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20 Mar 2015
Hello guys and gals! I am an old member since 2011 I guess. I've completed 6 different rec programs till 2012 but unfortunately stopped playing till last week. During this time I've changed a few positions and companies in my carrier and got married 4 months ago and become thirty five (it's a pity). So what I am saying is I've been busy with other areas of my life and missed a lot to touch my axes.

This is not a resume so I'm cutting the bulls...I need a mentor. Is someone willing to become my guitar god / father / hero / he-man / voltran / king kong/ ...etc ? Please check my rec page if you like to have an idea of my playing. I like metal so my main goal is to have a comfortable rhythmic sense of ability along with alternate picking and legato skills for soloing at first. Soon I will have new recs beginning with 1. Doom Metal for beginners and 2. Los Ramones lessons. Kindly raise your hand and adopt me as your child to gimme some weekly homeworks and I'll finito one by one by forwarding my mentor an audio or video of each exercise.

1 May 2012
Okay so when you're writing a solo or a melody on a scale, do you think about time values at all? Or you just make the solo/melody in your mind and try to fit it into your progression with a suitable time value. Right now I'm trying to improvise on a scale but when I play it,I dont know how to fit it or write i down with correct form especially with the correct time values. How do we successfully get this over with the music in our mind vs writing it down. I guess I got a problem with this: I know the time values but when they all get together, I cant write them.
1 May 2012
Hey guys!
I am into licks per day section at GMC and I began with some slight problems hope you can help me with it.

Blues Lick #1 in the archieve (Robben Ford style)

1. What does 8g9 mean in the tab (the last note on the tab)? it's also written in gpro with a small size 8 and normal 9.what kind of a writing style is this?

2.I can't see what he is doing with the fifth note which is on 2nd string 8th fret, seems like he is doing a slide? but on the tab it shows as ~ which means vibrato?

I think these licks need a slower version of camera display or any other lesson,it's sometimes difficult to watch carefully if I either like to see the sytle,technique or fingering position what ever it is but should be little more slowly for sure.
18 Apr 2012
Hi guys I have a couple of options to buy for a sound card from a local store. Which one is better for a nice quality pc.

1. Roland quadcapture 345 USD
2. Roland tricapture 84 USD
3. Roland duo capture 15 USD
4. Novation Nio 214 284 USD
5.Maudio Frastrack pro 341 USD
6.Roland Cakewalk V studio 20 451 usd

It's gonna be my first sound card for recording and Im a total newbie so for a moderate price Im told that the best is #1 on the list what do you think?
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