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29 Feb 2012
Hi guys
I've been planning to buy a comfortable computer chair for a while.But I dont know what exactly I should be looking for.
I'm looking for one which doesnt have arms so that I can sit on it and play guitar.I'll be sitting on the chair through the day and it has to be comfortable as I already suffer from a back problem.

Any suggestions? Anything I should look for in particular?

Thanks in advance
15 Jan 2012
Hi guys
I tried learning this solo a couple of months back from Daniel's lesson.But then i quit when i failed miserably to play the part from 0:53 to 1:03
But yesterday I found some inspiration to try it out and have been practicing the whole day.As if by magic,I am now able to play it almost at full tempo.But there's one problem.This particular part is only about 10 seconds long.But its taking too much out of my left wrist and pinky.If i divide the section into 4 sections i'm able to play each of them at full tempo individually.But when i put them all together my energy drains out after the 3rd one and it gets so painful that i'm not able to hold on to the neck.My picking hand is fine.But my fretting hand is completely drained of all energy and I need to take a couple of minutes break before trying it again.
So my question is how bad is my stamina? It seems like my right forearm is tensing up.And what can I do to improve it?
29 Dec 2011

Most of you must have come across Sungha Jung.And now by accident I found this kid.

I have seen a lot of kids display a lot of skill,but this is the first time i'm seeing so much emotion and feel going into it.

Truly inspiring!
16 Dec 2011
Hi guys
Alright,here it goes.Ever since I started playing guitar,i've wanted to attend Berklee.I have gone through their website and it seems like my
dream land tongue.gif
I've been doing some research about the admissions and audition process.So here's the thing.
They keep auditions in India every December.
And i'm finishing school in March '12.So i'll be attending the December '12 auditions.
That gives me around 8 months of solid time for practice.
I'm really serious about getting in and I was wondering if anyone on GMC has experience with Berklee before.

During the course of the next year,i'm planning a rigorous practice schedule.So I would like some advice and tips for that.
Technical areas I want to develop are speed,accuracy,alternate picking,sweep picking etc.
Apart from that,soloing and improvising skills.

So how should I approach this target?
1 Dec 2011
Hi guys,
I'm planning to go for a new acoustic.I've always wanted a Taylor and I had decided on the 214CE-G a long time back.
Today I was doing some research and checking out the specs.The back and sides are laminates.That was a HUGE blow for me sad.gif
I am only looking for a solid body guitar.

So,coming to terms with this loss,I started checking out some Martins.I really like the Performer Artist 4 series.These guitars are priced at $1200
and the GPCPA4 model seemed to be the perfect one for me.The look,sound and shape.So when I looked at the specs it turned out to be a solid body.I was relieved.But then I noticed that the fretboard material is Black Richlite.Never having come across it before,I did a google search.Turns out it is a synthetic material and not real wood.Another blow :/

Checked out some reviews and there seems to be a lot of mixed opinion about this.All the sub $2000 Martins seem to have either Richlite or Micarta.

Now i'm thoroughly confused.Should I be concerned about the laminates on the Taylor, or the synthetic fretboard on the Martins?
The Taylor 314CE is out of my budget so I will probably try looking for a used one under 1200.

Do you guys have any other suggestions?
This is going to be a like a long term investment so I dont want to rush into this.

Thanks in advance smile.gif
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