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31 Oct 2020
If my information is accurate, starting 2 hours from now, there will be a Blue Moon visible across the whole world. It's supposedly a rare astronomical event, so don't miss it!

How about we share pictures in this thread?
4 Sep 2020
Gabriel suggested that I might be able to overcome my shyness and the mistakes I make when the recording is on by recording a random piece regularly not for technical improvement but to get me used to the thought. I thought it might work better if I share the piece in a place everyone can see it.

Here's video number 1:

7 Feb 2020
Hi! I've been lately enchanted by the Metal Gear Solid series, not just story-wise or because of the gameplay. It has very distinctive soundtrack and some of the tracks I feel I should be able to cover at my level.

I chose "Father and Son" for my first target and I've recorded a few attempts of the intro. Please let me know what can be improved, mostly in terms of phrasing and dynamics. I'm sorry for keeping my right hand out of the camera. I'm not sure if it's any important. I'm not using the regular classical picking style and I'm aware I need to work on my accenting technique - I hope all my faults can be identified by just hearing it.

I don't really know how to practice accenting notes and I probably need help with both picked and fingered accenting techniques. Could you guide me in he right direction to improve that?

10 Jan 2020
Hi! I've made a post about my fan game some time ago and we're a little stuck, regarding the sound tracks. I want to give it my best but I have zero experience with composing and remixing music. Could anyone help me with one of the tracks?

I would like to make it sound more darker and add bits of electric guitar but I don't even know which program to use. Is Reaper okay for such purpose?

4 Jan 2020
My first interface arrived today and at the moment I'm following the instruction videos. It's really small and a little light but seems very sturdy. So far, it looks simple to use. I'm used to having a software CD included in the hardware box but I feel the way Focusrite did it makes things much easier.

I picked Ableton Live Lite as my DAW, because some forums said it's easier than Pro Tools for composing and that's what I hope to do with it but I see I'm entitled to Pro Tools (it wasn't a choose-one-only thing) and I'll try that too a bit later. People say on the forums that Pro Tools is a standard in the industry, so it's worth learning.

It's a lot of new things bt I'm learning. At the moment I'm neither happy with the purchase nor disappointed. I managed to get it to work and set up the volume level, so it's a start. I'll give it some time and see how it goes. I'll have to switch between recorder devices for recording and talking to people online but it's not a big drawback. I'm now considering getting a small USB-MIDI keyboard and try composing some tracks but not gonna happen anytime soon if at all.
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