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GMC Forum _ CHILL OUT _ Kris' Chat: recording, female forum participation etc. 2007-06-28

Posted by: Kristofer Dahl Jun 29 2007, 10:05 AM

08:55:46 guitardudenr1: hello
10:28:08 Gen: hey robin
10:28:24 Gen: *whip*
10:28:35 Robin: hey
10:28:43 Robin: whats up?
10:28:45 Gen: whats up
10:28:48 Gen: lol
10:28:50 Gen: not a lot
10:28:54 Robin: heha Playing guitar of course
10:29:03 Robin: practicing a instrumental song I made
10:29:11 Gen: i just came back from a dream theater show
10:29:15 Robin: really?
10:29:18 Gen: yea
10:29:24 Robin: I'm not a fan of the band, but thats pretty cool
10:29:25 Gen: that was ****** awsome
10:29:28 Robin: was it good? ah nice
10:29:45 Gen: there was megadeth on the first part
10:29:51 Gen: but it was to loud
10:29:54 Robin: oh cool
10:29:57 Robin: >_<
10:30:06 Gen: we couldnt hear dave s voice
10:30:28 Gen: the sound was good for dt
10:30:46 Robin: ah thats good
10:30:55 Gen: and dave mustaine gave me his pick!!!
10:31:19 Robin: oohh thats sweet dude
10:31:23 Gen: o yea
10:31:48 Robin: I know this kid, 14 year old, just was on a ozzy osbourne concert. He got a pick in HIS MOUTH!
10:31:58 Gen: lol
10:32:08 Robin: He was standing infront of everyone else with the secutiry guards
10:32:14 Gen: haha
10:32:57 Gen: so, how long have you been playing?
10:33:18 Robin: hmm about 4.5 years
10:33:30 Robin: but actually, I've just been playing for a bout 6 months, not even that
10:33:39 Robin: becuase I didnt really play for 4 years
10:33:45 Gen: a okay lol
10:33:49 Gen: how old are you?
10:33:49 Robin: it was just computer games really
10:33:53 Gen: yea me too
10:33:55 Robin: and some powerchords once in a while >-<
10:33:56 Robin: 18
10:33:59 Robin: howbout you?
10:34:24 Gen: i bought my first guitar nine month ago
10:34:28 Gen: i was 17
10:34:31 Gen: now im 18
10:34:43 Robin: ah ok, been playing for 9 months too?
10:34:48 Gen: yea
10:35:08 Robin: ok kewl. good that you discovered GMC this early. You're gonna be a pro in 5 years
10:35:08 Gen: but world of warcraft took me a lot of time...
10:35:15 Robin: WoW indeed...
10:35:16 Gen: i hope so
10:35:24 Robin: played it for 2 years straigt >_<
10:35:35 Robin: did you play on EU servers?
10:35:39 Gen: lol, me too , almost 2 years
10:35:58 Gen: yea eu servers
10:36:07 Robin: I played on Al'akir. where di you play?
10:36:13 Gen: cho gall
10:36:19 Robin: Kor'Gall?
10:36:25 Robin: All my friends played there.
10:36:35 Gen: lol, its a french server
10:36:44 Gen: cuz i live in geneva in switzerland
10:36:44 Robin: I had a 60 hunter there.
10:36:54 Gen: we speak frenc here, cuz its near france
10:36:59 Robin: hm ah ok
10:37:12 Gen: french*
10:37:21 Robin: but was it the server with "imba" "philan" and guilds like that?
10:37:36 Gen: no...i dont think so
10:37:39 Robin: ohh ok
10:37:46 Robin: I'm thinking of another server then
10:37:53 Gen:
10:38:05 Robin: thank goodness I quit that game, it took so much time
10:38:10 Gen: i stoped playing
10:38:13 Gen: yea me too
10:38:37 Robin: what music do you listen to btw?
10:39:17 Gen: i love dt, some thrash metal bands, but i really love blues stuff! one of my favorite kind of music
10:39:32 Gen: and paul gilbert lol
10:39:37 Robin: oh really, same with me actually. Blues is my favorite genre
10:39:42 Robin: I also love black and thrash
10:39:48 Gen: yea, its great
10:40:06 Robin: and jazz
10:40:10 Gen: yea
10:40:24 Gen: i love eric johnson
10:40:26 Gen: clapton
10:40:32 Robin: indeed.
10:40:32 Gen: buddy guy etc...
10:41:02 Robin: muddy waters and johnny winter is my favorites
10:41:12 Gen: great
10:41:32 Gen: i want lucille >_<
10:41:34 Gen: lol
10:41:36 Robin: ahh indeed
10:41:39 Gen: i love bb king
10:41:41 Robin: I want it too
10:41:46 Robin: yeah he's great.
10:42:41 Robin: do they have a replica/copy of BB kings guitar? (gibson)
10:42:46 Robin: I would like to buy it someday
10:42:50 Gen: oh idk
10:42:53 Gen: i hope so
10:43:12 Robin: yeah, I know they have similar guitars atleast, half acoustic things
10:43:20 Gen: hmmm
10:43:47 Gen: aaaaaaaa all this gear talk....i must go practice now!!!!
10:43:48 Gen: lol
10:43:54 Robin: haha
10:44:05 Gen: ok, i g2g go, cya later man, nice chat
10:44:10 Robin: ok bye thanks for the talk
11:13:29 Smikey2006: hey
11:14:27 Robin: hey
11:15:03 Robin: whats up?
11:15:08 Robin: *meow*
11:15:52 Smikey2006: oh haha thanks umm nutin really.. was just fourm cruisen and came to chat to see if anyone was here a little early from the group chat which is coming up in 4 hours
11:16:08 Robin: ah yes thats right
11:16:18 Robin: kris is having a chat session today?
11:16:20 Smikey2006: i broke 2 strings yesterday so i think its time to replace em can;t play really without 2 strings
11:16:29 Smikey2006: yup 4 hours from now
11:16:32 Smikey2006: its in the fourm
11:16:33 Robin: ah that sucks cant play without strings indeed
11:17:29 Smikey2006: and i was gunna go to the guitar shop and get sum more today buttt i wanted to stay for the chat
11:17:56 Robin: does it take 4 hours to buy strings?
11:18:38 Robin: I always have extra strings btw. thats smart, so you wont have to wait to buy new ones
11:24:53 Smikey2006: yea i did have extra strings
11:25:01 Robin: ah ok
11:25:02 Smikey2006: but ive used them haha and now i need to go make a new stash
11:25:07 Robin: ohh
11:26:23 Smikey2006: its andrew
11:26:24 Robin: I always break my high E strnig, so I got like 10 sets of string with that string missnig
11:26:31 Andrew Cockburn: HI guys!
11:26:32 Robin: Hello andrew
11:26:37 Smikey2006: lol hows it going andrew
11:26:44 Andrew Cockburn: Cool
11:26:55 Robin: enjoying your new guitar?
11:27:01 Andrew Cockburn: Supposed to be working today so can;t play my Jem much ...
11:27:09 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, she is awesome
11:27:09 Smikey2006: ahh darn
11:27:12 Robin:
11:27:31 Andrew Cockburn: Actually, I just this second decided to call her Galadriel
11:27:41 Robin: kewl
11:27:42 Smikey2006: i need to go on a string run today but i don't want to miss the chat
11:27:57 Andrew Cockburn: Hmm. Gonna post that.
11:28:00 Smikey2006: lol yay a name go post it in the guitar name fourm
11:28:09 Andrew Cockburn: I will
11:28:10 Robin: After 4 years I still havent thought of a name to my guitar
11:28:20 Andrew Cockburn: I never have before, but this one is special
11:28:27 Robin:
11:28:29 Andrew Cockburn: back in a sec
11:28:33 Smikey2006: okay
11:29:31 Smikey2006: hey robin instead of buying whole new packs once u break strings you should just buy individual strings
11:29:49 Robin: yeah been thinking about that, but I'm not sure if they do that here
11:29:55 Smikey2006:
11:30:09 Smikey2006: yea only 1 guitar shop around here does it, so ive got a whole ton of high e
11:30:14 Smikey2006: s laying around*
11:30:14 Robin: in that case, they got to open new packs.
11:30:19 Robin: ah kewl
11:30:50 Smikey2006: but all my strings are getting old.. on all my guitars so i really need to go out and buy 6 or 7 packs to keep me going for a few months
11:31:00 Robin:
11:31:37 Smikey2006: and i need to pick up picks lol.. today really would be a great day for guitar shopping
11:31:46 Robin: hehe yeah
11:31:55 Robin: talking about guitar shopping..
11:32:11 Robin: I'm gonna buy Stewart Macdonald golden age humbuckers
11:32:20 Smikey2006: luck u
11:32:24 Robin: cant wait. Everyone say they are really really good
11:32:37 Robin: and for only 39$ for 1
11:32:55 Smikey2006: yea they are im happy with my EMG humbuckers
11:33:12 Smikey2006: im not gunna modify any of my guitars too much just because i dunno what im doing really
11:33:39 Robin: ah hehe I still have these "crappy" minuhumbuckers that was on the guitar when I bought it
11:33:53 Robin: the sound is mkay, they make much noise and chords arent really that clear
11:33:59 Robin: and I want a fatter sound
11:34:16 Robin: but anyway, I got dinner now! mmmm Salmon. thanks for the chat!
11:34:17 Smikey2006: oh haha
11:34:22 Robin: talk to you later
11:34:22 Smikey2006: okay cyyaa
11:56:55 Robin: *meow*
11:57:00 Robin: Hi ho
14:25:03 Smikey2006: hey ppl
14:25:09 Smikey2006: no one arrived for the chat yet?
14:53:38 Kristofer Dahl: Hey?
14:53:42 Robin: Hi ho
14:53:46 Kristofer Dahl: Ho hi
14:53:51 Kristofer Dahl: I am not alone!
14:53:54 Andrew Cockburn: ha
14:53:55 Kristofer Dahl:
14:53:57 Robin: hurray!
14:53:59 Boggi: Hey.
14:54:04 Andrew Cockburn: We've been waiting for you all day!
14:54:06 Kristofer Dahl: Already four!
14:54:06 Robin: Hi
14:54:11 Boggi: hehe.
14:54:24 Kristofer Dahl: Watching that counter was really scary - so I had to jump in a little earlier!
14:54:27 Andrew Cockburn: I expoect the other 150 will be along soon
14:54:34 Kristofer Dahl: Haha
14:54:44 Boggi: 6min to go
14:54:51 Kristofer Dahl: If they all pick avatars like you the text is going to go by fast!
14:55:24 Andrew Cockburn: hmm
14:55:25 Andrew Cockburn: ok
14:55:33 Andrew Cockburn: Hows this?
14:55:40 Kristofer Dahl: Or perhaps you were joking Andrew - there probably arent going to be anymore than us!
14:55:54 Kristofer Dahl: Hehe jut kidding
14:55:56 Andrew Cockburn: I would be surprised - you are a popular knid of guy!
14:56:24 Kristofer Dahl: Robin - I might confuse things up, but I have understood correctly that you both listen to death metal and blues?
14:56:34 Andrew Cockburn: 75% of people will turn up an hour frm now and say they got the timezone wrong
14:56:43 Robin: black, death, thrash, blues, jazz, norwegian folk etc.
14:56:50 Boggi: im not listening to death metal
14:56:52 Andrew Cockburn: VEry eclectic tastes
14:56:55 Robin: why do you ask?
14:56:55 Kristofer Dahl: That's an awesome mix!
14:57:04 AIB234: Hi everyone
14:57:07 Robin: Indeed, I like having a wide music taste
14:57:11 Boggi: Hi
14:57:27 Robin: I even like Run DMC(rap)
14:57:31 Robin: from the 80's
14:57:36 Kristofer Dahl: Well I wasn't sure if that was you that spoke about death metal (Ive seen your blues avatar lately though!)
14:57:52 Robin: Hehe I talk about all genres
14:57:55 Kristofer Dahl: I played in a death metal band a long time ago!
14:58:03 Robin: I know that, of course
14:58:06 Andrew Cockburn: You did? Was it scary?
14:58:12 Robin: I read about you on the "learn more" thing
14:58:15 Andrew Cockburn: Don;t you talk about that in your boi?
14:58:17 Robin: Yes, I wet myself
14:58:19 Robin:
14:58:20 Smikey2006: hello
14:58:20 Kristofer Dahl: No I was scary!
14:58:23 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
14:58:26 AIB234: Hey Mike
14:58:32 Smikey2006: sup kabookiee
14:58:36 AIB234: Kris, post pics of yourself from your death metal days
14:58:45 Andrew Cockburn: Long hair???
14:58:45 AIB234: ;D
14:58:47 Smikey2006: hows everyone doing today
14:58:50 Kristofer Dahl: AIB I dont have to many...
14:58:55 Smikey2006: lol i want long hair
14:58:55 Robin: doing good, how are you?
14:59:02 Robin: I have long hair \m/
14:59:02 AIB234: But I bet the ones you do have are a riot to look at
14:59:09 AIB234: haha
14:59:11 Kristofer Dahl: My hair grew upwards the first two years
14:59:13 Smikey2006: lol
14:59:16 Robin: haha
14:59:17 Kristofer Dahl: I am half Greek
14:59:21 Kristofer Dahl: I think that's the reason
14:59:25 AIB234: lol
14:59:26 Robin: awesome
14:59:35 Smikey2006: oh jeeze kris did u used to have long hair
14:59:40 Kristofer Dahl: Robin how long is your hair?
15:00:24 Andrew Cockburn: I ithink he fell asleep
15:00:29 Robin:
15:00:40 Robin: thats how long my hair is. But those pictures are a few months old so
15:00:59 Andrew Cockburn: yes, lomg!
15:01:09 Kristofer Dahl: Aha that's impressive - grows downwards!
15:01:10 Smikey2006: uh oh
15:01:14 Robin: haha
15:01:19 Kristofer Dahl: Btw I love those SRV dvd with Greg Koch
15:01:25 Kristofer Dahl: They are just too funny!
15:01:27 Robin: you got those?
15:01:34 Robin: excellent teacher
15:01:34 Kristofer Dahl: Yes!
15:01:37 Robin: haha yeah
15:01:41 Smikey2006: im growing my hair these next couple of years
15:01:46 Kristofer Dahl: Yes and a fantastic entertainer
15:01:50 Smikey2006: im gunna try and look like zakkwylde
15:01:52 Robin: I love it when he says "We're around E minir pentatonic land now"
15:01:58 Robin: minor*
15:02:14 Kristofer Dahl: "Your vibrato is the mirror to your soul!"
15:02:19 Kristofer Dahl:
15:02:28 Robin: Haha, cant remember seing that. Havent seen everything yet!
15:02:56 Kristofer Dahl: ..."So if it sounds bad I dont know what that sais about your spiritual life...Oh uhm Im sorry"
15:03:00 Kristofer Dahl: Hilarious!
15:03:02 Robin: Do you manage to play any of the songs smooth?
15:03:07 Robin: haha yeah
15:03:20 Smikey2006: lol
15:03:27 Kristofer Dahl: Yes all though I mostly "stole" licks from there
15:03:35 Robin: I've just learned a bit from Couldnt stand the weather and rude mood
15:03:50 Robin: you see, GMC have so many blues lessons that I dont have time for everything! yet
15:03:52 Kristofer Dahl: They are all fantastic tunes
15:03:53 Robin: cool
15:03:53 Andrew Cockburn: heh - its not stealing, its developing a style
15:04:06 Kristofer Dahl: developing stealth
15:04:09 Kristofer Dahl: ...mayb!
15:04:09 Andrew Cockburn: That's what you tell us Kris !
15:04:19 Kristofer Dahl: hehe oops Im sorryu
15:04:26 Kristofer Dahl: Contradiction is my name
15:04:30 Kristofer Dahl: cool song title by the way!
15:04:33 Kristofer Dahl:
15:04:36 AIB234: haha
15:04:41 Smikey2006: lol
15:04:43 Andrew Cockburn: Excellent - looking forward to the dance routine for that one
15:04:46 Smikey2006: wow im soo lost i came at a bad time
15:05:11 Kristofer Dahl: "cool song title" has saved me a lot of times when I am in difficult situation
15:05:17 Andrew Cockburn: ROFL
15:05:32 Kristofer Dahl: Thanks God there is only 5 of you and not 150
15:05:37 Andrew Cockburn: 6 now
15:05:38 Pavel: Wow! a crowd here! hehe Good evening all!
15:05:39 Andrew Cockburn: Hi POavel
15:05:40 Robin: haha
15:05:45 Robin: evening pævel
15:05:45 Kristofer Dahl: Heya Pavel
15:05:48 Boggi: lol
15:05:58 Pavel: Kris is having troubles! Let's give him MOREEEEEEE
15:06:17 Kristofer Dahl: Oh no please!!
15:06:20 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, now the Jem boys are here in strength
15:06:21 Kristofer Dahl: *slap*
15:06:22 AIB234: lol
15:06:34 Pavel: Come on!!!!! Today - we are burrying your genitals!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaa
15:06:34 Kristofer Dahl: IAh yes the JEM boys
15:06:40 Pavel: hahahahahahađ
15:06:40 Kristofer Dahl: Sound slike a boy band!
15:06:44 Kristofer Dahl: NOT a cool song title!
15:06:45 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
15:07:04 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Kris, a while back you were looking for a new guitar ...
15:07:13 Andrew Cockburn: did you make a decision?
15:07:13 Smikey2006: to break the silence... c-1 classic or Hellraiser AVENGER
15:07:15 Kristofer Dahl: Pavel and Andrew dancing beside each other!
15:07:20 Andrew Cockburn: Hmm
15:07:26 Andrew Cockburn: That could be sad onb my account
15:07:30 Pavel: WE are only dancing around our JEMs
15:07:34 Andrew Cockburn: (although I am sure POavel would do great!)
15:07:34 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
15:07:45 Andrew Cockburn: Excatly!
15:07:58 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel, they are just jealous
15:07:59 Kristofer Dahl: Who would be the front guy?
15:08:09 Andrew Cockburn: Steve Vai?
15:08:12 Kristofer Dahl: Andre I think and Pavel would back you up with guitars
15:08:18 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
15:08:18 Robin: Sounds like a plan
15:08:24 Robin: I'd listen to it.
15:08:28 Robin: ... blink.gif
15:08:29 Pavel: haha
15:08:35 Andrew Cockburn: Yeah, Pavel gets all the hard stuff
15:08:44 Smikey2006:
15:08:49 Kristofer Dahl: And you can do that emotional singing!
15:08:50 Pavel: I agree!!!
15:08:59 Andrew Cockburn: Have you heard me sing ????
15:09:06 Kristofer Dahl: Ah not sure
15:09:18 Andrew Cockburn: You haven't, and for god reason
15:09:19 Smikey2006: lol uh oh
15:09:20 Kristofer Dahl: But I know you are emotional
15:09:24 Andrew Cockburn: True
15:09:25 Pavel: Earplugs will solve any problem!!
15:09:31 Pavel:
15:09:35 Andrew Cockburn: Good song title
15:09:40 Kristofer Dahl: PAvel or might want to crank the amp
15:09:42 Andrew Cockburn: "But I know you are emotional"
15:09:47 Slammer: hey Andrew does Mills sing?
15:09:51 Smikey2006: wow has anyone else realized that guittarproing songs is a long and hard process
15:09:52 Andrew Cockburn: Yes Mills does
15:10:06 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel - crank your amp to drown my singing ok?
15:10:13 Pavel: Smikey2006 - really??? tell me about it!!
15:10:17 Kristofer Dahl: Smikey yes - I am glad most of our instructors use it!
15:10:23 Robin: never tried it, but it looks like a living hell to do it. I think its hard to tab regular stuff in notepad >_<
15:10:35 Pavel: GP is much easier than notepad
15:10:45 Robin: really?
15:10:47 Robin:
15:10:48 Andrew Cockburn: You wanna tryguitar proing one of Kris' songs - I nearly went corsseyed
15:10:48 Kristofer Dahl: But like Andrew said befor ein a chat it's very developing
15:10:53 Kristofer Dahl: and challenging
15:11:08 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, means you need to understand the timing
15:11:15 Smikey2006: yea im trying to tab my domination by symphony x
15:11:21 Smikey2006: its sooo time consuming
15:11:59 Kristofer Dahl: When something is time consuming it usually means its hard and its just what you need!
15:12:24 Smikey2006: exactly
15:12:43 Slammer: 7 people in here... I was think there was gonna be about 100
15:12:54 Slammer: thought*
15:13:04 Kristofer Dahl: I dont think we have ever had that many somultaneous members..
15:13:06 Smikey2006: yea i hope its not too many more.. my computer can't handle it
15:13:11 Kristofer Dahl: --online in the forum?
15:13:20 Slammer: 8!
15:13:27 Andrew Cockburn: 500 is themost, couple of weeks ago
15:13:29 Kristofer Dahl: welcome Gen!
15:13:33 Gen: wow lol hi guys
15:13:37 Smikey2006: just this chat i keep lagging and havning to refresh
15:13:39 AIB234: Mike you need a new PC if chat is lagging you
15:13:40 Smikey2006: Hey gen
15:13:42 Kristofer Dahl: By the way - the chat only takes 50 simultaneous
15:13:43 Pavel: ok - take it easy - 1 by 1
15:13:46 Slammer: welcome to the Party Gen
15:13:52 Andrew Cockburn: oops it was 950!!!!!!!!!!!
15:13:53 Smikey2006: yea well this isn't mine.. its my friends mac book
15:13:54 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Gen
15:14:05 Robin: hi ho
15:14:08 AIB234: Did I get booted or something?
15:14:09 Gen: hi all
15:14:19 Kristofer Dahl: 950 is with guest included
15:14:23 Andrew Cockburn: ah
15:14:26 Smikey2006: erg i hate ebay is anyone here good with ebay?
15:14:42 AIB234: Ah well. Gotta leave work now. Be back later! Mike: Hit me up on MSN I've used eBay quite a bit.
15:14:51 Smikey2006: okay ttyl
15:14:51 Gen: cya
15:14:56 Kristofer Dahl: Ah no I have only bought on eguitar there but I managed to not get ripped
15:15:08 Robin: I sold my soul on Ebay once. I got ripped off, never got the money
15:15:08 Smikey2006: yea well im trying to order a schecter and im definatly afraid of getting ripped
15:15:11 Andrew Cockburn: an egitar? Was it a virtual guitar???
15:15:20 Smikey2006: lol
15:15:23 Kristofer Dahl: Robin aha that's when you starte dwith death metal!
15:15:32 Kristofer Dahl: I'll give it back to you for 5 bucs!
15:15:43 Robin: actually I play in a black metal band
15:15:47 Smikey2006: im going to sell air guitars on ebay
15:15:50 Kristofer Dahl: you can play more blues!
15:15:59 Smikey2006: its all about the jazz
15:16:05 Smikey2006: which reminds me to ask you kris
15:16:09 Kristofer Dahl: black metal is even more "dark" isn't it?
15:16:11 Smikey2006: do you know how to play slap guitar?
15:16:13 Robin: jazz is awesome indeed
15:16:17 Robin: yeah sort of
15:16:21 Kristofer Dahl: Smikey no
15:16:27 Robin: its not that "heavy" and stuff like that
15:16:32 Kristofer Dahl: I have only seen Tony Macalpine do that
15:16:39 Smikey2006: yea
15:16:41 Kristofer Dahl: I have a cheating way of doing it though
15:16:49 Kristofer Dahl: ...but it's kind of hard to explain here..
15:16:55 Smikey2006: ahh ic
15:17:07 Smikey2006: darn im trying to learn i dun care how long it takes me really
15:17:15 Slammer: hard question for Kris...If you could Jam in Person with any one GMC instructor... which one would it be?
15:17:29 Gen: lol
15:17:32 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer thats a really cool question!
15:17:36 Smikey2006: especially a hard question with both pavel and andrew in the room
15:17:38 Slammer:
15:17:41 Kristofer Dahl: so let me think
15:17:47 Andrew Cockburn: I wonlt be offended
15:17:52 Kristofer Dahl: MYSELF!!
15:17:53 Andrew Cockburn: I;m just the theory guy
15:17:53 Pavel: hahha do you really have to put Kris in the corner??
15:17:56 Kristofer Dahl: *slap*
15:17:59 Pavel: ok kris - watch your answer!!!!!
15:18:00 Andrew Cockburn: Good answer!
15:18:04 Smikey2006: yes we do oh kris haha
15:18:06 Robin: Indeed.
15:18:12 Pavel: hahahahaha
15:18:14 Gen: haha
15:18:37 Kristofer Dahl: That wasn't a hard decision!
15:18:43 Slammer: Diplomatic Answer
15:18:45 Pavel: Ok Kris - i forgive you!!!
15:18:47 Smikey2006: oh andrew saying theory guy your going to be hearing alot from me in the near future..
15:18:55 Andrew Cockburn: Bring it on!
15:19:10 Kristofer Dahl: Well either way - I have thought about perhaps in the future do som einternet recording thing together
15:19:12 Smikey2006: i know.. nothing of theory .. and i need to know everthing so i can join jazz band at my school
15:19:16 Kristofer Dahl: I know ANdrew has done some of that
15:19:21 Slammer: yes
15:19:23 Smikey2006: so over the summer i need to learn as much as possible
15:19:34 Andrew Cockburn: Yes I have - I can set that all up real easy for us :_)
15:19:45 Andrew Cockburn: I wrote a magazine article on it - trying to get it published
15:19:47 Robin: jazz band you say? thats awesome
15:20:13 Robin: If I werent so lazy I'd learn meself to play jazz
15:20:15 Kristofer Dahl: Set it up?
15:20:19 Andrew Cockburn: Wow, that would be awesonme - a GMC signature song with all the instructors jamming together!!!
15:20:20 Smikey2006: yea its cool.. all my friends r in it cause they play wind instruments and all i play is guitar, but they wont let me in without theory knowledge
15:20:30 Smikey2006: lol that would be crazyzyy
15:20:35 Robin: And one song by the members!
15:20:38 Andrew Cockburn: SMikey, I'll help you!
15:20:53 Kristofer Dahl: Sorry to change topic - but quicly: I am actually writing a kind of UG signature song...almost finished
15:20:59 Kristofer Dahl:
15:21:21 Andrew Cockburn: Cool! Lets get it recorded with guest spots for all the instructors
15:21:28 Andrew Cockburn: Or another song
15:21:36 Robin: that would have been awesome
15:21:42 Gen: aaaaaaaaa noooooo sorry guys, i must go...
15:21:47 Kristofer Dahl: Well this is a cool idea - we could basically have as many isntructors as possible
15:21:47 Andrew Cockburn: bye
15:21:48 Smikey2006: do it up guys
15:21:50 Gen: bye
15:21:53 Smikey2006: Kris can sing
15:22:00 Smikey2006: bye Gen
15:22:00 Robin: maybe we one day Kris can release a "Best of GMC" album
15:22:03 Kristofer Dahl: ...and then they could all do a lesson on "their" section
15:22:10 Andrew Cockburn: Wow, that's excellent
15:22:20 Slammer: Another Question for Kris... I'm guessing that Great Online Guitar Teaching was a Dream of yours for quite a While... Do you think your Dream has been Fulfuilled in GMC or is this just the Beginng of the Story?
15:22:44 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer - that's also a cool question!
15:22:58 Slammer:
15:23:18 Kristofer Dahl: Basically I never had any "dream" about doing this - I just wanted to get out to people through the internet with my guitar
15:23:29 Kristofer Dahl: and this was an excellent way of doing that!
15:23:31 Smikey2006: and it works
15:23:42 Slammer: Cool
15:23:45 Kristofer Dahl: yes! for everyone
15:23:59 Slammer: Good Price too!
15:24:01 Robin: This is a hell of an awesome project
15:24:15 Robin: never seen or heard about any other guitar site that can come even close to GMC
15:24:23 Andrew Cockburn: I love the innovation
15:24:26 Slammer: the rate of Inflation can be a Problem....
15:24:28 Slammer: LOL
15:24:29 Slammer: jk
15:24:32 Andrew Cockburn: Kris just isnt sitting on his laurels
15:24:44 Smikey2006: lol
15:24:52 Andrew Cockburn: We get cool new featers every month
15:24:56 Kristofer Dahl: Loads of people are doing it at youtube also
15:25:05 Smikey2006: i don't worry bout what im paying haha ive gotit set up over paypal and i just pay my bill
15:25:06 Kristofer Dahl: nowadays!
15:25:06 Andrew Cockburn: ... but we're way better
15:25:12 Smikey2006: GMC is as essential as water and heating
15:25:13 Slammer: YES!!
15:25:35 Andrew Cockburn: I think the addiction thread is really funny - thought I was the only one
15:25:43 Kristofer Dahl: Yes ther eis a lot of junk at youtube - so it can be hard to find the good stuff
15:25:53 Kristofer Dahl: Especially instructional-wise
15:25:55 Robin: Indeed. I'd die without GMC
15:26:02 Robin: Haha andrew
15:26:09 Robin: I'm so addicted as it gets
15:26:10 Slammer: before I was at another site.. which I'll call GT (u guys can prob. figure it out) They are nothing compared to GMC
15:26:29 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
15:26:38 Slammer: their Instructor really aren't that good
15:26:43 Slammer: it true
15:26:45 Robin: I think Kris have just made an evil cult. I think we're all being brainwashed by this "GMC" thing >
15:26:48 Slammer: I was dissapointed
15:26:53 Andrew Cockburn: Kris keeps very high standards
15:27:04 Andrew Cockburn: that's the key to all of GMC
15:27:08 Kristofer Dahl: Yes I try!
15:27:30 Robin: How long untill GMC will be a real religion?
15:27:48 Slammer: not untill we Have Video Theory Lessons!
15:27:49 Andrew Cockburn: What, you mean I'll have to give up being a Jedi?
15:27:49 Kristofer Dahl: 2011 - that when gmciass will come
15:27:55 Slammer: LOL
15:27:57 Robin:
15:28:03 Kristofer Dahl:
15:28:13 Andrew Cockburn: Video theory lessons - that will be phase II when I have finished my current list
15:28:20 Robin: ohh "gmciass" ripping good laugh.
15:29:42 Smikey2006: .what site is this?
15:29:42 Kristofer Dahl: haha no actually things should go quicker than that - its the internet!!
15:29:51 Kristofer Dahl: gmc
15:29:54 Slammer: Hey Kris... If I wanted to make a Lesson just for fun, In the Aspiring Instructor Lessons Forum, Could I?
15:30:05 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer absolutely - anyone can!
15:30:07 Kristofer Dahl:
15:30:11 Slammer: LOL ok
15:30:16 Andrew Cockburn: It would be good to get that going again
15:30:26 Kristofer Dahl: yes really
15:30:41 Slammer: the Only problem is I don't got a Vid Camera... but maybe I'll buy one
15:30:43 Kristofer Dahl: its a great way to qualify for senior member
15:30:50 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
15:30:52 Robin: hey kris, I'm worknig on a song now, and when I get good at it I want to make it a real GMC lesson(if you accept of course), but can I still have it on myspace and maybe even release a demo with that song on?
15:31:10 Smikey2006: k sry i can't follow because this internet lags ill bbs
15:31:24 Kristofer Dahl: Yes you may use the song but not the video or the instructions etc
15:31:34 Kristofer Dahl: see you!
15:31:39 Robin: ah thats awesome
15:32:07 Smikey2006: Okay im back.. perhaps no more lag
15:32:19 Robin:
15:32:29 Kristofer Dahl: New rule: No avatars allowed when there are lots of people here
15:32:36 Kristofer Dahl: I dont get the time to read everything
15:32:43 Kristofer Dahl: I guess I am kind of slow...
15:32:49 Smikey2006: lolyea sry its just this comp
15:32:50 Robin:
15:32:52 Pavel: get back to practicing Kris!
15:32:52 Slammer: not on guitar.
15:32:54 Andrew Cockburn: Its ok, you make up for it in other ways
15:32:58 Pavel:
15:33:05 Kristofer Dahl: Well compared to Pavel I feel slow!
15:33:10 Smikey2006: it is gone now haha
15:33:14 Smikey2006: pavel makes us all feel slow
15:33:18 Kristofer Dahl: But I am faster at refreshing!
15:33:19 Smikey2006: dontcha pavel.. thats just his job
15:33:31 Andrew Cockburn: everone is slow compared to Pavelk
15:33:32 Robin: indeed kris, but I got the coolest refreshing licks!
15:33:37 Pavel: ROFL i can't refresh fast...i have slow internet....*cry*
15:33:46 jeff: Hi all. yes I saw that new Pavel video - super speed!
15:33:50 Slammer: I can go as fast as Pavel exect it sounds like #$^$
15:33:52 Andrew Cockburn: Turbo!
15:33:53 Kristofer Dahl: PAvel - you have to practice harder
15:33:53 Pavel: thanks guys!!!
15:34:03 Kristofer Dahl: Heya jeff!
15:34:07 Smikey2006: my licks are the most unique.. because i don't know scales
15:34:09 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, you need to catch Rusty within 6 months
15:34:19 Smikey2006: you need to catch petrucci
15:34:31 Pavel: hahaha i ma gonan catch day....
15:34:33 Kristofer Dahl: jeff you are probably one of the "older" gmc memebrs right?
15:34:37 Pavel: when i am around 30 years
15:34:51 jeff: Pavel you need to grow the long hair like rusty
15:34:57 Smikey2006:
15:35:09 jeff: yes I am old and an older member
15:35:12 Slammer: I wonder if Kris ever had Long Hair?
15:35:12 Pavel: well i had long hair but i decided to cut it
15:35:24 Pavel: guys BRB
15:35:29 Smikey2006: okay
15:35:31 Kristofer Dahl: Yes read this chat log in a couple of days!
15:36:02 Smikey2006: lol this will be one long chatlog
15:36:08 Slammer: yes!
15:36:10 Kristofer Dahl: it grow upward the first two years
15:36:14 Slammer: LOL
15:36:22 Robin: why dont you get an afro kris?
15:36:27 Smikey2006: lmao
15:36:34 jeff: LOL!
15:36:40 Kristofer Dahl: Well that's what happened - I didnt have to do anything
15:36:44 Kristofer Dahl:
15:36:44 Slammer: or CornRows!!
15:36:50 Robin: haha
15:37:02 Smikey2006: haha cornrows on kris that would be silly looking haha
15:37:06 Slammer: Or Dreds
15:37:06 Smikey2006: or dreds...
15:37:09 Smikey2006: haha
15:37:09 Slammer: LOL
15:37:28 Slammer: Kris as a Jamaican
15:37:30 Slammer: LOL
15:37:43 Robin: btw, anyone here use/tried Stewart Macdonald golden age humbuckers? I'm buying those
15:37:58 Kristofer Dahl: Ahh I just spilled water everywhere
15:38:01 Kristofer Dahl:
15:38:04 Slammer: NO!!
15:38:06 Smikey2006: oh way to go kris.. go clean it up
15:38:07 jeff: not hear of them...
15:38:16 Smikey2006:
15:38:18 Slammer: I only got Duncans
15:38:24 Robin: ah ok
15:38:25 jeff: sorry - i mean the pickups
15:38:26 Smikey2006: EMG's and Jacksons
15:38:33 Robin: just curious
15:39:02 Smikey2006: start a thread
15:39:07 Slammer: YES!
15:39:14 Slammer: out of 2000 members...
15:39:15 Kristofer Dahl: Im back - the fast typing almost ruined my keyboard!
15:39:23 Smikey2006: uh oh
15:39:34 Slammer: buy a New one!
15:39:36 Andrew Cockburn: it started smoking and he had to pour water on it ...
15:39:41 Slammer: LOL
15:39:42 Smikey2006: it saddens me that out of 2000 members i only really see about 100 posting
15:39:44 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
15:39:55 Kristofer Dahl: Smikey
15:40:01 Smikey2006: i mean constantly haha
15:40:02 Slammer: and 8 people on Chat
15:40:06 Smikey2006: yea
15:40:17 Kristofer Dahl: Unevetiable - people sign up to the forum when signing up to the site, usually
15:40:18 Robin: indeed smikey. forums are so fun, specially this one
15:40:26 Kristofer Dahl: only a few are interested in particpating
15:40:39 Smikey2006: yea i mean i love the fourm and i wish we got more feedback on some stuff
15:40:46 Andrew Cockburn: I see a lot of membners I have never heard of practicing the lessons
15:40:50 Slammer: well, it's only... 3 pm in the States, Maybe some poeple here are still working
15:40:54 Robin: yeah I'd like more threads to read
15:41:01 Andrew Cockburn: More refreshing!
15:41:06 Robin: indeeeed
15:41:07 Kristofer Dahl: hehe yes!
15:41:19 Kristofer Dahl: Well I think ANdrew and I have come up with a great plan for that!
15:41:21 jeff: I just got a PODxt a few days ago. I love that thing. Wish I had gotten it sooner!
15:41:28 Slammer: Cool
15:41:41 Slammer: I wish I had for recording into My PC
15:41:45 Slammer: monster tone
15:41:52 Robin: More crazy sounds and smileys for the forum, yeyy!
15:41:55 Slammer: compared to a Zoom G2
15:41:59 Andrew Cockburn: Podxt = Cool
15:42:07 Kristofer Dahl: Pod is awesome I often use it in combination with a real amp when recording
15:42:09 Smikey2006: lol i need to buy something to record with
15:42:12 Andrew Cockburn: Senior Memebrs!
15:42:21 Andrew Cockburn: People will try and post more to qualify
15:42:24 Smikey2006: i want to be able to record some of my riffs but i don't know what to buy
15:42:24 jeff: I'm using it through my PA
15:42:32 Slammer: I bought the Zoom H4, but I mainly use it as a USB interface for my PC
15:42:33 Andrew Cockburn: Podxt = Cool !
15:42:35 Smikey2006: oh yea this senior member thing
15:42:36 Robin: aha, I know how we should get more active. Promote everyone that register to senior members! D
15:42:42 Smikey2006: lmao
15:42:56 jeff: Must admit that Andrew and Lavendell convinced me to get it
15:42:57 Robin: Podxt, some kind of recording gear?
15:42:59 Kristofer Dahl: The combination thing is excellent is it gives heavy bottom from the pod which is hard to capture with a microphone
15:43:14 Slammer: Pod is a Effect Box
15:43:21 Andrew Cockburn: So you record both?
15:43:26 Andrew Cockburn: Mic your AMP?
15:43:30 Kristofer Dahl: Pod - amp simulator
15:43:35 Kristofer Dahl: yes
15:43:38 Robin: Aha, ok
15:43:39 Smikey2006: hmm
15:43:42 Andrew Cockburn: Aha .... smart!
15:43:48 Andrew Cockburn: I don;t even have an AMp
15:43:54 Smikey2006: what would be recommended as a first purchase for a recording something or other
15:43:58 Smikey2006: just like a micraphone?
15:44:00 Kristofer Dahl: sometimes I wont mic - I'll use the "Red Box" instead (Hughes and Kettner)
15:44:02 Andrew Cockburn: Podxt -= Cool
15:44:06 jeff: Haven't tried to record both - i'll do that
15:44:17 Andrew Cockburn: That's a speaker/cab simulator right?
15:44:26 Kristofer Dahl: yes - and a fatstic one
15:44:28 Andrew Cockburn: Lets you turn it up loud so you get the tone?
15:44:46 Kristofer Dahl: Ah no thats a hot plate
15:44:54 Boggi: I have a YAMAHA MW10 mixer with USP-input, so I record alot.
15:45:05 Andrew Cockburn: Ya know, I think that now I have the Jem I will explore the avenue of real effects and a real AMP to complement my pod setup
15:45:11 Smikey2006: i have nvr recorded anything by mysef
15:45:12 Kristofer Dahl: the red box just lets you connect the speaker out to the mixer board
15:45:14 Andrew Cockburn: oh ok
15:45:17 Smikey2006: only with my band on a macbook
15:45:33 Kristofer Dahl: Andrew you are right htough - in that most will use a hot plate in ther einorder not to blow the amp
15:45:49 Andrew Cockburn: Interesting
15:45:59 Smikey2006: mhm
15:46:14 Kristofer Dahl: I would like get a fender amp
15:46:20 Slammer: Kris do you know how to play Drums?
15:46:36 Kristofer Dahl: I have nbever got an amp that plays awesome clean tones
15:46:38 Smikey2006: i love my amps
15:46:42 Smikey2006: id never trade it
15:46:43 Andrew Cockburn: I dopnlt know where to start with Amps - need to ask MickeM some questions
15:46:43 Boggi: anyone use a VOX amp ?
15:46:45 Kristofer Dahl: No drums for me - I suck bad at that!
15:46:52 Pavel: ok i am back
15:46:53 Slammer: LOL
15:46:55 Smikey2006: haha high five Kris me too
15:47:05 Kristofer Dahl: Vox valvetrox is awesome!
15:47:10 jeff: I had a Fender Hotrod Deluxe a while ago. It is very touchy.
15:47:14 Andrew Cockburn: Hi Pavel
15:47:19 Boggi: I want a new amp.
15:47:24 Smikey2006: i have a krank tube amp and i love it
15:47:26 Andrew Cockburn: I want AN Amp
15:47:27 Smikey2006: sounds great clean
15:47:28 Boggi: it will be a marshall or vox
15:47:31 Smikey2006: and great distortued
15:47:37 Smikey2006: hey andrew ill sell you a amp
15:47:42 Slammer: do you guys like Soldano amps?
15:47:43 Kristofer Dahl: That amp sound slike something for me jeff!
15:47:57 Robin: I have a really old Music Man 2x12 Tube amp. I love it. Both johnny wniter and SRV have used the same amp
15:47:58 Andrew Cockburn: My wife will kill me!
15:48:06 Kristofer Dahl: I'd like a soldano to - I figure its one of the best lead amps, or high gain in general!
15:48:17 Slammer: yes CLapton uses one right now
15:48:28 Kristofer Dahl: Basically - I want everything
15:48:32 Slammer: yes
15:48:33 Kristofer Dahl: Thats why I hate gear
15:48:37 Smikey2006: lol its a cheap amp andrew
15:48:37 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
15:48:38 jeff: It was great except that the volume would jump from 2 to 10 at the slightest touch. Not much inbetween
15:48:38 Kristofer Dahl: Take sso much space
15:48:41 Robin: Well said Kris.
15:48:42 Kristofer Dahl:
15:48:46 Smikey2006: just tell her it was a present
15:48:52 Andrew Cockburn: I thought it was because you didn;t care, now I know its because you have really bad GAS!
15:49:04 Robin: just sell all your gear and get a banjo.
15:49:11 Slammer: after 10,000 people sign up Kris might be able to buy whatever he wants
15:49:14 Slammer: LOL
15:49:16 Kristofer Dahl: Well actually it's very hard to answer gear questions - I get loads of them
15:49:17 Robin: haha yeah
15:49:27 Kristofer Dahl: But most are "which is the best amp" etc.
15:49:31 Kristofer Dahl: Impossible to answer
15:49:41 Smikey2006: yea because gear varies depending on what you want\
15:49:53 Smikey2006: anyways guys ill be back in a little bit nice talken to you all incase anyone leaves
15:49:57 Kristofer Dahl: and budget, and what you can find in you area etc.
15:50:02 Robin: gear is about taste really. thats the way I look at it atleast
15:50:02 Slammer: ok cya later
15:50:12 Robin: bye
15:50:16 Andrew Cockburn: bye
15:50:22 Slammer: you should tell them to buy a PODxt
15:50:27 Kristofer Dahl: see you!
15:50:29 Andrew Cockburn: Podxt = Cool
15:50:32 Slammer: LOL
15:50:37 Andrew Cockburn: did I say that already?
15:50:41 Kristofer Dahl: Andrew you are spamming!
15:50:43 Slammer: Nah
15:50:44 jeff: The good thing about buying nice guitar is that it will hold it's value.
15:50:49 Andrew Cockburn: Oops - better mod myself!
15:51:00 Kristofer Dahl: ERase yourself!
15:51:13 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
15:51:15 Kristofer Dahl:
15:51:20 Slammer: Pavel is Back....but not really
15:51:23 Andrew Cockburn: Just kidding
15:51:29 Kristofer Dahl: You did it!
15:51:33 Andrew Cockburn: lol
15:51:40 Slammer: *whip*
15:51:50 Slammer: MODS are here
15:51:57 Pavel: i am here
15:52:04 jeff: I need to know what does PODxt =?
15:52:06 Pavel: but i am weak on gear subject...
15:52:12 Andrew Cockburn: um .... Cool!!
15:52:19 Slammer: Yes!
15:52:29 Kristofer Dahl: PAvel can you let us knwo what lessons oyu have planed?
15:52:35 Slammer: yes!
15:52:41 Pavel: i just finisehd recording Rock Rhythm and Solo 7
15:52:48 Andrew Cockburn: ALt Picking @ 3000 bpm?
15:52:50 Pavel: i'll upload it tomorrow....
15:52:50 Robin: more sweeping lessons please
15:52:57 Kristofer Dahl: Cool!
15:53:10 Slammer: pfff, i'd say 3,500 bpm
15:53:10 Kristofer Dahl: Ah yes we haven't had sweeping from you for a while!
15:53:13 Pavel: and than comes some more Sweep picking - 3-string shapes - someshape extends and variations...
15:53:33 Andrew Cockburn: Oops - I'm still working on a couple of basic sweeps - 5 string and 3 string
15:53:36 jeff: Pavel - you must have made all of the last three lessons at once. You had the same shirt!lol
15:53:42 Andrew Cockburn: oh and a new 2 string one that Pavel helped me with
15:53:47 Slammer: or he doesn;t do laundry?
15:53:54 Slammer: LOL
15:53:55 Slammer: jk
15:53:57 Andrew Cockburn: hE has loits of shorts the same?
15:54:00 Kristofer Dahl: My impression is that sweeping seems to be the one specific technique that gets asked for the most - considering mail requests I get
15:54:03 Pavel: it's just the shirt i am using for the lessons now - it goes with the background and guitaqr color
15:54:07 jeff: I can't get those smiley icon to work
15:54:24 Andrew Cockburn: Sweeping for me ha been the hardest technique to master
15:54:24 Pavel: Kristofer Dahl - really?? ok cool
15:54:27 jeff: LOL
15:54:30 Slammer: I never really see Kris Sweep much
15:54:43 Robin: I find speedpicking harder than sweeping, actually
15:54:46 Andrew Cockburn: He has moved on frinm such simple things
15:54:46 Kristofer Dahl: Thats because I suck at it!
15:54:54 Robin: but then again, I havent been practicing either of those 2 techniques that much
15:54:59 Pavel: Andrew Cockburn - maybe because you don't really want to use it - i mean do you really plan on playing crazy Rusty Cooely sweeping solos?
15:55:00 Kristofer Dahl: Or yeah - ANdrew is right!
15:55:07 Andrew Cockburn: Lol
15:55:25 Kristofer Dahl: Andrew wah make a harsh joke!
15:55:28 Pavel: now it's really important - i wanted to master it badly and it was the only thing i practiced for 6 months
15:55:29 Andrew Cockburn: Pavel - I'm never going to play like Rusty, but I would like to be able to throw some sweeps in occasionally like SV
15:55:34 Pavel: Sweeping ONLY - 6 hours a day
15:55:36 Pavel: nothign else
15:55:39 Slammer: but... Kris is the Guitar Master... he doesn't suck at anything
15:55:57 Slammer: Guitar Master Class!
15:56:04 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer: That's a misconseption I suck at loads of stuff just like evryone lese
15:56:13 Slammer: but GMC!
15:56:13 Kristofer Dahl: Only I dont show it (most of the time)
15:56:16 Slammer: LOL
15:56:16 jeff: Pavel - Don't tell my wife you are teaching me to sweep. I'll be cleaning the house.
15:56:28 Pavel: jeff - rofl
15:56:37 Kristofer Dahl: jeff: haha
15:56:44 Andrew Cockburn: lol
15:56:46 Slammer: honey, what are you doiing? "I'm taking sweeping lessons from Pavel"
15:56:53 Robin:
15:57:19 Pavel: btw. that sweeping lesson also contains a CRAZY legato run in the end
15:57:31 Pavel: 5-string legato run just like Satch does it
15:57:47 Kristofer Dahl: Actually the reason I havent swept is bcause I always wanted to play arpeggios only with the left hand
15:58:04 Slammer: hey pavel do you ever do 8 finger Tapping?
15:58:19 Kristofer Dahl: Its a very useful technique - Holdsworth style
15:58:30 Pavel: no i don't
15:58:40 Pavel: tapping is i guess my weakest techniwue
15:58:43 Pavel: technique*
15:58:43 Slammer: I think Andrew can!
15:58:44 jeff: Kris - thanks by the way for that legato stuff you show. I never used it before until now and it helps tremendously!
15:58:55 Andrew Cockburn: not me!
15:59:02 Slammer: Robin?
15:59:08 Robin: no way
15:59:23 Slammer: Sean Coklin
15:59:24 Kristofer Dahl: Jeff - whats even worse is that I find that it greatly increases the tone of some picked stuff, odly enough
15:59:25 Robin: I'm a rockin' bluesman... nothing else
15:59:25 Slammer: maybe
15:59:31 Slammer: me too
15:59:52 Slammer: Us Blues Players don't get no Love, People only resect the Shredders
16:00:08 Robin:
16:00:08 Andrew Cockburn: brb guys
16:00:11 jeff: Yeah, it almost makes it a warmer sound.
16:00:17 Kristofer Dahl: what is brb
16:00:19 Kristofer Dahl: ?
16:00:26 Andrew Cockburn: be right back
16:00:28 Robin: be right back, U N00b!!
16:00:32 Pavel: hahahahaha
16:00:34 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:00:39 Kristofer Dahl: That reminds me of UG
16:00:40 Robin: learn2talk computer language
16:00:58 Kristofer Dahl: Only at UG you would get that for saying hello
16:01:02 Kristofer Dahl:
16:01:10 Robin: Ahh... Beautiful memories. "l2p" or "learn2play" is so awesome.
16:01:16 Robin: typical internet gaming
16:01:19 Pavel: hahaha sounds like a very "friendly" comunity
16:01:23 Robin: l2p nub
16:01:32 Slammer: wtf?
16:01:34 jeff: I'm glad Kris asked instead of me
16:01:35 Slammer: LOL
16:01:40 Kristofer Dahl: I dont knwo what to say - Im stunned
16:02:22 Slammer: Kris you ever Been out of Sweden?
16:02:25 Kristofer Dahl: I was thinking B2B
16:02:42 Kristofer Dahl: BRB I guess is Buisiness Rock Business
16:02:52 Kristofer Dahl: that's GMC
16:02:53 Robin:
16:03:07 Robin: we should make our own "kewl" GMC language
16:03:08 Slammer: I'll take that as a No!
16:03:17 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer sorry
16:03:21 Slammer: no prob jk
16:03:27 Kristofer Dahl: Yes Half my life I ahve been travelling
16:03:48 Slammer: cool
16:03:57 Kristofer Dahl: Africa, US, Switzerlan; Jerusalem
16:04:01 jeff: Kris - where do you catch the biggest fish?
16:04:02 Robin: kewl
16:04:08 Kristofer Dahl: Here in Sweden!
16:04:17 Kristofer Dahl: Actually one very big in Holland
16:04:27 jeff: Then I need to go to Sweden
16:04:48 Slammer: I wonder if he ever went to Guitar Center when he came to the US
16:04:58 Slammer: LOL
16:05:01 Kristofer Dahl: Yes Sweden is undoubtly a coll country for nature and fishing - I would really like to have more time for that!
16:05:14 Kristofer Dahl: No I have always wondered what that is
16:05:20 Kristofer Dahl: a guitar stor?
16:05:24 Robin: I live next to a awesome river
16:05:25 Kristofer Dahl: What's so special with it?
16:05:26 Slammer: Guitar Mega Store
16:05:37 Slammer: most of them anyway
16:05:39 Robin: 5 minute walk and I'm there. lots of people come here to fish
16:05:44 jeff: Bring ear plugs if you go
16:05:52 Kristofer Dahl: Hey Rockchik
16:05:54 Slammer: Cheapest Prices they say in the US
16:05:58 rokchik: hello all
16:05:59 Kristofer Dahl: aha
16:06:02 Robin: hi ho
16:06:05 Kristofer Dahl: Well Id like to see that!
16:06:23 Kristofer Dahl: How bis is it?
16:06:31 rokchik: full house today...what we discussing
16:06:33 Slammer: the Lake?
16:06:44 Kristofer Dahl: no the store
16:06:47 Slammer: LOL
16:06:54 Kristofer Dahl: Or the fish!
16:07:02 Slammer: well, there are 100's of them all over the States
16:07:09 Kristofer Dahl: aha
16:07:10 Slammer: Every State has some...
16:07:19 Slammer: But some are HUGE!!
16:07:25 rokchik: Fishing...I'm going tomorrow
16:07:28 Robin: I would like to see those
16:07:34 jeff: There is one down the street from me. Too close for my wallet!
16:07:35 Kristofer Dahl: Rok I am jealous
16:07:40 rokchik: LOL
16:07:42 Kristofer Dahl: Canada, Salmon?
16:07:51 rokchik: Not this trip
16:07:57 Robin: had salmon for dinner today mmmmm..
16:08:00 rokchik: lake trout and char mostly
16:08:02 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:08:06 Kristofer Dahl: I ate lamb!
16:08:13 rokchik: Chicken
16:08:18 Kristofer Dahl: no lamb
16:08:20 Robin: Teh lamb of god! \m/
16:08:25 rokchik: LOL
16:08:27 Kristofer Dahl:
16:08:33 Slammer: hey Rokchik
16:08:38 rokchik: hey slammer
16:08:41 Slammer: did any Girl Reply?
16:08:46 Kristofer Dahl: No
16:08:50 Slammer: LOL
16:09:01 Slammer: pretty good Idea she Had
16:09:01 Andrew Cockburn: m back - hi Rok
16:09:03 rokchik: not yet
16:09:10 rokchik: hey andrew
16:09:23 Kristofer Dahl: This is actaully a topic Henrik and I have been discussing
16:09:49 Kristofer Dahl: In my opinion most guitar forums are so harsh and sexist I would never set my foot there is I where a girl
16:09:59 rokchik: I checked on the Cirle of Fifths lesson today...I think I need to read a few more times
16:10:06 Slammer: but GMC is too new and Cool for that
16:10:06 Robin: thats internet Kris..
16:10:19 rokchik: Kris I agree...this is actually the first forum I ever posted on
16:10:23 Kristofer Dahl: But I think we have chances of changing that here
16:10:24 Robin: Man, girls that play wow/cs/online games cant get a minute of peace aha
16:10:43 Robin: geeks are crazy.
16:10:46 Kristofer Dahl: SO our plan is the following:
16:11:11 Kristofer Dahl: Sometime after this summer, we will add an option in the profile field
16:11:17 Kristofer Dahl: male/female
16:11:25 Slammer: you know what you should do... on the Main Page where you have Pictures of Jimmie, and those Other guys. You should put a Picture of a Girl Member
16:11:38 Kristofer Dahl: then we will have a bord which only allows girls and instructors
16:11:38 Slammer: LOL
16:11:53 Pavel: That's a man talking!! haha
16:11:57 rokchik: That sounds really interesting Kris
16:11:59 Pavel: Thats great idea hahaha
16:12:15 Kristofer Dahl: Well Pavel my intent wasnt the one you though about
16:12:17 Kristofer Dahl:
16:12:20 Pavel: hahahahahaha
16:12:23 Andrew Cockburn: lol
16:12:29 Pavel: *slap*
16:12:47 jeff: lol lol
16:12:52 Kristofer Dahl: But rather to have a place where girls wont feel like they're alone
16:12:59 Pavel: i think the JEM owners will agree!!!
16:13:03 Kristofer Dahl: Plus it will perhaps make more girls register at the forum
16:13:13 Robin: sounds like a good idea
16:13:14 rokchik: If done right may lead to more females getting involved on the forum
16:13:20 Andrew Cockburn: Jem ownsers unite!
16:13:22 Pavel: hahaha guys don't take this serious i am jsut kidding!!!
16:13:30 Slammer: two of you!
16:13:41 Pavel: it may sound like i am a maniac chasing girls all day long but i really like to have fun
16:13:45 Kristofer Dahl: rok: Yes I hope so - I know we have a whole bunch of female users but they simply wont show up at the forum
16:13:53 Robin: haha
16:13:56 Kristofer Dahl: And its udnerstandable
16:14:20 Pavel: i think we need to find a girl instructor
16:14:23 Slammer: because girls are suppose to cook and Clean, At least that's what were told
16:14:27 Slammer: LOL
16:14:29 jeff: Kris in drag... lol
16:14:30 Pavel: it would encourage the girls to show up
16:14:33 rokchik: boys can be intimidateing...LOL
16:14:38 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:14:44 Pavel: hahahah
16:14:44 Robin: hey
16:14:46 Robin: guys
16:14:48 Robin: I got an idea
16:14:55 Kristofer Dahl: Well my girlfrined Maria is handling the support for the site
16:15:01 Andrew Cockburn: Well however we manage it, I think it would be great to encourage more girls
16:15:04 Kristofer Dahl: She is also working on the new wiki
16:15:07 Robin: what if... I just wear make up and dress up like a girl! I can make a lesson, I have long hair!
16:15:13 Robin: (anything to wear a dress >_>
16:15:28 Slammer: Guitar Master Drag
16:15:29 Robin: and my name should be... Robeline
16:15:31 Robin:
16:15:48 Kristofer Dahl: She will soon introduce herself at the forum so we will at least have a girl "staff" member
16:15:56 Slammer: well, Robin already is a Girls name...
16:15:57 Pavel: hehe cool Kris!
16:15:59 rokchik: This is prbably why more girls don't show up...why do we want to see you in drag....LOL
16:16:07 Slammer: LOL
16:16:08 Robin: ah thats right not in norway though
16:16:16 rokchik: lol
16:16:22 Robin: thats awesome kris
16:16:25 Kristofer Dahl: Yes even this discussion egts slightly sexist
16:16:31 Robin: what style does she play?
16:16:56 rokchik: plus alot of time men don't take what we have to say seriously...but I must say i haven't had that problem here.
16:17:03 Slammer: is she a Crazy Shredder?
16:17:44 Kristofer Dahl: rok: Yes one again I believe we have good prospect of getting a more equal discussion here
16:17:58 rokchik: The few guys i've talked too on this site have been pretty cool and very helpful
16:18:11 Slammer: pfff. Jennifer Braaten can kick 90% of the Men's Asses!
16:18:23 Kristofer Dahl: Thats great
16:18:39 Andrew Cockburn: ... but its not a competition
16:18:48 Kristofer Dahl: I really dont see a reason why we shouldnt be able to communicate nromally over the internet just like we do in real life
16:19:00 Slammer: LOL
16:19:03 Slammer: cool
16:19:09 Slammer: brb
16:19:14 rokchik: True that Kris
16:19:16 jeff: All of us guys know that women rule the world. We just have egos that won't admit it.
16:19:28 rokchik: LOL Jeff
16:19:58 Pavel: i ams orry for interrupting but i just can't find the topic i asked this question in....
16:20:04 Kristofer Dahl: Rok - I think the first girls showing up (=you) will have to show a lot of patience and understanding
16:20:08 Pavel: Kris - what internet speed do you have and how much do you pay for it?
16:20:42 Kristofer Dahl: 100mbs fiber, it's 40 usd per month I believe
16:20:50 Robin: crazy...
16:20:54 Pavel: It's bargain!!!!
16:20:57 Pavel: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
16:20:59 Robin: In norway we pay more for 4mbit.
16:21:01 Kristofer Dahl: yes it good
16:21:02 Andrew Cockburn: Sweden rocks!
16:21:49 Pavel: i pay 30$ for 1mbit
16:21:51 rokchik: Kris...yeah I know. It's just I think this site is really great and I'd really like the other girls on here to know that the forum is a pretty nice place to hang out. Guitar talk is not gender specific
16:21:56 jeff: JEM owners, do you find the scalloped fret's (20 -24?) helpful?
16:22:14 Pavel: yes they help bending and tapping high frets
16:22:19 Andrew Cockburn: They seem to make your fingering a little surer for the high notes
16:22:27 Kristofer Dahl: rok - I wonder if there something else we can do earlier, before we gat that new board feature
16:22:51 Slammer: Let Ladies Join Free!
16:22:53 jeff: I have a 24 fret PRS and the higher notes seem to die a little faster
16:23:02 Slammer: LOL
16:23:03 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer
16:23:08 Kristofer Dahl: yes that's an idea
16:23:29 Pavel: jeff - it's normal
16:23:29 Andrew Cockburn: Positive descriminantion always smacks of desparation to me ...
16:23:39 Slammer: dude, but then All the Guys will Get there Girlfriends/Wives do it for them LOL
16:23:45 Kristofer Dahl: And this would of course lead to cheating
16:23:48 Pavel: because the distance between the finger and the bridge is shorter and that makes the number of vibrations lower
16:23:51 Slammer: if it's free
16:23:53 Pavel: so it "dies" faster
16:24:00 rokchik: The new board is a great idea...maybe a little mention of the upcoming features on the home page... witha link to the forum for updates. That way you have to at least go to the forum to check it out. maybe they'd be more apt to look around.
16:24:17 rokchik: just a thought
16:24:20 Andrew Cockburn: And as someone else said, more girls on the introppages
16:24:34 Kristofer Dahl: Ye swe could make some kind of link to your post
16:24:48 Andrew Cockburn: And RokChik quoted on the front
16:24:55 Kristofer Dahl: I got an idea
16:25:06 jeff: Pavel -Maybe I mis-stated. Closer together frets are harder to hit for me
16:25:12 Kristofer Dahl: Something which could be done right away
16:25:45 Kristofer Dahl: is to iclude something about this in the welcome email new subscribers get
16:25:47 Pavel: it's like that for all Jeff - you just have to keep fingers vertically and that's the only way to make it easier
16:25:50 jeff: maybe i need to work on finger placement at higher frets
16:25:54 rokchik: Hey Mat
16:25:56 mattacuk: hello everyone !
16:26:00 Pavel: hey Matt
16:26:02 Slammer: mattachuk!
16:26:12 mattacuk: Hello hello !!!
16:26:14 Kristofer Dahl: as I said I know we have female visitors but they just wont show up at the ofurm
16:26:18 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Matt
16:26:19 mattacuk:
16:26:20 Kristofer Dahl: hello MAtt
16:26:26 mattacuk: HELLO My friends!
16:26:27 Robin: hi
16:26:27 Slammer: Mattachuk is Bucketheads biggest fan
16:26:40 jeff: Pavel - do you find that you place thumb farther down at those frets?
16:26:42 mattacuk: I am ,but dont forget paul gilbert
16:26:43 rokchik: That would be really good Kris... I know when I started I was a bit weery of the forum but then realized if I was gonna get better I need to talk to others
16:26:44 Slammer: brb
16:26:55 Kristofer Dahl: For instance we could just point them toward the three active grils we have got
16:27:16 Pavel: jeff - no
16:27:27 Pavel: ok guys - let's split into rooms
16:27:31 Andrew Cockburn: ANd later on, a section about girl members featuring the titles of the last few posts in the girls forum ...
16:27:37 Pavel: the "girls" discussion and the playing discussion
16:27:44 jeff: I'll take a closer look at your videos - thanks!
16:27:53 Kristofer Dahl: or even better lets just put a bord up for girls before we get the profile feature
16:28:00 Andrew Cockburn: yes
16:28:03 mattacuk: have I missed all the action?
16:28:11 rokchik: yeah just stuff to make us girls feel I said before you boys can be kind of intimidating..LOL
16:28:41 rokchik: but I feel welcome
16:28:57 jeff: Mattacuk - yes. You have now been relegated to the girls chatroom. lol
16:28:58 mattacuk: us boys aint so bad
16:29:05 Kristofer Dahl: rok - so maybe just a few word sin that email would be enough, saying something like" Are you are girl? Don't forget to register at the forum"
16:29:07 mattacuk: jeff thats ok lol
16:29:19 Andrew Cockburn: Hey Jeff, I think you were supposed to follow Pavel
16:29:23 Kristofer Dahl: I think we will go for that
16:29:24 mattacuk: so im offical one of the girls eh!
16:29:39 mattacuk: can I have my own Bucketchat ?
16:29:42 Andrew Cockburn: Good first step
16:29:44 jeff: LOL
16:29:45 mattacuk: lol
16:30:18 rokchik: Yeah Kris that sounds perfect...just something to get them interested. I mean they are only going to post if they want but I find the forum just as important as the lessons
16:30:48 Kristofer Dahl: Ok - good conslusion here! Promise me to think more about it when fishing!
16:30:55 mattacuk: fishing rocks!
16:30:57 Andrew Cockburn: Rok - do you think enforcing women only would make it more inviting, or is having a women board enough?
16:31:08 Kristofer Dahl: Sure does!
16:31:10 mattacuk: I am a fly fisherman
16:31:17 Kristofer Dahl: Good question Andrew
16:31:19 mattacuk: trout mainly,

Posted by: Kristofer Dahl Jun 29 2007, 11:37 AM

16:31:19 mattacuk: trout mainly,
16:31:38 Robin: I like to fish at sea mostly. probably becuase I've never bothered to learn fly fishing
16:31:57 mattacuk: i would recommend it, its an amaizing experince
16:32:21 Robin: yeah I've been once. I was mostly just practcing thrownig around, didnt get any fish.
16:32:34 mattacuk: lol
16:32:34 rokchik: I'll will Kris....while reeling in my 10 lb laker....Andrew what do you mean?
16:32:56 Robin: I saw this fly fishing DVD, man its beatuiful. All alone on a river or a "water"
16:33:00 mattacuk: ummm, is pavel in there talking to himself?
16:33:08 Robin: I think so &gt;_&lt;
16:33:10 rokchik: Fly fishing is great
16:33:23 Andrew Cockburn: I was just wondering if you think a Female only board would be more enticing than a genrall access board intended for women
16:33:33 mattacuk: i like the stalking eliment of flyfishing, and being in the water
16:33:43 Andrew Cockburn: A women only board would be provate to the female members + instructors
16:34:03 Andrew Cockburn: Whereas the generall board would be open to men to view/post
16:34:09 Kristofer Dahl: Well basically we have the alternative of only allowing people at the girls board that have check "female" in their profile (when we'll have that feature) - OR we sould just make a standard board for girls but where anyone is allowed. We're in other words hopinf that people will be nice and follow the rules
16:34:43 Kristofer Dahl: You got two parallell explanation there (good song title)
16:34:48 Robin: Kris. Make a girls forum, but as you say, everyone can acces, but if someone acts stupid, just ban them for a few days.
16:34:48 Andrew Cockburn: LOL
16:34:50 Robin: from the forum
16:34:58 rokchik: that may help in breaking the ice. May be less intimidating for some I would think.
16:35:16 Andrew Cockburn: I am just thinking that some girls might be intimidated that guys can even see what the post ...
16:35:19 Kristofer Dahl: Ok - Robins alternative is doable right away
16:35:31 Kristofer Dahl: Andrew aha
16:35:32 Slammer: but the Girl only Forum might be boring, with only 5 or so girls
16:35:51 mattacuk: i like mixing with everyone personally
16:35:54 Kristofer Dahl: Slammer: all forums are like that in the beginning, ther eis no way around it
16:36:10 Andrew Cockburn: But Matt - they might not like mixing with you is the point
16:36:15 mattacuk: lol
16:36:16 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:36:19 mattacuk: well, who would lol
16:36:25 Andrew Cockburn: Didn;t mean that in a bad way but we are thingking that some girls might be initmidated
16:36:34 Kristofer Dahl: Allthough Matt is an extremely nice guy!
16:36:40 mattacuk:
16:36:43 Andrew Cockburn: Of course, one of the best
16:36:45 Slammer: "the Ladies of GMC hangout board"
16:36:47 Slammer: LOL
16:36:53 mattacuk: Matt has one painfull index finger
16:37:04 rokchik: It's a tricky subject...I mean you can't force people to post so maybe the female board that everyone can access would be great....or even just a section on the actuall forum would suffice
16:37:24 Kristofer Dahl: rok - that' san idea too
16:37:37 Kristofer Dahl: just add that section to the main board!
16:37:41 mattacuk: yes
16:37:49 Robin: maybe you can also throw out this thing on the main page "Don't forget to register at our forums! Everyone is welcome"
16:37:51 rokchik: instead of dedicating an entire forum for a few...just include in the many
16:37:52 mattacuk: i think a girls section on the main bord would be best
16:37:53 Kristofer Dahl: What would we call such a board
16:38:07 mattacuk: Ladies licks?!
16:38:09 Robin: "Don't forget to register at our Friendly forums" maybe
16:38:11 mattacuk:
16:38:17 Andrew Cockburn: Bad Mattt!
16:38:20 rokchik: Rock Chicks...just kidding
16:38:20 Slammer: the Ladies of GMC hangout board!!
16:38:22 Kristofer Dahl: hmm Matt that's sexist one again!
16:38:30 Slammer: LOL
16:38:31 mattacuk: ummm, i didnt mean it to !
16:38:32 Andrew Cockburn: "Ladies of GMC"
16:38:46 Kristofer Dahl: Andrews got it as usual
16:38:47 Andrew Cockburn: GMC Girls
16:38:48 rokchik: That's pretty cool Andrew
16:38:51 Andrew Cockburn:
16:38:57 Slammer: he stole if from me!!
16:38:59 Slammer: LOL
16:39:00 mattacuk: lol
16:39:01 rokchik: classy and to the point
16:39:13 Andrew Cockburn: No, I refined what you started with
16:39:25 Slammer: I had it Copyrighted
16:39:29 rokchik: lol
16:39:33 Kristofer Dahl: Ok so give me ten minutes and the board will be live
16:39:37 Andrew Cockburn: The check is in the post ..
16:39:42 rokchik: cool
16:39:42 Andrew Cockburn: Kewl!!
16:39:45 Kristofer Dahl: I'll get back to the chat afterwards
16:40:09 mattacuk: 8)
16:40:10 Slammer: well, something Constructive happened today
16:40:23 Slammer: SillyMan!!
16:40:24 Andrew Cockburn: EVery day is a constructive day at GMC
16:40:40 Robin: Hi
16:40:43 Robin: Indeed.
16:40:50 mattacuk: Andrew, you must be one BUSY man!
16:40:55 rokchik: Sorry for all the womens lib stuff guys
16:40:56 Andrew Cockburn: ME? Why?
16:41:09 sillyman: howzit
16:41:15 mattacuk: you have to work, then play guitar, visit GMC etc
16:41:24 rokchik: I don't see how Andrew finds time to sleep?
16:41:26 mattacuk: and no doubt countless other thinks!
16:41:26 Andrew Cockburn: True - don;t know how I fit it all in
16:41:42 Slammer: plus he has a wife too!
16:41:44 Andrew Cockburn: My job suffers on days like this that's for sure
16:41:49 rokchik: hey Sillyman
16:41:51 mattacuk: lol
16:41:55 Andrew Cockburn: My wife is cool
16:42:00 mattacuk: she must be!
16:42:02 Andrew Cockburn: SHe is the least of my wories
16:42:05 Slammer: sillyman left
16:42:08 rokchik: lol
16:42:15 Slammer: he;'s back!
16:42:18 rokchik: welcome back Sillyman
16:42:20 Smikey2006: im back
16:42:23 Slammer: smikey and sillyman
16:42:25 Smikey2006: lol
16:42:31 rokchik: hey smickey
16:42:40 Smikey2006: whats goin on all
16:42:44 Slammer: 10 people that must be a Record!
16:42:45 sillyman: sori just seein wats goin on wit pavels chat room
16:42:49 Slammer: Women's lib
16:42:56 Slammer: LOL
16:43:09 rokchik: lol
16:43:12 Smikey2006: ill have to heard over to his chat for a bit haha
16:43:17 rokchik: I said i ws sorry
16:43:18 Smikey2006: head*
16:43:31 Slammer: JK
16:44:02 sillyman: i hav absolutely no clue wats goin on
16:44:21 Slammer: hey Andrew If I do a Aspiring Instructor Lesson does it have to be Videos, or can I do Sound Files of the Lesson?
16:44:29 rokchik: Sillyman what you been practicing latly?
16:44:32 mattacuk: sillyman kris is setting up a special girls forum section
16:44:42 mattacuk: and we were talking about fishing lol
16:44:46 Robin:
16:44:56 Andrew Cockburn: SLammer - its up to you - videos would be a lot better
16:44:57 Smikey2006: lol i love finishing
16:45:05 sillyman: girls and fishin nice
16:45:09 mattacuk: maybe we should have a fishing section!!
16:45:10 rokchik: Fishing is good
16:45:12 Robin: haha
16:45:13 Slammer: yes esp. If I had a Digtal Camcorder
16:45:16 Slammer: LOL
16:45:20 mattacuk: rikchik what area are you from?
16:45:21 rokchik: Kris would go for that I think
16:45:30 Robin: well, we do have the off topic forum
16:45:34 rokchik: I'm in Labrador Canada
16:45:39 Smikey2006: lol yay canada
16:45:41 mattacuk: WOW! good fishing there
16:45:41 Slammer: like the DOG!!
16:45:57 rokchik: Very good...leaving tomorrow for 3 days
16:46:01 Andrew Cockburn: Kewl
16:46:06 mattacuk: i wish i was
16:46:10 rokchik: long weekend baby
16:46:14 sillyman: hws bout dis a girl fishin and playin guita at da same time ahha
16:46:15 Andrew Cockburn: Don;t forget the acoustic
16:46:18 mattacuk: hey Andrew, I think im developing RSI
16:46:23 Slammer: how long to u guys think this Chats gonna go?
16:46:26 Andrew Cockburn: OUch!
16:46:31 rokchik: I'm one ina million LOL
16:46:35 Smikey2006: lol the chat will never end from now on hurrah
16:46:44 Slammer: well, kris WILL leave
16:46:45 Slammer: soon
16:46:48 Slammer: maybe
16:46:49 Andrew Cockburn: Hey MAtt, go see a doctor
16:46:56 Slammer: LOL
16:46:59 Smikey2006: lol
16:47:03 mattacuk: he will just say "matt, cut out that guitar playing"
16:47:23 Andrew Cockburn: oh, so its good that you don;t see him, and lose your whole arn then ????
16:47:27 Slammer: ok, guys It's been Really Fun, But I gotsa go
16:47:30 Andrew Cockburn: lol
16:47:33 mattacuk: lol
16:47:34 Smikey2006: lol bye slammer
16:47:39 Slammer: Cya guys around
16:47:39 Andrew Cockburn: seeya slammer
16:47:47 rokchik: cya slammer...been funas always
16:47:47 mattacuk: i must become a sweepmaster!
16:47:49 Slammer: bye
16:47:53 mattacuk: bye!!
16:47:56 Andrew Cockburn: Me too, but I am taking it easy
16:48:05 rokchik: Matt where are you from
16:48:07 Andrew Cockburn: I'm too old to be a real sweeper
16:48:08 mattacuk: my technique is really comeing along
16:48:11 jeff: Bye all. Go to go. See you next time.*slap*
16:48:13 mattacuk: rokchik Somerset England
16:48:14 Andrew Cockburn: bye
16:48:17 mattacuk: bye!
16:48:22 Smikey2006: bye
16:48:23 rokchik: I haven't ventured into the sweeping yet
16:48:31 Andrew Cockburn: Its is really hard
16:48:34 mattacuk: rokchik definatly worth a look when you feel ready
16:48:49 Smikey2006: ive tried sweeping, i just don't have too much ned right now
16:48:52 Andrew Cockburn: Takes a humungous amount of practice to do ti well
16:49:06 rokchik: It's up on my things too do....where exactly is Somerset
16:49:06 mattacuk: i put in 1 1/2 hours a day just on sweeping
16:49:08 Smikey2006: y7ea its nuts
16:49:25 mattacuk: rokchik In the south west of england, its beautiful !
16:49:29 Kristofer Dahl: We have got it!!
16:49:33 Andrew Cockburn: Yay!!!!
16:49:44 rokchik: cool...I have loads of friends in England
16:49:48 Kristofer Dahl: I am not sure about the text yet..what do you think?
16:50:08 mattacuk: rokchik what parts ?
16:50:09 Kristofer Dahl: "Ladies of GMC - A soft place for GMC women/girls to talk and ask questions. Guys aren't allowed to start topics here"
16:50:12 Smikey2006: hmm i know some girls i might convince to join
16:50:30 rokchik: very cool Kris
16:50:57 Smikey2006: bass players.. have we thought of expanding into more bass?
16:51:01 Andrew Cockburn: I don;t see it - but them I'm not a lady
16:51:15 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn are you sure
16:51:17 Kristofer Dahl: rok - perhaps we should move your topic to there..?
16:51:18 rokchik: Matt...mostly on Air Force bases like Briz Norton and Mildenhall...but I have a friend in Surry, Waddington, and Manchester
16:51:41 mattacuk: rokchik Ahh yes i know
16:51:48 rokchik: If you want to least it's a topic already started
16:52:17 Kristofer Dahl: Can anybody see it? it's on top here:
16:52:21 rokchik: Where i live it use to be a NATO base so lots of RAF
16:52:32 rokchik: I can see it Kris
16:52:39 mattacuk: rokchik have you ever been to the uK?
16:52:46 Kristofer Dahl: ok cool!
16:52:51 Andrew Cockburn: Yes I can, phew my feminine side is intact ...
16:52:54 mattacuk: i can see it too
16:52:59 Smikey2006: lol as can i
16:53:00 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:53:13 Smikey2006: kris you have succeeded
16:53:41 rokchik: No Matt I've never been...have a trip planned though. It was suppose to be this fall but it has been pushed up to the spring
16:53:41 Kristofer Dahl: Ok does anybody feel like telling the tale of this chat in the forum - so that everybody will know how this board came about?
16:53:57 mattacuk: rokchik Im sure you will love it here , when you get here
16:54:02 Andrew Cockburn: SHould be a lady I would thinl
16:54:10 rokchik: I'm sure i will
16:54:20 Smikey2006: Maybe Rokchik will do it
16:54:21 rokchik: I will Kris if you want
16:54:31 Kristofer Dahl: Cool rokchik - but you are going fishing now, right?
16:54:39 rokchik: Just like a post or something?
16:54:42 mattacuk: i want to go to stockholm , to SHRED !
16:54:50 Kristofer Dahl: absolutely - in the new board!
16:54:56 Smikey2006: lol has anyone from the UK gone to veienna?
16:55:04 Smikey2006: apparently its heavy metal capital o the world
16:55:07 rokchik: no I'm leaving tomorrow long as things go as may screw with times
16:55:29 Andrew Cockburn: "Ladies of GMC - a softer place for our female members to talk and aask questions. No Male-started topics please.
16:55:38 Kristofer Dahl: Cool! The chat log should also be up in the next couple of days
16:55:42 Smikey2006: but can males input?
16:55:51 Kristofer Dahl: Ill change it andrew - thanks
16:55:54 Andrew Cockburn:
16:56:29 Kristofer Dahl: Fixed!
16:56:38 Andrew Cockburn: You really don;t hang around Kris!!
16:56:43 Andrew Cockburn: Your refresshing is awesome
16:56:48 Smikey2006: lol
16:57:00 Kristofer Dahl: hehe
16:57:03 mattacuk: i read that "your fishing is awsome"
16:57:09 mattacuk: lol
16:57:11 Andrew Cockburn: lol
16:57:13 Kristofer Dahl: it is too!
16:57:14 Smikey2006: haha
16:57:16 Andrew Cockburn: you are obsessed!
16:57:27 mattacuk: I see trout 8)
16:57:32 mattacuk: and Salmon
16:57:33 Kristofer Dahl: By the way I am quite sure this chat will beat all previous records in length
16:57:37 Smikey2006: my finishing is subpar
16:57:44 Smikey2006: yea theres no doubts there
16:57:59 Smikey2006: all your bandwidth will be used just hosting this chat log
16:58:02 mattacuk: does anyone here play Classical guitar?
16:58:11 Norven: I do
16:58:19 mattacuk: its something i really want to do
16:58:20 Smikey2006: what a great time to show up then norven
16:58:24 Smikey2006:
16:58:27 Kristofer Dahl: Ok guys I done now after 2 hours
16:58:30 mattacuk: very cool Norven
16:58:36 Norven: yeah. I missed it
16:58:50 Norven: yeah its nice with classical guitar
16:58:53 Andrew Cockburn: You must be exhausted Kris
16:58:54 Kristofer Dahl: Norven you can soon read the chat log
16:59:02 Kristofer Dahl: haha well its not that bad
16:59:11 mattacuk: I love to watch Eletric Guitarists play classical
16:59:13 Andrew Cockburn: Great chat guys
16:59:16 Norven: Great
16:59:19 Kristofer Dahl: I am glad my keyboard is working after the water though
16:59:28 Kristofer Dahl: Yes awesome chat!
16:59:31 Andrew Cockburn: Yes, dodgy moment there
16:59:44 mattacuk: Id love to see some more emoticons in chat !
16:59:49 Kristofer Dahl: Rokchik - you input was absolutely awesome, thanks!
17:00:06 Kristofer Dahl: Let shope we can get this going!
17:00:18 Andrew Cockburn: It would be cool
17:00:31 mattacuk: maybe some notes !!
17:00:42 Kristofer Dahl: Ok see you guys! Bye
17:00:46 Robin: bye
17:00:46 Andrew Cockburn: BYe!
17:00:49 mattacuk: bye Kris !
17:01:08 mattacuk: can I have my own Bucket icon?
17:01:12 mattacuk: 8)
17:01:16 Andrew Cockburn: You have to share
17:01:31 mattacuk: i have some new DVD's comeing tommoro!
17:01:35 mattacuk: im so excited
17:01:45 Andrew Cockburn: Cool - Matt, whats the best Buckethead CD to start with?
17:01:51 Andrew Cockburn: I think I asked you this already
17:01:54 rokchik: I'll be back guys just posting something on the new forum page
17:01:58 mattacuk: Eletric Tears !!! its beautiful
17:01:59 Andrew Cockburn: Cool
17:02:05 mattacuk: ok rokchik
17:02:06 Andrew Cockburn: Ok, need to buy that then
17:02:27 mattacuk: Andrew, its not one of his heavy albums, its more chilled
17:02:35 Andrew Cockburn: That works for me
17:02:41 Andrew Cockburn: I;m not really a heavy kind of guy
17:02:49 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn then you will love it,
17:03:01 mattacuk: its just a beautiful work of art
17:03:25 mattacuk: he plays some great classical style too
17:03:31 Andrew Cockburn: cool
17:04:38 mattacuk: on another subject
17:04:57 mattacuk: I have been useing a "Fretboard trainer" that i bought of the net
17:05:12 Andrew Cockburn: is it painful???
17:05:29 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn yes, but very worth it for the direction i am going in !
17:05:46 Andrew Cockburn: what is it?
17:06:02 mattacuk: it trains you to know every note on the fretboard as well as you know the open strings
17:06:36 mattacuk: its something i wanted to do for some time!
17:07:08 Norven: Sounds good to learn every note on the fretboard. Something I must do
17:07:10 Andrew Cockburn: excellent
17:07:14 Andrew Cockburn: I'm too lazy to do that
17:07:18 Andrew Cockburn: I play by ear !
17:08:05 mattacuk: well that is cool too, but I really want to move away from tabs now
17:08:28 Norven: Can you read notes?
17:08:31 mattacuk: its nice to just read a peice of music
17:08:45 mattacuk: Norven thanks to andrew, i have been learning !
17:08:52 Smikey2006: oh jesus this is what i need
17:09:07 mattacuk: i started with andrews articles, then i bought some books
17:09:08 Norven: That´s great its very useful
17:09:21 mattacuk: and im going to take a "real" theory exam november
17:09:26 Smikey2006: i really want to go and pick up 1 of those books.. that like walks me through theory from like grade 1
17:09:45 Smikey2006: grade beginning through like stuff at where i am now.. because i can play complex stuff just not read it
17:09:47 mattacuk: its all good !
17:10:34 mattacuk: i figure if i want to play like my heros Paul Gilbert etc i need to know this stuff !
17:10:42 Smikey2006: lol yup
17:11:03 mattacuk: also i like to know the notes that make up a chord, not just the name of the chord
17:11:35 Norven: yeah that i the best part!! when you create your own varitations of chords
17:11:43 mattacuk: Norven yes totally!
17:11:57 mattacuk: be more creative
17:11:58 mattacuk: etc
17:12:40 Norven: It makes your playing much more interesting when you dont stay at the open strings chords or the common barré chords
17:13:06 mattacuk: agreed, and if know what notes make up a chord you can play it anywhere
17:14:10 mattacuk: everyones gone quiet!:?
17:14:18 mattacuk: :?
17:14:35 Andrew Cockburn: aorry
17:14:37 Andrew Cockburn: orry
17:14:39 Norven: exactly
17:14:39 mattacuk: lol
17:14:42 Andrew Cockburn: work intruded for a moent
17:14:42 mattacuk: SORRY?
17:14:49 Andrew Cockburn: SORRY!
17:14:52 mattacuk: its bedtime here!!
17:14:53 Andrew Cockburn: 3rd time lucky
17:15:03 Andrew Cockburn: then go to bed
17:15:15 mattacuk: i am going !!
17:15:24 mattacuk: nice chat guys, catch you all later !
17:15:25 Andrew Cockburn: no don;t!
17:15:27 Smikey2006: haha cya
17:15:33 Andrew Cockburn: I didn;t mean it
17:15:49 mattacuk: Andrew Cockburn thats ok andrew
17:15:53 Andrew Cockburn: lol
17:16:02 Norven: I´m going to.. have to sleep
17:16:05 Andrew Cockburn: Ok, I better go too - too much work still to do today
17:16:09 Andrew Cockburn: gnight all
17:16:13 Norven: night
17:16:18 mattacuk: cheers all! good chat Norven
17:16:29 Andrew Cockburn: gnight rokchik when you come back!
17:16:44 Smikey2006: i would stay too but ive got to go pick up a grip master and some strings and picks
17:18:32 Robin: good bye everyone. great chat today
17:20:06 Smikey2006: bye talk to you all around
17:20:11 Smikey2006: lets do it again tommorrow
17:28:49 rokchik: Hey I'm back
17:28:58 rokchik: where did everyone go?
17:29:19 Robin: dunno
17:29:55 Robin: bed/work and such I guess
17:30:20 rokchik: cool. So Robin hows' things
17:30:41 Robin: great welcome topic on the ladies forum btw. lets hope there are more girls stepping out of the shadows
17:31:04 rokchik: took a while to write..I'm not very good at it
17:31:23 Robin: going great. Currently practicing on a instrumental song I made. Blues/Rock'n'roll style eventually I'm gonna make a GMC lesson of it, if Kris accept
17:31:28 Robin: so whats up over there?
17:31:55 rokchik: Weather is sorta crappy...rain, sun, rain, sun...can't make up it's mind
17:32:02 Robin: Hah indeed.
17:32:12 Robin: we have just had a few great summer days sofar.
17:32:13 rokchik: hopefully it doesn't mess with the fishing trip tomorrow
17:32:20 Robin: mostly raining.
17:32:26 Robin: yeah lets hope so
17:32:36 rokchik: We had some amazing weather a week ago 39 degrees C
17:32:41 Robin: nothing is better than going to trips in sunny weather
17:32:48 Robin: oh jesus thats alot
17:32:55 rokchik: it was great
17:33:00 Robin: I live in north norway so we rarely get it warm here
17:33:04 rokchik: I love the hot weather
17:33:17 Robin: yeah, I love it too, the few times we get it
17:33:21 rokchik: yeah it's kinda weird for us too
17:33:26 rokchik: but I'll take it
17:33:36 Robin: whats fun here, in the summer, the sun is up 24/7
17:33:48 Robin: so its really nice when its sunny, gets kinda orange at night
17:33:49 rokchik: Wow you are north
17:33:58 Robin: north norway yes
17:34:12 Robin: and in the winter... The sun is down almost 24/7
17:34:23 rokchik: I'm not that far but the sun sets at like 11 pm and rises at like 4 so not too bad in the summer
17:34:32 Robin: ok cool
17:34:46 rokchik: winter....sets at 4pm rises at like 8 am
17:35:16 rokchik: So you are like THE blues man here aren't ya
17:35:34 Robin: haha
17:35:42 Robin: well I'm no expert
17:35:55 Robin: I'm pretty new to the blues. started around last christmas
17:36:02 rokchik: I've just started getting into the blues myself
17:36:10 Robin: but the blues made me play guitar. Well, actually I started 4 years before that, but I didnt really play
17:36:15 Robin: its awesome
17:36:19 rokchik: never really like it before I started playing guitar
17:36:21 Robin: what do you listen to atm?
17:36:24 Robin: indeed.
17:36:57 Robin: but I mostly play blues so I concider myself a "bluesman"
17:37:03 Robin: and its my favorite genre.
17:37:06 Robin: to listen to
17:37:21 rokchik: Blues wise...Muddy waters and BB King mostly with a bit of Clapton. But in General I'm a classic rock, 80's RATM kinda girl
17:37:35 Robin: ah muddy waters indeed. I was just about to mention him
17:37:39 rokchik: how bout yourself
17:38:26 Robin: muddy waters, johnny winter, john lee hooker, stevie ray vaughan, bb king, omar and the howlers and alot of random stuff. But I'm waiting for 4 really old school blues CD's that I have ordered
17:38:38 Robin: buddy guy, howlin wolf, hubert sumlin and uhmm.. dont remember
17:38:45 Robin: RATM you say. I love that band
17:39:14 rokchik: I'm a Tom Morello could probably tell by most of my posts
17:39:36 Robin: aha, thats who you got in your avatar?
17:40:01 rokchik: I listened to a lot of hip hop before I started playing and he does an amazing job incorporating it into his guitar playing
17:40:07 Robin: Rage against the machine, their selftitled album is so awesome. Its perfect.
17:40:21 Robin: yeah RATM got some hip hop in it, the vocals specially. and I lLOVE it
17:40:41 rokchik: yep,....apparently it is very confusing...most people think I'm a dude because of it. I should change it to Joan Jett or sometihing
17:41:05 rokchik: the first LP is Genius
17:41:29 rokchik: so how long you been playing?
17:42:24 Robin: 2sec phone &gt;_&lt;
17:44:24 Robin: yeah I actually thought you were a dude untill yesterday or soemthing
17:44:30 Robin: I've been playing for about 4.5 years
17:44:40 Robin: but the 4 first years was mostly computer gaming
17:44:56 Robin: so I would say that I REALLY started when I dicovered GMC; january this year
17:45:42 rokchik: Yeah I started about 2 years ago but only really seriously since I joined GMC
17:45:53 Robin: yeah GMC is a lifesaver for many guitarist
17:46:05 Robin: I only practiced iron maiden intros and power chord for 4 years god damnit...
17:46:17 rokchik: LOL
17:46:21 Robin: my dad tried to learn me smoe theory, but noooo I just wanted to stick with the easy powerchording &gt;_&lt;
17:46:34 rokchik: Metallica and power chords for me
17:46:47 AIB234: me too rokchik
17:47:03 rokchik: hey AIB234...i didn't see ya there
17:47:12 Robin: hehe yeah. Iron Maiden and metallica, typical
17:47:14 AIB234: I came in discretely to spy first ;D
17:47:22 Robin: hehe
17:47:32 AIB234: No one was chatting so I started watching YouTube
17:47:40 AIB234: and now I am back
17:47:43 rokchik: I C
17:47:43 Robin: what did you watch?
17:47:55 AIB234: just random videos
17:48:01 AIB234: videos about harmonics for the most part
17:48:34 AIB234: saw the thread on pinch hamonics and it interested me to learn
17:48:43 rokchik: ya know I pretty much grew up in the Iron Maiden days but never started listening to them until recently...well except for songs like Run for the Hills, and number of the beast
17:49:17 AIB234: My new guitar is 2 days late and I am losing patience quickly. I am going to be very upset if I do not have it for the long weekend.
17:49:50 rokchik: what did ya order?
17:50:10 AIB234: Ibanez rg350dx
17:50:35 Robin: grew up then? how old are you?
17:50:56 rokchik: 30....nice guitar AIB234
17:51:04 AIB234: I know, but I want it now!!
17:51:09 Robin: new guitar you say. thats always fun
17:51:14 AIB234: It's like I shouldn't even play guitar until I like it
17:51:26 rokchik: lol
17:51:33 AIB234: er
17:51:35 AIB234: until I get it
17:51:47 rokchik: I am lookig for a new guitar
17:52:44 AIB234: what do you have right now?
17:52:51 AIB234: I think we talked this before but forget
17:53:18 rokchik: I think so too... I have a les paul standard
17:54:06 rokchik: well boys I must go practice some before I have to go back to work. I'll talk to ya later
17:54:17 rokchik: c ya
17:54:20 AIB234: bye
18:44:19 rokchik: Slammer your back
18:44:26 Slammer: lol hey, I'm checking to see if anybodys still here
18:44:45 rokchik: I just came back on...gotta leave for work in a few
18:44:46 Slammer: BUt I still busy
18:45:02 rokchik: Hey AIB234
18:45:23 Slammer: gotta go LOL... I'm cooking Dinner LOL
18:45:35 rokchik: cool..I should go too..ttys
18:45:40 Slammer: ok
18:45:42 Slammer: cya guys
19:21:00 VinceG: who else is on

Posted by: Aaron Jun 30 2007, 01:22 PM

aww man!!!!!! i missed it

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