Guitar Chat With Muris, Pavel Etc. 2007-10-27
Oct 29 2007, 05:41 PM
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10:44:00 Gen: LMAO
10:44:03 Gen: *slap*
10:44:11 Robin: looåoåoål
10:44:27 Gen: well, i dont wanna talk to ya
10:44:28 Gen: cya
10:44:31 Robin: sad.gif
10:44:33 Gen: lol lol
10:44:35 Robin: You suck gen
10:44:42 Gen: so you do biggrin.gif
10:44:47 Robin: I hate you and your stupid face sad.gif
10:44:51 Gen: LOLL
10:45:12 Gen: i hate you too!!!
10:45:24 Robin: :{
10:45:35 Gen: :{ :{ :{
10:47:35 Gen: well, cya guitar noob
10:47:51 Gen: *slap* for ya
10:47:56 Robin: guitar noob
10:47:57 Gen: <8(
10:48:02 Robin: 8[
11:25:15 Slammer: *slap*
11:25:19 Slammer: *whip*
11:25:20 Robin: lol
11:25:22 Slammer: *meow*
11:25:34 Slammer: I see Gen was here earlier
11:25:36 Slammer: LOL
11:25:39 Robin: yeah lol
11:25:52 Slammer: "well, cya guitar noob"
11:25:54 Slammer: LOL
11:25:55 Robin: lol
11:26:05 Slammer: ello botoxfox
11:26:12 Robin: hi officer
11:26:17 Slammer: hey did gen hear the slammer show yet?
11:26:18 botoxfox: hihi
11:26:57 Slammer: GEN!!!
11:26:59 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:27:07 Slammer: we were just talking about you
11:27:09 Gen: hello detective slammer
11:27:15 Robin: oh yeah slammer, I died yesterday when I heard your show, it was so funny
11:27:23 Slammer: 8)
11:27:28 botoxfox: Now we're all here, except that australian guy
11:27:33 Slammer: LOL
11:27:34 Robin: he's on vacation
11:27:35 Slammer: the whole
11:27:37 Robin: lol
11:27:40 Slammer: He is??
11:27:42 Slammer: dude
11:27:43 Robin: yeah
11:27:47 Slammer: he's on the commitee
11:27:48 Slammer: sad.gif
11:27:52 Robin: sad.gif
11:27:57 Gen: LOLL slammer show
11:27:59 Gen: awesome
11:28:03 Slammer: did you hear it?
11:28:03 Robin: lol
11:28:06 Gen: yeah
11:28:09 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:28:10 Slammer: how?
11:28:15 Gen: im magical
11:28:19 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:28:29 Slammer: I intereviewed your friend BEN
11:28:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:28:35 Gen: LOLL
11:28:37 Robin: HAHA yeah
11:28:38 Gen: i heard
11:28:40 Gen: but wtf
11:28:43 Gen: who is ben?
11:28:46 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:28:46 Gen: LOL
11:28:58 Slammer: he is the friend of GEN
11:29:05 Gen: lol
11:29:05 Robin: Gen's evil twin
11:29:10 Slammer: who lives in Geneva
11:29:11 Gen: oh cool, didnt knew
11:29:12 Robin: Ben Bashi
11:29:15 Gen: lmao
11:29:16 Slammer: and Is a Farmer
11:29:32 Slammer: I put in the part about his daughter heidi
11:29:35 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:29:37 Robin: HAHA
11:29:38 Gen: lol
11:29:40 Robin: that was so good
11:29:43 Robin: damn I died when I heard it
11:29:51 Gen: but you cut the australian chipmunk part sad.gif
11:29:55 Gen: lol
11:29:57 Slammer: LOL
11:30:00 Robin: haha
11:30:07 Robin: admit that the black metal part was pretty funny slammer :F
11:30:08 Robin: biggrin.gif
11:30:10 Slammer: well robin can send you the whole interview
11:30:16 Gen: i heard it
11:30:17 Slammer: if he hasn't already
11:30:19 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:30:22 Robin: you can add that to a new show lol
11:30:23 Gen: biggrin.gif
11:30:26 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:30:28 Gen: lol
11:30:34 Slammer: I think I'm done
11:30:35 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:30:40 Gen: NO
11:30:46 Robin: NO WAY
11:30:49 Slammer: maybe I make one last one
11:30:49 Gen: you stay right here slammer
11:30:52 Gen: LOL
11:30:54 Robin: yuo have fans!! dont you dare stopping!
11:30:55 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:31:04 Robin: slammer show can get big lol
11:31:07 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:31:22 Gen: yeah!
11:31:27 Slammer: did you hear when I said hello to Botoxfox?
11:31:30 Gen: you will be at the snl!
11:31:36 Robin: yeah
11:31:36 Gen: yeah
11:31:40 Robin: lol
11:31:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:31:48 Gen: slammer
11:31:52 Gen: guest at snl
11:32:02 Gen: slammer s show!
11:32:10 Gen: presented by jay leno!
11:32:14 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:32:16 Gen: lol
11:32:26 Gen: or conan o brien
11:32:30 Slammer: how do you know jay leno?
11:32:38 Slammer: ok enough talk
11:32:40 Gen: slammer will be the new character of "pale force"!
11:32:40 Robin: hi
11:32:42 peterorg54: sup
11:32:42 Slammer: Pete is here
11:32:44 Gen: lol
11:32:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:32:50 Slammer: heelo Petey
11:33:01 peterorg54: heelo samy
11:33:07 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:33:12 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
11:33:18 Gen: ello govnah
11:33:21 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:33:26 Gen: lol
11:34:08 Slammer: Robin is a Great player he should make lessons on GMC!
11:34:19 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
11:34:28 Robin: no
11:34:30 Robin: you could slammer
11:34:31 Robin: I cant
11:35:18 Robin -> Cool people only(not slammer): lol
11:35:19 Gen -> Cool people only(not slammer): ROFL
11:35:29 Gen -> Cool people only(not slammer): i bet he s trying to get in
11:35:35 Robin -> Cool people only(not slammer): lol
11:35:44 Slammer: hello Botoxfox
11:35:47 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:35:48 Gen -> Cool people only(not slammer): well, lets go on the main chat now lol
11:35:55 Robin: tongue.gif
11:36:06 botoxfox: yo
11:36:10 peterorg54: yo
11:36:21 Gen: lol
11:36:42 Slammer: hey Gen did you hear my Eric Johnson style playing ? tongue.gif
11:36:48 Gen: yeah
11:36:51 Slammer: LOL
11:36:54 peterorg54: i did not
11:37:00 Slammer: cuz I never did
11:37:01 Slammer: 8)
11:37:05 peterorg54: lol
11:37:10 Gen: but you talk bout it
11:37:12 Gen: no?
11:37:15 peterorg54: L.ol
11:37:20 Gen: talked*
11:37:42 Gen: you pmed me yesterday
11:37:57 Gen: you asked me if i want to hear your eric johnson style playing
11:38:02 Gen: i said yes
11:38:08 Gen: then you said no
11:38:29 Gen: and a bit later, in the night, i hacked your pc, and heard it
11:38:34 Gen: *whip*
11:38:36 Gen: *slap*
11:38:40 Gen: *meow*
11:38:43 peterorg54: L.ol
11:38:46 botoxfox: lalalalalalalalalalalalala
11:38:46 peterorg54: trying to explanation
11:38:50 peterorg54: and nobody talking
11:38:55 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
11:39:01 Gen: because they re scared
11:39:12 Gen: never talk while mr petrucci talks
11:39:13 Robin: sad.gif
11:39:25 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
11:39:43 Gen: SLAMMER
11:39:43 Slammer: LOL
11:39:48 Gen: where are you
11:39:51 Gen: <8(
11:39:55 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:40:00 Slammer: <8)
11:40:07 Gen: why did you eat my chocolate ? <8(
11:40:24 Slammer: Now I'm gonna starve <8(
11:40:29 Gen: lma
11:40:30 Gen: o
11:40:44 botoxfox: L. Mao
11:40:46 Slammer: and he has chocolate all over his face when he said it
11:40:55 Gen: hahaha
11:40:58 Gen: biggrin.gif
11:41:12 Slammer: LOL
11:41:13 Slammer: LOL
11:41:13 Slammer: LOL
11:41:14 Slammer: lOL
11:41:16 Slammer: lOL
11:41:17 Slammer: lOL
11:41:17 Slammer: lOL
11:41:17 Slammer: lOL
11:41:17 Slammer: lOL
11:41:17 Slammer: lOL
11:41:18 Slammer: lOL
11:41:18 Slammer: lOL
11:41:18 Slammer: lOL
11:41:22 Gen: *slap*
11:41:23 Robin: lol.
11:41:28 Slammer: lmfao
11:41:33 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:41:38 peterorg54: wheres andrew
11:41:46 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:42:34 peterorg54: do you guys know the song "into the night:
11:42:35 peterorg54: ?
11:42:42 Gen: by?
11:42:44 botoxfox: Racer X?
11:42:46 peterorg54: santana
11:42:52 peterorg54: carlos santana
11:42:55 botoxfox: no
11:42:59 Gen: nope
11:43:11 Gen: i know
11:43:15 Gen: europa!
11:43:21 Gen: lol
11:43:46 peterorg54: featured by Chad Kroeger
11:43:52 Gen: aahaaahahh i know
11:43:57 peterorg54: is it good
11:43:58 peterorg54: ?
11:43:59 Gen: i ve heard it today lol
11:44:04 peterorg54: so
11:44:05 peterorg54: is it good
11:44:07 Gen: well
11:44:08 peterorg54: ??
11:44:11 Gen: the solo is cool
11:44:18 Gen: the song is not too bad
11:44:24 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
11:44:45 peterorg54: you think its worth to buy the album?
11:44:50 Gen: hmm
11:45:00 peterorg54: hmm
11:45:01 Gen: i think its worth to download it smile.gif
11:45:05 Gen: lol
11:45:06 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:45:07 peterorg54: ok
11:45:08 peterorg54: smile.gif
11:45:58 Gen: slammer is dead
11:46:05 Gen: because of his diet
11:46:16 peterorg54: L.ol
11:46:49 botoxfox: cookie abstinence
11:47:02 Gen: lol
11:47:15 peterorg54: NO coke
11:47:16 peterorg54: sam
11:47:26 Gen: *whip*
11:47:44 Gen: wait
11:47:47 Gen: i ll try something
11:47:57 Gen: oh no slammer, i gotta go
11:48:02 Slammer: LOL
11:48:03 Slammer: wait
11:48:05 Gen: lol
11:48:05 Slammer: no
11:48:27 peterorg54: why
11:48:30 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:49:16 Gen: i wonder what is he doing :?
11:50:04 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
11:50:10 Gen: well, i really gotta go
11:50:14 Gen: bye guys
11:50:16 peterorg54: ok
11:50:17 peterorg54: cya
11:50:18 peterorg54: gen
11:50:19 Robin: baj
11:50:29 Gen: baba!
11:50:37 botoxfox: farewell
11:50:40 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
11:50:41 peterorg54: baba
11:51:38 Slammer: Wait
11:51:39 Slammer: NO
11:51:40 Slammer: No
11:51:41 Slammer: No
11:51:41 Slammer: No
11:51:41 Slammer: No
11:51:42 Slammer: No
11:51:43 Slammer: GEN
11:51:45 Slammer: sad.gif
11:51:45 Slammer: sad.gif
11:51:46 Slammer: sad.gif
11:51:58 peterorg54: he said wt f were you doing
11:52:07 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:09 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:10 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:10 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:10 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:12 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:17 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:17 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:17 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:17 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:18 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:18 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:18 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:18 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:18 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:19 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:19 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:19 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:19 Slammer: sad.gif
11:52:28 botoxfox: NJEEEET!!
11:52:29 peterorg54: he said i hate you
11:52:33 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:33 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:33 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:34 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:34 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:34 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:35 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:35 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:35 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:36 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:36 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:36 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:36 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:39 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:52:51 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:52:56 botoxfox: manic emoticonism
11:52:57 Slammer: *robin*
11:53:14 peterorg54: Lol
11:53:18 Slammer: "this next song is called slammer's sweet lead"
11:53:37 Slammer: only Robin would understand
11:53:38 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:53:40 Slammer: *slap*
11:53:42 Slammer: Robin
11:53:42 peterorg54: i wonder what would that sound be
11:53:43 Robin: hi
11:53:45 Robin: oh haha lol
11:53:51 peterorg54: *robin*
11:53:57 Robin: tongue.gif
11:54:13 Slammer: I was playing in my Eric Johnson Style for Me and BEn
11:54:15 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:54:19 Robin: lol
11:54:26 Slammer: Ben is col
11:54:29 Slammer: cool*
11:54:32 peterorg54: im playing gabriel style
11:54:37 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:54:42 peterorg54: gabriel is cool
11:54:47 peterorg54: ben is col
11:54:51 peterorg54: gabriel is coool
11:55:01 Robin: spiderman is kewl
11:55:45 peterorg54: no hes freak
11:55:53 Slammer: Robin should make Lessons on Blues SLide guitar
11:55:58 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
11:55:58 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:56:01 Robin: no
11:56:01 Slammer: he is great
11:56:04 Slammer: dude
11:56:05 Robin: I suck too much at it
11:56:07 Slammer: no
11:56:08 Slammer: man
11:56:12 peterorg54: no dooood
11:56:15 Robin: you have barely heard me play tongue.gif
11:56:16 peterorg54: you should duuuuuuuuuuud
11:56:16 Slammer: it sounded good on the Slammer show
11:56:21 Slammer: LOL
11:56:28 Robin: PFFFH the bottleneck stuff I did there sucked monkey balls!!
11:56:34 Slammer: ohmy.gif
11:56:36 Robin: and those balls are hairy!
11:56:41 Robin: thats how much it sucked
11:56:50 Slammer: well it sounded good to me, like a Dobro
11:56:52 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:56:54 Robin: tongue.gif
11:57:06 Robin: you should make a in the style of clapton lesson
11:57:06 peterorg54: eberyone go listen to "into the night" on youtube
11:57:09 peterorg54: NOW
11:57:13 Robin: sad.gif
11:57:19 Slammer: btw I love how when you were talking on the "Phone"
11:57:20 peterorg54: and tell me if it's worth to buy the album
11:57:25 peterorg54: NOW
11:57:27 peterorg54: go on
11:57:27 peterorg54: sam
11:57:28 Robin: hahahaha
11:57:28 peterorg54: now
11:57:29 Robin: yeah
11:57:35 Robin: thevolume was a bit low, but it was kewl
11:57:36 Slammer: sounded cool huh?
11:57:38 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:57:40 Slammer: but
11:57:44 botoxfox: Well Into the night by racer x is enough for me
11:57:53 Slammer: the guitar sounded like a Old Record from the 20's
11:57:57 Slammer: on the phone
11:57:59 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:58:01 Robin: hahaha
11:58:03 Robin: lol
11:58:10 Robin: gnona put that effect on when I start to record
11:58:11 Robin: haha
11:58:15 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:58:22 peterorg54: what did u say
11:58:31 peterorg54: i mean
11:58:31 Slammer: say what?
11:58:32 peterorg54: i
11:58:35 peterorg54: sad.gif
11:58:52 peterorg54: eberyone go listen to "into the night" on youtube
11:58:58 peterorg54: and tell me if it's worth to buy the album
11:59:01 peterorg54: NOW
11:59:27 Robin: get BitTorrent and download all you want
11:59:32 Robin: except stuff you really like
11:59:34 Robin: buy that biggrin.gif
11:59:40 botoxfox: link
11:59:41 Slammer: tongue.gif
11:59:47 Slammer: no thanks
11:59:56 Slammer: biggrin.gif
11:59:56 Slammer: change subject
11:59:57 peterorg54: just go to youtube and type into the night
11:59:59 peterorg54: sad.gif
12:00:05 Slammer: I like PIE
12:00:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:00:22 peterorg54:
12:00:22 Robin: wich band peter
12:00:59 Robin: link doesnt work
12:01:12 peterorg54: :{
12:01:15 peterorg54: i works
12:01:17 peterorg54: t
12:01:23 Slammer: Botoxfox
12:01:26 Slammer: *slap*
12:01:32 Slammer: *whip*
12:01:35 Slammer: *meow*
12:01:41 botoxfox: yo
12:01:49 Slammer: did you hear new slammer show?
12:01:51 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:01:54 botoxfox: yess
12:01:56 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:01:57 Slammer: NO
12:02:08 Slammer: how?
12:02:13 botoxfox: number 3 right?
12:02:16 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:02:20 Slammer: *runs and hides*
12:02:53 botoxfox: Just looked at your user profile at soundclick
12:03:14 Slammer: LOL
12:03:19 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:03:19 Slammer: look at petes room
12:03:22 Robin: lol
12:03:43 Slammer: LOL
12:03:48 Slammer: whats it called?
12:04:06 botoxfox: Hmm
12:04:13 botoxfox: I gtg
12:04:16 Slammer: no
12:04:25 Slammer: botoxfox wherever you're from
12:04:27 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:04:30 botoxfox: Must attend a stupid birthday party
12:04:38 Robin: lol
12:05:20 botoxfox: bye :?
12:05:24 Robin: baj
12:05:50 Slammer: where did pete go?
12:06:14 Slammer: *slap*
12:06:32 Robin: got mad I think
12:06:41 Slammer: LOL
12:07:32 Slammer: *whip*
12:07:38 Slammer: well
12:07:40 Robin: lol
12:09:41 Slammer: So do you know when Hemlok will be back?
12:09:43 Slammer: *slap*
12:09:56 Robin: think he was going away for 2-3 weeks
12:10:02 Slammer: LOL
12:10:08 Slammer: are you serious?
12:10:16 Robin: yes
12:10:18 Robin: I might be wrnog tgh
12:10:20 Slammer: sad.gif
12:10:21 Robin: thugh
12:10:22 Robin: *
12:10:23 Slammer: oh man
12:10:25 Robin: THOUGH*
12:10:35 Slammer: what about the Mode names?
12:10:36 Slammer: tongue.gif:
12:10:47 Slammer: We'll have to cut him off the commitee
12:10:48 Slammer: biggrin.gif
12:10:55 Robin: lol
12:10:58 Slammer: well
12:11:04 Slammer: sad.gif
12:11:04 Slammer: no one is writing
12:11:08 Robin: sad.gif
12:11:14 Slammer: we need to bump it again biggrin.gif
12:11:16 Slammer: LOL
12:11:17 Slammer: tongue.gif
12:11:34 Robin: you shuold have called the topic "Name a mode after yourself! (HUGE CASH PRICE)"
12:11:45 Slammer: ohmy.gif
12:12:17 Slammer: LOL
12:12:22 Robin: tongue.gif
12:12:24 Robin: well brb
12:12:29 Slammer: sad.gif
12:14:20 Slammer: I'll brb too
12:16:56 Robin: Hi, and bye. Gonna go practice smile.gif
17:13:20 muris: hi Kurt
17:13:42 Pavel: hey there
17:13:48 muris: cao cao wink.gif
17:14:08 muris: kolega je izgleda mumificiran
17:14:14 Pavel: hehehehe
17:14:19 muris: mozemo na lokalnoj osnovi
17:14:22 muris: wink.gif
17:14:24 Pavel: da biggrin.gif
17:14:34 muris: hmm
17:14:38 muris: mozda ne
17:14:44 Pavel: nista od lokalne osnove biggrin.gif
17:14:49 muris: yep smile.gif
17:15:00 muris: hi Tjchep
17:15:09 Tjchep: hey muris :-)
17:15:17 Tjchep: and kurt and pavel.
17:15:21 muris: you new here?
17:15:22 Pavel: hey man
17:15:24 Tjchep: yeah
17:15:33 Tjchep: joined a week or so ago.
17:15:34 muris: whwen did you sign up?
17:15:37 muris: ahh ok
17:15:39 muris: smile.gif
17:15:41 Tjchep: yeah its sweet.
17:15:49 muris: is it going well by now?
17:15:52 Tjchep: canceled "real" guitar lessons
17:15:55 Tjchep: yeah.. very well
17:15:58 muris: really?
17:16:02 Tjchep: yeah..
17:16:07 Tjchep: my guitar teacher.. idk..
17:16:13 muris: bad teacher or GMC rocks that much?
17:16:15 muris: wink.gif
17:16:16 Pavel: he sucks, ha? wink.gif
17:16:20 Tjchep: yeah
17:16:34 Tjchep: i mean.. he wasent bad.
17:16:40 Tjchep: but he played straight up blues..
17:16:47 Tjchep: and it got old after a while.
17:16:51 muris: and you want more heavy stuff?
17:16:59 Tjchep: well yeah.
17:17:08 Tjchep: i wanted to delve into other things.. and he wouldnt
17:17:09 Pavel: than you're at the right place
17:17:09 muris: cool
17:17:14 Tjchep: he said get a new teacher if you wanted to
17:17:18 Tjchep: so.. i did! hah.
17:17:26 muris: wink.gif
17:17:37 muris: where are you from?
17:17:42 Tjchep: The states.
17:17:48 Tjchep: CT
17:17:58 Pavel: THE states wink.gif laugh.gif
17:18:02 Tjchep: hehe
17:18:06 Tjchep: how about you guys?
17:18:12 muris: I'm soo bad with SC
17:18:16 muris: what's CT?
17:18:21 Tjchep: Connecticut
17:18:24 muris: ahh yeah
17:18:31 muris: I said I sucks with SC
17:18:33 muris: wink.gif
17:18:39 Tjchep: whats sc?
17:18:42 muris: lol
17:18:44 Tjchep: hah
17:18:46 Pavel: ROFLMAO
17:18:46 muris: short cut
17:18:50 Tjchep: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
17:18:55 Tjchep: hahahahahha
17:18:59 muris: wink.gif
17:19:26 Tjchep: just a question.. i was working on your alternate picking lesson pavel. is it essential to keep your hand on the back of the neck
17:20:03 Pavel: somewhere between the middle and top...
17:20:10 Pavel: clsoer to middle
17:20:13 Pavel: closer*
17:20:31 Tjchep: anyone doing collabs soon?
17:20:49 muris: I started one almost month ago
17:20:50 Pavel: not me
17:20:57 muris: missing few players still
17:21:09 muris: Pavel,would you like to hit few tones btw?
17:21:20 muris: asked you in the forum
17:21:25 muris: probably haven't seen
17:21:33 Pavel: oh sorry...i don't read collabs forums smile.gif
17:21:42 muris: ok then
17:21:43 Pavel: will check it out
17:21:46 muris: so would you?
17:21:55 Pavel: yeah sure
17:21:59 muris: great smile.gif
17:22:01 Pavel: especially if you are missing players
17:22:06 muris: take the BT and kick it
17:22:13 muris: well yeah
17:22:22 Pavel: ok, it's the in style of you topic?
17:22:24 muris: one guy said he doen't have gear for rec
17:22:29 muris: yeah
17:22:32 muris: in style of you
17:22:46 Tjchep: oo
17:22:56 muris: Tjchep ,how about you?
17:22:59 Tjchep: whats that?
17:23:07 muris: have needed gear to make fine recording?
17:23:08 Tjchep: sorry my brothers girlfriend came into talk to em
17:23:10 Tjchep: yeah
17:23:12 Tjchep: i got it
17:23:14 Tjchep: but.
17:23:23 Tjchep: i need to re-install my OS
17:23:32 Tjchep: computers a peice of junk...
17:23:41 Pavel: muris i think i am missing something - but looks like you ahve 20 plaers !?!
17:23:42 muris: when will you be ready for recording?
17:23:50 muris: well not really
17:23:53 Tjchep: i can be ready tommorow..
17:23:57 muris: some guys steped out
17:24:01 Tjchep: just got work in the morning
17:24:04 Tjchep: then im game
17:24:10 muris: I haven't moved them from the list tho
17:24:13 Pavel: ok
17:24:25 muris: Tjchep ,you're in wink.gif
17:24:29 Tjchep: woot
17:24:46 muris: just sign yourself in board and take BT
17:24:57 Tjchep: ok.
17:24:59 muris: knwo where to find it?
17:25:02 Tjchep: yeah
17:25:04 muris: know*
17:25:06 muris: ok wink.gif
17:25:06 Tjchep: on the collab board
17:25:24 Pavel: hehe that's a fun backing - has place for loads of stuff...
17:25:24 Tjchep: what do you mean take the backing track and kick it
17:25:30 Pavel: i'll jam to it tomorrow
17:25:35 muris: download it and play over it
17:25:36 muris: lol
17:25:43 Tjchep: i mean i dont know how to dowload it
17:25:56 Tjchep: i know it sounds dumb but when i click on it just brings up a new window
17:26:01 muris: hmm
17:26:02 muris: yeah
17:26:12 muris: then you need to select where to9 download it
17:26:17 Tjchep: gotcha
17:26:22 muris: says" save as"?
17:26:26 Tjchep: yeah i see
17:26:29 muris: wink.gif
17:26:35 Tjchep: well ill try and write something up
17:26:42 muris: cool
17:26:46 Tjchep: needa buy new strings though..
17:26:47 Tjchep: gah
17:26:48 muris: then you need to upload it
17:26:53 muris: you know how to do it?
17:26:54 Tjchep: yeah i know :-)
17:27:03 Tjchep: no.
17:27:04 Tjchep: haha
17:27:08 Pavel: haha mazing - it downloads as PHP file biggrin.gif so i jsut renamed it to mp3 and it works hahaha
17:27:13 muris: realy or joke?
17:27:15 Pavel: computers suck
17:27:20 muris: sure
17:27:21 Pavel: REALLY
17:27:26 Tjchep: well i got to go eat.
17:27:30 Tjchep: or go out*
17:27:30 muris: rename is magic feature wink.gif
17:27:37 Tjchep: thanks alot guys
17:27:42 muris: thank you
17:28:05 Pavel: what's the deadline?
17:28:15 muris: no idea
17:28:19 Pavel: super biggrin.gif
17:28:28 Pavel: sutra cu se zabavit smile.gif
17:28:32 muris: mozda prije nove godine
17:28:35 muris: LOL
17:28:47 Pavel: hahaha pa kako je krenulo...taj topic sam vidio pred mjesec dana ja mislim...
17:28:53 muris: pa da
17:28:58 muris: ima oko mjesec dana
17:29:01 muris: nije mi jasno jedno
17:29:03 muris: prijave se
17:29:04 Pavel: ehehehehehe
17:29:11 muris: i onda kazu da nemaju opremu
17:29:12 muris: ....
17:29:16 muris: kraljevi wink.gif
17:29:17 Pavel: hahahahaha odlicno
17:29:27 Pavel: dobrodosli na gmc....
17:29:31 muris: hehehe
17:29:39 muris: vole svirat,to je cudo jedno
17:29:48 Pavel: uuuuuuuuuuffff, gaze se od sviranja
17:29:57 Pavel: ili postaju stalno ili su na chatu
17:30:13 Pavel: bitno da se zale kako im ne ide ova ili ona tehnika...
17:30:16 muris: i to je nesto wink.gif
17:30:25 Pavel: i onda smo mi krivi kako im to ne ide
17:30:31 muris: ma nije niko kriv
17:30:34 muris: no sikiriki
17:30:40 Pavel: ROFL
17:31:31 muris: evo gledam Triaxisa na eBay-u
17:31:38 muris: nema ispod 1300 eura
17:31:39 muris: polovan
17:31:51 Davidian: G'devening!
17:32:00 muris: hi Davidian
17:32:05 Pavel: hey man
17:32:13 Davidian: You guys alright?
17:32:25 muris: mi rulezz jarane wink.gif
17:32:44 muris: ouchh
17:32:46 Pavel: roflmao - nemoj ga unistit odmah
17:33:01 muris: nisam imao losu namjeru
17:33:13 muris: al izgleda da nema zalju za ucenjem stranih jezika wink.gif
17:33:46 muris: sory man
17:33:52 muris: our local language
17:33:56 muris: won't anymore
17:33:59 Davidian: No problem wink.gif
17:34:05 muris: how's it going?
17:34:07 Davidian: Go ahead if you want
17:34:15 Davidian: I disturbed your conversation
17:34:19 muris: no prob
17:34:21 Davidian: I'm fine ^^
17:34:26 muris: cool smile.gif
17:34:34 Davidian: Just saw a hilarious movie on YouTube!
17:34:43 muris: yeah,which one?
17:34:58 Davidian: I'll give a link
17:35:02 muris: Pavel,imas slovo z sa kvacicom?
17:35:52 muris: *slap*
17:35:57 Pavel: ž
17:36:04 muris: cuj ovo
17:36:07 Davidian:
17:36:12 muris: znas kako glasi heavy metal abeceda?
17:36:15 Davidian: Here you go
17:36:29 Pavel: đžđžđžđžđž?? biggrin.gif
17:36:33 muris: ahh
17:36:34 muris: a
17:36:36 muris: b
17:36:37 muris: c
17:36:38 muris: d
17:36:41 muris: dž
17:36:43 muris: dž
17:36:50 muris: to je ta wink.gif
17:36:52 Pavel: biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
17:37:34 muris: cool scull
17:37:42 Davidian: biggrin.gif
17:37:56 Davidian: I like how he lets the puppet become alive
17:38:28 muris: wink.gif
17:40:38 Pavel: And than, there was silence....
17:41:08 muris: watching movie smile.gif
17:41:10 Davidian: Turn the volume up? biggrin.gif
17:41:17 Pavel: rofl
17:42:04 Davidian: Pavel, are you in university or something like that?
17:44:14 Pavel: yep
17:44:19 muris: great link davidianmthanks smile.gif
17:44:22 muris: off to bed guys
17:44:26 Davidian: And what do you study?
17:44:29 muris: have a great time
17:44:31 muris: see ya soon
17:44:33 Pavel: muris have a good sleep
17:44:37 muris: thanks smile.gif
17:44:38 muris: bye
17:44:43 Davidian: biggrin.gif Np! And sleep tight! (or how do you say something like that)
17:44:46 Pavel: Davidian Informatics
17:44:54 Davidian: Oh, nice!
17:45:07 Davidian: Is it hard?
17:45:15 Pavel: yeah, because teachers suck
17:45:29 Davidian: Lol
17:45:42 Davidian: What sucks about them?
17:46:12 Pavel: everything, they are teaching a subject they don't know, and can't do themselves, they focus only on theory, don't give the material to learn from...
17:46:51 Davidian: That sucks indeed!
17:47:33 Davidian: I have some teachers like that too... Why are they still teaching, I sometimes wonder...
17:47:42 Pavel: yeah
17:48:21 Davidian: But I guess I'll have to leave you
17:48:23 Davidian: I'm off to bed
17:48:26 Davidian: Cya!
17:48:37 Davidian: Thanks for the chat ^^
17:48:51 Pavel: k man
17:48:55 Pavel: see you around
19:08:15 Slammer: *slap*
19:08:24 botoxfox: yo
19:08:26 Slammer: *whip*
19:08:28 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:08:30 Slammer: dude
19:08:34 Slammer: you're 19? ohmy.gif
19:08:40 botoxfox: yeah
19:08:43 Slammer: LOL
19:08:49 botoxfox: 20 in december
19:08:50 Slammer: I thought your were at least 24
19:09:09 Slammer: LOL
19:09:20 botoxfox: Why did u think so?
19:09:45 Slammer: I mean, you told me you had went to Sausage school... so I thought you went like 5 years ago or something and you were in your 20's
19:09:52 Slammer: LOL
19:09:59 Slammer: I would have guessed 29
19:10:00 Slammer: tongue.gifO
19:10:06 botoxfox: Well that was kinda like high school
19:10:11 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:10:15 botoxfox: 2 years of that
19:10:24 Slammer: High School in Norway teaches anbout Sausages
19:10:26 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:10:29 botoxfox: and to years of being an apprentice
19:10:54 Slammer: man...
19:11:10 Slammer: Modes*
19:11:10 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:11:10 Slammer: the mose name thread died
19:11:14 botoxfox: There's a lot of different high school types in norway
19:11:49 botoxfox: Like carpenter, truck driver, para-medic etc.
19:12:04 Slammer: yeah
19:12:05 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:12:12 botoxfox: And offcourse "normal" high school
19:12:23 Slammer: 12 + 12 =24!
19:12:45 botoxfox: Really?
19:13:01 Slammer: YEAH!!!
19:13:04 botoxfox: I'm surprised... tongue.gif
19:13:07 botoxfox: NOT
19:13:26 Slammer: well maybe you should have went to "Normal" high school instead tongue.gif
19:13:35 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:14:18 botoxfox: Hmm, no, think I would have dropped out... biggrin.gif
19:14:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:14:41 Slammer: send me some sausages
19:14:43 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:15:02 botoxfox: I don't make sausages :?
19:15:07 Slammer: LOL
19:15:09 Slammer: well
19:15:18 Slammer: I wouldn;t eat them anyways ohmy.gif
19:15:40 Slammer: I haven't eaten Solid food since Oct. 16
19:15:43 Slammer: LOL
19:15:53 botoxfox: Not even cookies?
19:16:01 Slammer: nope
19:16:25 botoxfox: Cardboard?
19:16:44 Slammer: LOL
19:17:15 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:16 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:17 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:17 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:17 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:18 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:18 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:18 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:18 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:19 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:19 Slammer: GEN!!!!
19:17:27 Slammer: what are you doing here?
19:17:27 Gen: *whip* ouga ouga muahahah
19:17:32 Slammer: LOL
19:17:37 botoxfox: GEN?
19:17:40 Gen: idk
19:17:46 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:17:54 Slammer: <8)
19:17:58 Gen: yes botoxfox?
19:18:20 botoxfox: nothing just said "gen?"
19:18:27 Gen: oh cool!
19:18:35 Gen: im famous
19:18:53 Gen: but slammer is even morre!
19:18:54 Gen: more*
19:19:12 botoxfox: Hmm yeah
19:19:17 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:19:37 Gen: sup guys!
19:19:52 Slammer: sup?
19:19:57 botoxfox: not much
19:20:11 botoxfox: Just came home from a birthday party
19:20:21 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:20:22 Slammer: :biggrin.gif
19:20:27 Slammer: LOL
19:20:32 Slammer: Gen
19:20:37 Gen: slammer
19:20:40 Slammer: look at this this is funny
19:20:41 Slammer: :biggrin.gif
19:20:45 Slammer: LOL
19:20:47 Gen: lol
19:20:55 Slammer: ))
19:20:57 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:21:07 botoxfox: :?
19:21:11 Gen: lol
19:21:21 Slammer: Secret Slammer-Gen Lanuage
19:21:23 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:21:30 Gen: ()
19:21:33 Slammer: watch
19:21:43 Slammer: now Gen and I will talk in Secret lanuage
19:21:44 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:21:59 Slammer: ESJ sister and Morris were in town
19:22:14 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:22:19 Gen: lol
19:22:31 botoxfox: Who's Morris?
19:22:33 Slammer: LOL
19:22:35 Gen: lmao
19:22:38 Slammer: Noone knows
19:22:42 Gen: yes
19:22:44 Gen: i know!
19:22:46 Slammer: exacet us
19:22:50 Slammer: Except
19:22:52 Slammer: US
19:22:55 Slammer: cuz
19:23:01 Slammer: we invented a lanuage
19:23:06 Gen: LOL yeah
19:23:07 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:23:20 Slammer: "now I'm gonna starve"
19:23:23 Gen: <8( why did you eat my chocolate?
19:23:26 Gen: LMAO
19:23:27 Slammer: LOL
19:23:34 Slammer: you beat me
19:23:37 Slammer: to it
19:23:38 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:24:12 botoxfox: *runs off and cries because noone wants anything to do with me* :?
19:24:17 Gen: damn, cant stop laughing when i think bout that
19:24:37 Gen: hey fox, lets talk in OUR special language!
19:24:57 botoxfox: sounds cool
19:25:09 Gen: fox, who are the patriots?? where is ocelot?
19:25:27 botoxfox: lalilulelo
19:25:35 botoxfox: liquid!
19:25:42 Gen: nani? ohmy.gif
19:25:51 botoxfox: metaru gia?
19:25:59 Gen: kusoooo
19:26:27 botoxfox: sorido suneku manko
19:26:45 Gen: otacon?
19:26:54 Slammer: thats Cul! biggrin.gif
19:27:04 botoxfox: meryl!
19:27:15 Gen: slammer is master miller!
19:27:18 Slammer: Gen is Cul
19:27:18 Gen: wich is actually
19:27:23 Gen: LIQUID!
19:27:38 Slammer: How is Ben doing?
19:27:46 Gen: lol, you know biggrin.gif
19:27:52 Slammer: what abouit Heidi?
19:27:58 Gen: i ate her
19:28:00 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:28:20 Gen: i ripped off her heart
19:28:24 Gen: with my hand
19:28:30 botoxfox: The karsk is always going down here
19:28:39 Slammer: and the cow??? :?
19:28:54 Gen: a big dynamite up in the ***
19:28:59 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:29:09 botoxfox: ass?
19:29:16 Gen: well
19:29:19 Gen: who knows
19:29:23 Gen: its censored
19:29:28 Gen: lol
19:29:33 botoxfox: ass ass ass
19:29:45 Gen: i censored it lol
19:29:54 Slammer: irt could be Gen
19:30:17 Gen: space ship one!
19:30:46 botoxfox: space ship one just ruules wooohooo
19:31:05 Gen: biggrin.gif
19:31:16 Gen: listening to it just now ohmy.gif
19:31:22 Gen: waiting for
19:31:32 Gen: "every hot girl is a rockstar"!
19:31:35 Gen: lol
19:31:51 botoxfox: Haven't got that album sadly :?
19:32:26 botoxfox: I do have a really good bootleg of a PG gig
19:32:37 Gen: cool!
19:32:46 botoxfox: With a lot of the sso songs on it
19:32:52 Gen: how many racer x albums do you have?
19:33:10 botoxfox: all the studio albums
19:33:22 Gen: bought or downloaded?
19:33:28 botoxfox: bought
19:33:33 Gen: cool
19:34:19 botoxfox: Think I have to buy the live albums aswell
19:34:48 Gen: always better to buy
19:35:49 botoxfox:
19:36:52 Gen: whats that?
19:37:26 botoxfox: the bootleg I told you about
19:37:33 Gen: oh lol
19:37:58 Robin: hey dudes
19:38:04 Robin: what the funk is up
19:38:12 botoxfox: Track 1-14 Live at Shibuya Club Quattro Jun 29th 2005 (Soundboard recording) Track 15-18 Live at Osaka Club Quattro Jun 24th 2005
19:38:13 Gen: lol
19:38:18 botoxfox: hey robin
19:38:41 Robin: Hi officer botox
19:38:53 Robin: grammar police lol
19:39:03 Gen: yes
19:39:03 Slammer: hello Slamber
19:39:10 Gen: defeinenetly grammar police
19:39:13 Robin: hahaha
19:39:17 botoxfox: Hmm
19:39:18 Robin: Gen
19:39:19 Gen: lol lol
19:39:22 Gen: lol lol
19:39:28 Robin: last time you told me it was deafinEAEAEAEAAEAEAEAEARtl
19:39:34 Gen: definatori
19:39:38 Robin: Hahahhaeh()=q#r)=3t79
19:39:39 Robin: LOL
19:39:42 Robin: HAHA!
19:39:54 Robin: definatori........ omg
19:39:54 botoxfox: definitely
19:39:56 botoxfox: definitely
19:39:58 botoxfox: definitely
19:39:59 botoxfox: definitely
19:40:01 botoxfox: definitely
19:40:02 botoxfox: definitely
19:40:04 botoxfox: biggrin.gif
19:40:05 Gen: lol lol
19:40:14 Robin: lol
19:40:45 Gen: well
19:40:47 Gen: lets try
19:40:56 Gen: definititily
19:40:59 botoxfox: I wouldn't like to be grammar police :?
19:41:00 Gen: correct?
19:41:05 botoxfox: definitely
19:41:08 Gen: lol lol
19:41:13 Gen: yes
19:41:18 Gen: definitltajkndy correct
19:41:23 Robin: I think its more like definitityl
19:41:28 Slammer: Deafly
19:41:29 Gen: LLOL
19:41:31 Gen: HAHAH
19:41:32 Robin: haha
19:41:33 botoxfox: definitelydefinitelydefinitelydefinitelydefinitelydefinitelydefinitelydefinitely
19:42:05 Gen: definitlyz
19:42:05 Robin: defiabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzæøåitely
19:42:17 Gen: zdefinitly
19:42:26 Robin: oh, german accent ey?
19:42:30 Robin: die hard
19:42:38 botoxfox: le definitely
19:42:47 Gen: lol
19:42:54 botoxfox: los definitelyos
19:43:03 Gen: LOL
19:43:34 Slammer: how do you say Gen in French?
19:43:36 Gen: "i love my svt!"
19:43:40 Gen: well
19:43:43 Gen: its
19:43:56 Gen: munchinkawa
19:43:58 Slammer: Gone'
19:44:07 botoxfox: Hmm, maybe I should ask kris to change my forum name to definitely
19:44:10 Gen: kinda different huh
19:44:14 Gen: lol
19:44:23 Gen: its the same
19:44:25 Slammer: msabye Gene'
19:44:25 Gen: just gen
19:44:32 Gen: nope
19:44:45 Robin: that would have been pretty kewl botox
19:44:49 botoxfox: just a thought
19:44:54 botoxfox: But no
19:45:04 botoxfox: I like botoxfox biggrin.gif
19:45:10 Gen: tongue.gif
19:45:19 [Action] botoxfox: likes his name
19:45:31 [Action] Slammer: doesn
19:45:35 Gen: oh rly O,o?
19:48:03 Gen: chat
19:48:04 Gen: is
19:48:06 Gen: dead
19:48:24 Gen: *whip*
19:48:25 Slammer: NO
19:48:50 Slammer: 1/2 + 1/2 = 1
19:48:50 Slammer: where is Chast when you need him
19:49:00 Gen: lol lol
19:49:03 Gen: omg
19:49:10 Gen: bad latency tonight
19:49:22 Gen: i wrote that like 10 seconds ago
19:49:27 Robin: lol
19:49:45 Robin: your internet providers are just one big pile of screwups
19:49:51 Robin: lol
19:49:56 Gen: because i am down***ing stuff
19:50:03 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:50:09 Slammer: LOL
19:50:19 Slammer: *****er
19:50:26 botoxfox: ***********
19:50:28 Slammer: Slam***
19:50:31 Robin: *
19:50:36 Robin: ohmy.gif
19:50:47 Slammer: "It's time for the SLammer show"!!
19:50:50 Gen: lol
19:50:51 botoxfox: botoxf*x
19:50:53 Slammer: Ello govnah
19:51:08 Gen: sup!
19:51:26 Gen: biggrin.gif
19:51:37 Gen: *************************
19:52:21 Gen: well
19:52:25 Gen: im off
19:52:26 Gen: to
19:52:27 Gen: bed
19:52:32 Gen: lam
19:52:37 Slammer: no
19:52:38 Robin: ohmy.gif
19:52:39 Slammer: NO
19:52:40 Gen: lol
19:52:43 Slammer: dude
19:52:48 Gen: gotta sleep
19:52:51 Slammer: you are a Lier
19:52:51 Gen: because
19:52:56 Slammer: Liar
19:53:02 Gen: i ate to much chocolate <8)
19:53:09 Slammer: you don't want to wait?
19:53:13 Slammer: LOL
19:53:15 Gen: wait what
19:53:21 Slammer: nvm
19:53:23 Slammer: :?
19:53:26 Gen: lol
19:53:26 Gen: for
19:53:26 Gen: the
19:53:30 Slammer: Nothing
19:53:31 Gen: slammer s showw
19:53:33 Slammer: No
19:53:43 Gen: why did i just have a flood warning?
19:53:47 Slammer: LOL
19:54:00 Gen: dude, wtf?
19:54:09 Robin: lol
19:54:23 Gen: well
19:54:24 Gen: slammer
19:54:24 botoxfox: Damn, my mom just won't stop preaching abou linen towels
19:54:34 Gen: is it over?
19:54:36 Gen: lol
19:55:03 Gen: *slap*
19:55:03 botoxfox: about*
19:55:08 Slammer: Almost
19:55:08 Slammer: tongue.gif
19:55:47 botoxfox: Well
19:56:03 botoxfox: I'm gonna go hunting some sheep
19:56:11 Gen: "im a terrible man"
19:56:16 Gen: okay lol
19:56:18 Robin: sounds like fun
19:56:25 Robin: good night
19:56:29 botoxfox: c ya folks
19:56:31 Slammer: NO
19:56:32 Gen: cya
19:56:38 Slammer: botoxfox you stay right here
19:56:38 Gen: lol
19:56:44 Slammer: *shotgun*
19:56:55 Slammer: wait so do you ohmy.gif
19:56:59 botoxfox: No, the sheep are waiting
19:57:03 Gen: LOLL
19:57:03 Gen: *plastic shotgun*
19:57:09 Slammer: you're gonna hunt them?
19:57:11 Slammer: sad.gif
19:57:15 Slammer: let them live
19:57:18 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:57:24 Gen: eeww
19:57:28 Gen: slammer is an emo
19:57:31 botoxfox: I have to get there in my bed looking offroader
19:57:35 Slammer: why do you hunt sheep?
19:57:40 Slammer: they're too easy
19:57:40 Gen: LOLL
19:57:46 Slammer: they just stand there
19:57:53 Gen: run fox!! he trying to save time!
19:57:53 Slammer: and you shoot them
19:57:58 Gen: he s*
19:58:02 Gen: lmao
19:58:03 Slammer: He's a fox!
19:58:04 botoxfox: Some count sheep, I hunt them biggrin.gif
19:58:05 Slammer: ohmy.gif
19:58:14 Slammer: go hunt some carrots
19:58:21 botoxfox: c ya
19:58:26 Gen: cya lol
19:58:30 Slammer: or Apples
19:58:56 botoxfox: yeah yeah good night toodeloo tongue.gif
19:58:59 Slammer: cya
19:59:10 Slammer: LOL
19:59:11 Slammer: well
19:59:15 Slammer: it's halfway there
19:59:17 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:59:18 Gen: is it over?
19:59:20 Gen: oh
19:59:23 Gen: sad.gif
19:59:26 Slammer: I mean
19:59:26 Gen: sad.gif)
19:59:32 Slammer: halfway uploaded
19:59:33 Slammer: biggrin.gif
19:59:39 Gen: biggrin.gif
19:59:43 Gen: link!
19:59:44 Gen: link!
19:59:46 Gen: link!
19:59:49 Slammer: 3 more mintues
19:59:50 Slammer: or so
19:59:50 Gen: link!
20:00:13 Robin: what?
20:00:21 Gen: lol
20:00:29 Slammer: nvm
20:00:34 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:01:03 Gen: zurry zup
20:01:10 Slammer: It was too long
20:01:20 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:01:20 Slammer: so I couldn't get the Theme song in this time
20:01:25 Slammer: *Slammer show*
20:01:35 Gen: we all know the theme song biggrin.gif
20:01:35 Slammer: it's the *slammer show*
20:01:36 Slammer: it's the *slammer show*
20:01:37 Slammer: it's the *slammer show*
20:01:45 Slammer: ello govnah
20:01:51 Gen: lol
20:02:03 Slammer: it's time for the......?
20:02:11 Gen: you stole that to the commercial!
20:02:15 Gen: from*
20:02:18 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:02:34 Gen: govnah s lawyer is gonna cause you some problems
20:02:42 Slammer: so you're in Europe you woundn't know unless I showed you tongue.gif
20:02:49 Gen: lol
20:02:56 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:02:59 Gen: but now i know ohmy.gif
20:02:59 peterorg54: sup
20:03:13 peterorg54: saturday nothing to do..
20:03:14 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:03:38 Robin: the guitar is alwasy there for you tongue.gif
20:04:02 Slammer: SUP PP
20:04:09 peterorg54: hate you sam
20:04:18 peterorg54: smile.gif
20:04:20 peterorg54: jk
20:04:20 Gen: ? ohmy.gif
20:04:23 Gen: lol
20:04:23 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:24 peterorg54: ah
20:04:25 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:26 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:27 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:27 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:27 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:28 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:28 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:28 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:29 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:29 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:29 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:29 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:30 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:30 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:30 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:30 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:31 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:31 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:31 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:31 peterorg54: i just bought the album
20:04:32 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:32 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:32 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:32 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:04:32 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:32 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:33 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:33 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:34 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:34 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:34 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:34 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:35 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:35 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:35 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:36 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:36 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:37 peterorg54: stop it sam
20:04:39 Slammer: sad.gif
20:04:40 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:04:41 Slammer: :{
20:04:41 Gen: lmao
20:04:43 Slammer: :{
20:04:44 Slammer: :{
20:04:44 peterorg54: i just bought the album
20:04:48 Slammer: <8(
20:04:50 Gen: wich album
20:04:53 peterorg54: ultimate santana
20:04:55 Slammer: <8(
20:04:55 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:04:58 Gen: oh okay
20:04:59 Slammer: <8(
20:05:04 peterorg54: well think pretty good
20:05:05 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:05:05 Slammer: <8(
20:05:08 Slammer: <8(
20:05:23 Gen: well slam
20:05:25 Gen: is it over?
20:05:26 peterorg54: er
20:05:47 Slammer: LOL
20:05:51 Slammer: pete do you like it?
20:05:59 peterorg54: the album ?
20:06:03 Gen: lmao
20:06:06 Slammer: YEAH!
20:06:11 peterorg54: yes
20:06:12 peterorg54: :I
20:06:14 Slammer: or BBQ 8)
20:06:24 Gen: damn bad latency, i wrote "lmao" like a minute ago
20:06:26 Gen: ohmy.gif
20:06:27 peterorg54: sushi rocks
20:06:32 Gen: yesü
20:06:36 Gen: yes!*
20:06:52 peterorg54: is santana famous ??
20:07:01 Gen: lol ofc
20:07:02 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:07:05 peterorg54: ?
20:07:07 Slammer: is that a joke?
20:07:12 Gen: haha
20:07:13 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:07:20 Slammer: cuz if it isn't
20:07:27 Slammer: that would be really sad
20:07:35 Slammer: if you thought he wasn't
20:07:42 peterorg54: i didnt know santana was that famous
20:07:44 peterorg54: :I
20:07:50 Slammer: man
20:07:52 Robin: he is REALLY famous
20:07:54 peterorg54: like when i went to cd shop
20:08:01 peterorg54: there were santana LINE
20:08:03 peterorg54: like
20:08:07 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:08:11 Robin: lol
20:08:17 Slammer: when you were like 5 he album Supernatural was on top of the charts
20:08:23 Slammer: his*
20:08:33 Slammer: he's been famous
20:08:33 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:08:39 Robin: I'm going to bed
20:08:40 Slammer: since he played in WoodStock
20:08:43 Robin: see you guys tomorrow
20:08:44 peterorg54: cya robin
20:08:46 Gen: cya rob
20:08:49 peterorg54: rob
20:08:51 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:09:11 Slammer: dude
20:09:15 Slammer: LOL
20:09:17 Slammer: Robin left
20:09:20 peterorg54: doood
20:09:24 peterorg54: say doood
20:09:26 peterorg54: no dude
20:09:32 Slammer: Dooodoooo
20:09:35 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:09:39 peterorg54: dodo
20:10:47 peterorg54: it was sad when i realized santa was fake
20:10:59 Slammer: yesterday?
20:11:04 peterorg54: yea
20:11:05 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:11:38 Slammer: LOL
20:13:08 peterorg54: do you like megadeth
20:13:09 Slammer: sup peterorg54 ?
20:13:14 peterorg54: sup Slammer
20:13:19 Slammer: no I don't listen to music remember?
20:13:21 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:13:24 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:13:27 peterorg54: GEN
20:13:31 Slammer: *meow*
20:13:33 peterorg54: *whip*
20:13:37 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:13:41 Gen: shhh please
20:13:42 peterorg54: hes pooping
20:13:46 peterorg54: oh no
20:13:46 Gen: just a minute
20:13:49 Slammer: LOL
20:13:55 Slammer: he's talking to his Mom
20:13:59 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:13:59 Slammer: I think
20:14:01 Slammer: 8)
20:17:34 Slammer: *slap* chat is dead
20:17:37 peterorg54: how many album does yngwie malmsteen have ??
20:17:45 Slammer: IDK I don't listen
20:17:48 peterorg54: like a lot ?
20:17:54 Slammer: LOL
20:18:07 peterorg54: cuz i couldnt find yngwie malmsteen's album
20:18:09 peterorg54: at cd shop
20:18:10 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:18:46 Gen: its because the owner has good music tastes lol
20:18:55 Slammer: biggrin.gif
20:19:06 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:21:03 peterorg54: so do you know how many albums he has ?
20:21:08 peterorg54: gen
20:21:09 peterorg54: ?
20:21:10 Slammer: no Idea
20:21:11 Gen: many
20:21:14 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:21:15 Slammer: check the wikipedia
20:21:17 peterorg54: go goole
20:21:18 peterorg54: for me
20:21:19 peterorg54: NOW
20:21:29 peterorg54: sad.gif
20:21:41 Gen: he has many albums
20:21:54 peterorg54: many+
20:21:57 Gen: but i think u can its enough if you listen just to one
20:21:57 peterorg54: many=
20:21:58 peterorg54: ??
20:22:03 Gen: no need to listen the others
20:22:05 Gen: just pick one
20:22:09 Gen: lol
20:22:14 Gen: the others are the same
20:22:38 Gen: u can pick one*
20:22:59 Gen: i mean
20:23:08 peterorg54: yeah i know what u mean
20:23:09 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:23:16 Gen: look at "rising force"
20:23:43 Gen: and then, all the others are the same, but played in a different way
20:23:44 Gen: lol
20:24:17 Gen: well
20:24:18 Gen: gotta go
20:24:19 Gen: to bed
20:24:21 Gen: cya guys
20:24:23 peterorg54: NO
20:24:28 peterorg54: is it sunday tomorrow
20:24:29 peterorg54: ?
20:24:29 Slammer: cya guys
20:24:30 peterorg54: there ?
20:24:33 Slammer: I gtg eat dinner
20:24:37 Gen: lol i know
20:24:44 peterorg54: no
20:24:45 Gen: but its 2:20 am here
20:24:49 Slammer: bye
20:24:50 Gen: im sleepy
20:24:51 Slammer: bye
20:24:52 peterorg54: go diet sam
20:24:56 Gen: lol
20:24:57 Slammer: ohmy.gif
20:25:06 Slammer: no I won't get started
20:25:08 peterorg54: come back in 5 min
20:25:08 Gen: good night guys
20:25:09 Slammer: No gen
20:25:13 peterorg54: cya
20:25:14 peterorg54: gen
20:25:15 Slammer: Stop right there
20:25:16 Slammer: tongue.gif
20:25:16 peterorg54: well
20:25:18 Slammer: Bye
20:25:18 Gen: lol
20:25:20 Gen: bye bye
20:25:20 peterorg54: gonna go too
20:25:21 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
20:25:22 Gen: baba
20:25:23 peterorg54: cya
20:43:46 Tjchep: hey
20:43:50 Understudy: heya tjchep
20:43:55 Tjchep: how you doing man?
20:44:06 Understudy: fine, ty and you ?
20:44:15 Tjchep: not bad..
20:44:21 Tjchep: what are you up to?
20:44:47 Understudy: im tweaking my amp a bit to see if I can't get a tighter sound smile.gif
20:45:21 Tjchep: nice.. i'm out of guitar strings so.. im not to happy :-P
20:45:37 Understudy: haha, that is not good
20:45:48 Tjchep: yeha.. broke my high e string twice today..
20:45:52 Understudy: that's why I keep like 5 spare sets in my bag at all times smile.gif
20:45:58 Tjchep: yeah i do to
20:46:07 Tjchep: but.. this time..
20:46:35 Understudy: you can still practice though, just 3 not chains on each string smile.gif
20:46:56 Tjchep: yeah lol
20:47:11 Understudy: I need to win the lotto tonight so I can get my new rig....
20:47:16 Tjchep: me too man.
20:47:17 Tjchep: lol
20:47:28 Understudy: this amp has left me feeling empty lol
20:47:32 Tjchep: yeah.. i hate that
20:47:49 Tjchep: it just makes you keep wanting better - guitar that is
20:47:58 Tjchep: wonder how it feels to have top of the line gear.
20:48:16 Understudy: yeah, I have 3 guitars so I don't need any more, I just want an all tube amp
20:48:37 Tjchep: yeah. i got one. :-(
20:48:45 Tjchep: but I reallly dont like it.. so its sucks..
20:48:49 Understudy: one is all we need though
20:48:54 Tjchep: yeah very true
20:48:56 Understudy: what do you got ?
20:49:03 Tjchep: its a schecter c-1 +
20:49:09 Tjchep: not a bad guitar by any means its just..
20:49:10 Tjchep: ehh
20:49:17 Understudy: hellraiser ?
20:49:20 Tjchep: no
20:49:30 Tjchep: i wish..
20:49:39 Understudy: Most peeps on the forum love their scheters
20:49:44 Tjchep: yeah.. i know
20:49:49 Understudy: schecters*
20:49:58 Tjchep: i got it without even knowing anything about it.. i didnt even try it out..
20:50:10 Understudy: ack, yeah thats a no no
20:50:11 Tjchep: so.. i put myself in the situation
20:50:19 Tjchep: i would never do that again.
20:50:31 Understudy: I have an Ibanez RG470 and a custom Carvin DC 127
20:50:41 Tjchep: very nice. are carvins nice guitars?
20:50:44 Understudy: and my acoustic
20:51:18 Understudy: I had Carvin build mine custom , maybe 9 years ago and I will never, never by any other guitar, this thing is solid man. Complete work of art
20:51:51 Tjchep: yeah.. i'm really looking into getting an ibanez 2550 or 70..
20:51:59 Tjchep: but they are ugly..
20:52:03 Tjchep: lol..
20:52:16 Understudy: I am no shredder, so I like deep woodsey tone , I love the blues so Carvin is a good fit for me
20:52:27 Tjchep: yeah i understand
20:52:37 Understudy: but with some distortion it can scream too
20:52:43 Tjchep: thats what my schecter is
20:52:57 Tjchep: i just want a brighter clearer tone..
20:53:11 Tjchep: its warm and muddy..
20:53:22 Tjchep: partialy due to the Sh** pickups in it..
20:53:23 Understudy: maybe post on the forum in gear section, ask tonymiro and a few others about new pups
20:53:32 Tjchep: yeah i know what i want..
20:53:46 Tjchep: its just i dont like the feel that much.. and i want a guitar witha FR first.
20:54:04 Tjchep: only if i won the lotto.. make my life easier hah.
20:54:21 Understudy: there are many here with tons of experience and knowledge, someone can surely direct you to good pups for it, and then you'll be set
20:54:43 Tjchep: mm
20:55:05 Understudy: I'd ove to put some new pups in my Ibanez, but it's just my beater guitar so I don't care lol
20:55:10 Understudy: love*
20:55:10 Tjchep: yeah
20:55:24 Tjchep: thats what i've bassically made my schecter
20:55:30 Tjchep: even thought i dont have another
20:55:42 Tjchep: but when i do its going to be my experimental guitar
20:55:50 Tjchep: as korny as that sounds
20:55:55 Understudy: I would love a nive Gibson LP studio, but too rich for me
20:56:05 Tjchep: rich in sound.. or expencive
20:56:08 Understudy: nice*
20:56:23 Understudy: they are like 3k to 4k dollars smile.gif
20:56:28 Tjchep: thats it!
20:56:31 Tjchep: lol
20:56:42 Tjchep: wait..
20:56:48 Tjchep: 3-4k?
20:57:01 Tjchep: where are you from?
20:57:10 Understudy: florida, US
20:57:20 Tjchep: oo.
20:57:37 Tjchep: I thought the studios were only 1200?
20:57:52 Understudy: I think they start at that
20:58:20 Tjchep: o i didnt know they got up that high.. im not a big fan of gibsons anyways..
20:58:52 Understudy: I was reading vintage guitar magazine today and they had a few 54 gibsons, all original..... they were starting at 38k lol
20:59:06 Tjchep: wow..........
20:59:19 Tjchep: i never found any exitment in vintage guitars
20:59:40 Understudy: I love them but I'm poor so what can you do
20:59:43 Tjchep: nor in english.. cause i have real bad spelling.
21:00:03 Understudy: where are you from ?
21:00:13 Tjchep: the US, CT
21:00:16 Tjchep: hah. thats the sad part
21:00:47 Understudy: what kind of amp do you have ?
21:01:14 Tjchep: Peavey windsor.
21:01:18 Tjchep: Its O.K
21:01:20 Understudy: tube ?
21:01:22 Tjchep: yeap
21:01:26 Tjchep: its cheap though
21:01:27 Understudy: nice
21:01:44 Tjchep: its still warm.. and a decent tube drive.. so i cant complain
21:01:50 Understudy: peavey makes stuff, I used to play a bandit a long time ago. I miss that lil amp
21:01:59 Tjchep: yeah i was gonna buy a bandit
21:02:04 Tjchep: 100 bucks off ebay
21:02:33 Tjchep: what kind of music are you into playing?
21:03:02 Understudy: I'm looking at the Carvin Belair 50 watt 2x12 combo, with the 2x12 add on cab, it's around $900 for the whole thing
21:03:28 Tjchep: thats not bad at all man.. 900 is a good deal.
21:03:43 Tjchep: Personally i'd get an avatar cab with v30s in it.
21:03:51 Tjchep: cheap..
21:04:06 Understudy: I pretty much practice scales and arpeggios when I play. I like to practice my picking technique so I combine learning all the scales with it
21:04:07 Tjchep: 200 for one on ebay.. 300 new
21:04:19 Tjchep: nice.. im such a bad practicer..
21:04:26 Tjchep: well on my theory..
21:04:49 Understudy: I am working on theory alot so my mind is twisted now smile.gif
21:05:15 Tjchep: yeah i ussually just improv with the whole scale right in front of my face
21:05:23 Tjchep: it sticks in my head good.. but takes a while
21:05:51 Tjchep: thats all i really do is improv though.. never learned a guitar song in my life..
21:05:54 Understudy: yeah I just sit and run scales up and down the neck so I get more fluid
21:06:08 Tjchep: mm. thats to boring for me.. i dont hat that disiplin.
21:06:16 Tjchep: well i've never learned a full song*
21:07:00 Understudy: I played in a band years ago when I was younger, we did maiden, sabbath and that kinda thing but other than that mostly just acoustic jams
21:07:16 Tjchep: very nice man.
21:07:28 Tjchep: i've only been playing for about 7 moths so no band yet.
21:07:31 Tjchep: months*
21:07:49 Understudy: we used to take the accoustics into the state parks and just sit there all day playing
21:08:00 Tjchep: yeah.. haha
21:08:06 Tjchep: thats sicks dude..
21:08:14 Understudy: we had a mandolin too so it was fun
21:08:32 Tjchep: i find it so confusing to play the mandolin
21:08:41 Tjchep: well.. i've nver really tried but.
21:08:44 Tjchep: so small
21:08:49 Understudy: too funny , sometimes hikers and people walking the trails would throw money in our cases , like w ewere homeless lmao
21:09:17 Tjchep: ahahha
21:09:33 Tjchep: i remember me and a friend brought our guitars and he had a micro cube too
21:09:37 Understudy: I should start going out there again, maybe I can make enough to get my amp haha
21:09:38 Tjchep: we played during lunch
21:09:54 Tjchep: people were giving us our lunch money
21:09:57 Tjchep: their*
21:10:01 Understudy: cool lol
21:10:10 Tjchep: yeah.. i mean.. it was only like 10 bucks. but
21:11:05 Understudy: we sat by the river one afternoon, burned a few phatties and bam, this 8 foot gator ran up the bank at us, so we didn,t sit by the river any more
21:11:27 Tjchep: hahah
21:11:59 Understudy: I'll never forget that, I thought to myself this fooker is gonna eat my guitar !!
21:12:09 Tjchep: hahah
21:12:16 Tjchep: you hit em with it?
21:12:32 Understudy: hell no I ran like my *ss was on fire
21:12:37 Tjchep: hahh.
21:13:08 Tjchep: how long have you been playing guitar for?
21:13:33 Understudy: not very long seriously, I took like 12 years off without touching one
21:13:49 Understudy: i got my accoustic when I was like 12/13
21:14:10 Understudy: I just started playing again like 2 months ago
21:14:59 Tjchep: thats good that you got started again though.
21:15:02 Tjchep: why did you quit?
21:15:04 Understudy: I played alot when I was younger , but never took lessons , just learned from friends
21:15:32 Tjchep: yeah. not many people i kno wplay guitar.. so it sucks
21:16:09 Tjchep: hard to find jam sessions.
21:16:10 Understudy: I stopped playing when I was 21 maybe 22, I was working 3 jobs at the time and had to pay bills and rent so....
21:16:17 Tjchep: gotcha
21:16:48 Tjchep: so you lean twoards lead or rythm more?
21:17:03 Tjchep: woops
21:17:48 Understudy: more towards lead, I love scales and arpeggios and fluid playing, I play rythm on acoustic but not alot
21:18:09 Tjchep: yeah
21:18:16 Tjchep: leads just so fun!
21:18:59 Understudy: I love the fact that guitar is a lifetime of learning. There are so many different styles and approaches to the instrument, it's never ending
21:19:12 Tjchep: yeah i was just thinking about that today
21:19:17 Tjchep: your ALWAYS a student.
21:19:23 Tjchep: to music
21:20:24 Understudy: my wife and mother got me a few books for my birthday last week, a scale and mode book and an exercise book, I will learning from these for years smile.gif
21:20:55 Tjchep: i feel like a read a post that you said
21:21:00 Tjchep: but yeah..
21:21:13 Tjchep: scales and modes arfe super important.. but so boring to learn
21:21:21 Tjchep: but speed up your learing SO much.
21:21:39 Understudy: I don't find it boring as long as you mix it up
21:22:07 Understudy: and you'll be surprised how much faster your hands get after a few weeks of running scales a few hours a night
21:22:17 Tjchep: yeah
21:22:53 Tjchep: funny thing about guitar is.. if you get intimadated easily learning will be so much slower
21:22:59 Tjchep: brb
21:26:25 Tjchep: ok
21:27:10 Tjchep: who are your influences?
21:28:23 Understudy: Satriani, Clapton, Iommi , Vai, Muddy Waters, Eric Johnson, petrucci, Vivian Campbell etc
21:28:43 Tjchep: very nice.
21:29:32 Understudy: B.B king , Eric Gailes , David Gilmour , Ted Nugent
21:29:49 Tjchep: jeeze.
21:30:01 Tjchep: pretty impressive influences.
21:31:04 Understudy: I have listening to some classiacal stuff as of late. I am really enjoying that stuff
21:31:22 Tjchep: i love classical music..
21:33:49 Understudy: I need to go afk a few minutes, I'll be back in a minute
21:34:01 Tjchep: ok.
21:40:48 Understudy: nice Red Sox are up 5 nothing smile.gif
21:41:00 Understudy: a smell a sweep
21:41:49 Tjchep: yes they are.
21:42:14 Understudy: so what do you listen to ? influences ? styles ?
21:42:19 Tjchep: h/o
21:44:35 Tjchep: I like satriani, vai, clapton, andy timmons, yngwie, vaughn, steve lukeather, I listen to rock, classical stuff, but to tell you the truth.. I'm not going to say I have any influences besides mabye.. Vai and satriani, and of course the instructors. I've never learned a full song..
21:45:46 Tjchep: oo.. I'm mainly rockish blues, or real heavy blues.. I LOVE ballads, i love neo-classical..
21:46:08 Understudy: that may be good, it will force you to have your own style
21:46:21 Tjchep: thats exactly what i was aiming for
21:46:54 Tjchep: but.. up untile this month i've been getting creative
21:47:08 Tjchep: but i'm really starting to learn songs now
21:47:23 Understudy: thats good
21:47:25 Tjchep: cause i think i've devolped my style enought to add to it
21:47:40 Understudy: I love Gabriels lessons
21:47:52 Tjchep: Marcus is definalty my favorit
21:48:09 Understudy: but Muris , Pavel, Kai, Kosei are all great
21:48:33 Understudy: I started checking out Bens jazz lesson, I really dig his playing too
21:48:33 Tjchep: kais really good. muris too
21:48:39 Tjchep: yeahh
21:48:52 Tjchep: the only thing about pavel is
21:49:03 Tjchep: i feel all he can do is shred.
21:49:21 Understudy: Marcus is an insane player, he has a great technique and sound
21:49:23 Tjchep: im not putting him down or meaning too. but i think his playing lacks feeling
21:50:07 Understudy: Pavel is very gifted I think, he favors shredding for sure but shredding has a passion unique in itself
21:50:21 Tjchep: of couse
21:50:31 Tjchep: pavels great no doubt
21:51:06 Understudy: most of the instructors here are shredders by definition I think
21:51:10 Tjchep: yeah
21:51:32 Tjchep: muris has cds out doesnt he?
21:51:56 Understudy: Muris, David has a new one too I thk
21:52:13 Understudy: that is Muris' second cd I think
21:52:17 Tjchep: yeah
21:52:19 Tjchep: hes really good.
21:52:29 Tjchep: i like his material
21:52:55 Understudy: David Walliman has a new one too, he rocks also, great technique
21:53:10 Tjchep: I'm really curious to hear it
21:53:20 Tjchep: any sound samples anywhere?
21:53:21 Understudy: go to his website and take a listen smile.gif
21:53:25 Tjchep: oo sweet
21:53:43 Understudy: Muris has video clips on his myspace also
21:54:03 Tjchep: yeah i've seen those
21:54:57 Understudy: I would like to hear more stuff from Marcus, I think he inspires me the most , but his lessons are too advanced for me
21:55:00 Tjchep: whats his website
21:55:11 Tjchep: thats the thing about marcus..
21:55:31 Tjchep: he makes such awsome music that it lets me look past the difficulty
21:55:34 Understudy: actually most of the lessons are too advanced for me tongue.gif
21:56:06 Tjchep: for me its just beliving that i can do it..
21:56:16 Tjchep: thats my only problem
21:56:24 Understudy: for anyone doing anything , that is what it is about all the time
21:56:34 Tjchep: yeah.
21:56:47 Understudy: if you tell yourself you can't do it, you will prove yourself right
21:56:58 Tjchep: yep.
21:57:44 Understudy: that's the unique thing about this site though, there are so many talented people here that share info and knowledge, that it inspires us to do better things with our own abilities
21:58:53 Understudy: I have only been a member here for a month I think, and I have yet to run into 1 egomaniac or 1 person I could say I really wish they would shut up lol so that is a good thing
22:00:21 Understudy: I just remebered, Muris' new CD is available for download on Itunes too
22:05:47 Tjchep: sorry about that
22:06:04 Understudy: no worries
22:06:10 Tjchep: crap computer
22:06:16 Tjchep: i want to throw it out the windo.
22:06:18 Tjchep: w*
22:06:59 Tjchep: That is true.. no egomaniacs... :-)
22:07:32 Understudy: yeah, just good peeps from all over the globe
22:07:42 Tjchep: very true.
22:07:59 Tjchep: probably casue we have to pay
22:08:10 Tjchep: makes everything better
22:08:23 Understudy: but it is very cheap for all it offers
22:08:27 Tjchep: yeah
22:08:31 Tjchep: i had to look like 10 times
22:08:38 Tjchep: at first i thought it was 300 a month..
22:08:43 Understudy: lol
22:08:46 Tjchep: then i thought about it for a while
22:08:50 Tjchep: and decided i was going to do ti..
22:08:54 Tjchep: to find out it was 30
22:08:58 Tjchep: i was so happy!
22:09:02 Understudy: less than 100 bucks a year
22:09:05 Tjchep: yeah
22:09:11 Tjchep: i mean 300 3 months
22:09:23 Tjchep: i thinks its loads better then private lessons
22:09:51 Understudy: hmm it kicked me
22:09:57 Tjchep: : o
22:10:42 Tjchep: my favorite thing about this site is that the instructors actually talk to you
22:10:54 Tjchep: not just make the videos post em and they are done
22:11:26 Understudy: yea, Muris is awesome for that , he answers all my self explaining issues lol
22:11:34 Tjchep: yeah
22:11:48 Tjchep: i talked to him earlier today.. real nice guy
22:13:06 Understudy: they all seem really easy going, and they are all so helpful, so you don't feel like a moron if you have a question
22:13:20 Tjchep: yeah
22:13:57 Tjchep: i thought this whole site was a joke when i first saw kris's videos on youtube
22:14:07 Tjchep: then i actually visited the site
22:14:57 Understudy: I lurked around for a few days reading just the theory lessons and the boards and then I joined just due to the content and people here
22:15:06 Tjchep: me too
22:15:13 Tjchep: i wish i joined earlier
22:16:18 Tjchep: wait.. i was reading the payments.
22:16:34 Tjchep: thing all those every 100 fourm posts are for instructors only right?
22:16:56 Understudy: I don't understand the question
22:17:04 Tjchep: well i know that was a stupid way to ask
22:17:18 Tjchep: umm the tab that says teach online ($0
22:17:23 Tjchep: ($)*
22:17:32 Tjchep: in payment
22:17:51 Tjchep: Lesson comissions: Video lesson $50-100 Guitar Pro Tab addition $10 Spoken Video addition $5 Extended camera angles $10-40 Forum comissions: Forum participation $50 for every hundred posts Recording Collaboration (forum) $2-12 per collaboration participant
22:17:52 Understudy: I don't know anything about that
22:18:28 Tjchep: because i couldnt imagine that they would have the money to pay everyone who gets 100 postson the fourm.
22:19:06 Understudy: I think the more active in the community, the more the instructors get paid
22:19:21 Tjchep: oo so its only for the instructor i'd think right?
22:19:32 Understudy: I would think so
22:19:43 Tjchep: i would hope so atleast.
22:19:53 Tjchep: well sorry for being so random. :-P
22:20:02 Understudy: it's ok lol
22:20:37 Understudy: I just started using a metronome last week, I hate this thing
22:20:43 Tjchep: me too
22:20:53 Tjchep: i dont belive kris when he said you wont get fast without it
22:21:03 Understudy: worth it to listen to the damn beeping but I want to smash it sometimes lol
22:21:07 Tjchep: lol
22:21:20 Understudy: Oh I do
22:21:28 Tjchep: does it really?
22:21:37 Tjchep: i needa buy one... grr
22:21:40 Understudy: just since last week when I got it, I can see the change already
22:22:01 Understudy: tightens your technique too as well as speed
22:22:03 Tjchep: dam it
22:22:25 Understudy: you can't be sloppy when playing to a metronome smile.gif
22:22:40 Tjchep: very true
22:22:50 Understudy: go to and just download it for free
22:23:02 Tjchep: my computer will prolly crash lol
22:23:26 Understudy: that is the one I downloaded and it was free and works just fine for me
22:23:29 peterorg54: sup
22:23:33 Tjchep: whats up peter
22:23:34 Understudy: hi pete
22:23:52 peterorg54: Boston redsox
22:23:59 Understudy: yea buddy
22:23:59 Tjchep: haha
22:24:12 peterorg54: Boston redsox
22:24:14 peterorg54: clap
22:24:15 peterorg54: clap
22:24:15 peterorg54: clap
22:24:16 peterorg54: clap
22:24:16 peterorg54: clap
22:24:17 peterorg54: clap
22:24:24 peterorg54: no 5 times
22:24:25 peterorg54: not 6
22:24:39 peterorg54: so
22:24:47 peterorg54: anyone likes redsox ?
22:24:51 peterorg54: i do
22:24:58 Tjchep: i hate em
22:25:08 peterorg54: *uck you
22:25:10 peterorg54: jkjk
22:25:11 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:25:12 Understudy: my home team smile.gif
22:25:18 Tjchep: its all good smile.gif
22:25:35 peterorg54: they are playing right now
22:25:41 peterorg54: i do
22:25:41 peterorg54: anyone watching ?
22:25:42 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:25:57 Tjchep: i was watchin
22:25:58 Understudy: I am in and out just checking the score
22:26:06 Tjchep: what is the score btw now?
22:26:07 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:26:17 peterorg54: 6:)
22:26:21 peterorg54: 6:0
22:26:27 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:26:27 peterorg54: redsox are winning
22:26:28 peterorg54: again
22:26:31 Tjchep: lol
22:26:32 peterorg54: they are on fire now
22:26:36 peterorg54: ehehe
22:26:49 Tjchep: anyone know if uccon or flordia won the footbal game
22:27:04 Understudy: no idea
22:27:23 peterorg54: NO
22:27:26 peterorg54: only baseball
22:27:27 peterorg54: doood
22:27:38 Tjchep: lol
22:27:41 Tjchep: i dont watch baseball.
22:27:47 Tjchep: boring
22:28:38 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:28:38 peterorg54: matsuzaka just hitted single
22:29:03 peterorg54: hes pitcher
22:29:08 peterorg54: and when he hitted .
22:29:16 peterorg54: do u know what teammate said ?
22:29:25 peterorg54: sad.gif
22:29:32 peterorg54: no one cares about baseball
22:29:36 peterorg54: in this room
22:29:41 peterorg54: *whip*
22:29:47 Tjchep: ;p;
22:29:48 Tjchep: lol
22:29:49 Understudy: I love baseball
22:29:59 peterorg54: teammate said hes ichiro
22:30:01 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:30:26 Tjchep: seattle used to be so nasty..
22:30:33 peterorg54: why
22:30:35 peterorg54: sad.gif
22:30:49 Tjchep: ?
22:30:52 Understudy: I watched Matsuzaka pitch not too long ago , here in st pete when they played
22:31:35 peterorg54: anyone has AIM?
22:31:41 Tjchep: yeap
22:31:42 Tjchep: tjchep
22:31:43 Tjchep: lol
22:31:47 Understudy: nope
22:32:10 peterorg54: thats ur user name ?
22:32:14 Tjchep: yes
22:32:20 peterorg54: im gonna add
22:32:21 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:32:23 Tjchep: ok
22:32:54 peterorg54: sad.gif
22:32:54 peterorg54: ur not on ..
22:32:58 Tjchep: i know
22:32:59 Tjchep: lol
22:33:04 Tjchep: i cant multitask man
22:33:12 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:33:30 peterorg54: so where do u live ?
22:33:35 Tjchep: CT
22:34:07 peterorg54: whats the ct
22:34:12 peterorg54: sad.gif
22:34:19 Tjchep: connectcut. The states brother
22:34:27 Tjchep: i just spelt that wrong.
22:34:28 Tjchep: o lord
22:34:43 Understudy: I was not going to say you spelled it wrong lmao
22:34:50 Tjchep: lol
22:34:59 Tjchep: im glad.
22:35:16 peterorg54: whats ur name ?
22:35:24 Tjchep: tim
22:35:29 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:35:29 peterorg54: cool
22:35:36 peterorg54: and you ?
22:35:39 peterorg54: understudy
22:35:50 Understudy: I live in Florida
22:35:52 peterorg54: if fell bad for not asking
22:35:53 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:36:04 peterorg54: feel
22:36:05 peterorg54: *
22:36:19 peterorg54: ?
22:36:19 peterorg54: and name
22:36:29 Understudy: Ronnie
22:36:45 peterorg54: do you know sam
22:36:46 peterorg54: ?
22:36:49 peterorg54: "slammer"
22:37:00 peterorg54: he lives in florida too
22:37:01 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:37:02 Understudy: not personally but I know him from the forums
22:37:18 Understudy: he lives a few hours from me
22:37:25 peterorg54: whoa
22:37:32 Tjchep: where are you from peter
22:37:38 peterorg54: oregon
22:37:42 Understudy: I could drive to his house in maybe 4 hours
22:37:47 peterorg54: whoa
22:37:48 peterorg54: cool
22:37:49 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:38:09 Understudy: maybe I will bring slammer a pizzas
22:38:15 peterorg54: lol
22:39:05 peterorg54: alright guys
22:39:06 peterorg54: im off
22:39:07 Understudy: damn butterfinger candy bars, these are like crack !!
22:39:09 peterorg54: cya
22:39:14 Understudy: ok pete see you soon
22:39:19 peterorg54: see you on aim tjchep
22:39:20 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
22:39:23 peterorg54: cya
22:40:11 Tjchep: hahaha
22:40:11 Tjchep: butterfingers
22:40:37 Understudy: damn bite size ones, why make them this small, they know we will eat 4 of them
22:40:45 Tjchep: yeah
22:40:50 Tjchep: they are liek drugs
22:41:01 Understudy: afk a minute
22:47:57 Tjchep: hey hemlok
22:51:55 Understudy: im back sorry
22:51:59 Tjchep: np
22:52:03 Understudy: dog needed to go out smile.gif
22:52:10 Tjchep: hah
22:52:13 Tjchep: i understand.
22:52:22 Understudy: heya hemlok
22:52:23 Tjchep: how do you dowload the backing tracks from the fourms
22:52:49 Understudy: I don't know if you can , I just play over them off the site
22:52:58 Tjchep: o poo
22:54:03 Understudy: I was checking out the new Laney stacks tonight.... damn those are not cheap
22:55:10 Understudy: they have a cheap product line , but I would assume they are crap like Marshalls cheaper lines
22:57:30 Tjchep: yeah laneys sound sick
22:57:40 Tjchep: i dont know anything about he cheaper line thought
22:57:55 Understudy: the 50 watt combo is almost$ 1300
22:58:09 Tjchep: mm
22:58:41 Tjchep: i shiz i just dropped my guitar
22:59:03 Understudy: bah, it's a shector, who cares.....
22:59:09 Understudy: lol
22:59:20 Tjchep: YEAH!
22:59:26 Tjchep: lol i drop it alot
22:59:27 Understudy: sorry, kidding
22:59:33 Tjchep: nah its all good
22:59:48 Tjchep: i wanna throw it out my window alot
23:00:06 Understudy: wait at least until you get a new one
23:00:20 Tjchep: i wanna gutiar where.. it just sounds good whenver.. you dont have to tweak your amp for 3000 hours
23:00:56 Understudy: there are alot of factors with tone though, guitar, wood, amp, tubes, pick ups
23:01:06 Understudy: technique has alot to do with it also
23:01:23 Tjchep: i understand that :-)
23:01:58 Tjchep: its the guitar i'm more than sure.. (i hope)
23:02:02 Understudy: I complain about my amp, but truth be told, my buddy used to play it and it sounded damn good lol
23:02:11 Tjchep: cause i've played my friends guitar sounds alot better
23:02:19 Tjchep: much easier to play too
23:02:33 Tjchep: i'm just a baby thought
23:02:45 Understudy: Ibanez are easy to play, the necks are so small and thin
23:02:56 Tjchep: yeah
23:03:01 Tjchep: but some sound like plastic
23:03:34 Understudy: after practicing on the Ibanez, I will pick up the Carvin and it is a totally different world
23:03:57 Tjchep: ythanks for rubbing it in my face mr.. i own two guitars
23:04:24 Understudy: I wasn't doing that lol
23:04:35 Tjchep: diliberatly mabye. but you did it!
23:05:21 Understudy: after the small neck on the Ibanez it makes going the Carvin less work as it has a bigger neck is all
23:05:41 Tjchep: hehe
23:05:49 Tjchep: how much was your carvin if you dont mind me asking?
23:06:28 Understudy: it was not that bad really, I had it made 9 years ago, maybe 8 and I paid like $1700 total
23:06:41 Tjchep: very nice
23:06:54 Tjchep: myn was 470.
23:06:57 Tjchep: o yeah.
23:06:59 Understudy: but it was raised in cost because of the wood I selected, today it would be twice that amount
23:07:11 Tjchep: lol.
23:08:05 Tjchep: lets see how much my guitar would cost now.
23:08:13 Understudy: I wanted a kao body and neck, so with thru neck construction that they use, the wood was costly
23:08:21 Understudy: koa*
23:08:29 Tjchep: koa really pretty
23:08:46 Understudy: yea tung oil finish, it is really nice to look at
23:09:19 Tjchep: woah
23:09:23 Understudy: last I looked at the Carvin site koa is in short supply, you had to call for prices of the wood and availability
23:09:30 Tjchep: i like the carvin site now
23:09:31 Tjchep: lol
23:09:39 Tjchep: i didnt know you could customize em this much
23:10:04 Understudy: they make sweet guitars man, you can make the whole damn thing from wood to electronics to finish
23:10:37 Tjchep: im really interested now
23:10:56 Understudy: some of their sale items are as is , you can't modify them, but some are discounted to like 700 or 800 dollars
23:10:58 Tjchep: im to young
23:11:19 Tjchep: man.. i need a job
23:11:21 Tjchep: lol..
23:11:58 Understudy: its like anything else, once you have one and fall in love with it you never go back
23:12:30 Tjchep: guitar or
23:12:36 Tjchep: i think i might do somthing like this
23:13:34 Understudy: buying a Carvin was scary though because it is sight unseen and you can't play it lol
23:14:14 Tjchep: yeah
23:14:22 Tjchep: thast my only bad thign
23:14:39 Tjchep: you can get all the physical aspects down though
23:14:43 Tjchep: like.. jumbo frets
23:14:52 Tjchep: or 10 degree neck radius
23:14:56 Tjchep: but the sound
23:15:31 Understudy: But it is the same as buying off the rack at guitar center, how many morons have played, bumped , dropped those guitars and then we go in and buy them...
23:15:57 Tjchep: yeah..
23:16:04 Tjchep: thats what i HATE about guitar center
23:16:07 Understudy: my Carvin had 2 sets of hands on it, the guy that made it and me smile.gif
23:16:07 Tjchep: and the people there are dicks
23:16:12 Tjchep: yeah lol
23:16:22 Tjchep: so its 1738 or so for my carvin
23:16:29 Tjchep: i really think i might do this..
23:16:38 Understudy: lol you designed one ?
23:17:46 Tjchep: yeah
23:17:47 Tjchep: lol
23:17:50 Tjchep: its really cool
23:17:52 Understudy: what is it ?
23:17:57 Tjchep: h/o
23:18:10 Tjchep:
23:18:11 Tjchep: that one
23:18:33 Tjchep: to bad you cant seeit befor hand
23:19:17 Understudy: yes you can, go to the model you selected and then just scroll through until you get the wood and finish, hardware you selected
23:21:37 Understudy: oh the ct6 has a nice finish
23:21:47 Tjchep: yeah it does
23:21:55 Tjchep: but.. to bad you cant get a 24 fret one
23:22:21 Understudy: mine has 24 frets ???
23:22:37 Understudy: how many is the CT6
23:23:15 Tjchep: which ct6?
23:23:20 Tjchep: 66?
23:23:24 Tjchep: or the one i linked
23:23:46 Understudy: the link oyu gave doesnt work so i alt tabbed to the site to see the CT6
23:23:50 Understudy: you*
23:24:01 Tjchep: oo
23:24:04 Tjchep: 22 frets
23:24:25 Understudy: ah, did you check all the necks available for that model ?
23:24:38 Tjchep: no :-O
23:24:51 Understudy: jumbo frets may only have 22
23:24:57 Tjchep: theres onyl 22
23:24:59 Tjchep: well..
23:25:09 Tjchep: i dont see anything about differnt frets
23:25:13 Tjchep: i dont like jumbo frets
23:26:07 Understudy: try the dc127 , that should have 24 unless they changed it
23:26:32 Tjchep: yep it does
23:26:36 Tjchep: you have that one>
23:26:38 Tjchep: ?*
23:26:44 Understudy: yes that is what I have
23:27:16 Understudy: The CT6 has 22 because of the body cut i'll bet
23:27:29 Tjchep: yeah
23:27:37 Tjchep: what color is your ct6?
23:28:09 Understudy: mine is a DC127 and it is natural wood with tung oil finish
23:28:32 Tjchep: thats right
23:28:50 Tjchep: what kind of neck wood?
23:28:55 Understudy: koa
23:29:00 Understudy: body is koa
23:29:25 Understudy: afk a minute
23:36:09 peterorg54: back
23:36:10 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:36:33 peterorg54: i said im back
23:36:43 peterorg54: *whip*
23:37:12 Understudy: hey pete
23:37:27 peterorg54: sup
23:37:52 Understudy: TJ are you designing another ?
23:38:02 peterorg54: what
23:38:06 peterorg54: t shirts ?
23:38:14 Understudy: TJ wants a new guitar
23:38:19 peterorg54: oh.
23:38:22 peterorg54: :I
23:38:34 peterorg54: i thought you were talking about the contest
23:38:36 Understudy: he is unhappy with his Schecter
23:38:38 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:38:51 Tjchep: hah
23:38:52 Understudy: there are some nice shirts people have going smile.gif
23:38:54 Tjchep: yeah
23:39:03 Tjchep: i think i found one i like
23:39:08 Tjchep: color wise atleast
23:39:09 Tjchep: lol
23:39:11 Understudy: which one is it ?
23:39:35 Tjchep: check out bolt plus with the natural maple quilt
23:39:39 Tjchep: i think it looks super nice
23:39:59 peterorg54: you designed by ur self?
23:40:41 Tjchep: no no
23:40:44 Tjchep: just on the carvin site
23:41:27 peterorg54: oh
23:41:29 peterorg54: :I
23:41:47 Tjchep: yah
23:41:48 peterorg54: any link ??
23:42:11 Tjchep:
23:42:16 Tjchep: you cant see the one i designed.. but
23:42:37 Understudy: yea thats a nice finish
23:43:02 peterorg54: ct6m??
23:43:13 Understudy: i prefer the through necks though as opposed to the bolts, but thats nice and not expensive either
23:43:23 Tjchep: yeah tahts what im saying :-)
23:43:58 Tjchep: i think the dc127 would be better for my use though
23:44:05 Tjchep: 24 frets would come in handy
23:44:17 Understudy: I love the DC 127, I would get another one if I needed it smile.gif
23:44:38 Understudy: or when I win the lotto tonight tongue.gif
23:44:39 Tjchep: how do tthey sound?
23:44:42 Tjchep: haha
23:44:45 Tjchep: if you win the lotto..
23:44:51 Tjchep: then you can buy one for me too
23:44:56 Tjchep: and pete
23:45:07 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:45:18 peterorg54: hes trying to say no
23:45:21 Tjchep: i know
23:45:23 Tjchep: lol
23:45:25 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:45:27 Understudy: they sound nice, not a metal guitar , but it will play heavy, very warm tonal qualities
23:45:35 Tjchep: ahh
23:45:40 Tjchep: so mapel neck is a definate for me :-)
23:45:45 Tjchep: for some clarity
23:46:01 Tjchep: rosewood is known to be muddy i've heard
23:46:22 Understudy: it sounds full with great sustain
23:46:48 Understudy: if you play on shredding this is not your guitar smile.gif
23:47:20 Tjchep: well. im definalty a straight up sredder :-)
23:47:26 Tjchep: but playing fast is good onnce ina while
23:47:36 Tjchep: is the neck thick or whats the deal?
23:47:37 Understudy: but then again fender doesn't exactly have tiny necks and shredders tear it up on strats
23:47:44 Tjchep: yeah.
23:48:12 Understudy: no the neck on mine is awesome I love it, but my Ibanez has a neck like a toothpick
23:48:33 Tjchep: yeah.
23:48:37 Tjchep: ibanez necks are TOO thin
23:48:43 Tjchep: well on the standard rgs
23:48:50 Tjchep: the prestiges are a little more normal
23:49:20 Understudy: yea my RG470 is a throw away guitar , my wife could knock it over and crack the neck and I wouldn't lose any sleep lol
23:49:44 Tjchep: lol
23:49:46 Tjchep: umm
23:49:54 Tjchep: what are active electronics
23:49:54 Understudy: but if she knocked over my DC127 I would need to find a place to bury her.....
23:49:59 Tjchep: hahahah
23:50:13 Understudy: passive or actice pups
23:50:18 Understudy: active*
23:50:19 Tjchep: o.. so like emgs?
23:50:54 Understudy: active pu are battery powered I think, I don't know much about pick ups , sorry
23:51:23 Tjchep: no problem
23:51:36 Understudy: where are the tech guru's when we need them
23:52:56 Tjchep: seriously.
23:53:01 Tjchep: this sucks.
23:53:08 Tjchep: i have to go to work at 7 tommroow!
23:53:13 Tjchep: and im only working 1 hour..
23:53:30 Tjchep: i gots to go to bed in a few mins
23:53:36 Understudy: lol ok
23:56:42 Tjchep: yeah well thats 1700 bucks
23:56:45 Tjchep: like yours..
23:56:47 Tjchep: grr
23:56:51 Tjchep: lol.. well peace out guys
23:56:55 Understudy: for which one ?
23:57:01 Tjchep: g127
23:57:52 Understudy: well there are lots of good guitars in your price range for around $650 so don't rush you will find one you like
23:58:02 Tjchep: i know :-P
23:58:07 Tjchep: i dont really have a price range lol
23:58:14 Tjchep: but ill talk to you some other time hopefully
23:58:18 Tjchep: cya pete.
23:58:21 peterorg54: do you guys thinks epiphone is good ?
23:58:25 peterorg54: *think
23:58:25 Understudy: ok TJ good meeting you
23:58:27 Tjchep: some are ok
23:58:30 Tjchep: nice meeting you too man
23:58:33 Tjchep: same to you pete
23:58:38 peterorg54: sad.gif
23:58:43 peterorg54: i just asked question
23:58:44 Understudy: I have never played one pete
23:58:52 peterorg54: hum
23:58:57 Understudy: do you have an epi ?
23:58:59 peterorg54: what guitar do u use
23:59:03 peterorg54: NO..
23:59:11 peterorg54: i have no name brand one ..
23:59:12 Understudy: Carvin or Ibanez
23:59:27 peterorg54: i was beginner biggrin.gif
23:59:31 peterorg54: ..
23:59:31 peterorg54: or still beginner
23:59:32 peterorg54: biggrin.gif
23:59:36 peterorg54: so
23:59:40 peterorg54: im gonna buy new one
23:59:43 peterorg54: so..
23:59:47 peterorg54: any recommend ??
23:59:50 Understudy: well I am too really, I am always learning smile.gif

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