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2 Nov 2011
If you have a facebook account you can go and check my Bands' site there if you like:

It's a modern metal/metalcore band and I play the lead guitar and write about 80% of the songs myself.
Keep in mind that I have only been playing the guitar for 5 years and I have never had a teacher ASIDE from the lessons here on GMC!
2 Nov 2011
Hey Guys! Long time no see!

I have decided to check back to the page that told me EVERYTHING I know about how to play the guitar.
Who knows? I might even resubscribe now - 4 years after I first joined this awesome site!

For now I'll just browse the forums and help on your gear related questions just like in the *good old days* biggrin.gif
30 Nov 2010
Guys and Gals I am sorry to announce that I will no longer visit this homepage.
I can't afford the new subscription price as a university student and my free Most Valued Contributer Account is not going to be prolongued because it seems my helpfull activity has decreased (ofcourse I think diffrent but I don't make the decisions arround here).
Without an active subscription and the acknowledgment of my dedication for this site and it's Users I best spend my time on my band and my studies in the future...

I have discovered this site when I was just playing guitar for a year an even back then this site offered me everything I needed to become a better guitarist. Kristofer encouraged me to work my way to the top. I learned my first scales from Andrews theory lessons. I learned my fist solo from Gabriels rock lessons. I aquired my sweeping technique from Pavel. I was inspired countless times by Muris increbdible playing. Ivan polished my blues improvisation skills. Trond and Lian made me work on my metal chops until they were tight as hell. I participated in quite a number of colaborations and I recorded myself on camera playing some of the first REC takes. I saw this page expand and grow with all it's ups and downs. I saw instructors come and go, I have experienced an active forum and a forum with only a few posts a day.

I wrote over 3000 answers into the forum. The best and friendliest forum on the whole internet possibly.
Every question I had was answered by the guys from the forum. There isn't a quesiton about Metal The Uncreator doesn't know. MickeM was the one who taught me the first things on my way to becoming a gear freak. Chast was the first German member of my age. Superize inspired me with his countless REC takes and KaznieNL was my partner in crime when we battled against each other in the GMC competitions^^. Oh yeah I won two competitions over the years: wiki writers and GMC improvement contest. Both effect pedals I won are still on my pedalboard

During my time with GMC I became a better guitar player; faster than with any other help may it be a guitar teacher or with books. I aquired skills that made others drop their jaws and I was able to join a band as a lead guitarist. Now I am playing live shows, I write complete songs and all of that because of this great site.
And I auqired knwoledge. Throuh testing, reading, buying and selling guitars and amps, through reviews and opinions from other members and through do it yourself research. After a while I was able to give good and well funded advice on any kind of gear and equipment based on personal experience. It is in fact that quite a lot of GMCers bought their guitar stuff after MY advice, ranging from string gauges to full blow tube amps and expensive guitars, and not once I heard someone complain that it wasn't exactly what they wanted!!!
I earned the nickname *pickup-guru* because I aquired a wide range of knowledge on the subject so that I was able to help a lot of GMCers (and Instructors) with retrofitting their guitars with the pickups that were right for them.

I might look into the board or an interesting lesson occasionally but I won't be posting anymore.

Thanks GMC and all you Guys, it was a wonderfull time!
15 Sep 2010
I am going to buy one of the legendary Peavey Rockmaster preamps from my buddies older brother soon and I would like to know how I can use this ting for playing at home - like how to link it up to my computer etc...

I have a pod studio GX as an interface, can i plug the Preamp straight into the pod and play through headphones and recod or do I need to run a speaker simulation first (I am a noob in homerecording)
5 Sep 2010
Well I sold my Gibson Les Paul Standard to raise the money to get a new Gibson Les Paul Custom but in the end I snatched an old one for a great price. This is my new Gibson Les Paul Custom in Arctic White:

Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

This one is 13 years old and was played a lot! It was rocked, beaten and heavily played but it sounds INCREDIBLE!
The hardware was changed to black one, there are active EMG pickups in it and Sperzel Locking Tuners (which is exactly how I would have modified a new one).

This guitar sounds better than ANYTHING I have ever heard or played. Warm, tight and heavy with a sustain that lasts for weeks! This baby was made by hand in Nashville and it aged for 13 years - It's incredible how good it sounds.
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Slavenko Erazer
Hey man, i didnt know that you are so young, and you visit this forum ,thought you're busy with Ozzy :-)
9 Mar 2012 - 22:39
happy birthday!
21 Dec 2010 - 14:44
Todd Simpson
Always impressed by the depth of your knowledge and responses in the forum. I think you have a bright future ahead in music.
17 Jul 2010 - 1:38
Congratulation for your MVC Zakk it is really well deserved !!!
14 Mar 2010 - 22:28
Sensible Jones
Glückliches zwanzig zuerst Geburtstaggegenstü ck!!
Hope you have a great day!
21 Dec 2009 - 14:17


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