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13 Aug 2010
So I'm looking for a bit of advice. When I write music I tend to start every new riff/section on the tonic. Like if I'm playing in A minor I always start everything on A. I try to change it up by starting on the 5th or another degree but it never seems to flow just right, on the other hand starting everything on the tonic just gets boring and predictable.

I don't know how one would give advice on being more unpredictable or whatever, but if you can advise me I'd definitely appreciate it.
3 Jul 2010
There's this lick that a lot of guitarists use and I really like the sound of it but I just cannot get it. I'm sure you've all seen it...


It's like the world's most simple lick but when I start to play it fast I always end up pulling off on the G string by accident and get the open note ringing while I do the other 3 notes. It's ridiculous, I could play it no problem if it weren't for that freaking bend! I see people doing that very lick twice as fast as me and I know that I don't suck this much!!

How do you keep that freaking thing from ringing out when you play it at shred style warp speed?

If you want an example of what I mean check out the solo to Bodom Beach Terror.

Edit: Also I normally bend down on the G string, as in towards the floor, but it's pretty impossible with something like this so I do it the opposite way. If you think that has anything to do with it... there ya go.
25 May 2010
I don't think I have posted this before.

I remember posting an unfinished version of a song a whle back and people seemed to like it, that songs up now.

Recordings are all done by us and we have very little knowledge but it works for now. One day we'll get into a studio.

One song on there was recorded like a thousand years ago... we should really take it down because it's awful, we are so much better than that now xD

I do guitars and vocals.
11 May 2010
There is a song that my band is working on that for one guitar alternates a lot between clean fingerpicking and fast distorted tremolo picking. The other guitarist is having trouble swapping between the two, I suggested that for the clean parts he just toss the pick and have a spare nearby, but he didn't like the idea. We figured it would be best to use a thumb pick for this song but how do you do pinch harmonics with one of those?

Granted, I don't even think there are any pinch harmonics in this song, it would be nice to know how to do this.
30 Apr 2010
So my band has taken off a bit on a local level and it's been fun indeed, but the second guitarist is getting all... eh.

Lately he's been so obsessed with trying to get a record deal, God knows we aren't ready to be worrying about this stuff. I mean bands twice as good as us out there aren't even close to being signed.

I'm a realist, its pretty much 99.99% luck in getting signed and I can't get it through this dude's head.

So this seems like a good topic for debate. Do you think it's better to be realistic or to be determined (for lack of better words)?
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