. ^^

Moral of this story: Always come well prepared to an audition, string and what to play etc. smile.gif

Question of this: What do you think the benefits of auditioning and being a part of a musical is for a guitar player? smile.gif

Now i have to go brainwash myself with the songs i'm going to play, getting sheet music in a week. wink.gif
22 Oct 2011
Hey people. smile.gif

So i'll get right to it, i have been working since this summer to get a homestudio set up and i need some advice on how to get the best quality sound as possible.

I currently have:
Macbook pro with garageband as recording software.
Apogee one audio interface. (So i can plugg my guitar directly into my computer)

I am also planning on getting EZ drummer.The basic package, Drumkit from Hell and Metalheads.
And i'm soon getting a MIDI keyboard.

But what im not sure of is what software to get guitar tone.
There are so many softwares and i don't know wich ones will fit me best. And since i'm 16 and don't have any real income it can't be too expensive either.

I am thinking about the Line 6 POD farm software, but im not sure if it is the best tone i can get for the price.

I'm looking at getting as good distorted tone as possible for pretty low tunings. Tunings like Drop C and B Standard. And it will be used to record Djent/Progressive metal kind of songs. Aswell as pretty good clean tone for clean parts.

I want to be able to record with good demo quallity at home.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

22 Oct 2011
Sup people! smile.gif

Just thought i'd share a video me and my friends have been enjoying since it came out at the start of 11'. wink.gif
Even if some of you might have seen it already.

What do you get when you mix slipknot and justin bieber? A psychosocial baby! smile.gif
10 Oct 2011
Me covering "The day you died" by Arch Enemy. smile.gif

Might be a little off since i'm a guy doing a girls vocals but. laugh.gif

What do you think? smile.gif
18 Sep 2011
Hey people! smile.gif

I made a new vocal cover, this one is of Lamb of gods "Descending".
Could you please give me some feedback on it? What to work on etc?
Since i've only screamed/growl'd since the start of the summer.

Cheers. smile.gif

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