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14 Dec 2012
Just a random question, maybe to introduce myself a little bit more
to what other people like to entertain themselves with the guitar.
Personally i really enjoy play once, maybe twice or more times
"Time Flies" by "Porcupine Tree"; even though i can't master those
mistakes i've been having for years hahah.
Oh well.

What about you guys?
14 Dec 2012
Hey there!
My name is Nicolás, I am currently 20 years old and I'm from Chile.
I consider guitar playing my biggest hobbie so far, but a couple
of years ago i decided to take a bit more serious this.
Well to be honest it all started when i wished from my birthday 3 years
ago a real guitar, what i played back there? Guitar Hero hahah.
One of my school friends told me it could be a great idea to do try
something REALLY challenging, and here i found myself writing this.

Personally i like music such as Dream Theater, Metallica, Iron Maiden,
Porcupine Tree, Aerosmith and Arctic Monkeys; 'cause there are a lot of
different elements i like from every band i know.

I don't consider myself a great guitar player, further more, i consider myself
still a noob and still can't play in a clean way in terms of distortion hahah
but i like to spend my time with some tabs on "Guitar Pro" and try to slightly
improve myself.

I find myself here again on GMC because i finally am on vacations again,
after an stressful year at college.

That's the story of my life.
Cheers! biggrin.gif
14 Dec 2012
I've always had this problem that i can't solo in a clean way
cause i mess up with the strings from time to time; for example
when i need to change my fingers to another position, when i move
these the strings itself sound.

My question is, is this because i switch 'em to quick? because i do this
in a more aggresive way?

How can i improve this?

I still can't make the first solo of "Metallica", "Fade to Black" to sound
good without an open string on the background
9 Aug 2012
Hey there guys, i've always wanted to play cool songs, specially licks, but not creating my own;
i mean like doing some mini-covers and stuff.
How can i improve myself?
Like good exercises for it?
Any videos here on GMC you could recommend?
29 Jul 2012
Greetings all, i'm new here on GMC, just started to take my guitar playing a bit more
serious; i have followed so far Bear Rose on beginners corner; starting from that:
What songs can i start to practice with?
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