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3 Feb 2008

I have really re-dedicated to trying to improve playing... I have noticed that if I play some bar or power chords for a while my fret hand gets tired.... mostly in the thumb area... What can I do to build this up safely?? is it just like anything else... practice practice or some special exercises to do?

19 Jan 2008
OK, so here is the deal... I have always played my guitars tuned down a whole step. I do this because I think that it makes me look cool tongue.gif anyway stuff that I record (industrial, Heavy Metal..) it just sounds better to me................. anyway I have struggled with the lessons here becuase they are all in standard tuning. I have made it a goal this year to try and learn a bit more what I am playing instead of just jamming and riffing. So I still want to have that heavy tone when I record some bits.... so low and behold I walk into the local guitar shop and they have a Schecter C-7 Hellrasier used but only for a week... I get it for 350.00 new they are 700.00 and it ROCKS!!!!! so now I can tune my Ibanez to standard tuning and get serious about learning some cool stuff from you guys!!!

here is a pic of the new axe!!!

14 Jan 2008
Hi all..... I know this might be silly but here goes... I tune my guitar one step down to D... It is just more pleasing to my ears, plus the stuff I write I like the lower tone. Is there a way that we can download the backing tracks then I can pitch them down to play with them?? or any other suggestions other then tuning my guitar up which I wont tongue.gif tongue.gif

23 Nov 2007
what do you guys think about this issue?? unsure.gif

So, I have an PC based recording set up.. Revalver, GR3, Amplitube, Wagner,ect… I have been using the tuner with GR3 to tune my guitar. For some reason it just did not seem right. I am tuned down a whole step to D. Anyway I buy a Boss TU-2 tuner and tune up to that. I then jump over to my PC and all of the guitar tuners that are built into the GR3, Amplitube and Revalver are about 20cents flat??? I think that the Boss is a good tuner? Are the amp sims doing something? I mean I am going guitar into Fast Track Pro USB then into amp sim??

Thanks Chaz
20 Nov 2007
Anyone speak Russian?

I am looking for someone that speaks Russian… I want to play a practical joke on a good friend at work. I want someone one to record themselves speaking Russian like you are calling him and then play that to him on his voice mail…. He had a dream about he was in Russia and he freaked out about it…. Its all quite funny. laugh.gif laugh.gif

Let me if you can help! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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