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2 Jan 2008
I've been trying to change my avatar but when I select browse my computer and add the link to that section then press Update Avatar - it just gives me back my Mona Lisa Rocker avatar and it's even made her FATTER! Which is not very friendly...most women are not terribly keen on being made to look fatter and now she's all angry with me and I can't do anything about it sad.gif
What am I missing here?? (Apart from mental agility obviously...)
20 Dec 2007
I normally play on rosewood - have once or twice played a friends guitar with maple, and have been playing my White Falcon a lot recently which has ebony. I'm starting to think I prefer the feel of ebony, wondering what others think regarding fingerboard woods. It would be great if some instructors would chime in with some opinions.... biggrin.gif
22 Nov 2007
Just thought I'd share this - see if anyone can do it...
I'm playing the Day Tripper riff (you know - the one by those bugboys) cos I love it and have been trying to do the tambourine by vocal sound effect - chikachika - over it and get it just right with all the accents and stuff. There's one bit where the accents are juxtaposed and its so darn tricky, I just start to sit in the groove and then I run out of breath laugh.gif
So that's how I'm spending my time this evening - yes I have no friends... unsure.gif wink.gif
Does anyone else have any silly rhythm stuff they like to do?
15 Oct 2007
Hi - I've been checking out the Starplayer TV in Pearl finish today and I am in love.
Just wondering if anyone on the board has ever had a Duesenberg and can give me any info?
Cheers biggrin.gif
2 Oct 2007
Hi all,
I have just arrived recently to GMC and tonight I found this forum topic biggrin.gif
I love guitar SOOOO much and have decided recently to learn to shred with the best of them...
even if I am just a girly tongue.gif
GMC is the happiest thing to happen to me in ages -
I have been glued to this site since I joined which is less than a week ago!
My speed and accuracy and knowledge have already improved and that feels great -
I held myself back from giving it a real go for a VERY long time but never again.
And now I have loads of support and information from this site. laugh.gif
Life is GOOD biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
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Pedja Simovic
Hey thanks for checking out my post ! I just replied to your questions :)
11 Oct 2008 - 1:00
Hiya PAD, how's the playing coming along? Hope all is well with you and we'll have to chat soon :)
8 Feb 2008 - 0:56
How's it going PAD! hope you are well. Keep rockin!
7 Feb 2008 - 9:20


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